Request Section

Hi friends, feel free to post here your requests from samples, loops, libraries, and DAW, and virtual instrument’s, multitracks, all what you wanna just type a comment here and your request will be posted in matter of 1 day to 5 days .

Best regards


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  1. JoNy says:

    i requested:Analogue Drum Plastique [KONTAKT]

    and you did it thnkx a lot man keep working

  2. ftm says:

    logic 9 plz filesonic i just buyed fsc account can you provide me with working links

    edite: wow just posted in 2 minut ago before i told you didn’t see it bro thnkx a loot

  3. nice work, love your layout, suits the blog well :-)

  4. my best friend wanted to know something about this, ill point them to your website, thx

  5. Producer1214 says:

    I NEED Vocalizer by Sonivox…Thx!

  6. Mike says:

    Could you please see if you can do Claved – Cinematic Tension. thank you

  7. big nick says:

    can someone please upload dn loops Hot Ish….thanks

  8. AdMiN says:

    it will be here brother plz bookmark the site or check rss feed we will be up to all request’s of my visitor’s and those request’s will be here one by one plz bookmark the site and check it back.

    Hot Ish

    ‘Hot Ish’ is a product that so hot, this is the only name it could be given! The pack includes seven stellar Construction Kits in the style of Wale, Rick Ross, Drake, J Cole, and more. It is that flava that you’ve been looking for. The Kits are delivered in ACID/WAV, Apple Loops and REX formats.

  9. OfficialFront says:

    Hey there, im looking for Ohmforce Ohmicide anywhere on the web and cant find it.
    is there a Win download 32-bit or 64-bit available?

  10. TrapLover says:

    Can You Upload Dirty South: Synthology Hitz 3
    Dirty South Legend 1: Lead MIDI Melodies
    Make Me Famous
    Dirty Clatter Vol 1
    So Far Gawn
    Beast Of The Keys 2
    Dirty 3 South: Trunk Music
    New School: Get Yo Bread Up 4
    CG3 Audio:Scary Moovie Vol 1
    DN Loops DC Ambition
    TrapBoy Bangers 4.0
    Trapboy Bangers 2k12
    Trap Attack
    Trap Starrz From Prime Loops

  11. TrapLover says:

    Astro Loops :Club Life: Dirty South

  12. TrapLover says:

    Can You Please Please Get Rafik Loops Trap Music Vol 1 & Trap Music Vol 2?
    I Had It But Lost These And I Need Them Back

  13. Noris says:


    found your site and liked it on the first sight!
    So ive a request:
    Native Instruments Dark Pressure Maschine Expansion

    Could you offer me this?

    Would be fuckin awesome!


  14. Splitcho says:

    Breverb 2 vst.rtas :-) Please!

  15. Splitcho says:

    Softube Tsar-1 :-) ,please…

  16. yojoseph says:

    Eventide blackhole

  17. yojoseph says:

    Kush Audio UBK

    • AdMiN says:

      The UBK-1 plug-in requires an iLok account, and works with both the original iLok and the new iLok2. If you do not currently have an iLok account, you may purchase a USB iLok key at most music retailers, or buy one online.
      See for more details.

      so in dream to crack this amazing one mate

  18. murrat elhamdu says:

    i want the EQ, Vocals, Compressor, Remixing tutorials

  19. alex says:

    Samplestar Sylenth1 Ultimate Producer Essentials
    mac cracked omnisphere
    mac cracked camel alchemy

    • AdMiN says:

      Ok the 1st one will release it soon here, 2nd omnisphere will upload it today by night suscribe to our news feed to get it, 3rd camel audio is here on teh main page use search
      Camel Audio Alchemy Player v1.25.0 VSTi AU RTAS MAC OSX INTEL, and also you will find libraries of it also

  20. yojoseph says:

    acustica nebula

  21. Spasy says:

    something from this collection please!! this was appreciated by everyone!

  22. AdMiN says:

    @yojoseph , acustica nebula posted on win and mac section check

  23. mike says:

    can you upload all in the past released FXPANSION BFD2 Expansions as bundle or collectoin???

  24. abraham says:


    i need these toontrack expansions

    -Toontrack dfh Superior Vintage Addon Limited Edition
    - Custom And Vintage SDX Expansion
    -Music City USA SDX
    - Drumkit from Hell

    please fast & links THXXXXXXXXXXXX

  25. techho says:

    I’m looking for bx_Meter OSX
    this is a brilliant ‘great job’
    thank you so much

  26. light59 says:

    Ueberschall Ambient Lines would be a great addtion to PAZ collection (hard to get item).

    Keep up the good work -

  27. MAD says:

    I want Sample Logic AIR Expanded

  28. elrico says:

    -Toontrack dfh Superior Vintage Addon Limited Edition
    - Custom And Vintage SDX Expansion
    -Music City USA SDX expansion
    - Drumkit from Hell expansion


  29. beat says:

    –> Cakewalk SONAR X1 Producer x86/x64


    RS Links are dead

    Is this the best DAW in the world at the moment?


  30. MAD says:

    re-upload Resonance Sound Vintage Movie Vocals MULTiFORMAT

  31. beat says:

    Thank You AdMiN

    I love You ;)

  32. adam says:

    please upload the old TUTORIAL:

    Using Cubase 4 For Recording The Band


  33. Chili says:


  34. AdMiN says:

    Chili , just look at it on first page soon.

    -Toontrack dfh Superior Vintage Addon Limited Edition (done)
    - Custom And Vintage SDX Expansion(done)
    -Music City USA SDX expansion(done)
    - Drumkit from Hell expansion(done)

    they are all here on check thee free links also

  35. elsa says:

    wonderful Blog here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can you share this too, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

    -Fxpansion BFD Jazz and Funk Expansion Pack
    -fxpansion BFD Jazz Maple

  36. jessica says:

    please upload

    -Best Service ProSamples Collection Vol 1 to 55

    ProSamples vol.01 – Hip Hop & RnB 1 [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.02 – Hip Hop & RnB 2 [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.03 – Drum & Bass 1 [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.08 – World Vocals [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.10 – House [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.12 – Dance Vocals [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.14 – World Grooves [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.15 – Dance Drums [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.17 – Guitar Licks [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.19 – Pop Brass [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.20 – Orchestral Brass [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.24 – Breakbeat [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.25 – Pop & Funk Brass [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.33 – Orchestral Loops [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.33 – Orchestal Loops [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.34 – Hip Hop & RnB 3 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.36 – Chillout [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.37 – Dance Synths [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.40 – Breakbeat 2 [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.40 – Breakbeat 2 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.42 – Session Instruments [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.43 – Real Drum Kits [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.45 – Techno ID [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.46 – Flamenco [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.46 – Flamenco [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.47 – Breakbeat 3 [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.48 – Disco Fever [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.49 – FX-Area [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.51 – Classic Orchestra 2 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.52 – World Instruments 2 [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.52 – World Instruments 2 [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.53 – Classical Prepared Pianos [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]
    ProSamples vol.54 – Techno 138 BPM [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.55 – Retro Sampler [AKAI]
    ProSamples vol.55 – Retro Sampler [AIFF, EXS24, HALion, WAV]

    all in WAV if its possible

  37. jac says:

    Latest “Guitar Rig” for Windows please, only if it’s not too much trouble.
    Many Thanks

  38. julien says:

    Please I need this from

    Logic 203:
    Logic’s Music-for-Picture Toolbox

    Logic 207:
    Logic’s Latency Toolbox

    Logic 208:
    Exploring the EVP88 and the EVB3

    Logic 209:
    EVD6 and EFM1: User Guide

    Logic 210:
    Vocoding With EVOC

    Logic 303:
    Logic TNT 2 Tips and Tricks

    Logic 304:
    Logic TNT 3 Tips and Tricks: Reloaded

    Logic 402:
    Logic’s Guitar Recording Toolbox

    Logic 405:
    Confessions of a Drum & Bass Producer

    Many thanks ;-)

  39. Pacman says:

    Madrona Labs Aalto Mac

    Thanks a lot !! :)

  40. jadestar says:

    Supalife Drum & Bass: High Energy Edition [MULTIFORMAT]
    Producer Loops – Commercial Drum & Bass [MULTIFORMAT]
    Prime Loops – The Sound Of Calvertron [MULTIFORMAT]

  41. jac says:

    Sorry for posting here but could you recommend your favorite “Sampler” software, please?
    I need a sampler that I can also import sounds to edit.

    Thank You

    • AdMiN says:

      yes i can suggest to you, the world number one is KONTAKT, you can find latest version here in paz, and also there is many many more you can use like motu matchfive 2,ableton sampler,avid structure, and good one is Halion 3

  42. jac says:

    Emulator X3
    Please try get it
    Thank You ;-)

  43. jac says:

    AdMiN thanks for the recommendations ;)

  44. yosiajoe says:

    seriously this site is awesome, reliable and i like it more than mgs nor plgnadio. cos the links provided were awesome host which i prefer the most (rapidshare, extabit). keep it up admin, u did a very great job. thanks

    if u dont mind i want to request for some samples:
    Best Service The Hybridizer 1,2&3
    8Dio Hybrid Tools Vol.1
    8Dio Hybrid Rhythm

    thank you so much admin!!

  45. cleopatra says:

    now i have a new premium account, I agree with some wishes above, please share with

    -Using Cubase 4 For Recording The Band
    -Fxpansion BFD Jazz and Funk Expansion Pack
    -fxpansion BFD Jazz Maple
    -Best Service ProSamples Collection Vol 1 to 55

    • AdMiN says:

      cleopatra i have your request’s on the list mate so for your request’s

      -Using Cubase 4 For Recording The Band (it’s hard to find those days but iam trying to get it)
      -Fxpansion BFD Jazz and Funk Expansion Pack
      -fxpansion BFD Jazz Maple (i don’t have this at the moment but trying to get it)

      both of bfd will be post next time soon mean
      -Best Service ProSamples Collection Vol 1 to 55(a huge one but will be here soon don’t worry mate.

      just one thing tell me wich premium acccount you have and from where you get it please/

  46. cleopatra says:

    i have an uploaded account it was a gift for 3 month account

  47. S says:

    Use and They are excellent file hosts

  48. yosiajoe says:

    anyone who have this samples library?

    Best Service The Hybridizer 1,2&3
    8Dio Hybrid Tools Vol.1
    8Dio Hybrid Rhythm

    thanks man

  49. casarat says:

    HELLO THERE friend , i’m having a bit of a problem to extract files it keeps saying password is erroned although it’s the one you post in your page :/ it’s about the Massive presets

  50. jaco says:

    Band in a Box, Thank You

  51. jjj24 says:

    Native Instrument’s Reaktor For MAC :D

  52. ChrisRyan says:

    Can I request a few String Sample, Choir and Piano Librarys if indeed these can be done.

    East West Quantum Leap: Hollywood Strings
    Spitfire Audio: Albion Volume I and Albion II Loegria
    Cinematic Strings 2
    East West Quantum Leap Pianos
    8Dio: Requiem Pro
    8Dio: Legacy 1928 Steinway Scoring Piano
    Cinesamples: Piano in Blue v2

    Thanks again for this superb site and all the hard work your putting into it.



  53. dadarkman says:

    Hey AdMiN, this is already on PAZ but with Filsonic dead links: ToonTrack Superior Drummer v2.2.3 VSTi RTAS AU HYBRID DVDs 1-5 – AiRISO.
    Any chance of a Reup on Extabit?

    Thanks for all!!

  54. mujo says:

    I would like to grab Scarbee MM Bass Amped, could you upload it here? (rapishare if it will be posible….) THANks

  55. TOXiCiNK says:

    @mujo, wait it will be here soon ok.

  56. audiojack says:

    Hi AdMiN, Can I request the SSL Duende Native pack for Mac. Also is possible an up to date SoundToys Bundle for Mac.

    Enjoying the site


  57. jac says:

    Please stop posting – it’s too much for my brain…

  58. jac says:

    don’t post anything anymore, too much for mama :D

  59. pilgrim says:

    Izotope Insight for Mac would be so great….thanks

  60. awemaria says:

    what ups, do you have found

    -Fxpansion BFD Jazz and Funk Expansion Pack DVDR
    -cubase 4 recording the band


  61. awemaria says:

    no chance to use for BFD Jazz and Funk ??

  62. rattedda says:

    can have nexus 2 for mac? Thanks :)

  63. cheeseman says:

    Hi Proaudio Team,
    I’m looking for a long long time after
    Native Instruments VINTAGE ELECTRIC KEYS
    and Native Instruments Session Strings.
    No one has these wonderfull and perfectly
    recorded Instruments for free testing!!!

    If you can share this, I promise I will upload
    some other important things from NI.

    Best regards,

  64. jac says:

    I see your account was suspended. I got worried and felt sorry for you. What happened bro? Did you change hosts to get back online?

    I’m glad to see you sorted that out. Good going. ;)

  65. pilgrim says:

    Izotope Insight RTAS crack or keygen please

  66. pilgrim says:

    PT10HD OSX 10.8.2, if it’s working for you it should be working for me too, really strange

  67. Chili says:

    When u get time, could u add Rapidshare links to the older Elastik soundbanks?


  68. tommyzai says:

    The VSL Library (strings, winds, horns), especially the solo instruments are very nice . . . close mic, dry, and real. They are perfect for any kind of music and you have options, unlike some of the libraries that are too heavily processed.

  69. harycot says:

    I’am new here
    I upload by whith register ,paiement ect
    ok its good
    but when I want unrar my up it ask for password …so I enter “”..and ……….nothing work !!!!!!
    bad password

    I have mac book and good unrar app

    so what ???????

    • AdMiN says:

      welcome here at PAZ, and in
      we use tow passwords.

      OLD post’s =

      New post’s =

      so passwords are mention above, as for programme to unrar use 7zip for mac free, or unstuffit/

      also don’t forget to type passwords it’s better. coz all user here are happy no problem of pass.

  70. Nick says:

    Please, kind request for ‘Sony Creative Software Joe Vitale Organ Donor’

    I’ll be very happy.

  71. Nick says:

    a little late ;) Let the fun begin , many thanks !

  72. rmaloney12 says:

    Could you please post Spectrasonics Trillian for AU Mac OSX? I would appreciate it, thank you!

  73. pilgrim says:

    i would like to ask for TEAM DYNAMICS Izotope Insight release, if there’s one

  74. pilgrim says:

    ADMIN you are referring to the Xdb release, i’m looking the DYNAMICS release of Insight, thanks!

  75. jac says:

    Good Day

    Please keep an eye out for the newest “Band in a Box 2012″. I requested before but I think maybe you couldn’t find it either.

    I searched the net for several hours and all the links were dead and torrents were seedless.

    Thanks friend

  76. phoxiemaxie says:


    My request woul be the Bigfish audio: Acoustic Indie Pop

    Thank you in advance!

  77. rmaloney12 says:

    Anyway you could provide more detailed install instructions for Spectrasonics Trillian? Excuse my ignorance. I appreciate any help.

  78. TOXiCiNK says:

    rmaloney12, you can check it in the post it’s simple just extract and run the installer he will do all the steps thna you run the update and this is it, and for win you have to use keygen.

  79. rmaloney12 says:

    Everytime I try running the installers they fail. Am I missing something? Any more advice would be appreciated, thanks.

  80. rmaloney12 says:

    Everything extracted fine. Then I try to install the air-stbmdvd1 install file. This file fails every time. I’m not sure if that helps out at all.

  81. RHZERO says:


    studiolinkedvst PLATINUM HIT 1, 2, 3,
    and MODERM BILLBOARD 1 , 2

    Good sounds por trap/dirty south music!!plaseee we need it

    good works thanksss!!

  82. jac says:

    @rmaloney12 I don’t have this but you can try disabling your antivirus and also try running the install with Admin privileges.

    If that doesn’t work, you can try mounting with MagicDisc. It’s free and you can download it from here .

    Good Luck

  83. suprime13 says:

    @Dizel THANKS!!!

    you made my day.

  84. mackamillion says:

    SONiVOX Symphonic Strings Collection KONTAKT DVDR1 And 2

  85. anfalesi says:

    FXpansion BFD2 Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute (Win or OSX)

    Sonic Reality Ocean Way drums GM update OSX

    Steven Slate Drums OSX

    Thank you!!!

  86. pilgrim says:

    8Dio Polyphon Musicbox, thanks

  87. mackamillion says:

    Native Instruments Action Strings KONTAKT

    SONiVOX Symphonic Strings Collection KONTAKT DVDR


  88. pilgrim says:

    Sugar Bytes TransVST AAX Wrapper

    • ZiON says:

      hehe it’s hotjust today.
      TransVST wrapper has just been released!

      TransVST is a VST to AAX wrapper, that makes it possible to run any VSTplugin in Protools 10 and higher!

      Having your Waves plugins ready for AAX in a minute?
      No problem!

      TransVST comes for Mac and PC and is ready for 32 and 64bit

      so wait maybe more days and see

  89. auwhore says:

    ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials ( links please )

  90. madddgamer says:

    SONiVox Sampla (MAC)
    Beat making on the mpc2000XL (Ebook/Tutorial)

  91. awemaria says:

    Native Instruments Reaktor 5 Standalone VST VSTi RTAS v5.6.0 x86/x64

    TEAM ASSiGN | 28 MAY 2011 | 1.11GB ( full version)


  92. 322bazooka says:

    is it possible to reup the SONOKINETIC VIVACE on putlocker? because the rapidshare links are dead.

    thank you in advance.

  93. theman says:

    please upload ”Freaky Loops Complextro & Dubstep NI Massive Presets volume 2”. thanks for this site

  94. rmaloney12 says:

    Can you please post PSP MixPack 2 for MAC OSC/Audio Unit?

  95. awemaria says:

    please doo all Librarys for Native Instruments Reaktor

  96. samlowry says:

    I’m interested in
    ClickSound Orana Classical Midi Elements Vol.1,2,3,4
    Can you post them,


  97. samlowry says:

    I’m looking for
    Producer Loops
    Symphonic Series Vol 2: Arabian Adventures 1

    Can you post it ?

  98. Freshtodef2k6 says:

    Can somebody post the superstar o vox kit 3….

  99. Trapmusic says:

    Can you please get These By Cg3 Audio?
    Boss Ballin’
    Caution Tape 2
    DopeBoyz Vol 2

  100. Platypus says:

    Could you please:
    1) use ( for Cinesamples Cinebrass
    2) use ( for Cinesamples Hollywoodwinds
    3) add Nuendo 5
    4) add 8Dio Requiem Pro
    5) add 8Dio Adagio Cellos
    6) add 8Dio composer bundle

  101. samlowry says:

    Could you please upload :
    Computer music 184 soundtrack : Producer masterclass

  102. cheeseman says:

    I’m searching good videos for making music with Live.
    For example Groove3.Producing.House.Music.With.Ableton.Live.Bass.And.Synth.TUTORiAL
    and Groove3.Producing.House.Music.With.Ableton.Live.Drums.TUTORiAL

    but I don’t have an Ryushare Account :-(
    Is it possible to transfer it to putlocker?

    Thanks man!

  103. mujo says:

    It would be posible to uploud Abbey road 70´s DRUMMER (new version)?
    I thank you in advance…

  104. comafi says:

    hello there! unfortunately neither passwords are working for Tonehammer – Emotional Piano( and no pass is listed on the post. Could we please have an updated one? Thanks for everything!

  105. daddysoul says:

    This an awesome site! Can you please post Imperfect Samples Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Complete?

  106. Babulj says:

    Ultimate Sound Bank Ultra Focus will be nice

  107. awemaria says:

    PSP Audioware XenonVST RTAS v1.1.9 incl Keygen-AiR


    Sinus – TripleComp VST v1.5 x86 – AiR


  108. awemaria says:

    Image Line SAWER v.1.1.5 VST WIN pleaseeeeeeeee

  109. awemaria says:

    Schwa Olga VSTi WIN pleaseee

  110. awemaria says:



  111. PoisonJam says:

    Pro Tools 9.0.6 or Pro Tools 10.2 for Mac please!

  112. awemaria says:

    my last wish, pleasee doo

    Big Fish Audio Ridin’ South ACiD WAV
    Big Fish Audio Rotation Hip Hop Multiformat
    Big Fish Audio Southside Bangaz Vol 2
    Big Fish Audio The Afterparty Hip Hop Club Kits


  113. tia-l says:

    DMS – Technikal Hard Trance Xperience vol 1 & 2
    Loopmasters Classic House Sounds
    Any Patchworx from from 34

    Thanks for great site man :)

  114. Babulj says:

    Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band .. sounds interesting

  115. Skydda says:

    -Ocean Way Drums

    -Mixosaurus must go here too

    Extabit and putlocker links please

  116. Skydda says:


    -Heart of Africa vol 1 y 2

    Please upload these libs . There are no working links in all the web

  117. samlowry says:

    Synfire is release There’s a moment.

  118. samlowry says:

    Could you upload Spitfire Albion I and II, LASS 2, Orchestral tools Berlin Woodwinds, Cinesamples Cinewinds ?

  119. daddysoul says:

    Could you upload VIR2 Acoustic Legends HD (putlocker) Thanks a bunch!

  120. RHZERO says:




  121. theman says:

    PLEASE upload Party Design Genuine Sylenth1 Soundbank. Thanks!!

  122. CecilBaggins says:

    bigfishaudio – Detroit Soul

  123. daddysoul says:

    Hey, would I be able to get Sonic Reality RAW Loops 60′s Motown? Thanks a bunch!

  124. pilgrim says:

    KONTAKT 5.1 would be very nice guys, RTAS for mac ;)

  125. CecilBaggins says:

    Sonic Reality Wave Pak: Sixties Motown Grooves (WAV format)

  126. Skydda says:

    Best service – Spiritual Voices
    Spectrasonics Heart of africa vol 1 and 2
    Please upload these libs . There are no working links in all the web

  127. aritz3000 says:

    absynth mac os please

  128. incitement says:

    Hello. please i need this dvd from lynda Audio Mixing Bootcamp . the links in the web are dead. can any one upload it again in turbobit or filefactory or extabit or rapidshare.
    thank you

  129. OscarRomelPR says:

    Hello, can you reup Big Fish Audio Big Bad Horns Multiformat in PutLocker
    I really appreciate it
    Many thanks!

  130. jdfzjdfz says:

    Hello bro, please can you reup the Audiobro LA Scoring Strings (LASS) Lite series for Kontak?.
    Your help is great appreciated.
    Thank you and Happy Holydays!

  131. MAD says:

    I Want the Hollow Sun Libraries Collection (KONTAKT)
    Thanks :)

  132. SargeBarnes says:

    I would really appreciate it if someone could upload Boom Library’s Black Powder :D . Thx in advance :D

  133. Dealer16 says:

    Everything (or anything) from Spitfire. Mainly the percussion and the Albion I and II.


  134. mackamillion says:

    ReFX Nexus 2.2 OSx Mac

  135. audiobrein says:

    Thanks ZiON looking foward.

  136. morishaim says:

    Thank you for this wonderful site and all the effort invested here !

  137. morishaim says:

    Can you please upload the book “Peter Alexander Publishing Professional Orchestration Volume 2″

    Thanks !

  138. morishaim says:

    Thanks ZION ! Pleasure to be here.

    I use rapidshare

  139. suprime13 says:

    Pls hook’up this package, ill buy accounts then.

    ( freaky loops PROGRESSIVE ELECTRO )

  140. theo22 says:

    Hi Please could you reup working links for

    Zero-G Brazil Chillout MULTiFORMAT
    TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 12 JULY 2012 | 3.18 GB

    They are broken.

    Many thanks

    Read more:

  141. RENZ0R says:

    Toontrack “Metal Guitar Gods” for EZmix 2 – ive been searching everywhere for this pack :)

  142. auwhore says:

    ProjectSAM Cinematic Orchestra ( the green interface one )

  143. SargeBarnes says:

    I really do not want to impose, and I express my ardent admiration for the quality and dedication of this site and its team, but I am absolutely keen to know if there has been any success in finding the Black Powder audio library from Boom Library.

    If it can’t be found, I still express my sincere gratitude for the effort :D .

  144. jordihotmail says:

    thank you very much you are the best !!!!

  145. redvex says:

    Please upload a few libraries. All of these I’ve been searching for awhile now and haven’t found any of them D:

    1) Project Sam Orchestral Essentials

    2) Project Sam True Strike 2 Updated Version
    ( Official Kontakt Library with a wallpaper on the left )

    2) 8dio rhythmic aura 1 and 2

    3) 8dio polyphon bells

    4) Cinebells

    5) spitfire audio loegria

    6) Requiem pro

    I appreciate all the help I can get, Thanks very much! xD

  146. p3dr0 says:

    Hi bru !


    I just need the dyn-hvctevolver2.r13 on putluck ;)

    I will be very thankful.

  147. cheeseman says:

    Hi Zion,
    hope you got a nice x-mas week and many presents!
    I told my friends to visit your site.
    Hopefully they try to buy some premium accounts.
    But some of my friends asked my about 2 videos,
    that I can’t find on your page:
    + HANDS ON Synthsound
    + Club Music Production 3

    Do you have it? Or can you find it?


  148. theo22 says:

    Hi Zion,

    Have you uploaded: Zreo-G Brazil Chill Out

    Please let me know if you have fresh working links.

    Still nothing working at the moment

    One Love


  149. OscarRomelPR says:

    It’s amazing what you are doing guys! :)
    …It’s possible Best Service World Percussion?
    Would be great!

  150. rubber says:

    Sonokinetic TUTTI in Putlocker plz.
    Happy New Year !!!

  151. Kate80 says:

    A keygen please for Best Service Epic World

    P.S :Merry christmas to all..

  152. p3dr0 says:

    Hi bru

    Thank you so much but I asked for

    from the DYNAMiCS release not the KROCK

    I just need the dyn-hvctevolver2.r13 on putluck

  153. mehrdad says:

    helo man

    i need this plugnis for mac but i can’t find it :(

    sonnoxplugins Fraunhofer Pro-Codec

    please help meeeeeee

  154. mehrdad says:

    helo man

    i need this plugnis for mac(protools TDM or rtas ) but i can’t find it :(

    sonnoxplugins Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Rtas or TDM for mac

    please help meeeeeee

    Read more:

  155. mehrdad says:


    i need this plugnis for mac(protools TDM or rtas ) but i can’t find it :(

    sonnoxplugins Fraunhofer Pro-Codec Rtas or TDM for mac

  156. kuroro707 says:

    Can you Upload ProjectSam True Strike KONTAKT 2 . please on . Thank you

  157. audiobrein says:

    Ueberschall Dubstep [Elastik Soundbank]

    It says not activated in the player.
    Any help??

  158. jiwpa says:

    Amazing work you do here !!!

    please,take a look for (8dio rhythmic aura 1 and 2)

    it would be great.

    And thanks again for all the wonderful library !

  159. mackamillion says:

    FL Studio 10.0.2 Mac OSX

  160. werty says:

    Howdy there folks – first off thanks for all this sharing and that! I’m having problems unraring –

    specifically the extrabit dvd 1-5 links (in 5 4gb+ parts).

    I’ve tried ‘’ / ‘’ / ‘ProAudioZone.Info’ and similar, alas, to no avail.

    Therefore my request is for the password that’ll see me open up these rar files to unlock the goodies within.


  161. audiohauz says:

    Hey all!! First time here on site. I would like to request a few things!

    Sample Magic : Florian Meindl: Tech-House Sound of Berlin (Please)

    Sample Magic : Sylenth Deep-Tech Patches SM101/25 (Great Presets!)

    Wave Alchemy : Transistor Revolution (Looks Promising! Check it out!)

    I will try my best to provide service to this community and help out in return!



  162. werty says:

    @ ZiON

    Cheers for your help – indeed was just the extractor I was using (stuffit on mac). Works fine using UnRarX.

    Thanks again!

  163. shani110 says:

    can u please upload ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials and Spitfire libraries?

  164. djfingazuk says:

    Happy New Year to all at Proaudiozone the premium Account for UL is amazing,
    I recently downloaded The native-instruments-komplete-8-dvd9-assign for Mac, the install works perfectly but the cracked files were not included. Is it possible to get the full crack in one package for all the instruments please. There also seems to be a mixed feedback on how to install the product should it be all at once or should they be installed separately ? My other question is about Kontakt is there a compatibility issue with Protools 10 because i managed to find an Assign crack for it and it stopped working after a few day’s in Protools but is perfect in Standalone or in Logic. I understand they are different types of plugins but they were from the same source.

    Kind Regards

  165. Ldog says:

    could you upload Berlin Woodwinds please?


  166. natan069 says:
    Bobby Owsinski videos

  167. Alymosul says:

    Hey guys i want the [Next Producers Progressive Trance Andrew Rayel Style Template] if you can , thanks in advance

  168. dafear says:

    Can you help me to activate ENGINE? TITAN, GALAXY and all best service magix products

    i already read the pdf documentation but all the time it tell me my serial is invalid on the yellowtools website and more

    please help me.

  169. Ambar says:

    Hi, Could you reup this stuff? please

    Toontrack New York vol3 DISK 1
    Zero-G Spiritoso
    Audiobro LA scoring strings

    Putlocker links
    Thanks in advance ;)

  170. Trance_Producer says:

    My dreams : is it possible to become true ?

    My loops – Revelations Volume 4 (Airbase) [Cubase or Ableton template project]
    My loops – Revelations Volume 3 (Fast Distance) [Cubase or Ableton template project]
    My loops – Revelations Volume 2 (Mystery Islands) [Cubase or Ableton template project]
    My loops – Revelations Volume 1 (Static Blue) [Cubase or Ableton template project]


    My loops – Stonevalley & Fast Distance MIDI Pack Volume 1


    DMS Cubase 5 Tech Trance Project Vol 1
    DMS Cubase 5 Trance Project Vol 1
    DMS Trance Construction For Cubase 01
    DMS Trance Construction For Cubase 02
    DMS Trance Construction For Cubase 03

  171. djfingazuk says:

    Happy New Year to all at Proaudiozone the premium Account for UL is amazing,
    I recently downloaded The native-instruments-komplete-8-dvd9-assign for Mac, the install works perfectly but the cracked files were not included. Is it possible to get the full crack in one package for all the instruments please

    Read more:

  172. shani110 says:

    hi, is there any chance to get Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 for pc & mac here? :)

  173. djtomcraft says:

    Searching everywhere I could not find correct package of ‘Function Loops – Infected Main-Room [WAV-MIDI]‘. Following sample pack on this site is wrong with dead links. Could you please upload correct release with full 400MB content?

    Please answer if it is possible or not.
    Thanks in advance.

  174. swift says:

    Any chance to get Best Service’s Desert Winds, please!
    Thank you!

  175. yosiajoe says:

    if its not too much to ask, can i request for mixosaurus drums library? thanks admin.

  176. djfingazuk says:

    Hi is it possible to get The cracks for Pro Tools Expansion Pack for Mac it contains the following
    Hybrid 1.6
    Strike 1.5
    Structure 1.1
    Transfuser 1.3
    Velvet 1.3


  177. monty_123 says:

    SONOKINETIC BAGPIPES KONTAKT VERSION….pls post here admin!!!big fan of proaudiozone…..appreciate it!!!!

  178. Cratertempus says:

    I know it’s hard, but i’d like to see the producerloops Future Progressive Trance Vol 2

    thanks ;)

  179. loopus says:

    Hi there – I would LOVE seeing Ample Sound AGP, AGG and AGF guitar VST instruments

  180. awemaria says:

    whats up, in need some old releases, if you have the time:

    -Sonokinetic Nevel KONTAKT TEAM MAGNETRiXX


    -Ilio World Winds [Kontakt, WAV]

    -Best Service Cult Sampler v1.0 Hybrid iSO – CoBaLT

    -Digital Music Media Post Accordions [ Kontakt WAV]

    -Zero-G Nu Jointz

    -Weltmeister Accordion for NI Kontakt

    -Accordion Samples: Yupiter Bayan KONTAKT

    -Big Fish Audio – Barrio


  181. joowieh says:

    big ups for the good work

    looking for latest available releases of:

    - Waves Multirack (OSX)
    - Complete Waves (OSX)

    Thanks! Joowieh

  182. museAudio says:

    Any chance to get the old release “SONOKINETIC VIVACE” on uploaded ?

    Please ~

  183. badman says:

    Could someone please upload this? Groove3.BFD2.Explained.TUTORiAL.DVDR-DYNAMiCS been after this for ages. Thanks

  184. provolone says:

    Hi I am looking for
    Presonus Studio One Professional v2.0.5 WIN OSX DVDR D2.iso

    i have it but don’t work (don’t mount image)

    can You help me?

    many thx

  185. monty_123 says:

    hey ZION bru help!!!! ITs SONOKINETIC BAGPIPES KONTAKT VERSION…..can u drop a copy to putlocker please!!!! thumbs up 4 ur work…

  186. monty_123 says:


    No brother….this one is brand new!!!its a new request library….not yet linked on proaudiozone….or 4 that matter nywhere else in waresworld if m not missing….so pls look 4 it…ive looked plenty of places..cant find it nywhere!!!

  187. lalakinos says:

    Are there posibbility for LA Scoring Strings 2 ???

  188. wizzerdevoz says:

    Big Fish Audio – Funk & Soul Horns

    Pleeeeeeez :)

  189. SargeBarnes says:

    Boom Library – Historical Firearms plz if possible :)

  190. Skydda says:

    Hi Could you reup the old Zero G Dark Skies? I know you have lots of requests but if you upload it asap I really appreciate it bro… please please ;)
    Best regards

  191. RHZERO says:



    THANKS 4 ALL!!!

  192. NiceTrance says:

    can u reup Vengeance Ultimate Fills Vol 2 on putlocker. thx

  193. Aridea says:

    Hi admin I want to thank you for your hard work. And if is possible can you upload some new Fox Samples packs?(Jake Shanahan: Se7en ,Melodik & Progressive Vol 3 ,Jake Shanahan: Luxus ,Melodik & Progressive Vol 4, Electro – V – Cii 3 and others) cheers Aridea

  194. Terekere says:

    Hello Admin, great job.
    I would like to get:

    Synapse Dune 1.4
    ReFX Nexus 2.2
    Celemony Melodyne
    Pro Tools 10.3

    All for MAC 10.8 OSX

    Thank you.

  195. wequee says:

    Hi, did you already posted the myloops trance revelations templates? i would love to have those, Trance_Producer says: 4:38 pm at 4 January, 2013 requested it first. thanks!

  196. djtomcraft says:

    I just want to know is there any sign of release which I requested?

  197. auiu says:

    Hello ! I need the MIDI and acapella of this track
    Jamie Woon – shoulda

    It would be nice to have a section in the page,for midi makers ! What do you think about that ?

  198. Dreadboy says:

    is there a chance to get the newest kontakt version cracked for mac?
    Whithout a newer kontakt version the new NI libaries will not be usable for mac users

  199. Dreadboy says:

    it would be very great if you could upload ProjectSam True Strike 2, Orchstral Essentials and Organ Mystique EXP

  200. RHZERO says:





  201. echian says:

    Thnx for all you do!

    @ZION please look forward to it

    Storm choir from Strezov Sampling

  202. djfingazuk says:

    Hi Admin

    Can you re-up the following please from Avid for the Mac i can’t locate them in the mega pack i have the actual install files just needing the unlock

    Velvet 1.3 vintage piano
    Transfuser1.3 groove creator
    structure 1.1 sampler


  203. audiohauz says:

    Sir AdMiN,

    Just released not to long ago..

    Toolroom Records – Toolroom Records Samples 02
    If anyone knows of Mark Knight…knows this library is gonna be nuts!

    Waveform Recordings – Drum Hits 2
    These guys run NYC and have a huge following around the world.

    Anyway of getting a hold of a few Sample Magic libraries?

    SM101 range of stuff is always promising.

    - FM8 EDM Patches
    - Massive FX Patches
    - Sylenth Deep-Tech Patches
    - Mainroom Beats
    - MIDI Elements: Mainroom Riffs & Arps (#1 Download on SoundsToSample)

    Thanks Bru!

  204. Juvera says:

    Please Re-Upload all the Equipped Music libraries again. Rapidshare don’t let me download it, please use Safelink, this is the best libraries, even better than Vengeance or Loopmasters.

  205. Juvera says:

    Thanks, btw, can you please re-upload this one?

    Please please!! And if you have more stuff from Resonance Sound please upload without doubt! Thanks in advance to the best forum ever!

  206. nilotpal says:

    do you have cognitone synfire pro or synfire LE cracked version?

  207. onlythevoid says:

    sir ADMiN, thank you for all, i bought a 3-months uploaded premium account (through the link you provide).

    Can you please re-upload GForce M-Tron Pro v1.0 VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR ???

    Thank you again.

    • ZiON says:


      when did you bought it bru exactly, and thnx for the support, just wait me i will reupload it in the next hours or after pm time, ok bru you will get 1 link with high speed. :)

  208. Juvera says:

    @Zion really thanks bro! Love you love you love you!!!!! You’re the best :D

  209. philthyphil90 says:

    I would like to REQ “Serious Dubstep” by Famous audio please

  210. nilotpal says:

    if you have cognitone synfire cracked then i wil not mind opt for a premium acc

  211. onlythevoid says:

    @ZiON: i bought it yesterday :D , thank you i will wait !!!

  212. Juvera says:

    @ZiOn: Hi, I download the Equipped Music Lounge House and the extracted part 6, 50 and 51 are buggied. Can you please reup this part? I cant make them to work in any way.

  213. wequee says:

    can you upload omnisphere to putlocker please?? putlocker is the best!

  214. xtrinity says:

    Native Instruments – Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped


  215. ice13 says:

    FXPHD: AUD205: Practical Audio Techniques with Audition

    AUD205: Practical Audio Techniques with Audition
    Software Version: CS6
    Original Run Date: July 2012

    Everyone wants good audio, but don’t always know the steps to get there. This course takes a practical, hands on approach to audio post production. From dialog cleanup and noise removal to sound design and mixing. Working in Adobe Audition CS6, we work through specific project based scenarios to add practical tools for you to use on everyday projects.

    We start off with an introduction to the new Adobe Audition CS6 interface, preferences and features as well as get familiar with the import / export workflow. Next we dig into our first project which is an emergency dialog cleanup on some exterior shots. The location recording has some challenges for us to fix. Then we clean up the voice on a promo and work it in the mix against music. We take a character animation and bring it to life with sound. The rest of the class will be taking the AFX218 trailer project and creating the sound track for the trailer.

    Ryan first got his start at Avenue Edit after graduating Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Film / Video with a concentration in Audio. He has over 20 years experience working with sound, and 10 years in the advertising audio post industry. Ryan’s clients range from national television ads for Allstate and Aleve, to music video sound design for recording artist Matt and Kim, to viral movie tie-in for the film Contagion for Participant Media.
    class syllabus
    Class 1: We open up Audition CS6 and walk through the workflow of getting project media in and out. We discuss working with OMF files and how to best prepare them and we complete the round trip back to your video editing system.. We also look at routing within the application and ways to organize your project to help in mixing. We also discuss metering and what LKFS, LUFS, Leq(a), Leq(m), DBFS, VU and PPM mean and what they are used for.
    Class 2: Project 1: dialog clean up exercise: We take an in-depth look at the Noise Reduction (process) tool built into Adobe Audition.
    Class 3: Continuing our work in restoration and noise removal. We take a look at the Audition Adaptive Noise Reduction plugin, Audition Dehummer and Audition Spectral Editing – Auto Heal. As well as the iZotope RX plugin bundle with DeClicker, DeClipper, DeNoise and DeCrackle.
    Class 4: This week we take a look at two different voice editing techniques. One is an interview with two people standing relatively close to each other, each lavalier mic recorded separately. The other is a studio voice over recording. We work through the cleanup process from noise removal, to volume automation, to eq, compression and de-essing for each.
    Class 5: We look at a few more Voice processing related issues. How to match two different sounding mics using EQ and Reverb and how to route the signal from multiple tracks and use bussing to optimize our processing. Then we discuss music licensing and where to start look ingfor music for your projects, from Creative Commons to ASCAP and BMI. We then use the Adobe royalty music library to finish up our radio promo, we work through a music edit and then mix the two together to get composite mix.
    Class 6: Project 3: Sound Design an animation sequence. Starting from nothing, we build an entire environment and give the character a personality using sound. We start with filling in our backgrounds and finish with adding specific elements.
    Class 7: Playing around with sound design techniques, we work with processing in this class and look at creating custom effects, focusing on guns and explosions. We also introduce the assignment: Sound design and mix a short slowmotion clip.
    Class 8: Project 4: The AFX219 Trailer. Building upon what we’ve learned so far, we create the sound track for the trailer.
    Class 9: Continue working on the trailer project.
    Class 10: Final mix the trailer.

  216. jtaylord says:

    Hey – great work man!

    Any chance of projectsam orchestral essentials?

    Best to you.

  217. Flopo says:

    please reupload all Softube plugins including:

    Softube Vintage Amp Room VST RTAS v1 0 8 AiR
    Softube Tube Tech CL 1B VST RTAS v1 0 3 AiR
    Softube Tube Delay VST RTAS v1 0 5 AiR
    Softube Spring Reverb VST RTAS v1 0 4 AiR
    Softube Passive Active Pack VST RTAS v1 0 2 AiR
    Softube Metal Amp Room VST RTAS v1 1 5 AiR
    Softube FET Compressor VST RTAS v1 0 3 AiR
    Softube Bass Amp Room VST RTAS v1 0 2 AiR
    Softube Acoustic Feedback VST RTAS v1 0 7 AiR


  218. Rachit says:

    O! Samples All In One 2012 Bundle

    O! Hits Kits & Vocals 3-in-1

    Thanks a Ton !

  219. Rachit says:

    Hi ZiON

    Can u pls upload –

    MIDI Elements: Mainroom Riffs & Arps SM101

    Main Room MIDI Tracks – Zenhiser

    Much appreciated !

  220. foureyees says:

    KONTAKT 5.1 for mac OSX!!

    Just DL’d the Scarbee Rickenbacker bass and i can’t use it with my older version of KONTAKT :(

    Thanks! You guys F-ing ROCK!!!!

  221. magiknet says:

    Hi ZiON
    Great Job
    You Are The Best

    Please upload:

    Myloops Revelations Volume 1 by Static Blue
    Myloops Revelations Volume 2 by Mystery Islands
    Myloops Revelations Volume 3 by Fast Distance
    Myloops Revelations Volume 4 by Airbase

    Thanks in advance


  222. djfingazuk says:


    Any chance of getting hold of Hybrid 1.6, Structure 1.1, Velvet 1.3 and Transfuser 1.3 for the Mac


  223. onlythevoid says:

    @ZiON, there was a problem with uploading re-up of GForce M-Tron Pro v1.0 VSTi DXi RTAS AU HYBRiD DVDR ???

    thank you for all brò !!!

  224. Darkling says:

    Hey @Zion – could you upload Toxic Biohazard player + Cinematic Strings 2?

    Thanks bro

  225. Darkling says:

    Thanks @Zion. Don’t know how I missed the Biohazard link?? Did search for it + did check for “Cinematic Strings 2″ too & the search + link you gave is for Cinematic “Guitars” 2 & we were looking for this: Cheers.

  226. onlythevoid says:

    @ZiON: thank you ZiON Bro’ !!!

  227. djtomcraft says:

    Hi bro, I saw that team magnetrixx fill requests, I send him message, but I think you’re better with him, can you ask for my release?

    • ZiON says:


      sure we talked about it but everything not come in one time we have to wait, just wait and when it will be available it will be here first. don’t worry but i can’t guarantee anything for now :)

  228. djtomcraft says:

    Thx, I’m just hurry because discount on this pack:D, and also 2 people released it but uncompleted, suspicious, considering to buy before 31. january, but you now the recession, It’s hard to come up with the money:)
    However, I belive It will be something by the end of the month :)
    Greeting for you, all best!

  229. Darkling says:

    @ZION. I’ll just have to be patient ;) Saw another request for which is an older one – any chance of grabbing?

    Thanks for all that you do.

  230. provolone says:

    Hi ZION,
    can you please reup
    Prominy V-Metal KONTAKT DVDR 2000TH RELEASE
    on Putlocker for me is very fast


  231. djfingazuk says:


    No problem i have finally worked out how to import the kontakt Third party libraries but i am now struggling to find decent wallpaper.png files but i have a couple of Randoms that i can use. I have the complete Instruments Expansion pack but missing cracks i can upload if you want but they will need someone who knows how k’ed the files. I haven’t the tools to do this or would try it i can upload via UL if needed let me know.

  232. djfingazuk says:


    I’m after some Reggae and Dancehall sample packs or Reggae and Dancehall Kontakt instruments if any exist this may be a long shot


  233. djfingazuk says:


    Purchased an FTP account so i can upload the stuff – will PM you details are you a mac or pc user

  234. djfingazuk says:

    Hi @Zion

    Trying to get hold of Sly Dunbar Sample CD from Numerical Sound

  235. ZiON says:


    yes bru i will let you know when it’s done coz i have a lot work, you will see my comment on Mixosaurus Expert Virtual Drums post

  236. ab65 says:

    hi zion
    I would like to ask if you can upload, preferable on PL

    Vengeance Sound – Electro Essentials vol 1 & vol 2
    Essential Dubstep vol 1

    I know there still here but I can’t dl the whole bunch ( slow internet on my side )

  237. provolone says:

    Hi ZION

    np for now i am expanding to try this big sample library

    see you later


  238. auctor11 says:

    Permut8 For MACosX please :) The one that is lingering on the web is no bueno. :(

  239. xtrinity says:

    ToonTrack – Roots SDX Vol.2 – Brushes, Rods, & Mallets

    Any chance..?

  240. royerlow says:

    hello I admire all the work that I do would not be fully appreciated this wonderful plugin much to ask if you could upload from and be eternally grateful thank you very much

    “”"”East West Quantum Leap Gypsy”"”
    “”"”East West Quantum Leap Gypsy”"”
    “”"”East West Quantum Leap Gypsy”"”

  241. badman says:

    @ZiON could you please upload GForce Minimonsta VSTi AU RTAS v1.1.1 MACOSX UB-ArCADE thanks.

  242. imad55 says:

    I Look for
    Lynda – Mixing a Short Film with Audition
    Lynda – Pro Tools Mixing and Mastering
    Lynda – Music Editing for TV and Film in Pro Tools
    Lynda – Film Scoring with Pro Tools
    Please share

  243. vst23 says:

    i request:MIDI Loops Ultimate Producer Pack from hex loops…thanks reply back with a working link thanks

  244. vst23 says:

    MIDI Loops Ultimate Producer Pack from hex loops thanks

  245. vst23 says:

    i request for MIDI Loops Ultimate Producer Pack from hex loops thanks

  246. Ariecruzofficial says:

    Requesting: Vengeance Producer Suite
    Love the community and site bro! Big thanks to you!

  247. djedc says:

    Hey, Can I request: Vengeance Producer Suite

    Thanks in advance

  248. carvertronic says:

    Please post:

    Manx Super Jay


    TubeOhm Vintage

    many thanks, cheers

  249. auwhore says:

    ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials please! I can’t find this anywhere!

  250. Rachit says:

    Hey ZiON,

    Can u pls upload these….

    Sylenth1 The Ultimate Collection
    Sample Station.

    Ultimate Massive Patches 2
    Sample Station

    We Need Progressive House 2
    Fox Samples

    The Sound Of Sylenth

    Main Room MIDI Tracks

    Thanks a Ton !

  251. Rachit says:

    Hi ZiON,


    Sylenth1 The Ultimate Collection
    Sample Station

    Thanks in Advance !

  252. Rachit says:

    Hey ZiON,

    Designed Sounds For Sylenth1 Vol 9
    Party Design


  253. Rachit says:

    Hey ZiON,
    Can u pls upload these….
    Sylenth1 The Ultimate Collection
    Sample Station.
    Ultimate Massive Patches 2
    Sample Station
    We Need Progressive House 2
    Fox Samples
    The Sound Of Sylenth
    Main Room MIDI Tracks
    Thanks a Ton !

    Read more:

  254. Rachit says:

    Hi ZiON,

    Can u pls upload this,

    Electro Presets for N.I. Massive from Sonic Drive Media.

    Thanks a Lot,

  255. provolone says:

    HI ZION,
    I want ask you if you have

    PettinHouse HumbuckerGuitar

    and if you can upload it
    on Putlocker.

    I like it very much.

  256. Spasy says:

    some refills please :( (

  257. mackamillion says:

    Sonic Reality – Sonic Refills Vol 1-20 (KONTAKT)

  258. Rachit says:

    Hi ZiON,
    Can u pls upload this,
    Electro Presets for N.I. Massive from Sonic Drive Media.
    Thanks a Lot,

    Read more:

  259. Rachit says:

    Hey ZiON

    can u pls upload this

    singomakers – Swedish House & Big Room

    Thanks a lot

  260. yerman4 says:

    hey is there any chance you could do ??? ive been trying to find it everywhere!!! Keep up the good work bro :)

  261. MrV says:

    Hey Love The Site, Any chance we can see the Massive Presets from “Famous Audio”-”Heavy Bass Artillery” I really want to buy it but I have wasted so much money on junk presets before and would rather try it out first!.
    Greatly appreciated>!

    • ZiON says:


      we will see what we can do, but bru could you share with me help proaudiozone, with your pressets that you bought yu can send me links on contact page, like that you help us get something special from you and we help you get what you request.

  262. yerman4 says:

    Hey high rankins female vocals :) X

  263. Skydda says:


    Hi bro, Maybe you have this sample CD collection:

    INEDIT : Polyphonies vocales des aborigènes de Taïwan: Ami, Bunun, Païwan, Rukaï

    There are more titles from INEDIT so if u have all of them, upload all in one package

    Please check my requeeeest ;)

  264. Skydda says:


    Ok, let me know :D

  265. dandaman says:

    would really appreciate this site if it could get ‘bigfish audio – symphonic maneouvers vol 2′. thanks, dan

  266. awemaria says:

    Ilio World Winds [Kontakt, WAV]

    Big Fish Audio – Barrio

    Digital Music Media Post Accordions

    Zero-G Urban Ammunition

    Zero-G Nu Jointz

    Precisionsound bolivianische Panflöte / Carina Akkordeon

    Weltmeister Accordion for Kontakt

    H. E. Audio Acoustic Guitar-Steel

    old stuff that is not avaiable anymore, please reup them

  267. freshtodef1989 says:


    Can we please get Studio Linked Maybach Empire Kontakt Workstation or the Trap Boom Vst, SSO Vanguard, Johnny Juliano Dreamstation any one of these would nice for the site I think…..

  268. MarkZer0 says:

    Joe Barresi Tracking Rock DVD
    Joe Barresi Mixing Rock DVD
    Groove3 Tracking Rock – Drums
    The Sonic Ark – Complete Drum Recording
    The Sonic Ark – Complete Guitar Recording

  269. Ambar says:


    Please upload this:

    Synthogy Ivory Italian Grand Expansion VSTi

    Ivory Italian Grand is now a complete Virtual Instrument, combining the extraordinary Italian 10 Foot Concert Grand Piano with Synthogy’s award winning Ivory piano engine.

    It would be appreciated

  270. iandsm1 says:


    Here is a link:

    I think I will be very lucky but will keep my fingers crossed :) any help would be greatly appreciated

  271. ZombieX says:

    Thank you for uploads.
    Have you by chance come across these:

    UVI Electric Toy Museum
    UVI Acoustic Toy Museum

    Wanted for masochistic purposes:).

  272. wequee says:

    Any news on My Loops Revelations? guys why dont we collect found via someones paypal account to buy a template :P

  273. Beez says:

    hello, is it possible to have Vienna Symphonic Library Giga Complete 45 Dvd on uploaded?

    I’m sure this pack there like a lot of people on this site.

    Thanks so much.

  274. provolone says:

    Hi ZION,
    can you help me to look around

    PettinHouse HumbuckerGuitar 2Gb DVD

    thx a lot

  275. onlythevoid says:

    Hi ZiON, is it possible to have “Deep and Soulful House Course Sample: Logic Pro”, from ?—logic-course.php
    thank you Bro !

  276. Ambar says:

    RQ : Freak Records Essential Freak Vocal Vol 1 WAV

    Upload it today u.u …please :D

  277. wequee says:

    Thanks for the new omnisphere cd 3 links! can you upload Big Fish Audio “Ambient Skkyline 2″ please? thanks.

  278. TrapMusik101 says:

    hey bro can u pls upload this

    Ultimate Production Toolbox Vol.1

    here is a link:


  279. floond says:

    can you get this MacProVideo – Native Instruments 304 Maschine Virtuosity, please!

  280. Nightsung says:

    Hello guys, first of all I want to thank you for the time you put into upping all these stuff!

    I hope there will be a possibility seeing the following libraries/ updates on here;

    1. LASS 2
    2. Cinebrass Pro/ Cinebrass 1.1 Update
    3. Spitfire Albion I, II and/or III
    4. ProjectSAM Symphobia 1 v1.3 update
    5. ProjectSAM Orchestral Brass Classic v1.3 update
    6. After its release, ProjectSAM Symphobia III – Lumina (I don’t expect it to be cracked straight after its release – I mean, that’s impossible, right?)

    Yet I again, I can’t express how grateful I am this site exists!


  281. [email protected] says:

    Hi Proaudiozone! Love this website…I have a request. I’ve been looking everywhere for this two :
    BHK – A.R.A.M Neurofunk Sample Pack
    Sonivox – Dubstep Destruction Tools

    Any help regarding these two will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  282. nmaurer says:

    Amaaaazing site bro. Keep up the good work.

    Will we ever see Toontrack EZMix v2.0.2 for OSX? I have searched so hard for it, but I fear it does not exist. Metal Guitar Gods Pack will not work without the latest version :(

  283. alessa03 says:

    Audiobro LASS 2

  284. DM says:

    Hi , This a great Site … Big Thumbz ..
    I know you have your hands full with all these requests …
    Just to add when you can , i would be very grateuful :)

    AlexB Modern Logic Console for Nebula 3



  285. tia-l says:

    can i get cluster sound electro house and minimal gbox live please?

  286. MarkZer0 says:

    Forthemix Drumamore
    Forthemix Nickeldrums
    Paramore ReDrums
    Chango Drum Samples
    Joey Sturgis Drum Samples

  287. ijtorresg says:

    Massey DRT v2.0! awsome drum replacement tool, would like to try the full version since the free version is great!


  288. ijtorresg says:

    Massey DRT v.2.0! Great drum raplacement tool, i want to try it before buying it, the free version is awsome! thank you!

  289. GR00VE says:

    Request for all Ableton Live 8 tutorials from MacProVideo.

    Live 8 101 – Core Live 8
    Live 8 102 – The Simpler Sampler
    Live 8 202 – Live’s Effects: Plugged In!
    Live 8 203 – Live’s Sampler: Explored
    Live 8 204 – Exploring Drum Racks
    Live 8 205 – Live DNA!
    Live 8 207 – Hooked On Racks!
    Live 8 303 – Ableton Live 8 TNT Tips and Tricks 1
    Live 8 402 – Designing Sounds for Dance Music
    Live 8 403 – Remixing in Live
    Live 8 404 – Making Electronic Dance Music
    Live 8 405 – Max For Live: Basics
    Live 8 501 – Working with Live 8 – Level 1
    Live 8 502 – Working with Live 8 – Level 2

    Ableton Live 9 will be released soon.
    If any new tutorials for that, looking forward for that too :D

  290. Flopo says:

    hey mate please reupload these if you can :

    Flopo says:
    1:16 pm at 25 January, 2013

    Softube Vintage Amp Room VST RTAS v1 0 8 AiR
    Softube Tube Tech CL 1B VST RTAS v1 0 3 AiR
    Softube Tube Delay VST RTAS v1 0 5 AiR
    Softube Spring Reverb VST RTAS v1 0 4 AiR
    Softube Passive Active Pack VST RTAS v1 0 2 AiR
    Softube Metal Amp Room VST RTAS v1 1 5 AiR
    Softube FET Compressor VST RTAS v1 0 3 AiR
    Softube Bass Amp Room VST RTAS v1 0 2 AiR
    Softube Acoustic Feedback VST RTAS v1 0 7 AiR

    thanks and best regards ,keep up the great work

  291. pilgrim says:

    Nomad Magma Live 1.5 for mac would really great, Thanks ZION!

  292. Juvera says:


    Can you please upload Sample Logic Elements? I really love these beats! Thanks in advance

  293. mulabu says:

    Hi.. Can you please upload sonokinetic products ( sultan drums, kemence, sultan strings…) for mac os x logic ?
    Thanks :)

  294. audiohauz says:

    Does anyone have:

    Wave Alchemy – Tech House and Minimal

    Can someone re-up please?

    Thanks much!!

  295. DM says:

    Request : For Gemini Audio G76 for Nebula 3 That would would be Cool …

    Big Thanks ;)


  296. Skydda says:


    “Hi bro, Maybe you have this sample CD collection:

    INEDIT : Polyphonies vocales des aborigènes de Taïwan: Ami, Bunun, Païwan, Rukaï

    There are more titles from INEDIT so if u have all of them, upload all in one package”

    Any news? Let me know
    I really need that cd, thank u ;)

  297. Skydda says:


    Those are ethnic acapella songs

  298. dandaman says:

    thankyou for the service zion, definitely a great addition to the scene, would it also be possible to get symphonic maneouvers vol 1 & symphonic adventures?
    thanks, dan

  299. TrapMusik101 says:

    hey zion can u please upload this

    Ultimate Production Toolbox Vol.1

    here is a link:

    I really need this

    Big Thankss!

  300. TrapMusik101 says:

    also you can upload this please!!

    Dreamstation (Kontakt Library) by JohnnyJuliano



  301. Juvera says:

    Hi Zion and other users, I’m getting an message from Kontakt saying something about “This library is encrypted, you can’t load the library until it get register”. Whats happening on here? How can I fix this?

    The library I’m talking about is Sample Logic Elements, Scarbee Pre-Bass, Alicia Keys piano.

  302. tia-l says:

    Any chance of a re-up for Cluster Sound Dirty Tech House as well as the Gbox minimal & electro? Infact a Cluster Sound collection pack would be pretty sweet ;)

    I’ll second the request for Wave Alchemy – Tech House and Minimal as well!

    And @ Juvera – you need to open your Kontakt collections from the Library tab in Kontakt (not from the Files tab)

  303. pinchemadre says:

    Hi ZiON,

    could you please upload a Digital Redux pack of all 20 sample libraries?


    Big thanks!!!

  304. Juvera says:

    Thanks to each one for your replys. I’m using that new update of Kontakt but I still got the message. It should not appear that message with that version?

  305. Halence says:

    Hi could you upload FXpansion – BFD Maple Custom Absolute there is just extabit working link just like over the net but i dont have premium for extabit.Thanks in advance .Keep up with good working :)

  306. djpacha says:

    hey guys i think i found the most amazing website of all time wow ! thanks you again ! well i would like to get Myloops Revelations Volume 1 – Trance Project by Static Blue the fl studio version i was looking for it here but i didn’t find it can you please please share it ” Myloops Revelations Volume 1 – Trance Project by Static Blue ” the fl studio version ! and thanks a lot

  307. Halence says:


    ok thanks a million Zion i recently found this site and this is a real paradise,your effort and dedication Congrats :) ))anyway thanks a lot :)

  308. Juvera says:

    @ZiON thanks! But how I suppose to do that? Each time I try to import one library, the message I got it: Library not found.

  309. Spasy says:


    TCustomz Productionz Sample Packs

    producers, u dont need a vst plugs, kontakt etc.. You need good quality drums like this!

  310. djpacha says:

    please Myloops Revelations Volume 1 – Trance Project by Static Blue and thanks ! :)

  311. Genosky7 says:

    please reupload Cinematic Strings 2.1 KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX-AKADEMiC {900 mb links on

  312. guitarie says:

    hi proaudiozone,
    this is the best site ever!!!!!!
    i’ve never seen this packs on the internet.
    also the other packages of plugins, are not to be found on the internet.
    this would be a great treat!!!!!!
    and what I just said THIS IS THE BEST SITE EVER!!!!!!
    I wish you all the best!

  313. djpacha says:

    hey @ZiON i don’t know if you are the admin here or no but i have something i really really want it bad and huge thanks ! Myloops Revelations Volume 1 – Trance Project by Static Blue for fl studio

    Read more:

    • ZiON says:


      bru i am the admin & mod everything here, but i got your request but i can’t do all reuqests all, but if i got this i will post it sure, here, so let it to the time don’t worry :)

  314. pilgrim says:

    blastwave fx imaging elements

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  315. djpacha says:

    thanks @ZiON you the man !!!! will be waiting for you thanks again

  316. Juvera says:

    @ZiON could you please upload Lazerbass, Carbon and other Reaktor stuff as well? Thanks in advance! :D

  317. Juvera says:

    @Zion and Kick-Ass Brass and Big Fish Audio First Call Horns as well please? :D All the best! @ Putlocker please :D Best server.

  318. Juvera says:

    @ZiON please forget the Kick-Ass Brass library, please re-up the Chris Hein Horns Compact KONTAKT @ Putlocker please! Thanks in advance :D

  319. sampsontodd says:

    the password doesn’t work for “piano in blue proper kontakt”

  320. rsb67 says:

    pianoteq 4 from Modartt

    The Soprano & Bass Clarinet from Sample modeling

    The Saxophones from Sample modeling

    Berlin Woodwinds from Orquestral Tools

    WIVI BAnd from Wallander

    Woodwinds & Saxophone from Wallander

    Hollywood Orquestral Woodwinds From EastWest Quantum Leap

  321. provolone says:

    Hi ZION,

    sorry if i ask you again

    can you help me to look around

    PettinHouse HumbuckerGuitar 2Gb DVD

    I need IT.


  322. Al Husna says:

    Hallo bro….

    My dad was shared

    Band in a Box 2012.5 mac and Band in A Box 2013 EXCLUSIVE ONLY FOR PRO AUDIO ZONE

    so do not miss the release

    semoga berguna dan salam dari ciledug city

  323. Al Husna says:

    request SONOKINETIC Da Capo , Fe and Ney

  324. wequee says:

    can you upload this one to putlocker please? Big Fish Audio Pure Hard Trance MULTiFORMAT

  325. djpacha says:

    hey @ZiON any news about Myloops Revelations Volume 1 – Trance Project by Static Blue for fl studio :(

  326. djpacha says:

    hello @zion how you doing ? :D well i got a really needed request is the Emotional Uplifting Trance (Andy Blueman Style) by MoonRiser fl studio version ! i will wait the whole life if i can ! please please :(

  327. kukis50 says:

    Hello brother I’m looking for Sample Modeling | The Soprano & Bass Clarinets
    Is there any chance to find download link?

  328. yerman4 says:

    is there a nexus mac version on here? i cant find it :(

  329. djpacha says:

    could you please upload Sunny Lax Sylenth1 Essentials Volume 2 :)

  330. flamegp says:

    Hey Guys, I’ve been search everywhere for a copy of Nexus 2 for Mac!!!! I cant find it anywhere.

    • ZiON says:


      well bru for the meantime , there is just the version 1.4 from AiR, back to 2009, i will post it soon, as no above version is available, even from the product site.

  331. audiohauz says:

    Wave Alchemy – Tech House & Minimal

    Pleaseeeeeee!! :)

  332. sandoz1 says:

    I’ve seen you’ve post Zenhiser Collection, but it seems that “Studio Essentials – Warehouse Techno” is missing, can you add this one please ?
    Keep up the good work, thank you for all proaudiozone

  333. Juvera says:

    @ZiON please upload Vir2 Instruments Mojo Horn Section and Lazerbass and other Reaktor stuff please! Thanks in advance! :D

  334. Jazz says:


    First of all thank you so much for your website, you really rule!!!

    I have a request, it would be stylus rmx for macintosh, i was not able to find it.

    Thank you!

  335. flamegp says:


    Thanks a lot Mate!

    Catch you online soon

  336. Ximotelo says:

    I’m looking for Realivox from Realitone.Does anybody heard about this or have it to share?Thanks.

  337. hnmtgf4 says:

    Have you bought the 2 Kamui soundset to Virus A/B/C/TI?

  338. Chrs says:

    East West Silk Pleasee ! :)

  339. Juvera says:

    @ZiON please can you re-upload this one? NI Komplete 8 but only these DVD’s:

    DVD 8 – Abbey Road 60s Drums, Vintage Organs
    DVD 9 – Berlin Concert Grand, New York Concert Grand, Scarbee MM-Bass Part 1-2
    DVD 10 – Scarbee MM-Bass Part 3, Scarbee Vintage Keys, Upright Piano
    DVD 11 – Scarbee Vintage Keys Pt4-5, Vienna Concert Grand

    At please! Thanks in advance!

  340. xtrinity says:

    Ask Video – Cubase 5 Level 2 (working version)

  341. sandoz1 says:

    Hi, i’m looking for “Studio Essentials – Warehouse Techno” by Zenhiser
    Can you add this to the Zenhiser collection please, it’s a must have :)
    Keep up the good work guys

  342. omen says:

    Hello everyone.. Love the site..My request is STUDIOLINKED Trap boom workstation

  343. Rachit says:

    Hey There ZiON,

    please please please please

    upload – Anvesi Bigroom Samples Incognet

    Thanks a Ton !

  344. audiohauz says:

    Re-up on

    D16 Lush 101 for mac please

  345. awemaria says:

    Sonokinetic Shahrazad KONTAKT

    Chris Hein Horns Vol.3 KONTAKT

    Chris Hein Horns Vol.4 KONTAKT


  346. freshtodef1989 says:

    @Zion superstar o vanguard or johnny juliano dreamstation

  347. Rachit says:

    Hey There ZiON,

    please please please please
    upload – Anvesi Bigroom Samples Incognet

    Thanks a Ton !

    Read more:

  348. badman says:

    Hey @Zion would it possible for you to please upload this?

    Loopmasters Hip Hop Instrumentals MULTiFORMAT

    You recently uploaded vol.2, would really appreciate if you could do that.


  349. djtomcraft says:

    Hi ZiON, I have one req, could you post this release ‘Producer.Loops.Electro.House.Generation.MULTiFORMAT-DYNAMiCS’ 600+MB?

  350. iLexor says:

    Hey ZiON, whatever happened to Band in a Box 2012.5 for Mac? The post you made just vanished. I really hope you can upload that. That would be awesome. Thx.

  351. lpdude2009 says:

    i was wondering if you could make this sample pack available, its called “DRUMSTEP INVASION”
    by famous audio
    its very new but sounds amazing would love it if you could upload it

    - lpdude

  352. mackamillion says:

    Propellerhead Reason v.5
    Spectrasonics stylus rmx

  353. djpacha says:

    hey @zion any new’s about the Emotional Uplifting Trance (Andy Blueman Style) by MoonRiser fl studio version !

  354. Teletoby says:

    i would like to request

    Addictive Drums 1.5.3 for Mac (coz its 64bit)

    thanks :-)

  355. dandaman says:

    Hi zion, all links for native instruments massive seem to be down across the net(apart from the updates). Would it be possible to get a re-up here? thanks bro x

  356. djgarcia says:

    I look forward Lennar Digital Sylenth1 windows 8 fixed

  357. Dreadboy says:

    an upload of: Sound Ideas BBC Sound FX Library CD 1-60 CDDA would be nice. It seems to be very nice but its down on all websides

  358. imad55 says:

    Please Guy’s, Lynda – Mixing a Short Film with Audition

  359. DM says:

    AlexB Black Master eQ …. Would be Cool My Friend :) TIA


  360. starkid says:

    Hey Could You Get Choir Kingz 2 from Mystic Kingz? I would Greatly appreciate, its my birthday and this site is awesome!lol

  361. wequee says:

    NextProducers Tech Trance project?

  362. audiohauz says:

    WOW!! This release is Massive!!!!

    “Waveform Recordings – Deep Techno”

    Get your dancing shoes on!

    Much appreciated if someone could upload!!



  363. dudib says:

    I’m new to this site and I must tell it’s AMAZING !!!
    many thanks.

    I would like to get propelerheads reason 6.5 (key / serial/ keygen) if avail
    also would like to get Cubase 7

    many thanks

  364. archer007r says:

    Hello Admin, can you please give me the Project files/Additional Resources associated with the
    “Sonic Academy – How To Make Dubstep” Tutorial?

  365. DM says:

    Request If Possible :)

    AlexB Classic Logic eQ

    Henry Olonga Girthy Vocals for Nebula 3

    Henry Olonga G-20 Vocality for Nebula 3

    BIG THANKS FOR ….. Black Master Eq the other day ….Appreciated my friend :)


  366. foureyees says:

    Any possibility you can add the Peterson Strobe tuner plugin for OSX?

  367. hnmtgf4 says:

    nextproducer tech trance?

  368. FarmanFDJ says:

    Hi ZION,

    Is it possible to get >>> Producer Loops – Future Progressive Trance Vols 1 and 2 <<<
    Thanks for your sharing! Keep up with the good work! Thanks.


  369. genuinm says:

    any chance you could get your hands on

    Native Instruments 105: Exploring Kontakt (by Scott Freiman)

    i’ve only just started using Kontakt so need all the help i can get on how to use it properly lol cheers

  370. loryba says:

    Relab l480 COMPLETE out now!!!

    I hope to see this wonderful recreation of one of the most famous reverb
    of all times!!!

  371. Juvera says:

    @ZiON can you really really urgently please re-upload this one?

    With PutLocker please!! Best tutorial ever on the internet!!!!! I really would give you my sister ass anytime you want!

    Thanks in advance :D

  372. genuinm says:

    also could you get your hands on some uk grime/garage sample packs please? this one in particular V

    Sampleoidz – 500 Heavyweight of Garage N Grime

    thanks again, and keep it up with this great site! its been a godsend for me personally! i appreciate every upload you can provide!

  373. lpdude2009 says:

    hi is it possible you could make “moombahstep by famous audio” available ?

  374. djpacha says:

    hey @zion any new’s about the Emotional Uplifting Trance (Andy Blueman Style) by MoonRiser fl studio version !

  375. DM says:

    AlexB Preamp Colors & Saturation …. If Possible would be cool ;) TIA


  376. Bigguy says:

    Im wit Dare on the Top-100-DJs-Signature-Sounds-Massive-Presets-Vol-1

  377. wequee says:

    i made a search for ambient skyline 2 from big fish audio, its not on the website right? that would be a request, thanks :)

  378. synthetix says:

    Industrial Strength Records

    The Sound Of London Acid Techno – Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss
    Industrial Strength Records – Analog Explorer by XTront

  379. DM says:

    Request Please …. :)

    AlexB PoolTeQ Pro for Nebula 3…

    Thank you Kindly :)


  380. Compobob says:

    Could you upload sonokinetic Da capo ?

  381. Rachit says:

    Hi ZiON,

    Can u pls upload – Anvesi Bigroom Samples Incognet

    Thanks a Ton,

  382. Rachit says:

    Hi ZiON,

    Can u pls upload – Top 100 DJs Signature Sounds Massive Presets Vol. 1

    Thanks a Ton,

  383. regxyz says:

    A good request – if you have it!

    FXPansion – Guru – 1.0 Assign – (3 to 5 Gigs of Content)

    It’s a DVD-R…I cannot get this anywhere right now – I’ve been searching for the torrent all day – and then I remembered Pro Audiozone! lol

    Well – there is Geist + then the old GURU (which is still popular but discontinued!)

    The problem is that these plugins were shipped with 3 to 5 gigabytes of premium content!

    Now – Team AiR / R2R release updates on the plugins themselves – but nobody seems to have the content available for download…

    Which is a big shame!

    Hopefully you guys can share this with the group!


  384. scroungin bob says:

    Please post Symphobia 1 1.3 update. Can’t find it anywhere!

  385. Compobob says:

    Could you upload orchestra tools berlin woodwinds, cinesamples cinewinds ?

  386. AngryPirate says:

    Ahoy Matey!!!
    Me Been Looking For Thee
    ” Top-100-DJs-Signature-Sounds-Massive-Presets-Vol 1 ”
    from loopmasters Matey!
    I can carve you the finest Arrrrgh, Peg Leg Ye Have Ever Seen For It!
    Or have me mate mix you up some of the strongest grog. What-a-ya-say matey?
    Is it a deal or are ye going to shiver me timbers???

  387. Granny says:

    Vespers: Mixing and Mastering Online Course with Jake Perrine

    Programs: Cubase 7

    Vst: Vengeance multiband sidechain

    Vst: KuSh Audio Clariphonic

    I’m an old woman who loves computer music! Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! <3

  388. wequee says:

    could you upload the altiverb impulse responses libraries to putlocker please?

  389. DM says:

    :) AlexB 76 Dynamics Collection ;) Another Request Please ….Thanking You

  390. insaner says:

    Maybe u have the possibility to share a Ultimate X Sounds presets?
    I am asking coz pp are so quite about these ones why they r not released…
    Maybe dont wanna f the company up or sumthin.
    (hope u answer even its not possible)

  391. natan069 says:

    Waves Multirack for Windows

  392. wequee says:

    hey zion the embertone instruments go down very fast can you reupload them with password like backup links? thanks.

  393. DM says:

    Request Please :) Pro Tools: Music Production TUTORiAL ;) ….

    Great New LOOK btw :)

  394. YoungCee25 says:

    Hey Zion Do you think you can get Orchestra Essentials By ProjectSAM? cant seem to find it anywhere.

  395. DM says:

    Henry Olonga Titan EQ 96khz for Nebula …

    Please ….

    Thank you ;)

  396. Promus says:

    Can anybody share The Session Percussion ADpak by XLN Audio?? Tnx in advance. PAZ=the best site on the planet!!

  397. wequee says:

    Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02 MULTIFORMAT please, can you upload that one? thanks.

  398. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion Sounds good bro. it seems like an awesome pretty easy to use Vsti…I look forward to seeing what u get. Maybe you can Alert me when its up. in the mean time, can u get the update to symphobia 1 ” 1.3 ” ???? Thanks bro.

  399. swagcity says:

    pls i would like you to upload ample sound guitar pack with keygen and full sound library.thanks in advance we love your work…thumbs up boss!!

  400. GamerMusic says:

    Hey plz send me link and password for Sonokinectic libraries collection thank you

  401. Rachit says:

    Hey this link is already dead in 1 day

    Singomakers Swedish House Mega Pack MULTiFORMAT

    Pls re upload thanks a Ton

  402. Rachit says:



    Anvesi Bigroom Samples

  403. monty_123 says:

    @Zion: hey buddy pls look out for brand new 8dio libs STEEL STRING STRUMMER and WRENCHENSPIEL, STEEL STRING GUITAR….they’re beautiful sounding….i think a lot of brothers here wud love them…

  404. noxiv says:

    This is just the best site, first of all THANX! Idk what would i do without proaudiozone, i would be on stone age.
    Well, i have a request: Rankin Audio – Counterstrike presents Hard Drum and Bass.
    Cheers from Colombia!!!

  405. mime2 says:

    8dio Requiem Choir Proffesional.

    Fuckin awesome library!

    Ps. This site is freaky awesome thank you all!

  406. paytonmichaels says:

    Could you please post Big Fish Audio Psychedelic 60s MULTiFORMAT?
    Thank You

  407. redvex says:

    Could you please post

    Spitfire Albion 1
    Spitfire Albion 3
    Sample Logic Assault
    Sonokinetic Collection

    By the way how do I donate?

    • ZiON says:


      i will see what i can do bru, i know you will luve what librarys that i have, i will soon psot them, you can contact me on contact page, to tell you how to donate,a nd seee a librarys

  408. nade77 says:

    Could you please post Avid Digidesign Xpand 2?

  409. DM says:

    Request Please :
    Henry Olonga L-ay3a Mojo 192 khz for Nebula 3 ;)
    Thank You


  410. Granny says:

    Can you please upload the other slate digital plugins?

  411. DM says:

    @ ZiON :) I did see after i posted the Messege …… Great Stuff , and Great Site :)
    Keep up the great work ;)

  412. nade77 says:

    Sad that they don’t take the time to respond.

    • ZiON says:


      bru not the time, but as you know that this stuff expand 2 is ilock2 protection so who is on the earth can crack this BLSHIT, sorry if i didn’t responded quick coz you knwo i am on eguy here managing this site, so sorry again:

  413. White says:

    Could you get Cinebrass Pro (The expansion) and Cinewinds (Core and Pro)?

    Great Job, man!!!

  414. Granny says:

    Virtual tape machines and the virtual console collection please! Thank you very much
    P.S. can you get the KuSH audio clariphonic paralell eq plugin as well please?

  415. imad55 says:

    Mixing a Short Film with Pro Tools
    That’s the best tutorial ever :D plz Share

  416. xtrinity says:

    Toontrack – MIDI Pacs (Complete)
    Toontrack – S2.0 Producer Presets

  417. apuhjee says:

    Live 8 405: Max For Live: Basics-SYNTHiC4TE

    Links are dead – could you please re-up?

  418. Granny says:

    Virtual tape machines and the virtual console collection please! Thank you very much

  419. rsb67 says:

    hi guys
    1´d love the Kontakt 5.1 for Mac OSX
    I know you can do it

  420. badman says:

    Hey @ZiON could you please! upload the drumdrops collection. Looked on the sites and all the links are dead bro. Would appreciate it a lot!

  421. djpacha says:

    hey zion could you please upload those plugins ! i need them for my production ! for WIN :)
    vst plugin Bionic Delay v1_2
    vst plugin WaveShell-VST 8.0
    vst plugin URS 1980 Compressor Native
    vst plugin VoxengoAudioDelay
    vst plugin Sonalksis TBK Stereo

  422. TrapMusik101 says:

    hi!! zion can u pls upload

    CineBrass to putlocker??


  423. YoungCee25 says:


  424. PThound says:

    Any news on a Kontakt update for MAC? I downloaded that Richenbacker library and haven’t been able to use it yet. :(

  425. steevyhead says:

    Hi there, im looking for sound burst northmood for windows. Its up on in this folder but i was wondering if you could put in up through putlocker, as it would take me about 9 years through Thanks a bunch in advance. I LOVE the nord modular. Also thanks for all your work ZION its EXTREMELY appreciated.

  426. Promus says:

    Can anybody SHARE The SESSION PERCUSSION ADpak by XLN Audio?? Tnx in advance.

  427. Bastian says:

    No one has uploaded anything from UAD audio before, those are the most professional plugins ever created and used by masters worldwide

  428. choice says:


    1. More staff for PAZ.

    2. Bxw-PAZiON.part04 on rapidshare/putlocker is still unresolved for Cinematic Strings 2.1.

    3. Sample Logic: Assault.

    4. Dargalon Instruments: KANGLING — The Sound of Death and Destroyed Six – Cinematic Detuned Pianos.

    Please post a note with an update.
    It is very deeply appreciated! Much respect!!

  429. mrlive2ride06 says:

    Hello!! I would like to thank you for all the valuable resources you provide here. I would not be able to use many of them without this. I have been searching far and wide for 2 things and would greatly appreciate if you could help in any way. 1. Reaktor 5.8 or the most recent for Mac. 2. Max 6 for Mac I’m talking an Intro to Electronic Music Course and need this for class. Cant afford on a students wage right now. Thanks again!!

  430. KGM1973 says:

    Hello! I hope you’re doing well! :-) I was wondering if PSP’s 608 MD (as in, Professional Sound Project’s 608 MultiDelay) was already available here. I’ve searched, but couldn’t find it. Is it already in a bundle, or if not, would you be able to upload it here? MANY FINE THANKS in advance for ALL your diligence, dedication and devotion to this EXCELLENT site! :-)

  431. korgman says:

    Any guitar progs from Ample Sound Please?

  432. steevyhead says:

    hi there,

    i was wondering if it is a possible thing to have the goldbaby collection put up again, the links are down, and it looks like really good stuff. Thank you for all your hard work

  433. badman says:

    Hey @ZiON could u please! upload the drumdrops collection. Looked on the sites and all the links are dead bro. Would appreciate it a lot!

  434. Caligulus says:

    Soundiron Mars Mens Choir, LASS Legado