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  1. PThound says:

    I really want to join up with uploaded but there’s no ENGLISH! Gimme English and I’ll join. Amazed they don’t have an English page for gods sake.

    What’s goin on with Extabit? Went there to re-register and was redirected to some other site. ( There was a message saying ” Your login details will be send to (my email add)” But no message ever arrived.This is NOT how they’ve done biz in the past.

  2. Rolfdias says:

    any Ftp Servers ?! Premium Acount !!

  3. elcottero says:

    Uploaded link is not working. I click the register button but nothing happens.
    Extabit works but I want uploaded premium account.

  4. elcottero says:


    Thanks man,
    All OK now.

  5. pdx24 says:

    Just got premium from your link!!! Thanks guys for all your hard work!!!! You are much appreciated!!!! :x8:

  6. GOmEZ says:

    Just got a 6-month Extabit, from your link, hope they don’t play around with your referral cut …

  7. danaos says:

    i got a premium how i download ?

  8. yonq87 says:


  9. gabrielbhn says:

    Hi! I bought a premium account for 3 months in Uploaded to support you. Thanks!

  10. javazoid says:

    i dont have credit card ..i wish i could donate something :sad:

  11. maukeli says:

    Can I use Visa Electron to pay for Uploaded premium ?

  12. RexEffex says:

    got premium on ul now How do i now get my premium on proaudio?

    I used zions link to get to ul

  13. vingula says:

    Hi Zion, I wanna buy account, I have VISA Electron card, when complete registration, I got this message from

    Error with your order!

    Token-Id: 4c630h3e
    Description: Card not accepted!

    What I doing wrong, sorry for my bad English, I’m from Croatia.

  14. vingula says:

    Hi Zion, again me, yet it was a mistake from me, my card was not activated in the office, but now all is OK except for one thing, I get this error after filling out the form on Communication error [Error response from bank / uncertain result]
    what it means now???

    • ZiON says:

      maybe problem from your card, did you passed sms verification and all ? + why you don’t buy rapidgator or extabit, you know i can support in anything

      Buy rapidgator from here

      Extabit from here (extabit links for new stuff are live longer than both hosts)

  15. vingula says: is best option for me and my brother :wink:

  16. rsb67 says:

    Dear Zion I already bought an upload account but to support you I have just bought a premium for extabit
    THANKS Bro!!! :x19: :x28:

  17. macjay says:

    bought extabit. first time w premium, through jdownloader. in premium section… asking for name and pass. what do i enter? all i have as an email w invoice for purchase, no specific instructions w name or pass to enter… ?

  18. macjay says:

    i did. tried all possible combinations. it should be easy… just says invalid account. i tried sending email to extabit in my invoice, after payment, as well. no response :(

  19. HumbuckerSev says:

    What do you recommend… Extabit or Uploaded? or which links stay longer?

  20. macjay says:

    i bought it. got paid-for invoice in my email, yes. tried every combination of email/pass to add premium in jd, but… no go. i have sent email to them, too. i really wanted to get these asap. is there anyway you can tell i paid through your hits or something? so weird. sorry to bother. frustrated, paid and not working, gonna miss links :/

    • ZiON says:

      but go on extabit site and registre new account with same email and see ? if not than wait they will respond don’t worry, there is many people work here with premium extabit and they are trusted

  21. macjay says:

    after they reset password, it is finally working! thanks for the reply, and even greater thanks for everything, sir ZiON! glad to see you have help again, as well. Appreciate Everything Greatly :)

  22. web_cecil says:

    Hi! I want o become premium in but i never got to get the ams message they are supposed to send me… do you guys recommend another way to pay that with credit card??

  23. web_cecil says:

    @ Zion I have tried but in vain.. :cry:

  24. Shugyosha says:

    Hello ZiON,
    You’ve been doing a great work mate! I’ ll be back as a premium user by next week, after a small glitch with my credit cards due to banks consolidation in my country. God bless you and “May the Force be with you, always

  25. StUdi0x says:

    bought premium through you brother – glad to support

  26. phuongx says: not support my country..Im living Viet Nam…

  27. quintflair says:

    Tried buying a Uploaded Premium but its giving me an ERROR after i enter my credit card info.
    Then tried to purchase a Rapid Gator premium and its say “Not accepting credit cards at this time” :x27:

  28. Xanium says:

    Hey mate, can you possibly get Vocalise by Heavocity? I’ve been looking everywhere.


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