Hi guys soon i got a gift for you from your baby ZiON i know many people will like it as it’s already requested by many emails.

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Give big thnx to ZENDA

Gift is here Embertone Blakus Cello

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  1. BASSMONSTA says:

    YEAH ZION ZION ZION!!!!!!!! :x14: :x28: :x26:

  2. Trapz yo says:

    good :x26: :x24:

  3. Sonelk says:

    Oh!!! Que sera? Si, si, si Maestro aleluya. : Grin: : X5: : Razz:

  4. simomessi92 says:

    :x1: so curious ;D

  5. OscarRomelPR says:

    PAZ RULES!!! :twisted:

  6. infinitusCR says:

    eternal life perhaps?? jejeje. Cant wait for this surprise to be revealed!!!!

  7. Rimidalvl says:

    nice! great notice

  8. mogoes49 says:

    sounds good

  9. webshark says:

    Glad to hear you are well!

  10. Sohill says:

    cant wait :x8:
    thank you Zion! you are truly great team..! long live PAZ :x9:

  11. student says:

    YAaaaHOOoooo that is Great :x8:

  12. oldschool says:

    hey guys now is the time to says thanks and support this site by getting a premium account – like uploaded for example.
    every month or three months i get a new account = maximum support for ZiON.

    @ ZiON THANKS stay healthy! :wink:

    @ZENDA gracias! comer una galleta ! :grin:

  13. rubber says:

    Long life to ZION!
    Long life to Zenda!
    Thanks for your work

  14. Sohill says:

    I always had and have premium Rapidgator account :x26:

    Long live PAZ

  15. MaschineMan says:

    I’ve bought a premium Rapidgator account especially for this :)
    Can we have a clue?

    What letter does the company start with? :)

  16. emzziper says:

    H***yw*od strings ?!! :x28:

  17. newoarrab says:

    Ohhhhh the Hollywood strings would be wonderful but I do not think, would also wonderful mural vol 2, but I have another addition or supposition, would love to see the update of 1.6 berlin strings

  18. BASSMONSTA says:

    I’m with Maschine man…… Frielander Violin I reckon.

  19. ZiON says:

    Gift is here Embertone Blakus Cello


  20. BASSMONSTA says:

    Awesome gift Zion and Zenda. Thank you guys Ive been waiting for this one a long time !!!!
    Good times :x20: :x28:

  21. MaschineMan says:

    What will gift number 2 be? – As you said Gift Number 2 was coming soon, a while ago :)
    Or we could start Group Buy again and pay for our own gifts :)

  22. MaschineMan says:

    Ok – I’ll be patient :)


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