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This is just awesome work! I can not imagine what it must have put work.. and most importantly.. it works! just today I had almost 1,000 plays I’ve never had before!

a song played 80 times a day free wow

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Highly rated music naturally gets featured. This process tends to take time. Our rating system measures 6 areas; direct plays, embed plays, full plays, favorites, downloads and shares. The highest rated music in all 6 of these areas will naturally become featured and place in high rotation in the infinite playlist across all platforms.

So in a sense, very popular music will become even more popular when featured. We believe that new and unrated music deserves a chance too. This is why we offer a couple of shortcuts to the featured list:


Free Loyalty program

We have over 50,000 songs in our database and they are all 100% user submitted. Our system is dependent on our community who support it. So we would like to support the music producers, artist and labels that help make the music that we all love and enjoy. New music that you add at first won’t have a rating but we will help make it more visible to those who our system believes will enjoy it the most. This will help boost its rating rapidly and get you more exposure. And all you have to do is support the community by listening and sharing music!

Paid Sponsored listing

Sponsored listings use a different rating system and guarantee placement on both the featured list and in the genre list of newly added music. They hold their position on the genre list from the moment you apply the featured status to your music. In other words, if it’s 2nd on the list and a hundred other songs are added, it will remain 2nd on the list and it won’t get pushed down the list. Each deposit buys premium plays that can be used on any number of your songs, they do not expire and they only count towards Full Plays (FP). Your featured listing will remain featured until you run out of these premium plays.


Review from a friend of this site



yesterday i added this song and look how much played


  1. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    Amazing brother :x14: :x9: :x23: :x22:

  2. ZiON says:

    What you think about this guys + share it everywhere with friends :) :x5:

  3. jayminho says:


    really nice
    whats that an iphone app ??

  4. ghostofdali says:

    I was excited about this until I tried to register. I couldn’t get past step 4, I linked up to a soundcloud song and it got to 100% “processing” and I never got past that. I tried several times with different browsers etc. Also, I would’ve really liked to join up to just listen, without having to post any of my music right away just to check out what you already have. And maybe it’s because I’m from the USA (or maybe it’s that I’m over 30) but the list of genres for uploaded music is very confusing to me. I didn’t recognize most of the names on the list and things I expected to see (rock, blues, jazz, R&B, etc) weren’t there. I hope it works out well for you all anyway though.

    • ZiON says:


      nah brother when it get you 100% processing just hit the F5 button you will get directed to your account and start promote that’s it, let me know if you face any issue again :)

  5. Spasy says:

    This is just awesome work! I can not imagine what it must have put work.. and most importantly.. it works! just today I had almost 1,000 plays I’ve never had before!

    Thank you PAZ!

  6. Dante_live says:

    I´m having troubles, can not log in, I couldn’t get past step 4, I linked up to a soundcloud song and it got to 100%“processing and I never got past that, i tried with F5 and always the same, back to step 1 one and one ore time, i tryed with diferent browsers as well .. but not works for me :(

  7. Dante_live says:

    Dear Zion, thanx for your reply, but i tryed several times , and hit f5 after 100% processing, but when hit f5 the system back to step one again… also i can not create an account and log into the system

  8. Dante_live says:

    Can you try it for me and give me a screenshot show it that the system works..this is the track what i like to promote…Thanx

  9. Dante_live says:

    Ok Bro, I will be expecting … many thanx and good luck with the new project.. will be awesome!!! :x26:

  10. Dappa says:

    This is a great idea but even after the “fix” it still does not work for me. I have tried in Chrome, Firefox and IE. Every time it gets to 100% processing it hangs, upon refresh simply returns to “add music” or “login” home page. When I try to login it goes back to the home page. If I request lost password it states no account is linked to my email address. It does not appear to be saving the information correctly. Everything leads back to the home page. :(

  11. Dante_live says:

    Im into the system right now Zion, Testing it, and if i encounter some issues i will say to you ..Thanks again for the great service you bring us !!!! You Rock Bro :x30:

  12. HustleMC says:

    Zion i love it but why isn’t there Hip-Hop as a genre??

  13. ZiON says:

    I added a song yesterday and see how much it played

  14. HustleMC says:

    one more thing i can’t get:
    how do i use the free loyalty program?
    what do i have to share to get a reward?

    • ZiON says:


      when You share Your music with friends or on social networks You will also get more exposure for your music. You have to use the special SEO URL or Short URL found when you click the “Edit” button in the “Music Manager”. you can also share any music on but first you have to login with your username/password from after you do that all of the song url’s will change and have your special code in them so that you can share any music and still get the loyalty points

  15. HustleMC says:

    So i just have to share it on facebook and twitter and i get 100 plays?
    THAT RULES!!!!!!!!!Thanks Zion man you’re the best!!!!

  16. anthemz says:

    i cant register, please help..i press next nothing happen, im using google chrome, tried at IE, still same

    • ZiON says:

      please tell me which step you are if you are at step 4, you have to add soundcloud song link without http;// than next wait it 100 % proccessing than hit f5 than it will work :)

  17. anthemz says:

    @ZiON, must add soundcloud link? can i use youtube link?
    at my register screen, i cannot see the Processing text, only can see 10% of it.

  18. ghostofdali says:


    I still can’t log on to the site, now when I try it says my username is already taken — but if I try to logon with it, it just reloads the homepage, still not logged in. I don’t want to try another email address (mostly because that was my only one) and make more nonworking accounts…I do want to get in there and listen to some music though! :x23:

  19. ghostofdali says:


    got it, thanks man, looks like I’m in!

  20. phenomboy says:

    Really nice idea, would be cool to add comments too.

  21. Billeeb says:

    :x33: AWESOME!
    I’ve got a question and maybe I’m totally out of place but, why there’s no metal or industrial?
    My music is mostly thrash-black-heavy and in the other hand electro-industrial / harsh /ebm, but I couldn’t categorize myself… or is just for those genres?

    May I put a song with a mislabelled category?
    Thanks for everything man, YOU ROCK!

  22. franknitty69 says:

    i love the idea, but i can’t even get to a point to register. the page just loads forever. i can only enter username, password, music occupation and soundcloud link. no genre, no tittle, no duration and i can’t see the rest of the page.

    i have tried several times on several different browsers.

  23. franknitty69 says:

    it’s working now :x28:

  24. JSnare says:

    Dear Zion, is it possible to remove a track or delete an account on press and play?

  25. HustleMC says:

    Hey Zion brother,i really love this system and i use it alot,but as an artist i really depend on youtube,but when i try to add a youtube video to get it featured it just keeps loading and the video doesn’t get added,do you know why this is happening?


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