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  1. pinoekelchen says:

    Looks like a google-translation. I have sent you a mail with an improved german text. ;) Thank you for your damn good job. :)

  2. pinoekelchen says:

    you are welcome… but, indeed, only a sandcorn compared to your job… ;)

  3. imasok says:

    Trying to extend my premium account through your reference, but not working. Will continue trying.

  4. Trance_Producer says:

    Hi guys Lets donate togetger to PAzz to get Freshly Sequenced Samples MAssive Collection vol 1 and he will send us private link to download. What do you think? it is 72 pound , if everyone will donate 5 pound it is not problem

  5. Trance_Producer says:


    Can we find 14 people here who is loyal to proaudiozone for my idea ? )

  6. Superb V says:

    Beat dope!!!!!. how did u post this?

  7. ZiON says:

    @ Superb V

    About what you talk here ? :x34:

  8. Illmay says:

    Big Respect to PAZ ZiON everyone working to bring us these great things

    Thank You for everything you do
    Peace :grin: :x6:

  9. juanmanueljazz says:

    I really dont know how I could not be here SOOO LONG AGO. thanks thanks thanks thanks. You are re feeding my collection lost because a HORRIBLE virus. ZION, you rule!

  10. Trapbeatz says:

    Hi Zion refx nexus 2.4.2 orginal download modern drums workstation pls :x10:

  11. paulfm says:

    Guys. RSS feed is not working for abaut 3-4 days

  12. brianshima says:

    It’s a great job that you do here! thank so much for this site!

    I have a premium uploaded from here too. :)

  13. quanxia says:

    :grin: 我只会说中文

  14. Ulduarhero says:


    Thank You for everything you do for us. I am running out space, but i’m going to renew my prem in a few hours!

  15. Ulduarhero says:

    @ZiON blocked my CC for some reason, so i switched to rapidgator.

    I used your referall link, hope you are in good health!

  16. LuckyStrike says:

    Hi there,

    question….I do wanna support you, but EDM is making my ears bleed so I’m only looking for techno (some tech house) samples. Since 99.9% of whats posted is trap and EDM….Should I take a payed acount or is that just a waste of my money? Don’t get me wrong….I appreciate everything you do out here….awasome work….but just wanna know If I won’t be paying for something I don’t use!!


  17. Ulduarhero says:


    First of all, Techno is EDM, as is tech house. Don’t start this argument with me. Second, There is plenty of Tech House, Deep House, Minimal, and Techno content, and if you just used the search bar you would see that this is true. However some links may be down, and that is of no fault of ZiON. So before you buy, make sure the links you are interested in are up. What is worth your while is entirely subjective to you, so search pls.

    @ViP ZeNDA

    How do I use refereall link for Ryushare?

    I can’t find it, want to make sure zion gets his piece

  18. Ulduarhero says:


    Thank you for the ryushare link, I was begining to wonder if you had one set up or not. I’m really happy that I waited to purchase :)

    Wonderful news that you are feeling better, please if you need more rest time take the rest time.

    you are in my wishes:)

    PS, ZiON there is a problem with the link u gave me. My friend tries to buy my account and when he gets to buy now he gets redirected to some page that isn’t ryushare. pls let me know when its fixed so we can buy :(((((

  19. Ulduarhero says:


    I am so sorry to bother you again. I guess my friend was having a browser issue and we are now successful in buying premium from your link. I repeat, the link is fine, issue on our end.

    Thank you so much.

  20. student says:

    Hi Zion I hope you are fine I see No more activities or new uploads in this week is there any problem Bro ?
    T H X

  21. OscarRomelPR says:

    I hope you get better soon my friend :cool:

  22. berlioztitan says:


  23. proaudiozoner says:

    Hey just supported you, buying an uploaded account!

    Hope you’ll be well and back soon.

  24. proaudiozoner says:

    Is it normal that I don’t see any visual confirmation in the URL like ”
    that I am reffering to your site, so that you get the money for it? There is a number blinking shortly, but after
    the site has loaded fully there is nothing visually in the URL anymore that could be a reference number.

  25. proaudiozoner says:

    Seems like the site isn’t showing any pictures any more. Or is it just me?

  26. RightGuardProtection says:

    :x19: Bump

  27. fac says:

    Is ZION ok? No News since weeks and I just want to know if he is sick again.
    If it´s so – please get well soon :smile:

  28. flipper says:

    Got my premium Uploaded account, just now. Keep on rockin’

  29. sue says:

    Bugs with the sites

    1- log in page ( is still trying to connect with old “” site at (

    2- Very annoying pop-up on EVERY PAGES … and more than once per page …. (
    I don’t mind advertisement … but this definitely too much, too many …
    this pop-up open Usenet’s site and a black window saying “no ad”


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