Hello guys  Today i have bad news here, extabit.com blocked our account and links stil online they are shiter,  they don’t wanna to work with our site, so i tell you from now don’t buy extabit.com premium, we will stop  using theme soon & all links will be deleted. sorry for the bad news.

i think to use ryushare.com they are good, tell me your sugesstions



  1. Trance_Producer says:

    Haters will hate. Dont give a f….. mate ! By the way i sent you mail and comment about Spitfire Audio Albion I REDUX . Did you check it matE?

  2. mayberry says:

    I’ve seen similar stuff happen with hosting accounts at many different sites. It’s a pain with all the existing links, but you will find another place to use and all will be well. Part of this scene. In 6 months it will be another company that will have to be dumped.

    Hope you’re taking care of yourself and your health issues.

  3. elaltavoz says:

    And then, what do you recommend? Rapidgator premium or ul.to premium? Who is better? Or maybe are you thinking in another possible download web to replace extabit?

    • ZiON says:

      i am thinking to replace it with ryushare.com it have better speed and it have 100 gb to download daily better than extabit who have 50 gb. also ryushare don’t delete files fast like ul or rapidgator.

      BTW i sugesst to go with uploaded as they have good speed, and if you find files deleted just comment telling that you are premium

  4. student says:

    :cool: ZION No problem Just re upload same files Files with new Downloading host so we don’t need to re download all Files again
    T H X

  5. BRB says:

    I have never bought an Extabit account I don’t like it so much, I think we should use Uploaded or Rapidgator and I dont like very much Rapidgator, If I were you, ZiON, I even wouldn’t use the free links of rapidshare because you spend your time uploading free links that are going to be down in a short period of time and I think most of us have enough money to buy a premium account for three months or more and support you.

    And people would say that I am crazy but if you think a little, an uploaded premium account is only 24 € in three months only 0,27€ per day, if you have enough money to pay the internet or to pay the bills why don’t you buy a premium account, just think I am not asking for buying the staff, it is only buying a premium account for support ZiON and support this site and get what you want for free and enjoy or work in what you love the most MUSIC!!!.

    In my case Uploaded is one of the best because it is a company from Switzerland and in their state the have several rules that we don’t have in the rest of Europe and other countries and also when you have 10.000 points they give you another month. I think you should try, and in this page we only should use two type of links premiums one for Uploaded or Rapidgator or free links of one of this hosters but no more it is too much work and I supposed that ZiON have other things to do apart from upload links all time.

    Another issue is that all links are down in a very short period of time, and I don’t know why they are doing it so fast, may the account or the name of the links… I dont know we should discuss this issue here and try to find an answer for this.

  6. ZionIsKing says:

    Damn, it I laterally just bought an account yesterday :x23: :x23:

    • ZiON says:

      brother you can request refund from them, as it passed just 1 day.

      otherwise i have to creat new account to support you actual premium users of extabit, tell me your sugesstions please, i have 1 mind and i need help, what we have to do now ?

  7. student says:


    ZION take a look for these too or rapidshare :x27:

  8. oldschool says:

    i think uploaded is the best and safest. they are in switzerland = good file sharing laws..:neutral:
    friends of mine use bitshare premium and are satisfied and happy – no problems.

  9. elaltavoz says:

    I’m reading all the comments here, and this is my summary.

    – Rapidgator = Fast offline links

    – Ul.to = Fast offline links but big support from ZiON (this one means that ZiON have to work a lot reuploading)

    – Ryushare = As ZiON says, “it has better speed and it have 100 gb to download daily better than extabit who have 50 gb. also ryushare don’t delete files fast like ul or rapidgator.”

    So, in conclusion, it seems that, the best idea would be Ryushare.com, and with it, ZiON would have not to reupload again and again. What do you think?

  10. Terekere says:

    Hello ZION, it’s a shame, I’ve bought EXTABIT three or four days ago, and I spent it, but, I’m downloading in extabit and it’s seems fuctionally today.
    If you have good experience with Ryushare perhaps is the best option; you are the worker man.
    I hope you could resolve this problem in few days and we could download a lot of bytes from your new server.
    Thanks a lot for your work.

    Please, advise when you activate Ryushare, specially for the motherfucker of SPITFIRE. Kick in his ass BRO!!! Thanks!!!!

  11. SyphonX says:

    I vote for Ryushare. Links stay relatively long. Uploaded is a fine hoster too but they are deleting uploads fast when requested.

  12. newoarrab says:

    Maestro Sion , muchas gracias por todos estos regalos, se lo frustrante que debe ser perder esta cuenta en Extabit, lo bueno es que siempre hay enlaces de respaldo

  13. Morph says:

    I actually like uploaded better because it’s fast and work fine. Maybe keeping some UL links to “known” users to avoid fast deleting… I’m just thinking out loud ;)

  14. Majik says:

    Uploaded Premium!! :x28:

  15. infinitusCR says:

    I use Uploaded Premium but would switch to whatever is best for ZION and PAZ.

    Just tell us whats best for you Zion and I for one will follow your decision.

    Love to be a part of this community!

    • ZiON says:

      Thank you very much for this support brother, from now i think i will use those 4 hosts :


      • fmaudio says:

        Excuse me, I know you (ZiON) already decided the hosts but I just saw this post now and I would ask your attention to [b][url=http://salefiles.com/premium.html]salefiles.com[/url][/b] also, they are very competitive but mostly clear in their rules.

        But I agree with uploaded, however, they are removing the links in 3 to 5 days – very fast. I have been unable to share with friends this way, including one even that got upset with me because he bought a premium account “late” (one day after) and when he arrived to get part03.rar, all the remainder was removed. Extabit was being the most slowly to remove until now.
        But it’s all the fault of M#$O.com :x6:


  16. enasteron says:

    Sorry to hear that extabit blocked you Zion. There are not so many good file hosts out there and as far as I know, uploaded and rapidgator are great. For the one to replace extebit I also think that ryushare is the best option.
    Hope everything goes well mate. Many thanks for your efforts and best wishes.

  17. dsspiral says:

    I just bought 3 months Extabit only 2 days ago, Avoided buying Uploaded as price almost doubles with foreign transaction fee to convert to Euro and pay for the transfer (I have UK bank, but live in Thailand) So I would vote for a service that takes payments in all currencies or at least accepts PayPal. Will Extabit refund me?

  18. cedre2013 says:

    i’m using real-debrid, do you think it will debrid files from ryushare ? not sure


  19. cedre2013 says:

    yes and speaking about extabit, they are realy disgusting, i payed them a 3 month premium just for things that are here !!

  20. avanology says:

    Extabit sucks man!!! I just bot a premium account YESTERDAY!!! why does this happen to me? anyways so sorry about it being blocked. Maybe you could just open anoda extabit account and re-upload! no biggie right? Do u mind also re-uploading albion iceni?

    • ZiON says:

      they don’t accept new accounts, even they will detect that files are being downloaded from proaudiozone domain they will block it in 5 min, you can request refund from them, telling them that you got 5kb speed after you download 18 gb of files and this didn’t show in faqs, assist on them they will refund you and buy uploaded or rapidgator account they are better

  21. sandwiches says:

    mega.co.nz is, by far, the best site.

  22. cedre2013 says:

    good to know for extabit thanks for the info ZION
    yes it si true that many times i had a fast speed and after lots of giga it get donw, this is alos not ok at all !!!
    about uploaded can you tell me 2 things :
    i want a premium but the site is in GERMAN !!!!!!!!! how can it be ??? no english ?
    and if ill take a 3 month is it taking automatically my money for the next tree month, because it is not writen and i hate this, i like to pay only fot the time i’m asking

    somebody got the answers ?

    thanks a lot

    remark : i sended an message in the ” contact us ”


    • ZiON says:

      keep in mind there is nothing automatic, when it is not paypal OK !! even if it’s automatic you can cancel it before 3 months end it’s so easy don’t worry about this :)

      about the language here is where you could change it

      there is more languages, also you could buy premium from my link to support me :)


  23. cedre2013 says:

    its here yes ? :
    all in german !

  24. cedre2013 says:

    i founded the language
    in bottom right sith ” SPRACHT ”

    still got the question : is it only 3 month or 3 month all the time reconduce automatically :x45:

  25. elaltavoz says:

    20 GB daily is ul.to limit?

  26. mvbrillianceaudio says:

    I’ve had great luck with FilePost.

  27. ZombieX says:

    Just when I was going to pay for extabit premium. Had a premium account on extabit ages ago and downloads were slowerand more unreliable than from Uploaded and Rapidgator. The latter has been giving problems with JDownloader lately.

    It’s a tough decision to choose a new account, but maybe give ruyshare a go? Haven’t tried it myself.

    Anything is better than sharingmatrix :smile: It was so bad.

    • ZiON says:

      well brother for ryushare, you can use my link but i would suggest you to wait some days till i fill this site with ryushare link + you can go this month with uploaded they are so much lovely on downloading

  28. jayminho says:


  29. ZombieX says:

    It’s so much easier to be a downloader than an uploader. I will be buying whatever you choose to be the extabit’s replacement. I’ll make another donation for you on monday.

  30. IntroNinja says:

    @Zion Take a look at some of these


    Good for the uploader and excellent for premium & free users….Let me know Champ

  31. GuyPsy says:

    what is hybrid-traffic and is it possible to extend the download traffic at uploaded?? i almost reached the limit and i want to extend it.

  32. rhythmmaster909 says:

    :x10: well this is good for me. My Extabit account has just ended. I didn’t like it that much. I think i used to get 20gig a day download and then it would throttle me to snails pace for the next 24 hours.

  33. RightGuardProtection says:

    Most hosters get away with murder these days and wtf is p u t locker about (dare i say it) these days,. it reminds me of the old rapidshare in its infancy not that any of this helps \o/

  34. Ulduarhero says:

    @ZiON Fuck em, I’m going to just buy your prem ul.to earlier than expected :D

  35. ls1xxx says:

    Nevermind i just read that maximum file size is 200 mb……….. :x34:

  36. rsb67 says:

    Hi Zion It’s a pitty what has happened with extabit
    I hava an account with them because I wanted to support you. I also have an account with upload
    but if they don’t want to support you we just leave them and we’ll change to whatever servicer you decide
    What it really matters is YOU


  37. student says:

    :x19: Hi Zion I just want to ask you if you will upload the new spitfire links i want you to do it same size or same file you uploaded before because I miss some of them and waiting for your new upload to complete the missed ones ….so I don’t need to re download them all again
    T H X :x26:

  38. GOmEZ says:

    I just got another Uploaded account using your ‘premium’ link. Thanks for all your work!

  39. gallev85 says:

    :x40: :x22: :x22: :x22: :x22: :x22:

  40. gallev85 says:

    I admire u

    and I use uploaded links which are great

    Keep it real


  41. bigolibagoli says:

    Hi there,

    I think:
    -UPLOADED is good
    -RAPIDGATOR depends day by day….sometimes is slow sometimes not….
    -RAPIDSHARE too fast to delete links
    -RYUSHARE one year ago was slow…maybe now is fast…dont know

    About all these sites I think that the must safe for us maybe RAPIDGATOR….It is located in Cyprus and I think it is a good location about laws and security, …..they dont ask mobile number and they are enough far from international political affairs for its internal political system…pratically I think they are enough troubled to follow copyrights questions etc
    …RYUSHARE is located in Holland and I think it should be ok….
    UPLOADED asked me my mobile number and I dont like this….!

    these are only my thought…

  42. bigolibagoli says:

    ….opps….rapidgator now is in Russian Federation….sorry….

  43. thianpa says:

    ZION What about Uptobox ? They seem to be a very good host upload is very fast and files are not deleted easily

  44. nealcaffrey says:

    CineStrings and Spitfire HZ percussion on proaudiozone in 3…2…1

  45. IntroNinja says:

    Just a update…@Zion, on the about us page your still referring Extabit premium pls inspect. Cheers
    http://proaudiozone.info/about-us/ :neutral:


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