after suffering from heart problems can’t breath nor move well, i am back guys and wait from me a surprise for my family here love ya guys let’s start get some stuff here and some beer lol



  1. ZeNDA says:

    welcome brother, I hope you are well and recovered to keep the work here in proaudiozone

    :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28:

    :x41: :x41: :x41: :x41: :x41: :x41:

  2. iliasthessaloniki says:

    heart problems???? :x35: :x35: :x35: :x35: :x35: :x35:
    Take care your self bro
    Welcome back :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24:

  3. fuzz63 says:

    Welcome back bro :smile: :smile:
    take care :cool:

  4. Iboboy says:

    Welcome back bro, take care of yourself, good luck with your health issues.

  5. producerguy79 says:

    Hope you’re feeling better mate thanks for all your good work!! :)

  6. Babulj says:

    Welcome back ZiON. We wish you all good health, lots of
    love and happiness.

  7. pazifyme says:

    Welcome back bro, glad to hear you are doing better. I know you can’t wait to flood us with the goodness but your health comes first so just ease your way back into it. You totally rock!!!

  8. OscarRomelPR says:


  9. bldngblck says:

    be well, brother

  10. ALIEN_Sentinel says:

    :smile: :grin: Glad you’re back ZiON!!! Hope you get even better, and thanks for all the releases! :x6:

  11. leorei says:

    Zion, its good to know u are going better,
    welcome back and relax :x14:

  12. mayberry says:

    glad your back brother. We need to get you healthy. Don’t overwork. I pray for you.

  13. sam says:

    Welcome back Zion. Without you the site was like a lonely junk yard. We prayed for your health. :x41:

  14. newoarrab says:

    :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14:

  15. alkor says:

    Happy to say “My master is back and it’s a great day for everybody here” :x1:

    Take care :x6:

  16. emzziper says:

    Welcome to the family GODFATHER :x27:

  17. yasarzu says:

    Welcome back..!!!

    God bless you..!

  18. famouslut says:

    Welcome back, ZiON :shock: Look after yourself! Remember – all this audio stuff is trivial, compared to your recovery!

  19. carlotta says:

    Sorry to hear about your heart problems. It sounds serious so take care my friend.
    Glad to have you back!! :x8:

  20. mego says:

    :x14: :x14: :x14:
    may lord Jesus be with you
    :x14: :x14: :x14:

  21. Ulduarhero says:


    You are the fucking hero this world needs. Your vision of a free means of production is worthy of that of a messiah.

    I am really happy that you are on the road to recovery, and I hope you have not been too miserable the past week.

    You are a fucking trooper.


  22. Sergio Greko says:

    Welcome back brother !
    In my country we have a wish in this case : I wish to be strong as iron!

    We missed you !

  23. ZiON says:

    Thank you guys for all of you i missed you all, also in some days will be here a small surprise will help you in your music :)

  24. audio_mc says:

    Welcome back ZiON! I wish the speediest recovery to you!


  25. BASSMONSTA says:

    Everyone is so happy the king is back……… I will admit I was a bit worried for a while there!
    Anyway Welcome back to your palace my friend, and I hope your health stays good now……….
    One Love and massive respect brother!!!!!!!!!

    Your biggest fan The BASSMONSTA :x7: :x7: :x7: :grin:

  26. lfc17 says:

    Welcome back Zion!
    All the best for you.

  27. infinitusCR says:

    A warm hug Zion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back. I’m glad to hear you are ok. I was worried!!!

    Many blessings my friend.

  28. ominus says:

    Welcome back ZION, and I hope you feel much better..Thanks for all your hard work..

  29. Pixohead says:

    Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaah !!! Welcome home Daddy ZION :x28: :x28: :x28:

  30. hankarlo says:

    Wish you well Zion, hope you have a speedy recovery.

  31. grboye says:

    welcome back bro

  32. clakc says:

    thank zion you are the best :x6: :shock: :shock:

  33. alessa03 says:

    :x26: WELCOME BACK BOSS :x26:

  34. student says:

    Yeah that Is Very Good News …..Welcome Back Brother May God Keep you in his care …we are Happy for your Come back safe …Not Because of Vsti’s …Because you worth All Good’s Man :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40:
    Thank you God For this :x19:

  35. abcuknowme says:

    :x28: im glad you are back my bratha words can not express how much i thank you for this site i even contribute what money i have just to show appreciation to ya my man….this site works for people like me who cant afford alot but loves music to death …thanks Zion

  36. AH23 says:

    Happy you are feeling better!! :x40: :x40: You know we want our King to be well!! I was thinking of Schwartzenegger when you You came back! :x34:

  37. squall_974 says:

    yeahhhhhh :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: Welcome Back Dude ! from Réunion Island ;)

  38. jayminho says:

    jesus man.. heart problems ?? you are so young to have heart problems..
    what you got ???

  39. diorama says:

    Coooooooollllll !!!!! :x24:
    nice to see U :x41:

  40. PsychatoR says:

    wow heart stopped? damn… poor you. i thought it was good now. what they did to you to fix the problem?
    the father of my gf just had 6 coronary arteries bypass.
    glad your back, and i hope it will stay steady now :)

  41. shakasherwood says:

    So sorry to hear about that crap. Scary stuff. But make us appreciate the little cool things of life more I find. Thanks for all to do for us. Be well!

  42. arthurr says:


  43. rubber says:

    Welcome bavck Great ZION!!!
    Take care of you. All the best

  44. phenomboy says:

    Lurking for a while, i’ve been lazing to login but now it’s time. Thanks ZiON and stay well man. You deserve it

  45. lolweb says:


    Hope you re fine, take care.


  46. shosta says:

    WTF is going on with your beatmachine? Get well soon brother :x40:

  47. djsekrestyes says:

    wish you a good health, ZION! God Bless You!

  48. xavid says:

    Nice to read you again Zion! Welcome back and for long long time!

  49. Terekere says:

    Greatest news, LOL, you are great, and your heart is the best friend of our world. :x1:

  50. fritzm says:

    Take care of yourself first! Glad you are better :cool:

  51. loldude says:

    im so happy you are back zion! :DDDDDDD

  52. pc says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: great to have you back! Long live ZiON!!!!! :x5:

  53. Mister Molecular says:

    Hi Zion! It’s awesome that you are okay. I have some medical stuff going on right now too, but after telling us what happened to you and how you bounced back, it gives me a more positive outlook in my case too. Be well, friend! :grin:

  54. rattedda says:

    Welcome :x9:

  55. Majik says:

    Wow Welcome Back to Life!!!! you aint miss a beat!! :x14:

  56. MR. NICEGUY says:

    yeeeeahhhh!!!! =)) :x14: :x14: :x14:

  57. millan1313 says:

    welcome back
    take care and don’t work too much
    Your life is more important than new stuff

  58. victor says:

    Welcome back Zion .

  59. ale2003aym says:

    Welcome back Brother. You are our God.
    you must take care of your health.
    I wish you a long and wonderful life.

  60. ale2003aym says:

    :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19:

  61. Djinnn says:

    Welcome back brother
    Take it easy my friend :x26:

  62. Joselito says:

    I’m very happy that you are better now. I’m sorry for your disease.
    Don’t force your machine too much now. We want you alive and well better than have so many free software. First is the first. So take care of you well.

  63. assafn says:

    Go to see you here again :smile:

  64. IntroNinja says:

    Good to Here from you Zion ..I was Thinking Zenda tried to kill you for top spot :grin:

    • ZeNDA says:

      happens to you dear Introninja

      :x43: :x43: :x43: :x43: :x43: :x43:


      • IntroNinja says:

        I have been around, it’s been quiet here & Zion Health doesn’t make me a happy camper, other than that i have been at work creating worthy old akai libraries to Kontakt, & my PC Maschine Release.It would be great to have my Content here also (Hint …Hint Zion, Why not lol). How are you doing? You have being holding down the Fort for sometime now…That really great, you badass lol. Hopefully when Zion in full swing, this site can be updated & the rest is just history in the making :x28: :x9: :x9: :x9:

        • ZeNDA says:

          If we have been quiet for quite a few days here with the problem of ZION

          that his release would be great to be here

          I have little time lately, music production has caught me

          :x22: :x22: :x22: :x22:

          now have to wait to Zion regain their health

          regards IntroNinja

          :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28:

  65. Sohill says:

    its great to here that you back and healthy brooooooo..! wish you be healthy for ever :x1:

  66. vchegger says:

    Glad, that you are well again and back with just a positive vibration.

  67. Dino-M says:

    Great News I Hope Everything’s Ok Again… Welcome Back Brother..!!!!!!!
    P.S:Dont Get So Stressed…Chill Your Life And Relax…..
    #Smile #In #Life

  68. RastafariTaz says:

    Welcome back Zion, you deserve good health and much more. Glad to hear from you!

  69. PatrickBatman says:

    You have a big heart, it must be getting tired from giving so much. :) I’m glad you’re doing better, hopefully it stays that way. Are you at home yet?

  70. flavius says:


    I honestly want to wish you all the best, and hope you get your health in shape so you don’t have futher problems.
    I also want to to express greatest my appreciation for all the amazing work you do for all of us!

    You are an example and a role model that all of us should take as an inspiration for life.

    Thank you soooo much for everything you do!



  71. lloydy says:

    good to here

  72. danny-paz says:

    Real glad to have you back mate. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been to good. Probably us fuckers on here stressing you out? Now that ya back and fighting fit to post on this great site but don’t take no more shit. If someone gets tricky just don’t take it to light. Just ban the the fucker from this great sharing site. If they don’t like that? well what can they do?? cause what happens here is all up to you. Its cool that your back cause we love what you share, so don’t go off again cause it gave us a scare. Well i nearly shit my pants…… :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28:

    All the best to you. The London Boys UK………….

  73. MaschineMan says:

    Take care – don’t over do it :)
    Are we allowed to enquire what the
    ‘ surprise for my family here’
    will be please?

    I would love to see something here that makes this site shine out from the rest :)

  74. phenomboy says:

    Hi ZiON, are you doing good ?
    Hope everything is fine.

  75. mayberry says:

    It was great to see some new releases on the site today, but I see they were put up by Zenda, and so I become even more concerned with how Zion is doing. This seems scary bad at this point….

    Anyway, I hope there’s some better news soon about how Zion. My prayers are with him. I hope he is improving. He’s been very good to us. I hope he’s o.k.

  76. infinitusCR says:

    Hey ZeNDA, I have something to share with PAZ. Could you send me an email so I can send you the links?

  77. infinitusCR says:

    ZiON!!!! So happy to hear from you. How are you doing? Take your time man… I was just concerned that the links would expire -.-

    a big hug!

  78. Illmay says:

    i just want to wish ZiON well hope you are felling better and thank you for all that you do here … take your time to heel my only request is that you feel better/are better ASAP Peace :grin:


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