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Alex Vega – Diversity

surge247-Stay Gold

And more !!!!

If you wanna your composition to be here just comment here a link to sound cloud or a link of a song

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Dj Dragon – Hustle Hard

Dawn Of Glory ( Exclusive for paz) Johansso


Cataclysm (Original remix)

Babulj-Take this4ringtone




  1. OscarRomelPR says:

    Congrats Johansson!

    • ZiON says:


      thnx bru, this composition is specially for PAZ created so i am here to thank him a lot for his dedicated time to do this, guys you can post you songs here i will publish them too

  2. Javisaky says:

    great initiative like

  3. ZiON says:


    Dj Dragon – Hustle Hard

    Thnx mate for amazing song, come on guys share yours

  4. Babulj says:

    i added mine

    Babulj-Take this4ringtone

  5. acid510 says:

    These sound amazing!!! ZiON WE Realllyyy appreciate the committed work you bring us in order to allow us to get these DL’s!! im glad they havnt found us lol all the other sites are getting wiped out and this is my last hope which has been one of the greatest! i cant stress how much more i appreciate you guys, ive been stocking up, and soon when i get paid im gonna help out and get a premium membership! Much love from northern California-GhoztMynd

  6. surge247 says:

    awesome songs! thangs so much for sharing. Any chance you could add mine too? :-) thanks!

  7. ZebMachine says:

    Ok, let’s try a little french composition :

    Thank you for this !

  8. ZebMachine says:

    Or maybe you’d prefer this :

    I let you choose, Zion, that’s your site !

  9. Rodrigo1094 says:

    Well, this page has given me everything I have, thanks.

  10. Spasy says:

    Great idea PAZ!

    Mine : Alex Vega – Diversity


  11. Jaylex says:

    I leaved my new moombahcore for all paz members cheers!!!!!

  12. Babulj says:

    [soundcloud url="" params="color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

  13. Pixohead says:

    Hi Zion !!!
    Here is one of my compositions !

    Thanks !

  14. ZiON says:

    Dear Zion,

    This is infinitusCR, PAZ fan and supporter. I wanted to share with you my latest composition. It was made with libraries that PAZ made possible for me to have. Otherwise I would still be using Finale’s GPO :P. I hope you enjoy it. Dedicated to Zion and PAZ!!

    Kind regards,


  15. Pixohead says:

    Hey Zion !!

    This is my last track !
    I was able to make music, thanks to you !!
    Just continue your awesome work please !! :x40:

  16. Pixohead says:

    Hey every body !!
    Here is my neaw track.
    Big master thanks to you Zion, and your contribution !! :x28: :x28:

  17. blynd says:

    Here’s one I put together awhile back called Dubstep from the Darkside


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