SYNTHiC4TE | 19 APRIL 2014 | 5.78 GB


RISE & HIT is the ultimate suspense instrument for spine-chilling, cinematic build-ups.

RISE & HIT is the first instrument designed uniquely for expressive build-ups. More than 8 GB of exclusive samples from a wide range of sources come ready for you to set the scene. Easily find the right sound, then adjust, layer, edit, and add effects for fine-tuning. Edge-of-your seat intensity guaranteed.

At the core of RISE & HIT is an extensive sample collection – expertly-recorded and exclusive to this KOMPLETE instrument.

Whether orchestral, organic, hybrid, or synthesized sounds – choose from over 700 single-layer and 250 multi-layer sounds ready for action.

Combine up to four sound layers for complex, textured builds and peaks. Every sound in RISE & HIT can be radically stretched without losing quality thanks to multiple sample lengths. From a rapid transient “whoosh” to a 32-beat rise, all sounds preserve original timbre.

Then, fine-tune to perfection with compression, saturation, EQs, and more in the Master FX section

Add extra character to your build-ups with reverb and delay, 26 custom filters, or 29 spatial, dynamic and distortion effects. All layer parameters can be automated with the integrated modulation engine for lively, unheard sonic eruptions.

Choose from preset modulation curves for quick design, or get creative – parameters can be tweaked with custom envelopes for added flexibility.

Mount or burn ISO to a DVD

Enjoy our 1000th release

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  1. OscarRomelPR says:

    :x28: :x24: :x8: AMAZING ZiON!!!

  2. jayminho says:

    lolllllll already?!?!

    any worth it ???

  3. herlin says:

    @ZiON, thank you…!

  4. Sohill says:

    Hey bro Zion hope your doing well with the health..!? What happened to group buy’s ? I am waiting to Group buy for Berlin strings ..! Lol

  5. alessa03 says:

    Zion espero q te recuperes pronto amigo

  6. Kaan says:

    ZİON Thank You Amazing man !!! :x36:

  7. AEON says:

    @ZION links on uploaded are dead and the firedrive folder is empty, could you re-upload please ??
    thx, peace :x19:

  8. bigolibagoli says:


  9. Miguel Angel says:

    Hola, me gustaría saber cual es la contraseña para desbloquear este grandioso aporte

    un saludo

    • ZeNDA says:

      Hola Miguel Angel, si parece ser que la contraseña falla no te preocupes :)

      en cuanto este solucionado te aviso como siempre

      Estoy de vacaciones con la familia y sin movil…hablamos via facebook

      Hi Miguel Angel, password is failed do not worry :)

      as soon always solved

      I’m on vacation with the family without movil … talk via facebook

  10. dj_cyber2001 says:

    Zippy share Part 29 Plis
    part 29 not found

  11. dj_cyber2001 says:

    zippy share links are 28 parts
    please reupload the missing parts

  12. dj_cyber2001 says:

    PART 29 PART30 ………
    THX :x35:

  13. proaudiozoner says:

    Are the newly uploaded files compatible to the “old” ones?

    I downloaded 29 files from the old uploads.

    Can I combine them?

    Edit: I downloaded part 30 and 31 and they seem to be combinable
    but I still don’t get the full package as it seems.

    Can you figure out why?

    Anyone got it extracted properly?

    • ZeNDA says:

      must be compatible ,with the same mb

      • ZeNDA says:

        what error is giving?

        • proaudiozoner says:

          I have parts 1-31

          1-30 is 204.800 KB in size, part 31 has 122.580 KB.

          When open the files I get two folders showing up in winzip

          I can unpack part 1-27 without problems.

          From part 28 to 31 I get :

          J:\nteitmntsreahtkzz_Proaudiozone.eu.part29.rar: Checksum error in nteitmntsreahtkzz_Proaudiozone.eu\Native.Instruments.RISE.and.HIT.KONTAKT.DVDR-SYNTHiC4TE.part28.rar. The file is corrupt

          when trying to extract.

          I used parts 1-28 from the old upload and parts 29-31 from the new.

          As you said, they are the same in size.

          Also when I look at the filezize in winrar they have the same size except
          for part 31 which is smaller of course.

          Any suggestions?



  14. proaudiozoner says:

    There’s no reply button for your last 2 postings. I don’t know why.

    Thx for your reply Zenda.

    As I said I combined the two uploads / downloads, using 3 files
    from the newer download.

    Of course I renamed them correctly, but I still get the error.

    I hardly ever experience problems with libraries that are posted on
    you site and I am very grateful for that, but from time to time I have
    problems when unpacking them.

    I also tried WinZip and the newest WinRAR version. No chance.

    So I will try to download all the new links this night.

    Thx Zenda!!



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