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Dark, aggressive, thrilling and threatening — DAMAGE is breathtaking cinematic percussion with a tense, epic edge. Created by Heavyocity, DAMAGE is a unique instrument combining orchestral percussion, incredible sampled sounds and edgy electronics. Designed to inspire, DAMAGE delivers jaw-dropping quality in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Create dramatic, wide-screen tension with the devastating impact of DAMAGE.

DAMAGE gives you 30 GB of drama, fusing industrial sounds and orchestral drums into a devastating electro-acoustic barrage. Percussive Kits provide more than 200 deeply sampled percussion sources, and over 500 single-shot elements, recorded in up to seven velocity layers and with up to nine round-robins per drum.

Over 700 beat-sliced loops come as menu-style loop suites or as single loops for detailed tweaking. Even the most complex sounds are instantly usable, and it’s all in hair-raising, big-screen quality.

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Native Instruments Heavyocity Damage KONTAKT
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  1. AdMiN says:

    guys just wait i will reupload it

  2. MAD says:

    Can you reupload rapidshare links ?

  3. MAD says:

    Can you check it now ?

  4. jac says:

    yeah rs for this would be awesome

  5. MAD says:

    Where is my friend AdMiN ? He could upload it again for sure

  6. PThound says:

    Thanks! Extabit links downloaded no probs!

  7. jac says:

    rs or Putlocker please

  8. White says:

    Hi, Disc 2 is empty, has no files in it. Is there any problem? Thanks!!

  9. ZiON says:


    well bru i see 8 Gb of content, ended with extension of .PKG, mean you have to install it from DISK 1 and all will be working.

    mean Disk 2 it work also on mac

  10. White says:

    Ok Zion, Thank you so much, man!!

  11. Dreadboy says:

    you`re the greatest i`ve waited for this libary for about a year!!!!!!!

  12. Dreadboy says:

    in the ul upload disk 2 is empty and kontakt can`t find the samples. Any idea how to fix this?

  13. Dreadboy says:

    I´ve reinstalled Damage and now it works without problems. Thank you very much for uploading this :)

  14. deep_lake says:

    Zion can you reupload on putlocker.com. thanks a lot

  15. kuodn says:

    is there a crack in this? or has it not been cracked yet?

  16. kuodn says:

    oh right. is it a cracked version of kontakt that will then run this? could you link me to it?


  17. kuodn says:

    ah right….anything for mac?

    thanks for your help

  18. Luches says:

    so as i read, this upload also works on MAC ?

  19. apman says:

    Thanks for the links but it doesn’t work, Disk 2 comes up empty. I’ve used 2 seperate extraction applications and both say the file in corrupted
    ‘Password incorrect for DamageD1.Part7.rar’
    ‘Password in correct for Damage D2part2.rar.’

    Its Valentines day and I have no date + Damage isn’t installing on my MAC.. I want to cry lol.

    Can anyone please help?

    • ZiON says:


      bru it’s just wrong password all files are working without encryption, can you tell me which file host you downloaded your link so i can confirm to you again.

  20. apman says:

    Hey man, I used Upload.net

    • ZiON says:

      ewll bru, i extracte content of DISK 2 it’s working as well good, bru, no problemes you will see that disk 2 is containing .PKG,files, i think you have to type good the password that’s it, or open winrar or 7zip and do test to archives and tell me back, i am glade to help you

  21. apman says:

    Alright man i’ll give it another try ‘Proaudiozone.info’ or is that not the correct one?

  22. apman says:

    Not good bro says the files are corrupted on both Mac and Windows PC. I used Winrar, Unrar and Unarchiver no success with all 3 :(
    Disk 2 extracts but there are folders but no .PKG files .

    I really want this to work bru

  23. apman says:

    Okay thanks, that would be wonderful :)

  24. apman says:

    Disk 1 is working fine, I downloaded D1part7 again. :)
    I downloaded all of Disk 2 again and still the iso file doesn’t extract / mount properly and its the folder is ‘empty’ but has 7GB lol

  25. apman says:

    Extraction isn’t the problem my friend, the DISK2 iso file has not content but says 7.61GB .. I even converted the iso file to .Dmg and it still has no files.

    Extabit has 18 links and UL has 20 links bro

  26. apman says:

    I will sign up to Exabit and try those links… Hope they are working

  27. apman says:

    Thanks, I already started DL… D2 part 7 is unavailable

    I have D2 part 1 – 9

  28. apman says:

    yes, bought premium :), hmm… I’ll wait for 2 part 7. I’m using MacOSX to extract. It says Damage Disk 2 but there is no library folder part 4 or 5.

    I will let you know when I try again in 15 mins okay bro

  29. garimusica says:

    Hi! thanks for this Library. When i run installer PC, asks me to insert disk 1, mount the image with Daemon tools, any help?

  30. apman says:

    Thanks man all working I had to extract on Windows machine, then transfer back to external HD… You need to fix the links on Uploaded.net there are duplicates and errors.

    *Use Extabit links and it’ll work perfectly*

    If Disk 2 has no files in the end then you need to extract on a Windows machine.

    If you have no CD and using mac then:
    1) Run Disk 1 Installer .Mpkg
    2) when asked to insert disk 2 just double click on Library 4,
    3) then Library 5
    4) When both libraries are completed, go back to disk 1 installer and click cancel (O_O huh?… yes cancel)
    5) Open Kontakt 5 and it’ll be under Databases tab fully working.

    Stay cool bru :)

  31. eddyabel says:

    men down well on disc 1 but disc 2 not out part 3 plis plis can review either on disc 2

  32. bigboss313 says:

    The Links Of  Are Dead

    ¿You Can Up Again Please?

    Thanks for your attention and prompt reply.   :D

  33. jay5172 says:

    hi zion
    i knew why so many pp having prob w unconpressin.
    for password it’s sometimes Proaudiozone.info ,then proaudiozone.info sometimes.
    see the differences? for this file it was capital “P” otherfile which i had problem i just changed P to p then it worked. so plz unify the password for easy uncompressing sake!

  34. jay5172 says:

    hi apman
    so files from ul doesn’t work? I’m MAc user and
    i only have ul account. anyway u could upload to ul?

  35. franknitty69 says:

    downloaded the ul links and the password is not working. tried it with capital P and lower case p.

  36. ZebMachine says:

    Hello ! I missed this one and putlocker’s links are dead, so could you please reup or send me valuable links ? Thanks !

  37. silence says:

    Greetings …

    just one question …

    I use pc , do I need the second disk?


  38. jennyblast says:

    all is working but in Kontakt 5 Damage is in Demo Mode…. how can you deal with the Damage Demo mode?

  39. jennyblast says:

    Kontakt 5.10 and says activate on the damage tabe at Kontakt

  40. jennyblast says:

    I have the original Kontakt 5 that is why??

  41. silence says:

    Hello Again ..

    thanks Zion for the answer..

    but now ..I cannot install damage …

    I mount the disk 1 with deamon.. I start the install process…then it ask me for the disk 2, so i mounted disk 2 (that appears empty) but it does´nt work ..

    so I stop there…

    what can I do? …

    thank you so much

    have a nice week

  42. silence says:

    Hello Zion ,, I tried what you said .. but now ..the same result . :S ..

    The disk indicates that has 7.o8 gb but I dont see any file …

    I will try again ..

  43. test says:

    all links including rapidshare are dead. can re-up? thanks

  44. silence says:

    Greetings again..

    No I can´t ..

    is there chance the fact I m using Windows 8 is causing any trouble? ..

  45. bigboss313 says:

    Hi Zion…

    you can up again the links…. there all dead :S

    thank you :D

  46. blakpearlz says:

    disk 2 is Damage Library Part 4.pkg and Damage Library Part 5.pkg.
    Damage loads into Kontakt but is missing NKX 5,6,7,and 8 any help will be appreciated

  47. blakpearlz says:

    Thanks zion disc 1 installed 1,2,3,and 4. opened up in kontakt fine just missing the rest of the library that i suspect is on disc 2 i am windows 8

    • ZiON says:


      from what i can see on disk 2 there is the rest of files but on .dmg extention mean for mac, but as i can see you didn’t installed it properly, when you mount forst disk it request you to insert disk 2 you didn’t do it .

  48. blakpearlz says:

    Hi zion can i get the uploaded links

  49. Anyzuka says:

    Hi Zion, can i have the uploaded links to please? Thanks ;)

  50. jmayF says:

    The putlocker links of Damage are dead

    Hi Zion, amazing web!

    The putlocker links of Damage are dead. Thanks, regards, Jennifer


  51. jmayF says:

    Hi again Zion!

    I´m trying to contact with u via contact, but said this:
    ERROR: si-contact-form.php plugin says GD image support not detected in PHP!
    Contact your web host and ask them why GD image support is not enabled for PHP.
    ERROR: si-contact-form.php plugin says imagepng function not detected in PHP!
    Contact your web host and ask them why imagepng function is not enabled for PHP.

    Please, put DAMAGE in PUTLOCKER


    Thanks again, c ya!

  52. jmayF says:

    ok zion, thanks!

  53. spodder says:

    This is awesome!!
    Thank you :)

  54. Anna says:

    Disc 2 has 2 missing files: 39 and 40. So I can’t extract it…
    Could you help me?

  55. jesuschristo says:

    disc two failed to decompress, missing the .39 :sad:

  56. monsterman says:

    Two questions: There are two folders for disc two, one with rar 1-40 and one with 40-74. Am I supposed to combine the folders before unraring?

    Also, I downloaded the part 39 and 40 and they now work, but it says part 51 is corrupt, I have tried to unrar with several programs. Any help please? Thanks!

  57. monsterman says:

    The two folders of rar files for disc 2, so I combine the two folders, and then replace the r39 and r40 with the new ones?

  58. santu says:

    part 13 and part 14 have a problem

    this parts when that all file extracting have damage error

    please chek

    thanks alot

  59. santu says:

    hi dear zion

    i downloded files on comments now

    fixed thanks alot bro

    ggood luck

  60. attla78 says:

    Hi ZION the links are down there’s a way to download them? maybe backup links….thanks

  61. RastafariTaz says:

    Hi Zion,
    how are you doing today?
    I was able to download and burn this library but i cant install it. When i run the Damage 1.0.0 Setup PC.exe following message pops up:
    “Please run the installer from original DVD”
    What do I do??

  62. vda says:

    can someone upload the dvd 2 part 51, ​​Thanks!

  63. vda says:

    Hey, what I meant is that the 51th part of the second DVD is not extacting correctly. Id really apriciate for you to upload that particular part.
    Thanks Sión

  64. vda says:

    something new, I feel the impatience but I would love to try it

  65. crisamadeus says:

    First Time here and i have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  66. jrproductionz says:

    can you re-upload damage please :c

  67. will3k says:

    reupload please! sent pm for this and the collection

  68. NoobSAviv says:

    can u reup part 14 putlocker again pls? the link is o.k..the rar is corrupt..i try download this part again..and again it’s ask from me at the very late of the extraction a pass(very weird) and after i put the pass..he say this part is corrupt..pls can u fix that? tnx man !!

  69. RastafariTaz says:

    Are this links alive? Can’t seem to access backup links, which is pass zion? Ty :cool:

  70. syviov says:

    first of all , thank you for being awesome zion :)
    when will the link will be on again ? im waiting :D

  71. syviov says:

    you are not reuploading this right ?

  72. FatBastard007 says:

    Please…reup the uploaded… :sad:

  73. ctai says:

    All links are down :(

  74. igfhost says:

    reup this pls

  75. simx says:

    Links are dead..
    Could you please ReUp uploaded.net Links

  76. Kaan says:

    zenda Reupload please man :x5:

  77. frenchie says:

    Could you please reUP this one on rapidgator bro ? Thanks for the awesome work !


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