TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 22 MAY 2013 | 12.6 GB


Get both AEON Melodic and AEON Rhythmic in one collection and Save! Powered by the Kontakt 5 (Kontakt 5 Player) engine, the AEON Collection delivers over 720 presets with 27 GB (14GB on disk) of organic and synth Melodic Instruments, cutting-edge Loops, Arpeggiated Instruments and epic One-Shots. This unique collection combines traditional, ethnic, and orchestral instruments with searing synths and edgy samples, all created with Heavyocity’s signature quality. Create lush melodies, dark lyrical phrases and devastating synth and bass lines directly within a deeply customized user interface.

AEON Melodic

AEON’s Melodic component provides 315 presets and 9,800+ samples of playable instruments in a deeply customizable interface. This vast collection is comprised of traditional instruments, unique ensembles, aggressive analog synths, hybrid presets, and signature “AEON HITS”. Quickly create motifs or build intricate rhythmic patterns with your own melodies in the custom Arpeggiator. Redefine your sound with AEON’s Advanced Trigger FX, Arpeggiator, and deep modulation controls.

AEON Rhythmic

AEON Rhythmic delivers 315+ tempo-synced melodic loops arranged in menu-style suites and single loop presets. Create intricate melodic grooves by layering loops in the menu suites. Re-compose any single loop by re-arranging its slices via midi drag-and-drop or the signature “Loop Mutator”tm. This groundbreaking new feature enables you to sequence and re-arrange the playback of looped material in previously unimaginable ways.

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  1. jeamph says:

    again and again and again :)
    You’re the best!

    • ZiON says:


      enjoy and share everywhere :)

    • gsputnik says:

      Hello again!

      Is it still possible to grab the Aeon collection from Heavyocity? Looks like I’m stuck at the password screen. I’m an Uploaded Premium member in good standing, Board Certified to practice quackery in all 50 states and most of the Asian Subcontinent, President for Life of some 3rd world Republic (so I’m told), and I don’t listen to Brittany Spears. Doesn’t that make me worthy?!?

      Hope all’s well! -George

  2. nade77 says:

    So , Aeon collenction is Aeon rythmic and melodic at the same time ? or it’s just another


  3. nade77 says:

    @ Zion

    Damn man, that’s amazing thanks a lot Zion !!

  4. OscarRomelPR says:

    I don’t believe it!
    Thank you so much!!!

  5. fritzm says:

    kontakt 5.1 patch is ecrypted

  6. Turnpikeman says:

    going to wait until a good kontakt 5.1 crack is released.

    I want to hear this sample pack

  7. merdin89 says:

    “this patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly”

    im using kontakt full

    what am i doing wrong…this error happens so often at many libraries! i tried to add library..tried to open this in the files tab…now i updated my database and it still doesnt work.

    what do i need to make my libraries work!

  8. merdin89 says:

    it is the kontakt from PAZ

  9. merdin89 says:

    yes, i took this version. i reinstalled it now but the problem still exists!

  10. Cratertempus says:

    @merdin89 it works for me… are u sure ur loading the right kontakt in ur DAW? make sure ur loading the 5.1 version and not the old one…

  11. Rockslide says:

    Uploaded links are down. :(

  12. D-Artist says:

    Bro’ Zion, is offlin(oooo)e. Hope you’re fine man !!

  13. dbMuzik says:

    @merdin89.. Go to your Native Instruments program folder and see if you have
    the “Service Center” program installed. If you DO have it installed, mouse over
    the Service Center app and see if you have version 2.3.2. If you don’t have
    it, or that version, get from the Native Instruments support page and enter the downloads section. Then try to add your libraries after that.

  14. merdin89 says:

    no it didnt help at all -.-… but thank you all!

  15. proaudiozone-fan says:

    great work for me

  16. emzziper says:

    Hi Zion

    I’ve download 21 parts from Putlocker.. Volume of my links is 450 Mb per Part.. but now are Links is 500Mb! What do I do?

  17. dingdongdang says:

    PLEASE can you re-up MELODIC as the links are broken!

    Thank you


  18. dingdongdang says:

    Ok. Got the first 6 parts but part 7 is a link to a download manager?



  19. dingdongdang says:

    Hi ZiON

    Thanks for Part 7, however I get a decryption error whilst unzipping it.

    Please help!


  20. dingdongdang says:

    Hi ZiON

    Have downloaded latest version of Winrar and tried to extract again. No joy. I get the following message:

    ! C:\Users\Ding\Downloads2.03.24242.part2.rar: Checksum error in the encrypted file 02.03.24242\mgn-hcrmamc.r41. Corrupt file or wrong password.
    ! C:\Users\Ding\Downloads2.03.24242.part2.rar: Unexpected end of archive
    ! C:\Users\Ding\Downloads2.03.24242.part2.rar: Packed data checksum error in 02.03.24242\mgn-hcrmamc.r41. The volume is corrupt

    And that’s at part 2. I am using password as usual.



  21. baromax says:


  22. vchegger says:

    Had problems, too. Allthough all downloaded files are 500 MB (except last), 7zip had problems with two “mgn-hcrmamc.r” files. (“Wrong Password” it said).
    I unzipped them anyway, but then some AEON files were corrupted.
    Can´t use this and cant´t figure out, which file causes the problems. :-(

  23. Stardice says:

    Thanks,whats the password guys?

  24. richy98 says:

    hi, broken links for uploaded

  25. blakpearlz says:

    Hi Zion links are dead. Thanks

  26. Billeeb says:

    Thanks man, what’s the password for backups? Links here are dead.

  27. obelloobob says:

    password for ncrypt? i tried

  28. Billeeb says:

    Hahaha Thanks man, I already have the rest of heavyocty libraries. This is the one I missed and thanks to you, I got it or ehm I’m getting it…

  29. davsax says:

    rapidhsare links is dead. :(

  30. bitbrain2101 says:

    of corse these links deserve a really big thanks. Keep up the great work with this site, it is the absolute #1 :x10:

  31. Ambar says:

    password for ncrypt please tried prozion

  32. juanmanueljazz says:

    what do you mean by “short name of proaudiozone”? I just need AEON collection as well

  33. juanmanueljazz says:

    can´t thank you enough PAZ….will spread your site over all my friends. you are feeding my collection again and waking up my eager to KKEP COMPOSING!

  34. juanmanueljazz says:

    uploaded links are dead. password?

  35. erwinor says:

    thank you Zion great job !!!!!!

  36. tomas_pascual says:

    I have sended a email for you. Could send me the password for the backup archives. Thanks!! great job !!!!!!

  37. juanmanueljazz says:

    sorry y was a little rude to ask for the password Zion. I´ve sent you an email also asking forr the pass for backup links . I keep spreading the word on PAZ and i´m getting A LOT from you guys.

  38. juanmanueljazz says:

    can{t see it. would yo repeat that reply for me?

  39. juanmanueljazz says:

    ah ok Zion… THANKS A LOT LOT LOT LOT! will wait for that then.

  40. erwinor says:

    what is going on with password on this file……I can’t unrar the backup files…..

  41. SyphonX says:

    Nice.. Was looking for this one!!! :x28:

  42. artisticdra says:

    Please send me password for back up link. Thank you :smile:

  43. Bigpermisdead says:

    Would love to get the password for this collection! Thanks :x2:

  44. HumbuckerSev says:

    Thank you very much for this! :)

    Is there a way I can get the password for the backup links?

    Thanks again.

  45. Bigpermisdead says:

    Ok I just re-up’ed my uploaded account from your link. Can I please have the link to this collection? Thanks

  46. Mepoe says:

    Hi Zion!!!
    would be possible to reupload the link or having Rapidgator link?
    thank you very much for your uploads!!!

  47. Mepoe says:

    Could I have the password for the backup links?

  48. Chrs says:

    What is the password for backup links please???

  49. Die says:

    Password for backup please ;)

  50. Die says:

    ZiON..unfortunately all links in that collection are dead.. :x33:

  51. cambon says:

    Can i have back up password :x10:

  52. richiep34 says:

    Hi can I have the password for this pls bought rapidgator but I will get uploaded to if you want and thanks for all the time you spend uploading all these :grin: :grin:

  53. roxstars says:

    could you give me the uploaded backup links …. AWESOME :lol:

  54. roxstars says:

    bought 3 month…. please zion give me the password… please :x6:

  55. ctai says:

    Uploaded links are down… Back up link pw please!

  56. stynbo says:

    hi zion can you give me the password for the backup links Thx

  57. bmoko1234 says:

    Hi zion can you give me the password for the backup links plz


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