Hi my great fans its me zion i am here and i am always with paz zenda is doing great work while me doing personal and other stuff from now and on you will see me here doing the great work like you like it….

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hi so sorry for the downtime of 2 days and bad service, it was big server crush that occure all of this and we was working on it day & night to bring it alive, and it’s working again you may notice some issue from now to MAX tomorrow, and everything will be work like sugar :)

Hi guys, it’s ZiOn!


I have news for you, here i updated the new domain of the site it will be    Proaudiozone.eu

So update your browser and bookmark for this new change.

Important : You can comment here if you have any issue with this new change!

Stay Tuned for Big update coming this month. Maybe Next Week!

Also can you give us a sugesstions about the site what you want to be added and removed ?


Hi guys, this is ZiON hope everyone doing good! and have blessing day.i am asking to tell me what you want to see on PAZ like Kontakt library or something.

Best regards.

ZiON ( I am Sexy and i know it)




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Hi guys soon i got a gift for you from your baby ZiON i know many people will like it as it’s already requested by many emails.

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Give big thnx to ZENDA

Gift is here Embertone Blakus Cello


after suffering from heart problems can’t breath nor move well, i am back guys and wait from me a surprise for my family here love ya guys let’s start get some stuff here and some beer lol



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This is me ZiON guys, bad news i am having bad stat of my health will be back soon i am so sorry :/


ZiON is back the Doctor Told me i am good to go

Now i can fireup everything i am blessed

Hello Everyone, I would like to wish you HAPPY New Year well as Happy Holidays.



Hello Everyone,
Today is 25th December so I would like to wish you Merry Christmas as well as Happy Holidays. I hope you will enjoy your holidays as hard as you can, Thank you For support us.

Christmas is the season for kindling the fire
of hospitality in the hall, the genial flame
of charity in the heart.
A silent night,
a star above,
a blessed gift of hope and love.
A blessed Christmas to you!
Happy Holidays.

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RESPECT To all of you.

Hello guys  Today i have bad news here, extabit.com blocked our account and links stil online they are shiter,  they don’t wanna to work with our site, so i tell you from now don’t buy extabit.com premium, we will stop  using theme soon & all links will be deleted. sorry for the bad news.

i think to use ryushare.com they are good, tell me your sugesstions


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Hi Guys Today  i want to present to you new Site for XBOX 360 Lovers


Xboxdownloads.net it’s dedicated to Xbox Lovers it have fast pre time from scene release mean if the game released on the scene underground this site will have the game for example like in 1 min or 2 min very fast with top sites, i want you to visit it everyday and tell all your friends and lovers of Xbox about it, this site will have 2 TB of games uploaded in a month or so, it’s still new but it have good support, it support 3 hosts :

3-Rapidgator ( soon)

so show us some love and visit it everyday and bookmark it, and spread the word about it :)

If you found a dead link, you have just to do it on request section
There is a section on How to download

Bookmark it NOW !!! XboxDownloads.net

Soon Pc/Mac gaming site


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The special day has finally come — the birthday of Proaudiozone . A little over  3 years ago this amazing Blog was launched and has not stopped growing since. There were some issues in the beginning but we managed to overcome all obstacles.

First of all I want to thank our loyal visitors for staying with us for so long, checking out Paz’s homepage daily and commenting on posts. It means a lot to us.

Once again, thank you for being so patient and kind. Each like, comment and visit is helping and as long there is demand we are not going anywhere. So here’s to another year!

And don’t forget to spread the word to everyone of your friends on street, on the net, on Facebook, twitter, post our link everywhere to keep support us.

Simply, Thank you To all of you, Hope you keep Support me

ZiON, Peace :)

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