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Building on the success of ACTION STRINGS, ACTION STRIKES delivers high-impact, cinematic percussion with ultimate playability. 12 full ensembles plus 65 single instruments and 12 carefully-compiled Hit Sets exclusively recorded in uncompromising quality. Hundreds of timeless rhythms, adaptable for any project. And a one-of-a-kind interface that makes creating blockbuster orchestral percussion faster than ever. Become the conductor – this is ACTION STRIKES.

ACTION STRIKES gives you 12 carefully-assembled and meticulously recorded ensembles. Each features its own unique sound, accurately capturing the thrill of a live orchestra.

Go in deep – mix and match the high, middle or low sections of any ensemble with any other with total freedom. Together, you get over 1,700 unique sonic combinations for years of inspiration.

ACTION STRIKES puts a live percussion ensemble under your leadership. Change rhythms on the fly with intuitive key switches – your left hand controls accents while your right hand chooses variations.

Bring the sound from a light rumble to a thundering crescendo and back with a quick turn of the mod wheel. Adjust accent strength with the pitch wheel. Even play fills, rolls, and flams on top of your arrangements – all in real-time with ultra-refined control.

Never rely on a generic loop library again. Freely combine 105 time-tested rhythms to develop your own arrangements – each features five variations per ensemble section for countless rhythmic possibilities. You also get 65 single instruments with 32 playable rhythms and 12 playable sets of single hits.

Whether your tracks need simple accompaniment or a full-blown percussive assault, your rhythms always fall perfectly into place.

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  1. ViP ZeNDA says:

    :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20:

  2. angeleitor3000 says:

    :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24:

  3. jrproductionz says:

    I just bought KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE AND THIS LIBRARY, have fun with this library, its an awsome one… Greetings

  4. gin says:

    yeah we will wait ZiON :)

  5. Sohill says:

    Ja ja ja ja ja jaaaaaaaa Yes we did it…! On to the next one…!!!! :x9:

  6. Sohill says:

    Zion . Can you upload it to rapidgator please? I have rapidgator premium only..! Thank you again for making it happend

  7. Trance_Producer says:

    Paz Bro will we make more always group buy ? i want to join really .

  8. alkor says:

    Error with librairy

    hi zion

    I have this message error “this pacht was generated by a newer version of the application.
    please upgrade your copy to load the patch”

    I use the last 5.3 kontakt version found on PAZ :x17:

    And idea? :x27:

  9. IntroNinja says:

    Great Success Guys/Gals. This a community to call home :x40: :x40: :x40:

  10. Sohill says:

    I am waiting for Rapidgator :x13:

  11. IntroNinja says:

    To all users who Help paid for this library. I am offering you a free 48h UL Coupon if you don’t an account… First come First serve but remember only members who paid. Thank you and I’ll send Zion the link to give to you
    ACT NOW!!!!! :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1:

  12. IntroNinja says:

    Yes that will work, Thanks for the tip :roll: :wink: :mrgreen: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  13. Sohill says:

    hey guys…! can anyone tell me please how can I install it on Snow Leopard?

  14. alkor says:

    @ViP ZeNDA

    I cleaned up my registry base, uninstalled and reinsatlled your version and it works great :x26:

    Those sounds are amazing! I was looking for that and PAZ did it :x28: :x26:

  15. Sohill says:

    thank you Zion. but it requires 10.7 or higher Mac System..! is there anyway to get just library inside of it?

  16. alkor says:

    With my money and with other donatotors :x19:

  17. screetch says:

    Congratulations, guys.
    Hope you’ll enjoy your purchase.

  18. PsychatoR says:

    ty guys u paid for it. i wish i could paid too but unfortunaly i cant.
    too zion to make it public soon i cant wait to have this.
    the only problem is im still on xp and there’s no kontakt 5.3.0 for it :(

  19. richiep34 says:

    you should keep things back for people that pay this site I am willing to donate thank you I have had some really good vst of here and just want to say thanks

  20. richiep34 says:

    Hi could I grab the password pls

  21. arthurr says:

    bros!! great stuff guys! i missed out on this one :/ hopefully ill be able to chip in on future rounds soon ;)
    will u guys consider getting EWQL Spaces ? reverb plugin library, im sure alot of us would want that to really feel more complete for our reverb collection. http://www.soundsonline.com/Spaces

    also how about having more voice plugins? getting singers can be hard, having as much voice & different voice collection would add alot of versatility as well as flexibility to our composition xD

  22. IntroNinja says:

    The Libraries I have in mind are
    8Dio Adagietto

    Berlin Strings

    Kirk Hunter Studios Spotlight Strings

    All round the same Price of $399
    :x26: :x26: :x26: :x26: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x44: :x44:

  23. tkrojam says:

    Thanks a lot for all donators!!!

  24. Sohill says:

    hey Zion,,, what you think about these Kontakt Libraries, for 2nd Group buy..?

    I never herd any String, Violin or Clarinet library, that sound very natural and perfect..! please watch them and listen.. what you think..? plus they have no watermark..

    this is their site; http://neocymatics.com/index.php/products

    Violins Demo
    Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXwQDeEXcD0

    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyorUijach0

    Clarinets Demo

    Watch here


    2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uy_BVKuGZI

    also ethnic Carinet

    Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYUjXgDBTcA

    I think they sound so… amazing..!

  25. Sohill says:

    legato’s are amazing..! :x41: :x41: :x41:

  26. nealcaffrey says:

    noooo:(((((( i can’t play with action strike it says This patch was generated by a newer version of the application.
    Please upgrade your copy to load the patch.!!! shit

  27. Sohill says:

    well.. I know that IntroNinja suggesting these Libraries…

    8Dio Adagietto

    Berlin Strings

    Kirk Hunter Studios Spotlight Strings

    But I think isn’t enough we have this kind of libraries..??

    now days everyone looking for like good solo violin or woodwind libraries..!

    that might make happy everyone..!

  28. McLovin says:

    8Dio CAGE Strings looks like it will not be watermarked

  29. nealcaffrey says:

    thank you vip zenda, but i’m on mac. when i click on the link zion posted it says smth like impossible to connect, i don’t know why

  30. Rudra says:

    Thanks about this post. :x9: Amazing. :)

    I’m looking for a website for downloading OST. If anybody know any site please tell me. :x10: Thankyou so much.

  31. Starlight says:

    I’ll participate on the next group buy .. I was very late for this, I have to wait :(

    @zion , maybe the next one Nexus VST (for the new expansions) ???

  32. minock says:

    Hello Zion.

    Are the latest four uploaded links for free???

    Just in time, i’m not buying premium accounts because I’ve paid a generator that gives me 15 hosts. Sorry bro!!!


  33. ZiON says:

    Just a tip fro me :


    What if a guys from you is good in video production, make pro video with after


    effect + this library about proaudiozone, video of 1 min but it looks pro, this will


    be appreciated guy.

  34. alkor says:

    “Thank you, you can tell your friends about this site if you acn spread the word than? and hope to see you on group buy 2″


    Yes I will be on second grouip buy :x26: for 25 euros (but next month)

    I invite all leechers to to the same. Be a seeder an become an hero on PAZ!

    Cheers from France :x14:

  35. alkor says:

    Merci mon ami, je parle bien le fracais, alor en dance :) lol

    So cute . Dansons, alors :x43: . But I can’ t hear your accent with this music. :x36:

    Vive PAZ. . A bientôt pour le groupe d’achat 2 :x26:

  36. Aphelion says:

    I missed out on this.

    When will this be available for those who didn’t donate?

  37. bananarama says:


    Hi Zion, looks great that group buy

    but what proofs us that you don’t work in a store or have access to these products shortly to copy them
    then get us pay for them ?

    and what proofs the number of contributors…. maybe 100 or 200 people paid …..

    not accusing , this is just a question


    • ZiON says:

      fuck lol hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i bought it with vip zenda should i show you the proof ??? if you need it well tell me ok???

      and what if people pay more, this will maybe use it to improve the service her, shouldn’t i deserve something on returne ???

      • arthurr says:

        ZiON bro u work so hard on PAZ…….u deserve all the return u can get no matter how little or big………..i know ur not getting much out of doing this for urself but u also have to consider about ur own situation bro……. u put urself at risks for us all….even for ungrateful SOB like bananarama…..put up with all these shit……..ruined ur health……..constantly reupload to help others…. u guys are some of the best guys ive met……… u, introninja, vip zenda….. as well as some others in the community…..awesome guys!!! thanks for all the hard work u guys put in with ur own personal time……but ZiON bro u also have to pay bills & survive… u work this more than a full time job it’s more like two jobs…… U SHOULD get something out of all the time, energy, health & effort u put in…. u rightfully deserve it…..dont let anyone else tel u otherwise man…… we all know u r not greedy guy or do this for money….. but sometimes it doesnt hurt to look out for urself a little u know??? please take care!!

        • ZiON says:

          Thank you brother, also some of the people think that i have work outside this PAZ shit and in life, but i tell them, i don’t have any work out side after i completed my university, i am now site 24 hours with my laptop, and manage PAZ and servers and shits, to make people happy that’s all, a guy who don’t have work out side this internet ok

          take a care brothers, we make people happy but sometimes come someoe to ruin the shit.

          We ARE DEViL, WE ARE PAZ, We WILL NOT STOP !!!!


    • arthurr says:

      WTF is wrong with u bananarama….go eat a banana or something instead here being ungrateful & talking shit to PAZ & our king ZiON………how can u even think so badly of soemone like him?? u should be ashame of urself man…….he is not in this for money………..everyone thats been around knows this………………plus he lists all the ppl that pays for it….do u think he would do something so stupid & crazy like that to jeopardize all the hardwork they put into PAZ?? this is the guy who cares more about PAZ, the fans, the community more than his own health…. it pisses me off how u can even think of garbage like this……….if u dont wanna join in then dont join in but dont talk shit like this……….

      • ZiON says:

        thank you brother, also even if someones pays more than what we need all the money will be used to ge more materials, or server bills, or anything else, + the one who is late from group buy and want to get this stuff he must donate to get in, this is how works, because here on paz we risk on everything our name and home adress details more more, + if some $$ rest it must be used in PAZ stuff, am i wrong guys ? i would do this for money $$ i would say i buy it my seld and if anyoen want it must pay 30$ tell me how much people will pay 100 ppl will pay 30$ i will get some $$ from it, but wouldn’t do it man i am not greedy that much ok ??? who pays PROAUDIOZONE security stuff ??????? cost more than what you think + who pays bills of servers and uploading servers and other bills, did you think on that mr banana i don’t have any offense against you or your comment, you come here to ask to know how things work and i answered you ok. keep calm and love PAZ :) we are doing this to help poor people not to make money if i want to make money i ddin’t open this shit of PAZ with putlocker links for free i do it like other place where they tell you must buy premium shit !!!

        ++++ 40% of member group guys who sent $$ they send $$ but still pending on my ppl account, i paid some of $$ from my pocket and server bills to get this fast for them and i am waiting them to approve the $$ ???


        Peace :)

        • ZiON says:

          it is appreciated from you brother, even you come here and you post comment and say good words, it is counted as donation, we respect peopel like you brother, thank you very much, do whatever you think it’s good for you and for me :)

          • ViP ZeNDA says:

            hey do not worry brother doing a great job here :)

            users always happy :x20: less happy users :x21: and those who come to annoy :x32:

        • rabarber says:

          First HUGE THANKS FOR ZiON without people like you could not make music (forgive me any mistakes in my english it’s not so good)
          I have two questions :)
          I buy a premium acount on uploaded.net and download files i have 48H premium acces its probably be over before you show “public version action strikes”(without password).I have a request if you could send me (when you announce public whithout pass version) pass for this ?
          It is possible to do the same with http://www.spitfireaudio.com/novemberannouncement.html
          “hans zimmer percussion hz01″

          Greetings :)

        • ZiON says:

          thank you very much brother, come to skype we talk ok

    • FluteBoy says:

      LOL….some people I say… : :x23: …

      I do wish I had seen this group buy earlier!! daymmm!! But great work PAZ and ZiON and others!!…Peace! :x28:

    • PsychatoR says:

      banarama is maybe new here. im new too.

      he’s just wondering and its ok just to ask. hes not accusing like he said. he just dont know well enough the guys maybe.

      so many scammers and grifters everywhere. even a lil us too. i think we become a lil parano sometimes in a long run of being trapped or seing traps everywhere. lol

      but with the gratitude i have for zion, yeah man u could take a good cut $$ (if we can say it like this), and keep it for u. and u dont have to say to anyone about it.
      i have no problem with that. u deserve it dude.
      its still a big work your are doing here. and u still keep sharing with poor people too at the same time :)
      i raise my hat for what u doing and wish u to have never problems with that in the futur. God bless u.

      sorry my english maybe a lil wrong sometimes. english is not my main language. im french canadian from Quebec :)

    • alkor says:

      Some people works hard :x25:

      What is 25 five euros for a software who cost 300 us dollars.
      You understand that zion spent time to give us those libraries. Time is money and if zion get money with PAZ its normal. he takes risk every day with copyrights. Its a job and a job must be paid.

      I was webmaster and I know that this kind of job is hard. I worked nights and days.

      PAZ have to paid server, name domain, time spent for us.And if 200 people give 5 dollars its not a problem. I won’t have to pay 300 or 400 dollars. :x14:

      So happy new year!!!

  38. ViP ZeNDA says:

    @ bananarama

    if I work in Native Instruments, Logic and more software companies lol

    Man has bought :x6:

    I see an excellent idea that a library like this and no team releases

    create a group purchase between users and buy

    personally do not like this library because I produce electronic music

    if a user is thinking ill

    :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:


  39. Sohill says:

    Hey Bananarama suck your own thing..! Zion and Paz they deserve the 100000000000 $

    and we will pay any amount they ask..! We love site we love the service we love community here ..! You go to hell..!

  40. SoundMaster says:

    Most of us couldn´t get all this software without PAZ and Zion. It is possible thanks to this great site and donate some money is nothing comparing to what we get. That´s all what we need to know.

    Great job guys!!


  41. Sohill says:

    For those who asking to share it without password ..! I personally totally fine with that..! Because I got and get a lot of great stuff for free from here when other people share it..!! Whenever Zion is ready to share it openly I am totally fine..!!

  42. MaschineMan says:

    Zero-G – Epica – Virtual Sound Module (Kontakt)
    looks very good for a buy :)

      • rabarber says:

        First HUGE THANKS FOR ZiON without people like you I could not make music (forgive me any mistakes in my english it’s not so good)
        I have two questions :)
        I buy a premium acount on uploaded.net and download files i have 48H premium acces its probably be over before you show “public version action strikes”(without password).I have a request if you could send me (when you announce public whithout pass version) pass for this ?
        It is possible to do the same with http://www.spitfireaudio.com/novemberannouncement.html
        “hans zimmer percussion hz01″

        Greetings :) :x19: :x19:

  43. Sohill says:


    Did you checked that site I suggest?


    What you think? Isn’t they sound good?

    • ZiON says:

      yes they are great, but we need to confirm if they are watermarked

    • McLovin says:

      What custom security protection is featured in Neocymatics’ Libraries?

      Our Custom Security Protection involves extensive watermarking for both audio and visual content. Removing the watermarks is not possible as we use our custom encoding language, but even if we share our decoding algorithm, editing the watermarks would result in audio damage and zero functionality. Furthermore, each customer’s ID, Name, Address and contact information are available at various random locations within the Library components, in both encoded and non-encoded form, which means that every copy of our Sample Libraries can be traced back to its original owner, in case of illegal sharing.

      • IntroNinja says:

        @McLovin, All Bull they do not watermarked their Sample or Wallpaper they just advertise that crap to try to scare users from sharing this library with their sister, brother & grandma.
        What they do is watermarked the NKIs and such but not the samples and thibk about it for a second, how small are they and how can they have invested so much capital in watermarking and next to nothing in the Sample Content they have.
        This shit makes me laugh lol and..Just so if any Kontakt watermarking developer sham is reading this, there’s always away around it.Not like we haven’t STOP LYING TO THE CONSUMERS!!!! And that Ladies & Gentlemen is the Truth :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :roll: :roll: :roll: :twisted: :neutral:

        • arthurr says:

          i dont get it bro, what’s this audio watermark thing all about? for example why does it matter after i use it to make an mp3? it’s not like they will know from the mp3 that i used their samples right? or is there a way to figure out? since i may use multiple samples. the watermarking is just the logo that says who it’s registered to etc right?

        • Sohill says:

          he he he he…! :x7:

          stop bullshiting…!! and Dont worry…!!

          if they cracked such a Project Sam..! or Spitfire Audio.. or 8Dio …!! so

          soon they gonna crack up you too its peace of cake to crack your 300 $ Libraries when they cracked 2000, 3000 7 Libs…!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

  44. giovanny55 says:

    Hey ZioN, How do i get the password i already send you the contribution for group buy of NI action strikes.


  45. borolas says:

    Hi there! Can I have the password if I’am Upload Premium?

  46. shtj2 says:

    Damn this looks good. Thanks again Zion, you are literally the best. :grin:

  47. tedtrader says:

    Damn! I just realized I need Windows 7 or 8. :x23:
    Is there any way around this? I’ve got XP :x34:

    • Aphelion says:

      Yes. Get Windows 7 :neutral:

    • PsychatoR says:

      im on xp too and i made it work on xp :)
      but ill not tell u.

      ok guys on xp, download 7-zip software, open the 1rst pkg file with it.

      and just extract the payload folders which will lead to another payload folder, extract this one too.
      and u will get the files u need.
      extract the 2 other pkg files the same work. and regroup the all the needed files to form the library `:)
      if u add it to kontakt .. it will work :)

      sorry my english sucks a lil. hope it give u a good idea to make it work :)
      now id like to make it work Sonar 3x.

  48. jokowi says:

    Hello bro Zion …please email me a password……I was supply you Band In A box 2012,5 Everything Pax Mac….

  49. ZiON says:

    password: proaudiozone.strks1.vip

    • jmayF says:

      Thank you very much. Are you conscious that any (or some) of the members of PAZ are going to be a future star composer because of you, aren´t you aware of that?

      That´s the seed you are sowing, Zion. And I´m sure you´ll see the fruits of your labor, many of us are and will be grateful to you, honey.

      Thanks for all, again, baby. Take care,
      Best – Jmay :x9: :x14:

  50. kaanworld says:

    i couldn’t install? why?whn i click to the install button it look like transparent but nothing happen :(

  51. D-Artist says:

    Thanks to you all donators !! :x10:

  52. MrDeadNoise says:

    Group Buy is a great idea. Thanks ZiON and all donators!

  53. PAZ says:

    Putlocker links please

  54. OscarRomelPR says:

    :twisted: ONCE AGAIN!!! :evil:

  55. itsuka says:

    thx so much zion :x28:

  56. harryflame says:

    oh no! what is the newest version of kontakt 5? dont know which one i have.
    then i have to find the locations or install the libraries again? maybe i can find just an update?
    AGAIN, ZION you are the God we trust. thanks man

  57. behrad_alemdar says:

    thank you zion and buy group
    you 1 & best :x14:

  58. D-Artist says:

    Hey fam’, what do you think about this one ? I really miss good Vibes Samples. And this one sounds awesome. :x28:

    Vibraphone | Virtual Sampled Instrument for Kontakt | Soniccouture

  59. grey says:

    I believe that the Uploaded links have died.

  60. student says:

    :x27: Zion is there any news about Kontakt 5.3 ? T H X

  61. sSatangeL says:

    Thx… u the best :x28: :x26: :x12: :x21: :x14: :x17: :x32:

  62. Dorian_kk9 says:

    This is very Kind of you ZioN! I wish I could buy This product! Thanks!

  63. BChrist says:

    Hi, I downloaded this with no problems using Uploaded. However, when it came time for me to insert your password it wouldn’t be accepted. I tried the password several times to no avail. Has the password been changed perhaps? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, and THANK YOU for so many incredible posts.

  64. mcdingus808 says:

    @Zion thank you so much for all you do. I’ve been leaching off the site for the past month and a half, but I just picked up a full time job and am going to do my best to start paying back. You’re amazing. If I can give you one tip tho, delete the PAZ twitter. Sure its great to have updates, but the people who do know about this site know it’s a gold mine and if they’re anything like me, they frequent this site at least 5 times a day. Don’t compromise the site’s security by having a social network. That’s how it-leaked, a semi decent site for hardcore and indie music leaks got fucked.

    Anyways, seriously love ya and all that you do. I don’t comment enough to appreciate my gratitude.

  65. djmag says:

    hi zion,

    how can i activate this ? its says its DEMO ?? :(

  66. PsychatoR says:

    download 7-zip software, open the 1rst pkg file with it.
    and just extract the payload folders which will lead to another payload folder, extract this one too.
    and u will get the files u need.
    extract the 2 other pkg files the same work. and regroup the all the needed files to form the library `:)
    if u add it to kontakt .. it will work
    sorry my english sucks a lil. hope it give u a good idea to make it work
    now id like to make it work Sonar 3x.

  67. sue says:

    I’m about to install this

    just wondering why there is “Action Strikes 1.0.0 Setup PC.exe” (outside the iso file)
    and the Action_Strikes.iso ( which contain a file named “Action Strikes Setup PC.exe”
    Should i use one before the other ?


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