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XLN Audio Addictive Drums Indie ADpak Addon MAC OSX | 476MB

The particular Indie ADpak may be the perfect option for almost any development that requires percussion with personality! True analog sound, detailed grittiness and also the perfect atmosphere to body everything. This particular ADpak is all about the sound, personality as well as analog excellence. In other words: creative sounds with regard to creative people! The particular unmistakable heat as well as punch of analog tape tend to be extremely desired characteristics within today”s electronic domain name. The hassle of really owning as well as working a tape device versus the selection of utilizing among the digitally remodeled plug-ins on the market it”s very little of the option for many people. With regards to percussion the options of creating a sound is actually limitless however amongst health-related insurance as well as suppliers they agree with one thing: Drums upon tape merely sound better!

The particular Kit
The particular Indie ADpak includes a attractive glowing blue twinkle ICE Customized Shop trommel package. It”s a handmade modern classic rock package with brand new “old school” created covers as well as original classic Slingerland hardware. The particular capture is a Leading Keith Celestial satellite unique “The Soul of Lily”, section of the rare 8 Item unique package. We all attempted a lot of cymbals with this package as well as discovered the particular Paiste 2002 as well as Signature collection were a great fit nevertheless the hi-hat is a classic Zildjian K 15″ for your correct crisp.
Kick: Snow Customized Shop 26 By 14″
Capture: Leading Keith Celestial satellite Signature fourteen By five, 5″
Stand Toms: Snow Customized Shop 13 By 10″ Hello there, 13 By 10″ Lo
Ground Toms: Snow Customized Shop sixteen By 16″ & eighteen By 16″
Cymbals: Paiste 2002 & Signature
Charleston-maschine: Zildjian K 15″
Xtra: Rhythm Technology Tambourine, Left-Right-Hit

The Character
Together with the business owner Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm and also the engineer Henrik Gustafsson we meticulously used as well as find the greatest parts with this development from the selection of drumsticks to the selection of tape to record onto obtain the correct personality. We all tuned the particular percussion to obtain the the majority of out from the area with every package item as well as find the microphones which captured this particular in the best possible method but also enhanced this particular using their personal characteristics as well as colour. We all was able to truly catch the particular substantial power as well as personality of those percussion and also the incredible area, with the subtle grittiness of the classic microphones combined the particular smooth sounding Neve desk and also the wealthy as well as punchy Studer A80 tape device. The particular Indie ADpak really has got the high quality characteristics as well as characteristics of the top quality analog documenting.

The particular Studio room
The option of business with this ADpak was easy: Svenska Grammofon Studion (In The english language: The particular Swedish Gramophone Studio) also called SGS positioned in Gothenburg, Sweden. SGS is among the biggest as well as greatest analog companies within European countries using its amazing 750 sq . meters (8070 sq . feet) in size. SGS hosting companies an endless number of classic equipment through older Steinway uprights as well as rare Fender amplifiers to Fairchild compressors as well as Pultec Eq”s. Kit list only will make your jaw decrease. Huge may be the correct phrase!

We all documented within SGS Studio room A”s biggest area measuring regarding 120 sq meters (1290 sq feet) with 1 / 2 of the space having a height of 10 meters (33 Feet) through ground to ceiling. The particular walls tend to be covered with walnut section within an older fashion floor tile pattern, making the particular corrosion personality short as well as wealthy. We all used classic microphones on the package aside from the particular stereo area mics, that is a set of extremely desired hands constructed Thuresson CM402″s. We all documented the particular package via SGS Studio room A”s Neve 8048 System, known as the “Queen” desk because the renowned band King continues to be among the prior proprietors. This unique desk was utilized on classic recordings simply by performers since: The particular Beatles, Brought Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Jesse Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Jordan Knutson and more. We all mostly used the 1081 preamps on the desk as well as went directly to the particular 2″ Studer A80 tape device and finally to the Lynx Aurora converters clocked with a Rosendahl Nanosync.
Uncommon Classic Microphones
Neve 8048 System
Studer A80 Strapping Machine
Walnut Solar panel Space with short as well as wealthy corrosion
The particular renowned SGS Audio

The particular Presets
The particular Indie ADpak also functions 40+ high class presets in lots of different styles as well as adjustments. Go through grime in dry to lush in large in a single click on! The particular presets are made simply by performers like:
Indicate “Spike” Stent
Jagz Kooner
The particular SGS Team
Mathias Oldn (Logh)
Karl Larsson (Last Times of April)
Elof Loelv
Walking in line Band
The particular XLN Team
The particular Functions
Coming from added a new very useful feature in the Indie ADpak for your “Xtra” slot machine. The particular “Xtra” within Indie is a tambourine documented having a correct attract, left attract as well as standard hit stroke within multiple layers as well as round robins that makes it probable to play or even system extremely realistic tambourine patterns.
The particular Beats

The particular Indie ADpak includes two MIDI-songs split in different parts + five tambourine grooves. The particular beats are a little examine selection obtained from the particular Indie Rock MIDI Pak. Just Drag in Decrease into the sponsor! The particular beats tend to be documented simply by two of Sweden”s the majority of important drummers:
Fredrik Sandsten through the Soundtrack Of our own Lifestyles
Staffan Ljunggren through Trummor & Orgel (In The english language: Drums & Organ)
The particular “Indie” Ludwig Vistalite striper trommel

In order to celebrate the fantastic achievement of the INDIE ADpak and also the INDIE Rock MIDI Pak we are giving away an extra Bass Trommel. It”s wealthy, body fat as well as punchy as well as right this moment ladies and men — it can for FREE! This can be a Ludwig Vistalite (Blue) 22 By 16″ as well as it”s documented just as the particular ICE Customized Shop Bass Trommel in the INDIE ADpak. The particular Vistalite striper trommel is actually somewhat shorter as well as much deeper within personality than the ICE Customized Shop striper trommel as well as it”s really the most used 1 within Svenska Grammofon Studion.

Kitpiece info
Kick: Snow Customized Shop 26×14″ Kick
Capture: Leading Keith Celestial satellite Signature 14×5, 5″ Capture
Stand Toms: Snow Customized Shop 13×10″ Hello there & 13×10″ Lo
Ground Toms: Snow Customized Shop 16×16″ & 18×16″
Cymbals: Paiste Cymbals
Charleston-maschine: Zildjian K 15″ Charleston-maschine
Xtra: Rhythm Technology Tambourine, Left-Right-Hit

Kit Item as well as Microphone list
Kick: Snow Customized Shop Glowing blue Luster 26 By 14″
Front: Neumann U47 FET, Electro Voice RE-20
Beater: Shure SM57
Capture: Leading Keith Celestial satellite Signature “The Soul of Lily” fourteen By five, 5″
Best: Sennheiser MD441, Neumann KM84
Bottom: AKG C414
Charleston-maschine: Zildjian K 15″ Classic
Best: Electro Voice RE-20, Neumann KM54
Tom1: Snow Customized Shop 13 By 10″ (Hi tuned)
Tom2: Snow Customized Shop 13 By 10″ (Lo tuned)
Tom3: Snow Customized Shop sixteen By 16″
Tom4: Snow Customized Shop eighteen By 16″
Mics: Sennheiser MD421′s
Crash 1: Paiste 2002 Reddish Logo design 19″
Crash two: Paiste Indication Full Crash 18″
Crash 3: Paiste 2002 Reddish Logo design 16″
Ride: Paiste 2002 Reddish Logo design 22″
Xtra 1-3: Tambourine, Rhythm Technology — Remaining, Correct & Hit
OH Mics
Stereo: Neumann U67 — Matched
Mono: Neumann M49
Space Mics
Stereo: Thuresson CM402 — Matched
Mono: AKG C12
Preamps: Neve 1081″s or 8048 system.
Recording: Studer A80 2″ Strapping Machine.
Lynx Aurora 16HD Converters.
Rosendahl Nanosync

Recorded in: Svenska Grammofon Studion (SGS) http://www.svenskagrammofonstudion.com
Recorded simply by: Henrik “Kalkyl” Gustafsson, Kalle Gustafssson Jerneholm as well as Andreas Disposition
Session Drummer: Fredrik Sandsten The particular Soundtrack Of our own Lifestyles
Presets: Indicate “Spike” Stent, Jagz Kooner, The particular SGS Team, Elof Loelv, Mathias Oldn (Logh), Karl Larsson (Last Times of April), Walking in line Band and The XLN Team.
Demo Beats: Fredrik Sandsten as well as Staffan Ljunggren
Project Administration: Andreas Disposition
Promotion: Andreas Disposition as well as Staffan Gustafsson
Art work, Photos & Graphic Style: Mattias Frnell in 15kstudios. com
Audio Modifying & Mix: Ellie Lindberger
Development: The Best Developers On earth: The particular XLN Dev-Team
Legal: Niklas Bergman
Videos: Peder Bergstrand
Video clip Music: Bjrk & Toffe
Pressing & Printing: Dicentia
Particular Many thanks: Henrik “Kalkyl” Gustafsson, Kalle Gustafsson Jerneholm, Fredrik Sandsten, Staffan Ljunggren, Kjetil Granli, NTK Music, Indicate “Spike” Stent, Jagz Kooner, Jonas Nilsson in Weak Music as well as Bad Flavor Records, Mathias Oldn, Karl Larsson, Elof Loelv, Walking in line Band, Max Matn as well as Mary Talomaa In Maratone.

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