Audible Genius Syntorial v1.1.3 Incl.Keygen OSX WiN-R2R
Team: R2R | Date: 15 September 2013 | WiN: 702 MB | MAC: 639 MB

Syntorial is synthesizer training software that will teach you how to program synths and design sound. Way more than just another tutorial, Syntorial will allow you to:

– Program the sounds you hear
– Stop relying on presets
– Know when, why and how to use over 60 common synthesizer parameters

Syntorial doesn’t just show you how synth programming works. It engages you in 129 Interactive Challenges in which you have to program patches yourself. You aren’t just learning how to design sound, you are becoming a sound designer.FOR MUSICIANS, NOT PHYSICISTS
Instead of talking about the science and physics behind synthesizers, Syntorial will show you how each control effects sound, as well as when, why and how you would use them when designing sounds. This is information that you can immediately apply to real-life situations.IT’S ALL ABOUT THE EAR
One step at a time, Syntorial trains your ear to recognize how each control shapes and manipulates sound. By the end of the program you’ll be able to take the sounds you hear and re-create them, completely by ear.


– 129 CHALLENGES: Learn by doing! Complete challenges by programming patches with Syntorial’s built-in synth.
– 147 VIDEOS: Everything is taught through video demonstrations using the same synth that you’ll use in the challenges.
– 706 PATCHES: Program, program, program. After all, that’s what it’s all about, right? By the end you will have programmed over 700 patches, from simple to complex, familiar to strange.
– 64 SYNTH PARAMETERS: Syntorial covers the most common parameters found on most synths. See the FAQ for more details.
– 33 ON YOUR OWN: Syntorial will give you periodic tasks to be carried out on your own with whatever synth(s) you use.
– 39 QUIZZES: Multiple choice questions to help you retain and remember everything you learn.

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  1. pc says:

    First I used the previous upload:
    then I found this one so I uninstalled the first version with ccleaner and installed the latest, but I can’t open it :cry:
    Does anybody have the same problem? Is this a different version from the first one or no difference so I shall come back to the prog that worked fine? help please :sad:


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