Spitfire Audio Albion 1-KONTAKT | 20 GB


Made from a totally new set of samples recorded in May and June 2011 at Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall, ALBION is the most exciting addition to Spitfire’s commercial range to date. A one-stop-shop of thundering orchestral delights….

ALBION ORCHESTRA – “…if you need a palette of powerful orchestral ensembles which will inspire your writing, galvanise your scores and generally add class, sheen, size, power and depth to your orchestral armoury, the library delivers in spades.” Sound On Sound Magazine October 2011.

The finest orchestral sessions musicians playing the finest, rarest instruments, recorded at Air Studios – Lyndhurst Hall, London, through the finest vintage, valve, and ribbon mics to 2″ tape. The only tape based orchestral library in the world. This is all you need to write epic sounding, widescreen cinematic orchestral music straight out of the box. Recorded in sections, this library features rich aggressive and lyrical strings, punchy, growling brass and some seriously malevolent woodwinds.

All patches come with 4 mixable/ routable and selectable mic positions C(lose), T(ree), A(mbient) and O(outrigger). Work with one mic “in” on your laptop on the plane, then render down with all four routed to 5.1 on your “big rig” back at your studio.

In addition to that true legato is available across all choirs of the orchestra. A new and innovative addition is our “Ostinatum” engine that helps you build exciting and unexpected arrangements to your flowing top-lines and a huge bank of mod wheel fade orchestral FX to provide you with some alearic colours.

DARWIN PERCUSSION – “The ‘cinematic’ sound of big, booming drums and scary, low?pitched rumbles and crashes, preferably recorded in a highly reverberant hall acoustic… this type of explosive, earth?shaking racket is amply covered in Albion.” Sound On Sound Magazine October 2011.

Darwin Percussion is a thunderous collection of massive cinematic drums, ear piercing metal slams, sub sonic thuds, a cymbal ensemble and exciting mid and high range action sections. Available with 4 round robins 4 dynamic layers and 3 mic positions.

STEPHENSON’S STEAM BAND – “…introducing a psychedelic, other?worldly quality. The pads section ranges from dreamy, gently swelling chordal textures to enormous, multi?octave ‘choir of the gods’?style patches.” Sound On Sound Magazine October 2011.

Derived and punked entirely from our orchestral recordings, to make these “other-worldly” soundscapes easier to mix into the orchestral sound-palette. With X/Fade modulation and 2 mic positions for surround information. Whilst being enormous in scale and interest all pads and drones are harmonically monophonic for true musical integration into your cues.

BRUNEL LOOPS – A selection of esoteric tools designed to sit on top of your mix to add sparkle and “motivation” these feature up to 4 dynamic layers of MW Xfade and feature an advance FX sequencer.

Winning two Future Music awards: “Platinum” and “Value”. The magazine awarded Albion these scores: 8/10 for Stability, 10/10 for Value, 9/10 for Ease Of Use, 9/10 for Versatility, 9/10 for Results.

It is quite simply a must for any aspiring film composer a must for any existing film composer wishing to pump life back into a tired palette of sounds. Recorded in London for that truly “British” sound, Albion is the only library commercially available in the world today.


A one-stop orchestral cinematic composing tool in a box. 19.51GB NCW lossless compressed data from 42.38GB WAV download-only exclusively from this site. Albion is 3rd party content for the KONTAKT platform. Free Kontakt Player available to download with this module.



Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)


Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

home page:


ul.to (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)















































3% recovery record

backup links Here




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    Dang, I have 2 trash something else if i’m gonna make room for tryin this. Guess I’ll drop 1 of the string lib’s.
    THX ZiON :)

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    Amazing! I’ll be looking forward for more Spitfire libraries.

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    Could u please fix the uploaded Links… dead already

    Impressive work :-)

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    wow Zion great thank you very much but ul.to don’t work

  13. Composer says:

    Hi Zion the ul.to links are suddenly dead :-( I only need part 5 – 9

  14. ZiON says:

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    Seriously, you are the best.
    I hope you can share more Spitfire Audio libraries :)))

  20. proaudiozone-fan says:

    assistance is always good keep the goodies coming for you :)

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  22. pauu10 says:

    I have already told my friends.

  23. sideman says:

    ZiON, thanks so much! Unfortunately, I only obtained the first 7 files from UL and now the last ones needed are no longer available. Could you please re-up parts 8 and 9 to UL?? Much appreciated!

  24. twathead says:

    pls re up UL links i have tried downloading this 3 times and the UL links keep coming down and then re upped with different names so unpacking coming up with errors even if you change the file name.

    Pls re up the last files you had which were named :

    SPT.ALBN.1-Proaudiozone.info.part01, 02 etc.

    Thanks for the upload.

  25. porventa says:

    Hi ZION:

    The archive nº 41 of rapidshare(putlocker) is removed, please reupload.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  28. seppdepp says:

    Part 4 Extabit is down. Reup Please, godfather of musicshit,
    thank you

  29. sideman says:

    Well worth the DL!! No problems installing on Kontakt 5.03. Tnx again to all.

    • ZiON says:


      Thnx for replying back here it works for you, that’s the peopel i love, download and not leaving without saying thnx or working :)

      Those people who say thnx also support me and my work here, and they keep me working to get them all good new stuff.

  30. famouslut says:

    Thanks, ZiON this is an excellent lib. Well worth the dl. Roll on Sable strings et al…?

  31. lungzbeatz says:

    This is great..thank u!!! Can u also reup the Toontrack links because
    i cant seem to install them..cant find any installer!
    Thank u for all ur hard work!

  32. lungzbeatz says:

    The Mac links for Toontrack that is…thanks in advance!

  33. rsb67 says:

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    you always surprise me

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    the links of uploaded from 05 to 09 are down

  35. itsuka says:

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  36. VAQUERO says:

    hi Zion albion link number 4, 51 extabit dont work .

  37. twathead says:

    Thanks for re-ups dude.

    Much appreciated!

  38. tonyjefer says:

    original pack is 39c gb this is falf library

  39. student says:

    Z I O N …. what A post …..THANK YOU MAN ….YOU ARE “SUPERMAN”
    One question
    I compared this library and the one on youtube I found there is No Legato in this Library …Is this Normal or another Edition ?
    the Patches List Is different not same …. T H X

  40. Cratertempus says:

    any chance of u reopen the Rapidshare links??
    i was like 4 files from finish it :'(

  41. carramba says:

    @student – What you mean? I have legato on all the instruments with this, working perfect in my mac kontakt 5.03.
    Have been playing with this puppy 4 some hours. The sound is really great and the design is very user friendly. Now I see why so many guys was asking 4 this :)
    Rock on PAZ !!

  42. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    100% works for me maybe should check before commenting :)

  43. student says:

    @@carramba when I compare the Names of patches…it is Not Like the one On video…
    I think he Is using the K4 if I’m not wrong cause I saw the Wide kontakt Instrument Tab which is not available on K5
    If you have Any Advice I’ll happy to hear From you Bro


  44. student says:

    @carramba The One I got Is “Albino I” is it same you got too ?
    I downloaded it from another large links not from here at the PAZ
    Do you have any Comment THX

  45. student says:

    Please Look at this Link to see what I got…it only got the Brows bottom only No Instrument tab like on youtube videos is this Normal ?


  46. student says:

    @ Z I O N I was looking for Big links that why I downloaded it from outside but Later I founded it here now and My question is : Did you saw the Pic on the Link in my Last message to carramba ?
    and If download your links Dose it give same edition or Different one

  47. carramba says:

    @student – Yeah I think I see what you mean. On spitfire site there is one video from 2012 that show albion 1 with separate patches for the legato, and you are right, those patches are not in this package.
    But you can choose the legato by keyswitch when you load the instruments like strings or winds. So I guess this is a change they’ve done when updating, and the video you saw is just from an earlier version. It’s the same with the pizzicato, FX and ostinatum, they are separate patches in the video, but can now be chosen in one patch with keyswitches.

  48. student says:

    OK Zion would please tell me How Can I get the Legato all sessions together layed on my Keyboard “Violins/viola/cellos/C bass ” ….can you send me a direction with Pic how to do it OR where to find it Cuase I’m cunfused about understanding it ..if you don’t mind and If this Disturb you Ignore it ….no problem…

    Thank you man you are the HERO Of VSTi’s

  49. marco says:

    The next time Please ( projectsam orchestral essentials ) thanks…

  50. samo1980 says:

    Great upload ZiON :) Thanks. But when I unrar, it says that rar33 and rar51 are corrupt ;/

  51. samo1980 says:

    Sorry to spam, but I’d be really glad if you could fix part 33 and 51. Thanks a bunch! :)

  52. carramba says:

    @student – just load the strings, both hi and low patches, and activate legato with the keyswitches, then you have it like an ensemble.
    In Albion they don’t have every instrument separated, check their FAQ:

    Q: Are there any isolated sections like cellos or violins?
    A: No the Albion range is an ensembles library designed to be scaleable across many systems from laptops to towers. It’s a broad compositional tool intended to allow composers to create effective sounding cues with as small a RAM and CPU footprint as possible as quickly as possible.

    if u take some time, read the manual & just play around with everything u’ll probly get the best info about it :)

  53. student says:

    @ZION Sorry I have no Idea yet I’m still Not handling the library it seems strange style but I think it is a matter of time
    thank you Bro for Great help

  54. samo1980 says:

    @ZiON I’ve tried, but it still gives me an error.. (now even on part52..??) And I’m sure I’ve typed the right password :(

    “spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO.part33.rar: CRC failed in spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\Samples\Albion013.nkx. The file is corrupt”

    “spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO.part51.rar: CRC failed in spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\Samples\__Albion Monster Cyms samples.nkx. The file is corrupt”

    “spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO.part52.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\Samples\__Brunel update samps.nkx. Corrupt file or wrong password.”

    It actually finishes the extraction, but there are samples missing after :/

    I’ve only downloaded files from PutLocker. I’ll try extabit ones, but that’s going to take a while since I’m only a free user there..

  55. samo1980 says:

    Alright, thanks! :) Just let me know when you’re done so I know. Thanks :)


  56. tonyjefer says:

    had the same problem on some links here just copy paste the password from here and paste it in extraction it should work

  57. samo1980 says:

    Just wanna let you know I’ve also tried downloading those parts from Extabit and still the same problem :/

    Do you think that the problem might be in some other rars?


    • ZiON says:


      don’t know i will try to fix it, but tell me did you downlaod the whole package just from 1 links or you downloaded some links from the old links before dead and some from new.

  58. samo1980 says:

    Yeah, I downloaded to part30 before the links were dead. And from part30 to part52 with new ones. I really hope I won’t have to download the whole thing again.. :/
    Btw, now I managed to extract fully with only part 33 giving me an error that “Albion013.nkx” is corrupt, so now I’m redownloading part31 and part32 again (the size of the folder is 19gb when extracted, how big should folder size be after extracting without errors?).
    I’ll report if it works.

    • ZiON says:


      than the problem is in old and new links maybe some bytes wrong, the better solution is 1 of those look :

      1- you keep download and you tell me what a sample missing like “Albion013.nkx” and i reupload it to you.
      2- better to redownload all parts from the same links.

      so sorry for miss the links

  59. samo1980 says:

    Alright, I’ll take option 2 if it dosen’t work after this I guess. No problem and thanks for all your help though! :)

  60. marco says:

    part30 part30 part30 Albion012.nkx error halp….

  61. marco says:

    Spitfire Audio Albion 1 KONTAKT\spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO.part30.rar: CRC failed in spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO\Samples\Albion012.nkx. The file is corrupt

  62. p3dr0 says:

    I think it can be better for everybody if u can put a .sfv to ur rls bru.

  63. harikeo says:

    Is there any news on this? I download spit.aLBION1-PROAUDIOZONE.INFO.part32, 33 and 34 a few times from Rapidshare and Extrabit but Albion013.nkx is always corrupt. Thanks for your work whatever the outcome :)

  64. harikeo says:

    Thanks ZION…. be prepared for a donation to the site :)

  65. kane942 says:

    what is the version of Kontakt to have ? My problem is “this patch is encrypted and cannot be unless the respective library,….”not load my instruments with Kontakt …..

    • ZiON says:


      please you have to add it from the “add library” button not from other tab and if it’s not working also just try to download and install “Service Center 2.3.2″ from NI support page (located under “Drivers and other files”)

      this solved to me the problem.

  66. student says:

    Hi @ZION Question : How can you make that Expanded Library Tab on the Left of Kontakt as I saw on the Video you Posted
    I only Have a small size of that Library TAB

  67. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    from the lower right you can make bigger kontakt
    I hope it helps :)

  68. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    I hope you also solve

  69. naxosnaxos1618 says:

    while I download the packages with https://safelinking.net/p/cebf14a1ff are now offline. I need to complete another 8 packages. Who can help me? thanks

  70. gotoolow says:

    For some reason, it always asks me for a serial number for service center to activate. I don’t know where to get one. I have the newest version of service center, so I don’t know what to do.

  71. gotoolow says:

    Thank you! I will try that. I will be using the 5.1 version of Kontakt, I can’t tell which of the 5.2’s work. Thank you for these GREAT uploads so much!

  72. pilgrim says:

    ZION my bro, thank a lot, i just came back from my holidays i noticed this awesome upload, i would love to have the pass to the backup links

  73. floond says:

    The uploaded.to links are dead. What is the password for the backups?

  74. emzziper says:

    Hi Zion..
    The PutLocker Links are dead and i download links by extabit..now i need just Part 16 on extabit.. 900 Mb Link .. PLZ Zion i need that :( .. My Internet Speed is Very Low and i can’t download all links again.. Thanks in advance Bro

  75. emzziper says:

    I Know Bro.. But this link not work .. File is temporary unavailable

  76. gotoolow says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, the library wants to be have activation. I have used Kontakt version 5.02, 5.2, and Service Center 2.21, 2.25, 2.32. All are the same, the ask for the library to be activated. I can’t find any working solution on a Mac. Can anyone help?

  77. specterinsidethebox says:

    You, Zion, is there anyway you can somehow revive the put locker links? :x19:

  78. JonnyC says:

    Ver nice program. :shock:

  79. JonnyC says:

    But the links are off :x21:

  80. JonnyC says:

    @ZiON I know the links Extabit are online but I do not have premium account, but thanks anyway.

  81. JonnyC says:

    Not the best solution, but for those who do not want to spend money already works. put locker links will no longer be online? Sorry for my english but I’m Portuguese.

    thank you

  82. JonnyC says:

    Yes @Zion I know there and I’m down there, but the speed is low but that’s why I prefer the putlocker. The putlocker links will be on again?


  83. JonnyC says:

    Thank you @ZiON, I’ll wait for Putlocker links. Your website is the best :x26:

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    Awesome! This site absolutely rocks! So glad I found you guys!

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    I knew you guys managed to post this gem here! Thanks for the upload, this is one of the libs I use in my musical palette by now. Great sound! (Yes, I’m off to post a ‘Thank you!’ on every post I downloaded, but forgot to comment due to WordPress issues)

    ~Caeruleus Draconem

  88. ZiON says:


    NVM brother you are welcome just which you happy times :x5: :oops: :x1: :x7:

  89. gmpos says:


    Thank you for all of your hard work. :x9:

    Could you please please please re-upload the putlocker links?

  90. krise2000 says:

    Thanks! :x14:

  91. iopiopiop says:

    can i get pass for back up links?


    great job for “Sable”! you rock! :x6:

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    thanks @ZiON, will this be getting a re-upload at all? :x9:

  93. iopiopiop says:

    oppps sorry…
    I’ll wait for Putlocker links. :x28:

    Have a goo day!


  94. Silverwarrior says:

    Too bad all the links are removed i hope spitfire will be mercifull and let you to have all links up one day. Do we really hurt them in this way? I watched youtube videos and even tried to try it on try sound online.com but did not find and often this site is rly not accurate and terrible lagging.

    It is so different when I get the library and play with it in peace and testing it whole day.If someone does good review it doesnt mean anything to me untill i dont try it myself.
    I am self taught musician hobbyst and student closed in room making music for my soul and learning lol. If this library is really good and have all things usable to the bone where I can make unique things without sounding like others and wanted to start trying earn some money with this I would be the first on line to reward them with throwing my hard earning money at them. While am writing this I still cant comprehend how we are hurting them…

    So many expensive libraries with loads of generic unusable junk I have hard time to trust anymore and not to mention how 99% of them advertise things which are not in libraries at all.We are the one who gets hurted.Good that I saved loads of money with this approach for which people in my country would slit my throat off hundred times lol…Anyway thanks Zion who ever you are for making one of my dreams to come true partially.

    • ZiON says:


      don’t worry mate, just spread the word about my site to your friends everywhere , about albion 1 links will be online soon maybe tonight so you get premium to download fast

      :x26: :x10: :x20: :x25:

  95. Silverwarrior says:

    hehe you are fast at answering :x29: thank you, looking foward! I am getting premium but I have some problem and contacted the support I hope it get fixed soon. :x16:

  96. iopiopiop says:

    Wow man!!!!

    thank you so much for these links!

    you rock!


  97. xyz123 says:

    All uploaded links are down mate, regular and backup. If you could re-up it would be great. I only got parts 4-6 downloaded of the big links.

  98. xyz123 says:

    Please let me know the password for the backups when you reup. Thanks. :)

  99. justapoke says:

    merci , merci, merci !!! :x23:

  100. fanfares says:

    Thank you so much !!!!! :razz:

  101. fanfares says:

    I appreciate your hard work very much !! But I got over excited actually .. after hours and hours of downloading, i had problems with extracting the files (i downloaded the extabit ones), and then everytime I tried to load an instrument files were missing …. any solution?

    • ZiON says:


      than there is something wrong you did, as everything is working at my end and i created video my self with friend about it i posted it already, maybe i think you posted a wrong password when extracting, so better you type this password and try again


      everyone here have no problem like you so i am 100 % sure it’s at your end

  102. bundyspirit says:


    May I have the password for backup links please?

    Thank you mega very much!!! :x6:

  103. specterinsidethebox says:

    I very much appreciate your work, ZiON. Hopefully you can bring the putlocker links back to life, if you do, please don’t change anything. I only say that because I think some of us are close to the finish line and changing things would really set a lot of us back. Thanks and I will wait patiently for you to do your thing. :x37:

  104. sam says:

    Yes ZiON, please don’t change anything. I am half done like many others. Please re-up putlocker. Thank you buddy.

  105. lolithisav says:

    Hi Zion, waiting for putlocker reupload, BEST site ever! :x26:

  106. sam says:

    This guy ‘ZiON’ needs a standing ovation for what he is doing. These libraries cost 1000s of dollars and we are getting them for free (rapidshare links) or on premium links. But whatever, ZiON, I am indebt thankful to you. Brave man, with balls and guts!!!!

    One question though! I downloaded from Rapidshare links. Getting this error! NBN10.1_Proaudioone.info.part11.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file NBN10.1_Proaudioone.info\SPT.ALBN.1-Proaudiozone.info.part04.rar. Corrupt file or wrong password.

    I used password = proaudiozone.info. Its not extracting part 11 and giving this error. Please comment .

    Many many thanks again.

  107. sam says:

    ZiON bro I have sent you an email with screen shot of my file size. Please have a look and please comment.

    Bundles of thanks!

  108. sam says:

    ZiON, I came to say thank you again. Everything is working perfectly fine. I had to download files from one collection of links only, otherwise it will give you error messages I mentioned above. So, thank you very much again and keep it up.

  109. sage says:

    i gonna build u a shrine!

  110. Quincy says:

    Thanks fro the link but cant see password for ul.to :x14:

  111. ckay1 says:

    Hey @zion, Great post! Can I get the password to the ul backup links please. Thanks! :x8:

  112. whassu says:

    :x11: Hey zion! could i please get the passwrod for the ul backup links please? Thanks!!!

  113. sage says:

    sorry for bothering you with this trivial question but how do we contact you? I sent mail in “Contact us” for this library to get pass but nothing.
    Thank you. :x46:

  114. skinmajepro says:

    thanks, good opportunity to try before buy.

  115. johnx says:

    Thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Zion, you’re the boss

  116. ZiON says:

    Let’s see if new encryption service will work :evil:

  117. danaos says:

    links gone

  118. johnx says:

    Love you !!!loool

  119. johnx says:

    oups! no time for the rest of the links, i have only 1.2.3 can you resend or in Pm?

  120. johnx says:

    the new links ( 990 mo) doesn’t work :-( i have the link 1.2.3 (2.519 577 MO)
    Thx my firends.

  121. johnx says:

    it’s possible have the same?

  122. Monsieur Marcel says:

    Hi Zion, Please could I have password for ul.to back up links too?


  123. takitoyotomi says:

    Hi, wondering if you can reupload? Thank you!

  124. Punkito says:

    Hi Zion , is it possible to have the password ?
    Thanks for all the work by the way

  125. daproducer says:

    What is up with uploaded and the dead links?

  126. daproducer says:

    trying to get Albion and Heavyocity complete links

  127. midian says:

    hi Zion the uploaded links are dead, is there something you can do ? thanxx dude

  128. Merigusapo says:

    :x19: please pass…..

  129. Patty1000 says:

    Hi ZiON,

    Love you´re great site.

    I´ ve downloaded Albion from extabit and i thing just part4 is offline.

    I downloaded the other parts, and would be very pleased to get part 4, to complete my download.

    Thanks for running this great site!!

  130. infinitusCR says:


    New to PAZ, made my first donation :)

    How do i get the pass to the b-up links?

    THANX, PAZ is the best!!!

  131. loscope says:

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  135. Maxim_Ko says:

    :shock: aaaaaa HELP HELP i need a password for archives :eek:

  136. Maxim_Ko says:

    I already downloaded all 22 archives and i can’t unrar them
    Pass proaudiozone.info invalid for it.

    • ZiON says:

      lol the password is proaudiozone.info

      update your winrar in windows

      and if you are in mac the mac system have some issue with password files so try to use another software like stuffer or unrarx or something coz no one reported the hell issue of pass lol :)

  137. Maxim_Ko says:

    Ok ) thanks Zion. I use Mac)

  138. jmz says:

    Do I get the pass when I comment?

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    i need the password, please!

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    Zion i need link download, please help me

  142. moscosomauro says:

    I love you men Thaks!!!!! for this aport men!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:

  143. anitus100 says:

    some working links uploaded pls?

  144. tomas_pascual says:

    I have sended you a email for pray you the password for backup files uploaded….


  145. qdqd says:

    I get this message when loading instruments via quickload: “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless
    the respective Library is registered properly” Ive got Kontakt Version 5.2.1 R2R. I didnt update the Service Center is that the problem? Just asking cause I dont usually update any Service Center things. I am scared that my Native Instrument Plugins wont work anymore after.

  146. damianyornet says:

    Thanks so much for upload! Great library! :x24:

  147. damianyornet says:

    uploaded links are dead :(

  148. bmvgold says:

    Rare library … It is necessary to try

  149. svenska says:

    sounds great… i´d like to get the uploaded links…


  150. gondor1976 says:

    Zion good morning UK time,

    I would like please to know the pass for the back up, whenever you have a moment :)

    Great page, great work. Thanks in advance!

  151. rhythmmaster909 says:

    New user here but am i going crazy?! I was sure the links were okay just a few hours ago?!

  152. qmaster says:

    I would like please to know the pass for the back up, whenever you have a moment :x26:

  153. URASCAL says:

    :x19: Any chance I can get a re-up on Uploaded links? Thank you Zion.

  154. claudiofu says:

    Great Library…

  155. ter says:

    Thanks Zion!! and i need the password for Rapidshare, please! :smile:

  156. pejotapeve says:

    Hi, ZiON.
    Sent you an email requesting pw for nCrypt rapidshare links.
    Got no clue so far … :x31: :x13:

  157. noelia says:

    Please,, can you upload links to uploaded?

  158. DG says:

    BIG ZION, as always. Thank you :)

  159. seacreature says:

    aha ok sorry i got it thanks for the post :x28:

  160. seabearz says:

    Thank you, OP!!!

  161. Concealed Truth says:

    Thank you !

  162. RightGuardProtection says:

    the only surviving hosted archive is rapidgator links

    • ZiON says:

      someone from spitfire team contacted me as fake user from here and he got the password and he taken down the links after 3 days of such great online links, fuck you spitfire team, we will do the upload again to fuck your ass lol.

  163. RightGuardProtection says:


  164. sigourney says:

    THANKS FOR ALL. Please password for .uploaded links!!!

  165. claudiofu says:


  166. sigourney says:

    THANKS FOR ALL. Please password for .uploaded links!!!

  167. elaltavoz says:

    That’s another awesome library to our huge comunity. It’s amazing, with all this we will have 0 limits to compose.

    It would be great, if it’s possible, to see putlocker links online again. I will be so happy if you can do it.


    Thanks for your massive work ZiON !

  168. dalilcat says:

    Hi! thank you, can I have the uploaded link, I take a premium joint (with your link off course) just for that ;)

  169. yqwertzy says:

    THANKS a lot ! Password for uploaded pleaze !

  170. RightGuardProtection says:

    I’ve sent an emails for this and for a general request for information ? or does tomorrow never come. It’s like Obama and his Hope message haha :x22:

    I am only kidding but i am just trying to push for an answer on my general request for info rather than saying this should be re upload now.


    • ZiON says:

      about generale requests i can’t answer and that’s normal if you are see this situation a lot of stuff here and trying to fix them , what i have to look about requests, you must understand that requests come after this sitution calme down ok

  171. nebu83 says:

    Hey Zion, any chance to get password for the backup links? Thanks!

  172. aqwzsx says:

    please possible for the new password please ?

  173. alkor says:

    so great!!! :x1:. I’m just happy! And happy! And….. :x7: So cool§ Great job and thanx so much :grin:

  174. sSatangeL says:

    Sad missed 654sdfg_proaudiozone.info.part10.rar :sad:

  175. jrproductionz says:

    whats the password?

  176. richiep34 says:

    Any chance for the links for this please :x28: tried rapidgator no joy


  177. Lazarus says:

    On Zippyshare, you somehow only uploaded half of the files :(


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