Sample Magic Mega Pack 55 Libraries
Total Size: 30 GB-updated with new libraries

Sample Magic is an award-winning sound design company, specializing in the best cutting-edge sounds across a variety of musical genres.All releases are recorded and mixed in professional 24-bit quality using only the finest audiophile grade equipment and are encoded in a variety of formats from Wav and RMX / Rex2 through to Apple Loops. Samplers supported include HALion, EXS24, NN-XT and Kontakt.

Every loop or sample we release is masterfully crafted by the best producers and programmers in the business and is guaranteed 100% copyright-cleared for your peace of mind.


Sample Magic – Matthew Codek’s: Fonkin’ House (WAV)
Sample Magic – Terrace House (WAV)
Sample Magic – Drum & Bass (WAV.REX2.AiFF.EXS24.HALiON.KONTAKT.NNXT.RMX)
Sample Magic – Minimal (WAV)
Sample Magic – Progressive House 2 (WAV.AiFF.NKI.REX2.RMX.DREX.EXS.FXP.KONG.SXT)
Sample Magic – MIDI Elements: Electro (MIDI)
Sample Magic – Tech-House Tops (WAV)
Sample Magic – SM17 Soundtrack & Chill (WAV, NKI, EXS, FXP, SXT)
Sample Magic – Vintage Vocals: Twisted Religion (WAV)
Sample Magic – Hed Kandi: Disco House Samples (WAV)
Sample Magic – Layers & Textures (WAV)
Sample Magic – SM101: Sylenth Progressive Patches (Sylenth1.FXB)
Sample Magic – SM101: Massive Complextro Patches (KSD)
Sample Magic – SM101: Sylenth1 Nu House Patches (FXP, FXB, MIDI)
Sample Magic – SM101: Sylenth1 Techno Patches (FXP)
Sample Magic – SM101: Sylenth1 Mainroom Patches (FXB)
Sample Magic – SM101: Club Kicks 2 (WAV)
Sample Magic – Radio Slave (WAV)
Sample Magic – Defected House Samples (WAV)
Sample Magic – Tech-House 2 (Wav, Rex, RMX, Exs, Fxp, Nki, Sxt)
Sample Magic – SM101: Vocals Shout (Wav)
Sample Magic – Chillwave (Wav, EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, NN-XT)
Sample Magic – 101 Series: Risers & Falls (Wav)
Sample Magic – Vintage House (Wav, EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, NN-XT)
Sample Magic – Stereo Productions Present: David Herrero’s Organic House Beats (WAV)
Sample Magic – Thomas Schumacher Berlin Techno (Wav)
Sample Magic – SM101: Deep House Patches (ksd)
Sample Magic – Techno (WAV.REX.RMX.EXS24.HALion.Kontakt.NN-XT)
Sample Magic – Toolroom Records Samples 01 (Wav,Rex,Aiff,exs24,Halion,kontakt II,NNTX)
Sample Magic – Paolo Mojo Future-Tech House (WAV)
Sample Magic – 101 Series: Disco House Drums, Drum Fills, Electro Leads (WAV)
Sample Magic – SM101: Club Kicks (wav)
Sample Magic – Tech-House (Wav)
Sample Magic – Deep House (Wav)
Sample Magic – DJ Chus & Stereo Productions: 10 Years of Iberican Grooves (WAV.REX.RMX.AIFF)
Sample Magic – Florian Meindl: Berlin Deep House (KONTAKT.HALION.NN-XT.EXS24.WAV.REX2.RMX.AIFF)
Sample Magic – Dubstep (Wav, Rex, Aiff)
Sample Magic – Nu-Rave (Wav)
Sample Magic – Electro (WAV.REX.RMX)
Sample Magic – Sunrise Sessions (REX2)
Sample Magic – Deep Tech-House (WAV)
Sample Magic – Funky House Grooves 2 (Wav, Aiff, Rex, EXS24, Reason NNXT, Kontakt II, Halion)
Sample Magic – Dubstep & Grime (REX2)
Sample Magic – Progressive House (wav)
Sample Magic – Dubstep and Grime (RMX)
Sample Magic – Around The World In 80 Raves (Wav+Patches)
Sample Magic – Tech-Funk Breaks (WAV,Rex2,AiFF,EXS24,Halion,Kontakt,Reason)
Sample Magic – Funky House Grooves (Wav)
Sample Magic – Transmission-X (WAV)
Sample Magic – Electro House (wav)
Sample Magic – Minimal & Tech House (Wav)
Sample Magic – Breakbusters (EXS24.HALion.Reason.Rex.Wav)
Sample Magic Dance Vox WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Sample Magic Drum Hits WAV-MAGNETRiXX
Moombahton & Trap Patches for NI Massive
Sample Magic Florian Meindl Tech-House Sound of Berlin WAV-MAGNETRiXX
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  1. AdMiN says:

    @GR00VE , they banne it wait soon if we could get it uplaoded if no you have ti use uplaoded mate.

  2. GR00VE says:

    Ok thx i’ll wait for RS or Putlocker. is very very slow (50kbs)

  3. GR00VE says:

    Do you upload again to RS and/or Putlocker Admin?

    Uploaded is verrrrrrry slow.

    • AdMiN says:

      putlocker is very slow from our server, like 40 Kb upload speed, we wait untill they fix it, ALL rapidshare acc banned. so we hope get soon fixed.

      and please contact me at contact us page, with your real email i will send theme to your mail.

  4. GR00VE says:

    Admin you can see my email in my account.
    I only need part 51-58.
    Already have download all other parts.
    Really need RS links, others too slow.
    Cost me days to download if i don’t use RS.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. GR00VE says:

    Ok admin, i wait for the email :)

  6. GR00VE says:

    Not received anything Admin.
    I also checked my Junkfolder, nothing received.

  7. GR00VE says:

    Thanks a lot Admin ;)

  8. cheeseman says:

    hmmm, I have now part 51 – 58, but only these 5 Sampler
    an 10 Patches are fine!!!
    Is it possible to reup part 1 – 50 on RS ?

  9. cheeseman says:

    Oh no, once again,
    I still need part.29 from putlocker!
    Aaarrrgh :-(
    Putlocker says: CRC-Error
    Can someone reup part.29 from putlocker?
    All other parts are fine!


  10. cheeseman says:

    yes, I tried it several times with jdownloader and with Firefox: part.29 is too small:
    Only 193 MB. But it must be 900 MB !

  11. pinchemadre says:

    Same here, part 29 from putlocker not good, any chance to reup it fixed? Thanks again!!!

  12. kkguess says:

    Uploaded is down u_u

  13. mausn says:

    can you RE-UP the stuff? :smile:

  14. BASSMONSTA says:

    Reload my selector! :x1:


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