FXpansion BFD3 v3.0.28 UNLOCKED with Core Library HAPPY NEW YEAR
R2R | 1.1.2014 | 40.8 MB + 37.7 GB

BFD3 is the third generation of FXpansion’s flagship software acoustic drum studio: new levels of realism and ground-breaking features in an intuitive redesigned engine. With stunning new kits with mix-ready presets and modelling technology for tom resonance and cymbal swells, BFD3’s audio engine delivers uncompromising detail. The revamped interface has a new mixer and sound browser for the easiest BFD experience yet. BFD3’s all-new library is recorded in two fantastic rooms by engineers including Andrew Scheps, Rail Jon Rogut and John Emrich, giving you a diverse palette of drum tones out of the box. The sounds include a brushed kit and processed drum presets for fast custom kit-building. BFD3 also contains a powerful built-in environment for pattern creation and editing, complete with a range of performances by legendary drummers for effortless production of drum tracks indistinguishable from the real thing. (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)



3% recovery record


  1. student says:

    :shock: waitin 4 Ryushare link
    THX :x1:

  2. oldschool says:


    Thanks ZION!! :x20:

  3. RightGuardProtection says:

    :wink: \/\/O\/\/ nice seeing this come out :x1:

  4. baynam says:

    Yeaaaaah! Thank you, waiting for rapdigator links!

  5. ViP ZeNDA says:


    Zion fixed soon :x28:

  6. mayberry says:

    what is with putlocker’s new thing of saying download limit reached? anyone else getting that? after 2 parts its already saying that for me — how can you make it through something this large with that going on?

  7. oldschool says:

    oooOOPS .. There….It… Is!

  8. ViP ZeNDA says:

    LINKS FIXED :x28:

  9. bitbrain2101 says:

    1000 thanks for this great share :x26:

  10. jonesboy says:

    AS Always Thx, I was wondering I was Downloading from the Oringinal links and only had Part 31 and 32 left before the links were updated, can i countinue with the updated links where I left off or do I have to Start over?

  11. saud alali says:

    thanks alot my friend :x7:

  12. PAZ says:

    Putlocker links contains multiple duplicate files, for instance: 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ), 999 MB ),

  13. PAZ says:

    What do you mean all the files are there?
    Some putlocker links are duplicated, maybe not or ryanshare.

    Please tell me how many links there are because this is confusing.
    Putlocker has 45 links so if i see have 40 links, does it mean you posted 5 duplicate Putlocker links?

  14. baynam says:

    Thank you veeeery much!!!:)

  15. student says:

    :x35: :x42: OMG ….Zion What A new year :x28: :x28: :
    T H X

  16. prajek says:

    Hey Paz, I found out that if you have BFD 2 and library, BFD 3 will work with BFD 2 library according to FXpansion website

  17. gaetanocarmelo92 says:

    Hi Zion, I’ve downloaded this package but when I expand the contents I fall down in this situation, there’s no dmg file of the program itself , I’ve used batch mod to change permission and now I’m just copying the core library on my secondary drive… but where is the program itself ? o.o I mean it should be in this file or this is only the library ?
    ( <-screenshot

  18. gruzina says:

    now this is awesome !
    I’ve been waiting for this one !
    question is there a mac installer for the plugin itself ? AU VST AAX ?
    if so it would be nice to have it also separately
    and big big thanks for the rapidshare links !

  19. morevents says:

    Hi Zion,
    Is there any chance to have the plugin for Mac?

  20. jordihotmail says:

    :x14: :x14: :x14: muchas gracias ZION !!!!!!!

  21. proaudiozoner says:


    i downloaded all parts.

    all except for the last one have the same size.

    but if i try to open it from the part1-rar (as usual)
    i get the following error message:

    (the file “f:\…..\…..\….\… can’t be opened as an archive)

    i already downloaded part 1 twice. but didn’t help.

    all other parts seem to be ok, from what i can tell now.

    any suggestions? anyone having the same problem?

  22. Zack__1987 says:

    Doesn’t work for me, I tried to extract with winrar, 7zip and Peazip and always get the same error:

    I tried to download it again a few times and nothing happens :cry:

  23. Zack__1987 says:

    I am downloading now parts 1 & 2 again with Chrome explorer.. everytime I tried to decompress with any compress software it shoots me the part 1 & 2 error like the one in the image above… And thanks for the comments =)

  24. blynd says:

    I will check this on Protools 11 once I have the files.

  25. richy98 says:

    hi zion the rapidgator links are broken. Can u help me with that?

  26. richy98 says:

    part 16 , part 17 , part 36, and part 40 is duplicate!

  27. richy98 says:

    This rapidgator links are dead: 16, 17, 30 and 36 !!!! And part 40 is duplicate! Help me with that zion, Thanks!!!


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