East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs VSTi DXi AU RTAS HYBRiD DVDR
DVD1: 3.67GB | DVD2: 4.15GB | DVD3: 4.28GB | DVD4: 4.31GB | DVD5: 4.09GB
DVD6: 4.09GB | DVD7: 4.09GB | DVD8: 4.15GB | DVD9: 4.16GB
Updated uploaded links

Imagine typing words into your computer, in any language, and hearing a world class Symphonic Choir sing those words in any key(s) you play “live” on your keyboard controller! Well imagine no more, that`s exactly what this revolutionary “award-winning” virtual instrument does.

In addition, this is the first 24-bit Choir virtual instrument to include three simultaneous stereo mic setups (close, stage and hall), so users can mix any combination of mic positions to control ambience. The Choirs were recorded in the same concert hall, by the same team as the EastWest/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra and blend perfectly with EWQLSO.

WordBuilder is the word building software that enables Symphonic Choirs users to type in words for the Choirs to sing. This included software runs on both MAC and PC, and includes a pop-down menu (under the “tools” menu) that includes 28 popular Latin phrases that you can load instantly. Many choirs sing in Latin so this is a real time saver for those on a tight deadline. The phrases have been optimized for each Choir. The pop-down menu is completely customizable so users can add their own phrases to the menu for quick and easy access.

More Info :

Folder ProgsUpdates Included:
EWQL Symphonic Choirs WordBuilder v1.0.5 incl KeyGen and 1.1.6 Update-BEAT

EWQL Choirs Add-On Instrument Update 1.0.1.exe
EWQL Choirs Instrument Update 1.0.4.msi
EWQL Choirs Instrument Update 1.0.5.exe
EWQL Symphonic Choirs Update v 1.0.9 Win

EWQL Symphonic Choirs Original – MAC Installer (now edded)
EWQL Symphonic Choirs Updater app MAC v 1.0.9

EWQL Symphonic Choirs Operation Manual (now edded)

3 Gb Links = High Speed (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)


500 MB

Folder ProgsUpdates

3% recovery record

backup links


Comment to get 900 mb uploaded backup links password


  1. AdMiN says:

    GR00VE have you tried with the correct password bru i packed and unpacked it normally.

  2. GR00VE says:

    Yes, always use

    I tried it 2 times in 7ZIP and 1 time in WinRAR (latest version).

  3. GR00VE says:

    Admin i’m still waiting for your answer from your test.

    I tried to redownload all the corrupt parts but still the same errors.

  4. GR00VE says:

    Admin why you don’t reply???

    You post new stuff but ignore the issues with this one here.
    Please help and reupload again.

    • ZiON says:

      GR00VE, admin is offline, bru me who is posting the new stuff, ok i read the problem from comments do you wanna this to be reuploaded.

      • ZiON says:

        well bru i checked some files that you told maybe corrupted, and i confirm to you that the problem is not from files is a wrong password that you typed or copied,

        check pic
        it’s opening normally.

        sp please type the password propr and tell us again, and if you think there is files corrupted confirm to us.

  5. GR00VE says:

    I tried many times, correct password:

    I redownload the files many times but everytime the same error.

    Can you please do the following:

    -. RAR every DVD only

    I see this download has 9 DVD’s

    DVD1: 3.67GB
    DVD2: 4.15GB
    DVD3: 4.28GB
    DVD4: 4.31GB
    DVD5: 4.09GB
    DVD6: 4.09GB
    DVD7: 4.09GB
    DVD8: 4.15GB
    DVD9: 4.16GB

    Please do NOT rar them ALL IN ONCE.

    FIX: Make new folders for every DVD (DVD1, DVD2, DVD3, etc.)

    Now you RAR every folder into 500MB parts.

    Then please reupload to Putlocker

    Maybe Windows 32bit can not unpack 50GB rar files all in once (82 parts)
    So please make rar files for every DVD.

    Thanks in advance Admin

  6. GR00VE says:

    Thanks Admin, waiting for the fixed links now.
    Thanks :)

  7. GR00VE says:

    Thanks Admin and ZiON ;)

  8. itsuka says:

    thank you verry much ^^

  9. ter says:

    by “500 MB separated DVDs” i miss “”

    need DVD 7 – part 10

  10. rowild says:

    Is this really the PLAY Version – also for Mac??? Can somebody please confirm? Thanks!

  11. kivsters says:

    Yes it does appear that DVD7.part10 is missing. A reupload on that would be much appreciated. :)

    • ZiON says:


      sure let me see if i can upload just this part or reuplaod the whole dvd, coz those parts i don’t have them now, so let me see what i can do just woke up

  12. provolone says:

    Hi ZION

    this link dont work

    can you reup please.

    on old link you are missing DVD pat 10


  13. kivsters says:

    Will you post the new link down here when its ready? Thanks.

  14. kivsters says:

    Thanks ZiON! One question: Is there anything to install here or do I just put all of the nks files in the same folder with the instuments? Is there an install for the worldbuilder? All of the worldbuilder related installs seem to be for Windows only. Thanks

  15. genuinm says:

    “Yes it does appear that DVD7.part10 is missing. A reupload on that would be much appreciated. :)”

    i second that, please?! so i can complete this awesome download! thanks

  16. genuinm says:


    oh yeah, how the hell did i miss that! lol never mind, thanks again for the great share anyway! all the best

  17. genuinm says:


    do you know if there is anyway around the registration process required to use the software longer than 14 days by any chance? cheers

  18. genuinm says:


    sorry to bother you again, scratch the last question, i’ve sorted it using the keygen included.

  19. Juliocesar says:

    Hi ! Can’t install it in mountain lion. Why?

  20. Acero says:

    Sorry, there are just 9 rar in the DVD7 (separete links) and it’s asking for a number 10 part to unrar it.

  21. AntiSlash says:

    Thank you so much dude !
    I love you !

  22. macjay says:

    putl DVD7 part10 offline, only part needed – possible to re-up? pls, thank you!

  23. macjay says:

    pulocker DVD7 part10 pls! Thank You!

  24. harryflame says:

    first of all thanks for this amazing post- i just have one problem.
    maybe im a noob dont know.
    i cant find the word builder (im openin it on kontakt 4)
    either in cubase i can find it.
    what i did was to just drag and drop the lib.x files into the install folder.
    shuld i put the dll file into cubases vst?
    its taking ages to load but i does. cant find the word builder anywhere in kontakt or cubase though.

  25. harryflame says:

    also i did put a different key for word builder and the librarie. can it be the issue? if a uninstall and the install again i will have a different key again for the registration. will it be a problem?
    sorry bothering you with that

  26. wequee says:

    Zion, can you please reupload DVD 5? 500mb parts? and they took out other links aswell but i don’t know what links :S

  27. Teletoby says:

    How to install in Mountain Lion?

  28. alessa03 says:

    Teletoby this is not the play edition, but the ppc version … so this app work fine but in snow leopard. Rosetta, the technology that allows you to run PowerPC applications on an Intel processor isn’t part of Mountain Lion and can’t be added.

  29. SwavyBaby says:

    Dude thanks for this DL… I was in the process of unraring the files and when it gets to part5.rar i get the message bad archive dont know what I should do???

  30. wequee says:

    CAN you please reupload DVD 5 please? or can someone tell me where to download this one? other website pages please?

  31. SwavyBaby says:

    Ok so I downloaded the files again everything was ok install and keygen working but how do I authorize in kontakt do I use service center or the keygen I’m lost….thanks again bro you guys are BOMB!!!

  32. SwavyBaby says:

    Bro how do I authorized the program??? HELP!!!

  33. SwavyBaby says:

    Yeah it worked fine but its asking for the authorization b4 i use the program in kontack so i used the keygen it said the code was good but once i hit activate it says error:1017 the serial # is unknown

  34. SwavyBaby says:

    what should i do???

  35. Matt Club says:

    i exctracted and i got only the KEYGEN for Word Builder, but how do I authorize the Symphonic Choirs Setup?? which keygen should i use?

  36. Cali Reign says:

    Can we get a ReUp of the links? Only Part 1 link works,the rest are dead Boss.

  37. Hoakz89 says:

    Seriously Zion, you are just amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Soon as i get paid, i will donate yo!!!!
    EWQL Voice of Passion will be uploaded aswell??? :x14:

  38. floond says: links are dead. What is the password for the backup links?

  39. soundarkitekt says:

    Hi, are the backup links still working? is there a password somewhere?

    cheers! :x28:

  40. Cali Reign says:

    Thanks for the reup. My bad for commentin on the EWQL Platinum Orch askin for a reup when the backup links were still workin. Finally finished all 71 parts few minutes ago. Thanks ago.

  41. floond says:

    Thanks so much, Zion!

  42. FellIVTheFake says:

    Keygen only for word builder? its not working for me :(

  43. FellIVTheFake says:

    i found my old keygen for EWQL symphonic orchestra and it worked… :shock:

  44. FellIVTheFake says:

    Nvm. i miss be missing somthing. :sad:

  45. skydrow666 says:

    pls I need the password , of backup links !

  46. bsykes says:

    Any chance of a reupload of the extabit links? Part 2 and 26 arent available any longer

  47. harbinger says:

    hey ZiON! any chance of a re-up for the putlocker links? also what is the password?

  48. Fosforito says:

    I support hardbinger re-up request of putlocker links :x19:
    Thx zion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. welle says:

    Please Re-Up !!! :smile:

    Need that too… :x6:

  50. Buckmanz2k13 says:

    i tryed so many time to install these stuff but

    aint work

    they says always Sum files r missing and stuff

    can u fix that plz??


  51. royerlow says:

    Hi please send me the password I need to download and putlocker thanks for all you do. :cool:

  52. Anna says:

    Any chance for reupload? :x43:

  53. peregriino says:

    :x14: many many thanks

  54. probo says:

    hey can i have the password to the .RER thanks :x19: :x19: :x19: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24:

  55. peregriino says:

    :x1: thanks for the great effort :D

  56. mc77412 says:

    Thanks a lot, it seems a great choirs sample!

  57. pandora says:

    hi zion, look like putlocker link is offline
    can u please reup :D

  58. jesuschristo says:

    you could upload them to putlocker, I would appreciate it , the links on putlocker work excellent :x19: tanks zion

  59. Dino33 says:

    Which is the password for the backup links?

  60. Dino33 says:

    Who would like to share the Updates with me? (I cannot get them here)

  61. whyme says:

    update links don’t work.. :(

  62. pejotapeve says:

    This is the Kompact (with *.nks libraries) edition.
    This version is not PLAY Edition, so, this doesn’t work in Snow Leopard :wink:
    Even with Rosetta installed, Kompakt can’t work, unless the 1.09 update is installed (which I don’t have).

  63. pejotapeve says:

    Got the Kompakt 1.0.9 update.
    Doesn’t work either. :x18:
    We must wait for PLAY Edition. Is there a chance we can get it? :x19:
    (or turn back to Tiger 10.4 times… :x24:

  64. toumegastar says:

    Where do I find the keygen for the installer?

  65. oscant says:

    Hi Zion, please putlocker links are out… you can reload those links please????? :cry:

  66. melomano63 says:

    Wonderful,wonderful :grin:

  67. jesuschristo says:

    zionnnn putlocker please bro :x19:

  68. oscant says:

    Hi ZION, i think that you have a pass for the back up links? :evil: :evil: :x7:

  69. oscant says:

    I just did my comment, but i don’t understand why the password don’t appear?

  70. oscant says:

    Ok man, thanks. I just did it. :x10:

  71. musdech says:

    Thanks, this is great

  72. sajidsadat says:

    zion in a great need of this..can u reupload the links brother :x35:

  73. eddyabel says:

    can u reupload the links brother East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs please :x32: :x32: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19:

  74. eddyabel says:

    can u reupload the links brother East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs please please


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