Studiolinkedvst Products Collection VSTi/KONTAKT/Win/Mac |  60 GB

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Collection of 24 products by Studiolinkedvst. Studiolinkedvst are #1 in providing Urban music production sound libraries and virtual instruments. Check the list to find which one you missed.


StudioLinkedVST - Hip Hop Brass XL Workstation For PC/MAC
StudioLinkedVST - BadAss Fx Workstation For PC/MAC VST-DISCOVER
StudioLinkedVST - Modern Drums Workstation MAC/PC-VST-DISCOVER
StudiolinkedVST - Urban Synth Lab KONTAKT
StudioLinkedVST - Urban Groove Machine KONTAKT-DISCOVER
StudioLinkedVST - Pure Modern RnB KONTAKT-DISCOVER
StudioLinkedVST - Urban Chord Lab KONTAKT-DISCOVER
StudioLinkedVST - Crank VST For PC 32/64Bit VST/AU-DISCOVER
Studiolinkedvst - Swurve Collection KONTAKT
Studiolinkedvst - Trap Boom Workstation VSTi x86
Studiolinkedvst - Platinum Hit Workstation VSTi x86
Studiolinkedvst - Maybach Empire (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst - Hip-Hop Brass (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst - Ultimate Leads (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst - Platinum Hit 2 (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst – Platinum Hit 3 (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst – Trap Bang (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst – Modern Billboard (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst – Modern Billboard 2 (KONTAKT)
Studiolinkedvst – Hip-Hop Beast (KONTAKT)


Installing Studiolinkedvst Workstations on Mac & PC

How to Quick Load Studiolinkedvst kontakt Libraries (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)


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  1. itsuka says:

    big thx zion ^^

  2. djferk_5ct says:

    PAZ.Platinum.Hit.3.rar duplicate

  3. jayden21 says:

    for hip hop brass, maybach empire and trapboom its telling me the password is incorrect.

  4. jayden21 says:

    Is there any instructions on how to download and extract these files I’m kinda new to this.

  5. jayden21 says:

    @zion i already signed up with the premium package, I need this for mac so I can make more shit music. Lol, hehe

  6. jayden21 says:

    Thanks but the only thing is that this isn’t for Mac

  7. JML_9977 says:

    Error code 334 using “unrar”
    Bad password or corrupt file (CRC failed), try again

    this is the error I get using 3 different extraction types…

  8. toljazn says:

    It must be hard to get more of their’s I have been looking everywhere this is the biggest collection I have seen. I have most of these I need a couple more that are not here though.

  9. Vic87 says:

    I don’t know what to say, I appreciate your hard work so much. I will never sell my music using cracked software, But seeing as I do it for fun and can’t afford this I don’t feel bad, Bought a premium and got this collection! its sweet, thank you so much! :x8:

  10. farin22 says: not working anymore i got all maybach empire parts but i cant get the website to go

    through to download part 9 i would get a premium but im low on money please help

  11. mogoes49 says:

    thank you zion so much :x2: :x2:

  12. markodraganic says:

    Can you plz reup putlocker links?

  13. ZiON says:

    All links updated enjoy now guys and gls, :mad: :evil: :oops: :x5:

  14. markodraganic says:

    zion main page doesn’t work

  15. markodraganic says:


  16. Para Cheng says:

    U are awesome guys!

  17. MR BIG says:

    There is No AU Plugin in the Crank Folder Crank VST For PC 32/64Bit VST/AU-DISCOVER

    Just letting you know

  18. MR BIG says:

    Will You Be Adding 808 SUPER SUB HipHop Kontakt Version

  19. Trapz yo says:

    Big Thank You Zion studiolinkedvst EDM AnD Refx nexus orginal update 2.3.2 .2.3.4 2.4.1 .2.5.2 :x44: :x23: :x21: :x21: :x21:

  20. PAZLover says:

    Oh no, all UL-Links (UL-Folder) down!

  21. sant_3w says:

    :cry: :cry: :cry: im stuck on part24 putlocker because they r all down now … ZiON reupload please ???

  22. ale2003aym says:

    uploaded don´t work.Links are dead. :cry: :cry: :cry:
    Thank you Zion.

    all programs that you upload are amazing, and meet the needs of all musicians.
    I’m grateful 1000000 times
    :x6: :x6: :x6:

  23. dwaynemagic911 says:

    ultimate leads putlocker link is down
    could you reup please?

    and also is it possible for you to get this Studiolinked vst collection ?

    they also have another program called 808

  24. SUPERSUKEBE says:

    May I please have the PW for these links I would to get them before they are dead….

    Thanks Mate

  25. 97 Frenne says:

    Hello Zion,
    me too I want download uploaded link before they are down :x26: :x19:
    thanks for this package

  26. betodepaz says:

    Hello Zion, Do you have the pass, please :x19:

  27. dwaynemagic911 says:

    your missing studiolinkedvst 808 & edm zion ^_^

    you should get them man!

    Your the best!

  28. betodepaz says:

    Dear Zion…

    the pasword of links do not work, May I please have the Password for these links??

    Thanks!!! Great job.


  29. franknitty69 says:

    all uploaded folders are empty. the hidden one, backup and trusted users.

  30. jayden21 says:

    Hello, all the links are dead

  31. jayden21 says:

    The password don’t work

  32. dwaynemagic911 says:


    ALSO 808 & EDM

  33. jayminho says:

    I HAVE ALL , INCLUDING 808 and EDM (which are not available here)

    i am willing to exchange them for MODERN GUITARS (the only one i dont have) or.. a GROUP BUY for MODERN GUITARS!!!

    anyone interested contact me

  34. jonnytracker says:

    Urban chord lab has GUI error.. does not display interface.. its all mess up

  35. mrwilsonmusic says:


    The link is not valid anymore. could you please re upload this safelink?


  36. Beez says:

    there to he a person who could tell me or put modern drums & hip-hop brass Xl on mac?


  37. mrwilsonmusic says:

    hi zion,

    The first safedlinked is not working anymore. it is giving a bad request when trying to download.

  38. Terekere says:

    Hey Zion, the Hip Hop Beast Part4 is no there in safelinking, please reup the part4 of this Hip Hop Beast.
    Thanx lol.

  39. mogoes49 says:

    hello again please reup this please in uploaded links please


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