Spitfire Audio BML308 Mural Strings Vol 1 KONTAKT-AUDiOMANiAC

AUDiOMANiAC | 18 February 2014 | 31.34 GB


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Spitfire Audio BML308 Mural Strings Vol 1 KONTAKT-AUDiOMANiAC

After the masterful simplicity of the Albion – epic ‘out-of-the-box’ orchestral ensembles and the finely crafted detail and beauty of the Sable chamber string range, Spitfire at last are creating the ultimate symphonic-sized detailed string collection as part of their comprehensive British Modular Range. Spitfire’s long term project to create the greatest sounding, deepest sampled and ultimately future proofed living orchestral virtual instruments collection on the planet today.

As with Spitfire’s entire BML range, Mural features the best musicians working in London today playing rarefied and priceless instruments. The English Session Orchestra comprise the finest session musicians on the London scene, all of whom have played on the majority of A-list movies recorded here – a healthy mix of seasoned session players interspersed with international soloists, high-profile chamber musicians and emerging young talent. Recorded by Jake Jackson at Air Studios, one of the finest recording studios in the world and host to film scores including Gladiator, Inception, The Batman Tryptic, Harry Potter, James Bond and countless top selling classical recordings, Mural has been recorded through a selection of rarefied microphones, via Neve Montserrat pre-amps, through the world’s largest Neve 88R desk onto a finely maintained Studer 2″ tape machine (the only orchestral library on the market to be recorded first to tape) and finally to 96k 24 bit digital via high end Prism AD converters.

All the players are recorded in situ and mixed carefully with the correct perspective and placing so that they lock together which each and every BML module as if they were all in the same room together when recording. This means that when you start putting sections together it simply works. No mixing, panning, or careful manipulation of reverbs is required to create ultra realistic true sounding mockups, demos and masters. It is designed for ease of use and instant satisfaction with numerous mic positions and essential Jake Jackson mixes to give you options to change the character of the recording, and apply the Mural sound to any number of applications.

Mural offers a grand 60 piece string band (16,14,12,10,8) but is recorded and performed in such a way as to provide you with ultimate detail. It is not an epic dirgy s
ludge of trailer-making strings. It is pure in its detail and beauty and is designed to encourage and inspire you to write better orchestral music for your canon.

Mural also features many scripting and sampling innovations developed when producing our seminal Sable range and comes with the full feature set and intuitive GUI developed for the whole of the BML range. As you would expect with BML, Mural will feature a comprehensive selection of microphone perspectives and labour saving Jake Jackson mixes. Mural also has some additional expression features including intensity, tightness and control of release triggers to give even more human elements and a further ability to tweak.

Volume #1 Essential Articulations.
As working award-winning composers the collective that is Spitfire Audio know and understand what it takes to make world-class film, TV and games music. Mural #1 is a carefully curated selection of essential articulations from the entire Mural band to give you everything

you would need to compose great music for a symphonic string section.

Recorded deeply with up to 8 round robins and numerous dynamic layers and controls including vibrato and intelligent legato switching. Each section in BML Mural Volume 1 features some or all of the following articulations.

V1 (16 players), V2 (14 players), Va (12 players), VC (10 players),CB (8 players).
Longs nonvib
Longs vib
Legato Fingered
Longs Con Sordino nonvib
Longs Con Sordino vib
Longs Harmonics
Longs Flautando
Longs Tremolando
Longs Sul Ponticello
Bartok Pizz
Col Legno



33.5 GB of lossless compressed data (main microphones initial release only) available for download only.


Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

home page:


ul.to (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)




































3% recovery record


  1. pc says:

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    Super Zion is sharing a new Great Stuff Thank you ZIon you Are our HERO :x6:
    Waiting for Ryushare… :wink:

  3. diorama says:


    do u post the uplodead links soon ????? :x9: :x29: :x9:
    :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20:
    miam miam

  4. rubber says:

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  6. musdech says:

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  7. PsychatoR says:

    wow u made it zion. super congrats :) will it be on firedrive?
    u should maybe put a password for links especially for us. to avoid those who make your links die. poor u. :S

  8. screetch says:


    Can’t believe what I’m seeing right now!!!
    Here we are! Let’s start the party!

    Spitfire BML kicks ass and Zion RULES.
    Long life to PAZ.

  9. Sohill says:


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  10. pc says:

    sth wrong wih safelinking or must wait cause still uploading?

  11. sam says:

    Shit man shit!!!

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    Just 2 more days and I will have broadband 60mb…
    ZiON how are you right now bro? Could you plz recommend which premium from the above three shall I buy to help the site? Which of them is more faster and reliable?

    • ZiON says:

      both rapidgator and uploaded are great, but the difference uploaded is great in speed also rg but rapidgator links last longer than uploaded. but i still prefer uploaded, but as you are member of PAZ you will get private links of uploaded in every post i think.

      • sam says:

        Just one more day and I will buy the premium account bro… :x1:
        I have waited one whole year to finish the bloody internet provider that I have now because they didn’t let me download from here. I had to go to my cousins to use their internet but only smaller downloads :sad:
        Now am freeeeeee from tomorrow so keep ‘em comin comrad :twisted: :twisted:

  12. arthurr says:

    SIMPLY TOO AWESOME BRO!!! THANK U SO MUCH!!!! :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40:

  13. newoarrab says:

    Thanks Sion love you, really thank you very much, I thought about buying this group purchase, but you’re giving it for free, thanks teacher

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  15. PThound says:

    Uploaded Files are all down. :(

  16. gmpos says:

    The RAPIDSHARE links just got busted.
    Could you please re-upload them.

  17. noelia says:

    Thank you! but has not had time. (No longer upload links work: :x32:

  18. ransem says:

    Great upload! thank you!!! I think the uploaded links are down tho now? I’m super closed to finishing downlaod!

  19. mayberry says:

    shoot!!! already pulled from firedrive! I got close but still a few parts to go. If you can re-up them Zion, it would be great. Thanks, and I hope your health is doing o.k. Get some rest my friend.:x28:

  20. pc says:

    I’ve tried many times with JDownloader but can’t find anything in safelinking. Am I doing sth wrong? :x15:

  21. oldschool says:

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    unfortunately down already :x32:

  22. stoblaz says:

    where are rhe safe links ? :cry:

  23. ViP ZeNDA says:

    Relax guys Spitfire Team they are doing their job

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    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  24. toshfox says:

    grrrrr i had started to dl yesterday, but it was so late , i said ” ok i download the other files tomorrow”
    i shoudn’t have waited, firedrive links already deleted :'(

    thank u anyway !

  25. mayberry says:

    thank you for fixing our missing links :) You’re the best man!

  26. xavid says:

    I think Spitfire has a new department called “research & study for anti-Zion counter measures”. Just I paste the first link to download and Kaput! :x34:

    • ZiON says:

      lol but i see every links is online

      Last checked
      12:19 AM

      • pc says:

        how come? I write captcha and no link appears onmy Jdownloader contrary to upload which is normal :x35:

        • IntroNinja says:

          I recommend you use jdownloader 2 beta, also with jodownloader & JD2 beta just click the ADD New Links Tab, copy the link enter the captcha and the links will appear instantly lately they both have been givin trouble so what i have been doing is entering the captcha in the browser open the link copy the main download link and add it in JD2 andif it still doesn’t find it it will ask if you want to do a deep scan to find links click yes and the links will appear..Hope this helps :x28:
          Sorry guys been away for sometime really working on my career and family even though i really want to be here lol..much love :x14: :x14: :x9: :x9: :x19: :x23: :x21: :x26:

          • ViP ZeNDA says:

            @ IntroNinja

            welcome back, hope you are well and that we were worried about you many days without knowing anything

            :x27: :x27: :x27: :x27:

            :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28:


          • ZiON says:

            Much respect to you bru god be with you in real life :) welcome back to your home :)

          • IntroNinja says:

            Life has me buy the nuts right now lol, so i have been very busy, i missed the good ole times spamming this site with helping comments lol i shall return :evil: :grin: :oops: :roll: :x7: :x6:

          • ZiON says:

            lol yes it’s your home you are leader of KONTAKT here.

          • pc says:

            I wanted to copy direct download link but whenever I ski[p the add i add.fly it doesn’t direct me to the source but opens another add.fly page. I turned off the addblock and nothing happens. What the f**** ? :x22:

      • IntroNinja says:

        I see you got it working, sometimes adfly(i should say most times lol)gives redirects and it’s real annoying.
        Thanks VIP & Zion I missed this place(MY HOME) now i got a cottage a wife, kids..okay too far lmfao but times i’m around the net spreading Kontakt knowledge to those in need, and i see you guys around but there’s not a day go buy as i view this site whenever i have internet access, maybe i should stay away this place is too addicting..May need Warez AA meetings :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7:

  27. Cratertempus says:

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    :'( Plz Zion fix them plz, thanks ;)

  28. [email protected] says:

    uploaded is broken…..

  29. PThound says:

    Still down ZION. :(

  30. zepher says:

    Winrar asks me for some overwriting files. :x13:
    there are some duplicated files like this
    same size, same name :x12:
    between the two files, the only difference is upper case “V” and lower case “v”.
    can i just overwrite those files?
    I hope there is no problem with this library, even if they were overwritten. :x19:

  31. xavid says:

    Links are “alive” in Firedrive… :x24:

  32. pc says:

    ‘ve tried Chrome browser instead of Mozilla and it redirected me to safelinking. there I typed captcha and it showed the link which I entered and firedrive page appeared. then I copied the address of the firedrive website to my JD 2 Beta which started deep searching and then at last the links showed up to download. Try that! :x28:

  33. FatBastard007 says:

    Uploaded is DOWN.

  34. diecerose says:

    :x19: :x19: :x19: Hi Zion. Please reup upload.net files!!!

  35. oxidius says:

    It sounds awsome, thanks ZiON!

    But am I the only one having weird response from legato patches? It seems like the legato transitions are way quieter than the longs, making it sound very bad compared to other spitfire legato patches.

  36. alkor says:

    Wouahooooooo!!!!! :x1:

  37. infinitusCR says:

    Amazing ZiON!!!!

    :x28: :x28: :x28:

    Thanx so much!!!

  38. sayhey1983 says:

    the reason the legato sounds weird is because there is no Glissando, if you lower the speed in sable 123 you get the slide but not with this version of the library. I was bummed as well because the quality of the samples are amazing. it’s just going to require layering with other libraries that have great Glissando like LASS…. Does anyone have the nicnt or wallpaper for this? This one is a keeper! Great share!!!

  39. FellIVTheFake says:

    ryushare is down i was so close…:(

  40. FellIVTheFake says:

    please ignore my dumb ass zion :grin:

  41. Zack__1987 says:

    Firedrive folders are empty =(

  42. sSatangeL says:

    Hey bro .. im on uploaded account .. but all links is offline .. can u reup plz .. thx you very much for all this .. ur a great man robbin wood :x8: :x26: :x31:

    • ZiON says:

      welcome but i am really tired from shit of everyone telling me links are down without seeing the full post at the end of post there is online links damn. it is with bold and red text can’t you see it.

      best regards

      • PsychatoR says:

        hi zion, satangel is my friend that i introduced here, a childhood friend from very long time. i know him in real life.
        he’s not very good with english language, worst than me, he’s a canadian french (quebecer) like me.
        there had been a misunderstood for both side of you. both of u were right.
        we found the problem.
        we were on phone.
        he see all the post here. except the backup links in red lol
        while i see the backup links red.
        and he showed me a screenshot of it.
        and i confirm we all see the backup links reds but not him lol
        he saw it one time only and can’t see them anymore lol
        whatever he still had time to took them.
        maybe its a cookies problem or his windows 7 is maybe corrupted due to viruses.
        sorry for this misunderstood.
        still BIG ty dude :) hope your health is going better :)

  43. sSatangeL says:

    Thx you for the backup daddy :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1:

  44. noelia says:

    Zion, no tengo palabras :) Eres lo más grande!! gracias! :x40

    Zion, I have no words :) You’re the greatest! thank you! : :x40:

  45. gruzina says:

    Z!ON as always rock the block with the best stuff !

    I’ve been wondering what happend to putlocker ?
    it was the best ever …
    the new rapid links are so slow and quite in the middle of the DL everytime ….
    will it be possible to bring back Putlocker?
    thanks any way for the effort Z!ON ! your the best

    • ZiON says:

      they changed everything i think firedrive have good speed like putlocker

      putlocker changed to firedrive but still good speed

      • PsychatoR says:

        from here firedrive is exactly the same download as putlocker. but not the same website.

        by downloading multiple files at same time, (9 files as example) with jdownloader,
        putlocker files was stopping at start (around 1MB), have to resume them all.
        and they all stop once or two, even three, during full download.
        and when a file is complete, all other files downloading stop.
        have to resume again.
        a chance the resume working here lol.

        firedrive acting exactly the same way with jdownloader.

        maybe its jd or its exactly the same thing as putlocker.
        they wanted just to change the domain name for x reason and the website.

        and for you’re irc question.
        quickly like that. yes it is dangerous.
        i dont know if its like before but. irc was a big plateform for hackerz and viruses.
        i would not recommended it. its too easy to see our ips, too many glitches.
        but maybe on some servers, its changed. and more secure. im really not up to date for about 10 years ago.
        maybe i should check a lil for u if u want.

          • PsychatoR says:

            ok i just checked, after 8 years not going on irc .. i saw the leader of my old hacker crew.
            strangely, him too it was 8 years he didnt go on irc.
            he got caught. took 4years in jail.

            i made a quick tour on some servers and it still same shit.
            automatically we join an irc server, we see our ip. and it make our computer open for all. fuck that lol
            i think there’s other way to make a chat on a website. more secure. like here :

            but i dont know how they did that.

          • ZiON says:

            great i have another way too :) simple i am trying it :)

          • PsychatoR says:

            is it normal there’s no reply function on your last comment ?

          • ZiON says:

            lol it’s just a bug i saw it now damn, everything will be fixed on the new PAZ Designe : flat modern and fast loading design, simple, plain and straight to the point, easy to navigate :)

          • PsychatoR says:

            cool :)

  46. gruzina says:

    got it …
    for me it works not so good ….
    but I will manage to DL it all :)

  47. sam says:

    Hey ZiON, as I promised, to help the site, to help myself too I bought uploaded premium as you suggested :neutral:
    Got broadband too just today and now UPPPPP FORRRR MUUUU—-RALLLL :mad: :mad: :mad:
    :x5: :x1: :x7: :x7:

    • ZiON says:

      welcome to PREMIUM Familly of PAZ :)

      • PsychatoR says:

        sorry its again me lol
        satangel my friend bought for 1rst time premium uploaded since about 1 week ago but,
        he can’t reach more than 1MB/speed per files on jdownloader.
        he bought a 15MB/speed connexion for that.
        is there a trick to make it faster?

        also often when he try to resume. it say “waiting 3 hours” or something about ip.
        strange lol whatever .. sorry to take a lil of your time.
        go relax a lil now lol :P

  48. diorama says:

    Amazing sounds… :x14:

    thanx :x8:

  49. IntroNinja says:

    Spitfire Mural Strings .nicnt & Wallpaper

    Your Choice, both included, just change the one you like best to “wallpaper.png”
    Download Link
    Enjoy!! :x26:

  50. sam says:

    Well, well, well..
    All I can say is we cannot imagine what we are getting for a small amount of money or free. I have never experienced this ever that I downloaded 32 gb in 2, 3 hours but who made this possible??? I encourage and insist you guys to buy a premium account to help ZiON continue this helpful site. Participate in group buys if you like. You don’t know what brilliant job ZiON is doing. Thank him. At least he deserves prayers for a better health. Thank you ZiON for all what you are doing. Support and prayers are with you. God bless!

  51. patrick3 says:

    un grand merci :x9:
    bonne santé

  52. takitoyotomi says:

    Hi Zion,

    Backup links for uploaded are down :( Found that my part 5 was not downloaded fully…any chance of getting just that part?

    Thanks for all that you do!!

  53. arthurr says:

    bro the problem is he has too many “max connections” & jdownloader one would discpnnect. I’ve had this problem before too & had to sit there to monitor it…. that is UNTIL i switched to jdownloader 2 beta. tell him to do that & problem solved xD

  54. sam says:

    Do this; it should be done properly,
    1. Open jdownloader
    2. Click on the tab ‘Premium’
    3. Now you see Host 0-9, Host a-j, Host k-t, Host u-z. Mouse over to Host u-z. You will find too many hosts starting from alphabets ‘u’ to ‘z’.
    4. Find uploaded.to and NOT uploaded.net. This is important otherwise nothing will happen.
    5. Click on uploaded.to. A box will appear asking your id and password. Fill in with the id and password provided by the site (or whatever password if you have changed it).
    6. Click ok. Done!!! :)

  55. takitoyotomi says:

    Thank…will try your advice…appreciate the info…you guys are awesome! :grin:

  56. CaeruleusLuxDraconem says:

    Thank you ZiON for yet another great release!

    I already made a track using this beauty, along with some other Spitfire libraries; https://soundcloud.com/dustcrow/always-war Enjoy!


  57. voicelab says:

    Rapidshare.. muestra 2 enlaces a 2 foder vacias “This folder is empty” :x13:

  58. student says:

    Guys… Sustain Pedal Never Hold Note in this Library … any advice How to Do it
    T H X to All :x19:

  59. SkaterDude says:

    Is it me or is uploaded premium slow these last few days? It is going at the same speed as non-premium download (100kb/s).

  60. proaudiozoner says:

    seems just rapidgator is on now :(

  61. newoarrab says:

    links Firedrive backup (empty folder) Please reupload, it takes me forever to download, I’m from South America (Peru) and the internet connection is slow and really appreciate your work here, Thanks Sion

  62. frenchie says:

    Hi Zion, great job man…. Sorry to bother you with a newbie question but I have a quick question : I’ve downloaded the whole rapidgator 33 files, but when I try to expand them it says something like “error… The archive is damaged…”. What does it mean ? I thought maybe it means I don’t have the full files but it seems I do have them….?

  63. Jdiggity1 says:

    Rapidgator part.30 is down.

  64. Charliesanto says:

    Hi Zion, Can you re-up the uploadable.ch version please ?
    Thank you for all your upload, you’re really the best !!

  65. Sonelk says:

    Hola Sion. safelinking dice que la Carpeta esta vacía, puedes volver a postearlo. Mil gracias. :x19: :x21: :x19: :x21:

  66. R.Y.P says:

    hello zion, looks like the filedrive is down again, after last update at 9 march, it says empty, can u reuplod please ? :x19:

    a lot of thanks :x9:

  67. Sonelk says:

    Hola Sion. safelinking dados de Me Carpeta this Vacía, PUEDES volver a postearlo. .mi internet es bastante lento y solo logre descargar diez partes de esta librería, que bueno poder tenerla completa. Mil gracias.
    : X19: : X19:

  68. tachan says:

    safelinking and backup files are dead…

    Waiting resurection…


  69. tachan says:

    All safelinking and backup files are dead…

    Please Re-UP

  70. tachan says:


    I am crying

  71. tachan says:

    This folder is empty :(


  72. tachan says:

    Mural Vol 2 is out. :x28:

    Re up Vol 1 ????? :x23:

    Firedrive please… :x19:


  73. Sonelk says:

    Saludos Maestro. :x19: Firedrive please :x19:

  74. melomano63 says:

    Please re up the safelink folder, thanks Zion

  75. melomano63 says:

    No entiendo porque salen en los enlaces de putlocker las carpetas vacias, ayuda por favor Zion.

  76. melomano63 says:

    Perdon en los enlaces de safelink.

  77. Sonelk says:

    Saludos Maestro. : X19:Firedrive por favor: X19:

  78. tachan says:

    La esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde, queridos amigos…

  79. melomano63 says:

    Zion el enlace de safelink sigue mostrando una carpeta vacia, que es lo que ocurre?

  80. melomano63 says:

    Zion, los enlaces de safelink sigue apapreciendo la carpeta vacia, por favor podrias reparar el problema? gracias por tu trabajo que es excelente.

  81. tachan says:

    Firedrive part 30 and part 32 ???? :x35:

  82. Sonelk says:

    Maestro aprecio su trabajo!!!! puede subir las partes 30 y 32? éxitos. : Triste:

  83. wpdlatm says:

    Firedrive 30,32rar files please.

  84. tachan says:

    Not contain instruments.
    Only samples.
    Can someone provide only the instruments.
    Thank you…

  85. Sonelk says:

    Por favor Sion Firedrive parte 30 y parte 32. : Triste:

  86. Lukehh says:

    Hi ZION..Is it somehow possible to upload the missing files .r30 + r.32 to firedrive or any other sharehoster where also free users can dowbload them. At the moment its only possible to doenload fro rapidgator with premium account. Would be nice! Greetz Luke

  87. Sonelk says:

    la esperanza se desvanece y la tristeza me embarga… mi internet es bastante lento, descargar 31 partes y quedarme en el intento es muy triste. Sion por favor las otras partes que faltan y una y mil veces gracias. : X21:

  88. RightGuardProtection says:

    Got this via torrents but had problems with it so, thanks for the reup +1 :x26:

  89. RightGuardProtection says:

    Just to echo what has been already written above about missing files and options of other hosters. If uploading to firedrive has its bad days then try:



    \472.part31.rar: Checksum error in Spitfire Audio BML308 Mural Strings Vol 1 KONTAKT-AUDiOMANiAC\Samples\Samples main mics\Violin 2\Non Vib\mf\mural_V2_longs_nonvib_mf_RR2_a_D#5.ncw. The file is corrupt
    \472.part33.rar: Checksum error in Spitfire Audio BML308 Mural Strings Vol 1 KONTAKT-AUDiOMANiAC\Samples\Samples main mics\Violin 2\Vib\mf\MURAL_V2_longs_vib_mf_RR2_l_A2.ncw. The file is corrupt


    Thanks :x40:

  90. RightGuardProtection says:

    Spitfire Audio Mural Strings Documentation Instruments Wallpaper

    As posted above – the usual password applies

  91. Sonelk says:

    Saludos Maestro sion, no logro encontrar las partes 30 y 32, por favor las puedes subir? bendiciones. : X19:

  92. SkaterDude says:

    Hello can someone who has RG premium download parts 30 and 32 and upload to firedrive, then post links in comments? Thanks.

  93. RightGuardProtection says:

    Please delete first set of links for parts 30 and 32 and replace the post with the following post that has correct links.

  94. Sonelk says:

    Soy unos genios!!! los amo Gracias!!! : X14:

  95. djroven says:

    Hi Zenda,,, Rapid part 20 is now missing! thanks!

  96. djroven says:

    Hey Zion,,, rapidgator link 20 is missing? any chance to fix that? :grin:

  97. djroven says:

    Anyone else have problems adding library? Instead of working,, It just messes up another library called REV that I have…

  98. RightGuardProtection says:

    Option 1
    This method is used to view your Codes

    Use any text editor that can search many text files, for me i used Notepad++ 6.6.3 for windows

    open Notepad++
    go to your service center folder
    Select all your xml’s and drag them into notepad++ (wait for it to load them all)
    Click the Search Tab
    Click Find
    Now in the “Find What” Box Type:
    Click the “Find All IN All Opened Documents” Tab
    A window will pop up with all your goodies, grab the top part & move it up to fullscreen, to close there’s a little x button on the right top corner

    Extra Info:
    Now what you can do now is:
    right-click, then click select all
    right-click, then click copy
    click the file tab (that’s on top)
    Click new
    Paste the result
    Save it

    Your welcome
    Thank me later

    Option 2
    This method is used when you want to add a .nicnt but don’t want it to clash with other ones

    open Notepad++
    go to your service center folder
    Select all your xml’s and drag them into notepad++ (wait for it to load them all)
    Click the Search Tab
    Click Find
    Now in the “Find What” Box Type: New letters & numbers you will use Example like “dc12″
    Click the “Find All IN All Opened Documents” Tab
    Two things will either happen:
    one, A window will pop up below and say “Search “dc12″ (0 hits in 0 files)”(this means no other .nicnts is using it, and you can use it on your new .nicnt)

    Two, the search window will close, A window will pop up below and say Search “dc12″ (1 hit in 1 files)”( this means that combination is in use by another .nicnt use another combination like “cd12″)

    Your welcome
    Thank me later

    Option 3
    This method is for registry k2lib codes when creating custom libraries codes
    open Notepad++
    go to your registry, head to these locations
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Content

    right-click the content folder, and press export
    Name it & save it to your desktop (i named it Kontakt k2lib codes)
    Close the registry
    Head to your desktop
    right-click the .reg file and click Edit With Notepad++
    Click the Search Tab
    Click Find
    Now in the “Find What” Box Type: New K2lib code you will use Example like “K2lib0909″
    Click the “Count” Tab
    It will either say:
    Count: 1 Matches (this means it’s in use)
    Count: 0 Matches (this means free to use)

    Your welcome
    Thank me later
    MAC users can use Wine and load Notepad++
    or you can use an MAC app like TextWrangler
    for the same results(i never used it but based on the info it works just as notepad++)

    Props goes to olymoon and Introninja for adding to it.

  99. Kanadeva Creations says:

    Please re-up the following SPITFIRE AUDIO libraries on RAPIDGATOR: Albion 1, Mura1, Sable 1/2/3, Grand Piano. Thank you.

  100. Kanadeva Creations says:

    RAR-Parts 5, 14, 15 and 20 are offline on RAPIDGATOR. Please re-up those parts or the complete library.

  101. bigolibagoli says:


    somebody could help…?
    RAR-Parts 5, 14, 15 and 20 are offline on RAPIDGATOR…



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