Spitfire Audio LLP BML Sable Strings FULL v.1.1 KONTAKT | 79.6 GB

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After the delights of enormous string libraries, providing broad brush stroke approaches to writing, which have characterised recent film, gaming and TV music to some extent, Spitfire are at last proud to present a new set of brushes. The finest of sable brushes if you will, to provide you with the tools you need to write detailed and focussed string parts that have a personality and style that represents your personality, that expresses your creative will and provides you with fresh pastures of experimentation.

Hot on the heels of its much-admired Albion orchestral collections comes Spitfire Audio’s Sable String Vol. 1 – a set of string sounds designed to aid the writing and production of more focussed violin and cello parts.

Music makers want many different things from string libraries. Pop producers tend to crave broad, sweeping articulations to lend greater authenticity to their pad-like writing while film and TV composers need a vibrant palette of string ‘colours’ when scoring to picture. In recent years, British orchestral library developer Spitfire Audio has steadily amassed a set of orchestral collections appealing to both camps; its Albion libraries has provided a striking balance between a great sound and a set of rather easy to use articulations.

Considering these their ‘broad brush strokes’, Spitfire have returned with what will soon become a new series of titles called the British Modular Library. These will provide finely detailed and focused sounds, with the first out of the starting block being the appropriately titled Sable Strings Vol.1.



Part of a new, long-term project entitled THE BRITISH MODULAR LIBRARY providing composers with the ability to add fine detail, musical expression, beauty and focus to their work. To write music that musicians love to play and to get the most out of smaller ensembles and the wealth of timbral colour and character they can add to any project. After many years of development experience Spitfire will present this library with a user interface and set of features unprecedented in any library to date. With 7 mic positions, recorded at 96k through vintage valve and ribbon mics to tape through Neve premaps and Prism convertors, and presented at 48k, 24bit in Kontakt format, and additionally three extremely useful ‘mixed’ versions presented in Stereo and 5.1 Surround.

  1. “The Sable Strings mission is to provide a detailed, almost concentrated string sound”

Sable is presented in modular volumes and consists of the finest players London has to offer, playing in the hall at Air Studios, regarded as one of the greatest scoring stages in the world.

The Sable band is 4 x 1st Violins, 3 x 2nd Violins (totally different players seated in their correct positions), 3 x Violas, 3 x Cellos and 3 x Contrabasses.

SABLE 1 Features “essential articulations” for the 1st violins and cellos. A deep and detailed articulation list that will provide you with everything you need to create the most amazing string parts. We feel that this module is a game-changer, the first time such a powerful tool can operate within your palette that doesn’t behave like a steam train of strings ploughing through your compositions obliterating everything in it’s path. With an Albion as a base unit, these sable brushes bring everything into sharp focus. But as a complete set, these will be a thing to behold. We hope sampled section strings will never sound the same again and usher in a new era of sophisticated and diverse string writing.



Downloadable in 4 packs: 1. (Close, Tree, Ambient, Outrigger Mics) 20 GB, 2. (Stereo Mixes) 8 GB, 3. (Gallery, Close Ribbon, Stereo Mics) 14 GB, (5.1 Mixes) 4. 18 GB = 60GB of lossless NCW compressed data. (PACK 1 & 2 AVAILABLE TO DL ON THE 11th FEB, PACKS 3&4 AVAILABLE AFTER INITIAL RUSH).



Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)


Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Price : 600 $

Some demos & Walk-through :


Homepage : (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)



3% recovery record


  1. ZiON says:

    Tell me about this guys :twisted:

  2. I think Im doomed. :evil: Thanks ZiON, you’re the BEST. PAZ is the BEST.

  3. pilgrim says:

    you are a legend BRO :shock: , thanks a million, i hope see more spitfire on PAZ :cool:

  4. OscarRomelPR says:

    :lol: NO ONE LIKE PAZ!!!
    YOU ARE THE ONE!!! :twisted:

  5. famouslut says:

    Hey, thanks a load for this, ZiON. At first I was liek :lol: and then I saw the size and was liek :shock:

  6. ZiON says:




    Than me saw you comment and :grin: :evil: :razz:

    Enjoy guys this great release, and free links from putlocker, just keep support this site with anything you can, if you appreciate it :cool:

  7. yukulele says:

    Just INCREDIBLE !!!!

    Man, you’re a wizard… :razz:

    THANXS a LOT !!! :grin:

  8. Paulo says:


  9. Student says:

    Zion you ARE SUPER MAN
    One question : Is this an Add to previous one you posted or this is a total Library include all editions
    T H X :grin:

  10. ZiON says:


    This is Full separated version bru it’s not same as previous one , This is full of strings :oops:Violins cello, with all around mic, and stereo. it’s totally different. :mrgreen:

  11. wizard says:

    hey ZION, Massive respect for your Holy work

  12. carramba says:

    Great share as always on PAZ. But with these BIG libs nowadays I must trash something else if I wanna try them.
    Anybody have advice on what Sable would best replace? Adagio? LASS? Cinematic Strings?
    And what will I do if Sable 2 comes along?
    mo strings, mo problems :grin:

  13. Dom says:

    Thanks for this one but could you reupload the


    Thanks a lot!
    You’re the best!!

  14. ZiON says:


    you have to try it first than you tell which lib will replace.


    will do that soon


  15. LargeMindz says:

    You already know…Bru U are the BEST!

  16. carramba says:

    @ZiON – Yeah, but my drives r packed full now with all the goodies u have given for us, so I must trash something just 2 make room for testing this

  17. JohnDoe says:

    Hi Zion, fantastic job
    the rapidshare links are all dead and some of uploaded also!
    Can you upload again?


  18. rainbow says:

    Hi Zion – AWESOME Share – thank you :smile: … question, the Rapidshare links are no longer available and my rars complained about the following three rar files being corrupt (see below – part45.rar, part51 and part54) thus question for you and/or others, any change these three individual rars can be re-upped ..??.. thanks again!

    CRC failed in the encrypted file\Sable Strings Vol 1.part45.rar (wrong password ?)
    CRC failed in the encrypted file\Sable Strings Vol 1.part51.rar (wrong password ?)
    CRC failed in the encrypted file\Sable Strings Vol 1.part54.rar (wrong password ?)

  19. morevents says:

    Hi Zion,

    I hope you are doing good,
    The part 08 is gone on the Ul 4Go list .
    Can you reload?

    Thanx for this great stuff.
    have a nice day

  20. Paulo says:

    safelinking files are down :((( please, zion, reupload them :cry:

  21. famouslut says:

    Thx 4 the ncit (+lib) files, ZiON. I xtracted the entire lib :sad: trying 2 find the missing parts!

    Good news, everyone… U don’t need all of the samples 2 use/test it. U can prolly get an idea from just the stereo smpls (8G). Of course, u do need about 80G free 2 xtract it… :cry: Maybe ZiON can ul just the stereo stuff as a taster?

  22. Paulo says:

    Also, would you be able to create a torrent? I think it would be easier.
    Thank you for all your work.

  23. benny says:

    putlocker seems to have been removed. all gone.

  24. Djinnn says:

    Awesome, Thanks Zion :evil:

  25. ZiON says:

    All of you guys bare with me it’s not just 1 gb library it’s 50 gb don’t worry i will reuplaod don’t WORRY, i work hard all time bare with me :roll: :sad:

  26. carramba says:

    @famouslut – THX 4 the tip about testing just the stereo part. I can use betterzip and extract only parts from rar archive – unless it’s double extraction??
    Next problem is just 2 be faster than Spitfire spies when linx r alive again :wink:

  27. JanineG says:

    Hi Zion,

    Brilliant u/l again. When your partners split last Christmas, I was afraid that would be the end of PAZ, but it looks better now than ever!

    I spend HOURS on your app and sample description pages every day, just listening and watching all the youtube and soundcloud descriptions you put up for each piece. You have the most beautiful site for audio stuff on the web, INCLUDING the “review” and magazine sites. It really is a pleasure to just go through the vids and music and play them while I’m doing other stuff.

    Anyway, thanks again for the new Spitfire library and thanks for all your wonderful hard work. It’s really true…at PAZ, the sky is the limit!

  28. jordihotmail says:

    Los links de este paquete están fuera de línea.
    (Chequeado por última vez 12/07/13 @ 20:35 PM GMT) :(

  29. ZiON says:


    no worries brother will be updated , just bare with me it’s 50 GB


  30. jay says:

    omg.. 50 GB…


  31. ZiON says:

    @jordihotmail & jay

  32. ZiON says:

    Hi Guys if you want to add this library to Kontakt from add library here is it the file download it

    :x26: :x14: :x20: :x27:

  33. rainbow says:

    @Zion – thanks for info about the rars not being corrupted but the download not having completed … i’ll keep my fingers crossed that new rars hit this scene at some point … also, have you ever thought about creating PAR files to go along with large rar collections ..??.. one newsgroup i used way back always had corresponding PAR files with rars that made it super easy to repair a corrupted download hence the question …

    on other notes (sorry pun slightly intended), ditto on what “JanineG” said above with your links to reviews and videos … i too greatly appreciate being able to read and watch what others say about certain programs and libraries … so double kudos for the extra love in posting supportive content that helps illustrate the ins and outs of the great stuff that makes the cut and appears here :cool:

  34. Emzziper says:

    WooOoOoW :shock: I Love You ZION :x1: :razz:

  35. ZiON says:

    :x37: :x46: :x27: :x23: :x22: :x40:

  36. Paulo says:

    If I’m able to complete my download soon, I’d be honored to share my spitfire percussion with you, Zion! I will be waiting for the rapidshare links! many thanks.

  37. ZiON says:


    Contact me + i already added putlocker links guy enjoy :x5:

  38. JanineG says:

    Zion wrote:

    “Hi Guys if you want to add this library to Kontakt from add library here is it the file download it

    LOL…….the Uploaded link is ALREADY dead, Zion! :x42:

    Is this library hot or what?? :x24:

    If you have to do a “request by email” like the “Swurve” stuff, could you please put me on the email list? Thanks!

  39. ZiON says:


    read comments i already posted it for other friend, here is it


  40. Emzziper says:

    OW..! :x36: I LOVE YOU AGAIN ZION !!! :x27: :x40: :x28:

  41. pinoekelchen says:

    You are such a freak…. Thank you very much…. you are always the best :x28:

    God bless ye :x28: (and, of course, your gale) :x40:

  42. JohnDoe says:

    Hey ZIon, is it possible to upload just the files ( i think the surround mics) for the people that already downloaded the 50 gb version ?

    Best, great work

  43. pu says:

    Howdy! and a THANK YOU larger than my momma’s ass! for the quick re-up of those putlocker links. You sure made my day, pal! Works just fine.

    If you ever happen to come across MBL Vol. 2 & 3 please don’t forget about unworthy schmocks like me :x19:

    …well the percussion lib mentioned a few posts above would actually be a treat, too. Guess, there’ll always be enough room on my plate for delicious PAZtuff :x20:

  44. quietnow says:

    May i have PW for old links pls?
    Thx again bro

  45. OscarRomelPR says:

    FULL version :x24:
    I love PAZ :x41:

  46. rimambaks says:

    thankyou uur th bestzz

  47. ZiON says:


    Also Surround mic pack you can just use it it self without downloading 80 GB

    :x1: :x4: :x3: :oops: :evil: :x6:

  48. Turnpikeman says:

    Hey Zion

    Any chance of Putlocker links for the full 80 gig version?

  49. MetalG says:

    :x9: Thanks Zion great.

  50. johnsantana says:

    This library works great with Albion. But the UL seems to be missing part 14. Does it exist?

  51. ovalf says:

    Thanks Zion, its ultragious people that do not upload the new files! You are the best!

  52. jordihotmail says:

    Surround mic separated ( this for those who downloaded 1st version)

    Comment to get password for the surround mic, it’s private************


  53. vienna says:

    Thanks Zion 4 the 50GB Pack.
    Works great.
    I only miss the Surround Pack.

  54. ovalf says:

    password please? thanks in advance!

  55. jordihotmail says:

    yes I do need the password :cool:

  56. student says:

    T H X

  57. xiaokaikai says:

    hi Zion,
    for surrounded mic separated is a bad link. could you please re-up? thanks!

  58. gruzina says:

    thank you Z!on
    it probably took like 4 ever to upload that huge library …
    thank you for your time and effort
    especially the extra surround files for those who downloaded the first post …
    thank you very much :x10:

  59. wizard says:

    Great up ZION, send me password please for the surround mic. big thanks from all of us. i allready told all my friend to keep support proaudiozone!!! :x26:

  60. peterpan says:

    Thank you Zion, you are the Legend.

  61. roman3000 says:

    Hi Zion,

    thanks so much for your great help!!
    I’d need password for Surround mic separated links page…

    :x28: Good Job!!

  62. maestro2007 says:

    thank you very match zion the pass pleze

  63. pilgrim says:

    what’s the diference from the 50gb ?

    • ZiON says:


      just the surround mic 30 gb

      this pack is handle 4 disk and all those disk are different just in mic recording that’s it, mean you can use just 1 disk read post description for more info

  64. maestro2007 says:

    sory i have the 50 gb librery but i dont have the surround mic plezz help me

  65. maestro2007 says:

    zion you are the best thanks broth

  66. Jabovi says:

    Good job mate. I would hate to have to download links from this fucker Sunny… :x7:

  67. student says:

    Hi @ZION I see Now New 79.6 GB library which One I should Download are they Same ? or ?

  68. roman3000 says:

    Dear Zion,

    After Sable strings old version extraction ( the 50 gb 13 parts uploaded ) I have the following files missing

    Sable Strings Vol 1.part50.rar
    Sable Strings Vol 1.part60.rar

    Can You kindly reupload those files for me?

    Thanks you as always

  69. Artyom2013 says:

    Hi Zion

    I need password for Surround mic separated please

    Thank you

  70. roman3000 says:

    Thank you very much indeed!!

    You are really our David Copperfield;)

    Roman :x9:

  71. itsuka says:

    thx soooooo muchhhhhh ^^

  72. IntroNinja says:

    :x28: Big up for this Zion, Do you think you could move all these big Sample Libraries to the Big Library Link. Thank You!!!! :x35:

  73. roman3000 says:

    You’re welcome, Zion!

    I’ve installed Sable Strings on Kontakt 5 as library, everything seems work properly, except for Instuments stereo mixes, in fact when I launch and instrument it can’t find the samples, even if I redirect to samples folder manually…
    Do you have any idea on how to solve the problem?

    Thanks again


  74. rubber says:

    Hi ZIon, I’ve downloaded almost all the 700 Mb library of Sable Strings, but then you changed the RARs to different size (more than 800)so, now I can’t decompress without the last 2 Rars missing. Can you please reupload for me just the two 700Mb RARs N° 52 and 69?
    Thanx in advance. :x46:

  75. mego says:

    long live KING ZION :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14:

  76. mego says:

    pleaseeeeeeeee password for the surround mic :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46:

  77. mego says:

    King Zion
    how to get password for the surround mic
    :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21:
    :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42: :x42:

  78. farda7 says:

    thank you for your nice share

  79. emzziper says:

    Hi Bro

    Where is PART 11 of 4Gb’s Link ? :(

  80. Chamon says:


    btw, these new blue faces are pretty cool xDD :x1:

  81. Shanwa says:

    All 50gb Uploaded are dead :(
    Really need part 7 and 12. Any chance of a re-upload?
    Thanks for your effort all the same
    :neutral: :neutral:

  82. oldschool says:

    Do you guys have any idea how much work Zion puts into uploading and updating this site?
    Too many people complaining about passwords and not even reading the comments.
    Come on guys, use your brains!

    A share like this is practically impossible to keep online – yet Zion keeps re-uploading and re-uploading. He does all this even while his site is being hacked and attacked.
    Not too long ago he was in the hospital, but he keeps going out of love for sharing!

    Please donate to this guy!

    • ZiON says:


      God bless you brother, :x19: thank you for the kind words, really making me feeling that i am not alone, in the past days when i was attacked i was feeling really alone after the hard work i did for this site, just some of my golden friends and members here, who helped even with words.

      i don’t know if now PAZ is having a lot leechers not members. that even download without saying thank you or supporting the site. :x31:

  83. white_blackbird says:

    ZiON Thank you very much for your time and their work.

    add comment….

    Downloaded 0 error, 0 error uncompressed ,unpacked with WinRAR.
    Kontakt 5 5.0.3 Mac add library whit Sable Strings Vol 1.nicnt

    failed interface Kontakt Outrigger Mics missing.

    V1 All in one BR2, BR5…….. missing

  84. franknitty69 says:

    :x21: i downloaded this from a different source and only have the samples. can somebody post up just the instruments/multis (nki/nkm).


  85. carramba says:

    @ZiON – yeah PAZ have lots of silent leechers 4 sure. When I added two files to the ample guitars there was like 150 DL’s but just a handful comments. So 4 stuff like Spitfire here it must b 1000’s?
    But this is the way on all sharing sites I think. we can only hope support will grow if u can keep this great place alive.
    I wish peace and all the best 4 u and PAZ! and those hacker attackers go 2 hell :evil:

  86. Twilightdark says:

    Give meeeeeeeee :x9:

  87. ZiON says:


    take it man :x5: :shock: :x6: :evil:

  88. nono01 says:

    Great thanks!

  89. jonathantwinny1 says:

    excellent thanks!

  90. jonathantwinny1 says:

    Thanks, now could I please have the password? :shock:

  91. Nightsung says:

    Whoa, long time since I’ve been here, and look at all the new stuff!

    Amazing, no, delicious upload yet again, my friend. I’m very grateful for your effort you’ve put in this site and it’s a pity you don’t get enough support. However, if I didn’t have money issues myself, I’d donate the heck out of this site – which I can’t, sadly. As for the people not even leaving comments/ support. I guess good support comes with time, and I hope it’ll come in time, this site should stay alive.

    I wish you the best of luck!
    ~Caeruleus Draconem

  92. RightGuardProtection says:

    Thanks ZiON for adding the missing parts for this library. :x26:

  93. gruzina says:

    Hey Zion
    I wanted to ask if its okay by you to re-up the putlocker links again because the are down …
    it would be much appreciated :)
    big thanks for this great library

  94. RastafariTaz says:

    First of all, Zion, you are the best! you did an unique job with PAZ, you created something beyond limits and very user friendly.

    When you have time, could you reupload uploaded 4gb files? i have already downloaded most of them and now links are down. I need from part 15 to part 21.



  95. katzuwa says:

    zion, I need a putlockers links because the one that you gave is dead already, please…PM me for the links :cry:

  96. SOUNDmig says:

    He Zion or others!

    Zion thx you so much for your work!

    Rapidshare links are dead! WTF :-), 10GB left… 74-83 and pack 11 are missing for me. Is the someone how can reup these packes – that are compatible!?

    Big THX

    see yaa

  97. gruzina says:

    yes Zion you are great m8
    big 10x !

  98. wafday says:

    you are the man Zion.
    Thanks a lot.

  99. Tor says:

    Hello dera people, this is my first message. my english is weak sorry.

    I would like to thank you Zion for his great job. He is awakened person and care human and beauty about life. And he bring these great libraries sowftwares for all people. I am grateful.

    Especially, I havent any income and I cant afford thse softwared even some magazines. I mostly download from here as free from rapidshare. I appreciate rapid links.

    Thank you for all.

    ps. could you pls reactive old rapid links.. 79 GB download need so mcuh time.

  100. Tor says:

    Thank you for your hard work. It is highly appreciated dear Zion.

  101. umillet says:

    Thanks Zion
    I have all parts but it said me wrong password at the end of unrar even if during it said OK… OK
    Did I miss something?

  102. cibtell says:

    En primer lugar, Zion, eres el mejor! que hizo un trabajo único con PAZ, que ha creado algo más allá de los límites y muy fácil de usar.

  103. katzuwa says:

    ok zion I will wait for the putlocker links because I just finished part 1 to part 30 , and 50 more parts to go :cry: , thanks man for the hard works. I really appreciated that. :x6:

  104. RastafariTaz says:


    Lol, way to go translating my comment in spanish.

  105. student says:

    Hi @ZION Now I finished Downloading the “50GB old library”
    how can I download the rest to get the full
    T H X

    • ZiON says:


      the rest are just surround mic, you can run the 50 gb downloaded library without the rest, but if you really need surround download them they are under 50 gb links, but as i know tested this library i use just main mic

  106. iopiopiop says:

    HEY HI!
    First thing, i’d like to thank you for this incredible site!
    Really amazing work!!

    just a question about the link:

    it went off just two days ago so i’d like to know if those putlocker links will be available again as i haven’t finish to download everything?

    Thank for all the hard work!
    Much appreciated!


  107. oldschool says:

    hey Zion,

    Your contact form is not working – probably because you changed your website hoster recently.
    I really want to support you, but my money is very limited.
    I have other stuff I can offer you though : Website / Graphic skills, and some other stuff… :x6:

    Can you please contact me through email or something?

    You are the man!


  108. Guest says:

    Hi all! Just wanted to thank ZiON for this great release! You rock man :)

  109. Bastian says:

    :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :grin: ZiON PLEASE send me email safelinks

  110. ZiON says:

    Hi Guys Enjoy the new links, before get down, i added extabit + putlocker.

    for uploaded 4 GB links check comments you will see password for backup links and download them.


  111. vampire55 says:

    Hi Zion thanks for the great stuff you put on your site.
    Anyway i’d like to know (with a certain degree of certainty) if you intend to upload on your site the SPITFIRE SOLO STRINGS in the near future because i need it badly.
    THANKS BRO!!!!

  112. Tor says:

    Dear Zion,
    Thank you so much for your great work.
    You are the best!

  113. katzuwa says:

    Thanks zion, safelinks still online but all the files are offlines :x21: , I just downloaded 3 files only. How can I get 45 more files on putlocker? :x21:

  114. gruzina says:

    thank you Zion for the rapidshare links
    but unfortunately they off before I even got to DL 10 parts…
    would it be rude to ask to reup it once a gain :x37:

  115. max05xiii says:

    Thanks a lot man. You’re the best. :grin:

  116. max05xiii says:

    As gruzina and katzuwa have stated, the putlocker links are offline. Could you reuploaded them Zion? :x19:

  117. RastafariTaz says:

    Hi Zion,
    I want to inform you that backup links are down.
    Anyway, you mentioned that Uploaded 4gb links were up again but they are down too…


    Please advice when you could reupload this again.

  118. dack says:

    unfortunately I also was in the middle of using the putlocker links when they went down. Thank you for you being awesome and if you do end up uploading it again thank you ever so much more! :grin:

  119. attla78 says:

    Hi Zion compliments for your work…i would ask to you how can i download the full 1.1 version of the library, all the links (uploaded, extabit and safelink are broken) and for backup links i can’t find the password…

    You already know if and when you release sable 2 & 3?

    Thanks so much

  120. infernic says:

    Thank you! :x28:

  121. guidosabato says:

    Muchas gracias!

  122. Dealer16 says:

    The putlocker links are all dead. Please re upload them! :x9:

  123. Tor says:

    HEllo again,
    Dear Zion I write it for you dont need to publish it.

    You know many sites publish all same softwares, libraries…

    unfortunatelly your site is a little bit untidy,.. links are onlie.. after 24 hours offline, or always change… this is not first time I see, I read some post from past.

    I see that many other websites more honest and tidy.

    and you would like earn money from here.. why I pay some money for this… Anyway, this is your world and this is your choices, all of your life..
    Pls delete my account.
    I wish you great life and have a good job.

    Best Regards

    • ZiON says:


      First i wanna tell you i don’t wanna delete your account, i will let people and fans here to comment ahbout your shit here ok.

      2nd if you are new here i will not blame you, coz you don’t know what i give here or to the scene ok.

      and if you see me money making than go to bullshit far away from here.

      about links i swear i didn’t deleted them and people here know me and my work, ok +++++ spitfire team everyday email me to take me down and my links they watch every bit of moves here.

      also they deleted even the backup free links so you tell me i am money making than fuck off go to other sites that they do 100 % money making from your ass money ok now

      after all this work and reupload 100 gb everyday you came here to tell me i am money making fuck off ok. :evil:

      Guys here tell this man what i am doing or reply about his question here. and why he don’t wait till i reupload again and again

  124. gruzina says:

    don’t pay money for the premium account …. its okay you have always the free DL links at your disposal so you can always choose your destiny :D dude ….
    and Z!on I wouldn’t take it too personally because there is always some one that will try to bring us down …
    and I am encourage you and every one of the underground community to keep and spreading this softwares in the way only PAZ can do :)
    maybe then we could afford to buy the products after they will drop the prices down ….
    I remember 5 years ago WAVES where fucking expansive , and today they are selling 5 plugins in 50$ :x26: and this is all thanks to sites like this one ! so Tor go away you and your unneeded comments that do not contribute to any one , even not to yourself ….
    so please stop being so negative ….
    I can say it from first hand , Z!on is a good person that don’t try to make money on anything he do for this website …and he sure not deserve so NUB to come around and throw this kind of shit in the forum …. so please stop being a looser and say thanks for people who stand behind good things , or keep your comments to yourself you ass hole :x25:

  125. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    I think you made ​​a mistake with his words, :x34: I also found it funny your comment that there are more honest internet sites, :x42:
    You should know that here you work with rapidshare :x44:
    Common problems are on other sites with dead links :x35:
    Zion takes great effort for this page for all to be happy :x26:
    I’d rather be here than elsewhere
    The support page is if you want, is not bound to anything!!!!

    Regards ZiON :x22:

  126. tankki says:

    Why don’t you make a torrent of this? It’s impossible to download if links will go dead in less than a day.. I assume Spitfire has requested hosts to put links down, but if it would be torrent they couldn’t prevent us downloading this (at least not as easily)..

    Regards and thanks for all the hard work ZiON!

  127. carramba says:

    well ZiON, u already know what I think about ppl like Tor – anybody who’s a cry baby bitching about gettin free stuff is only worth IGNORING!! I wish I could erase all such ppl from the internet :x45:
    This is the ONLY place with PL linx 4 all, and the only place that work hard 2 replace dead stuff and always listen 2 members.
    Long live PAZ :x26:

  128. jeamph says:

    :x42: Damn… Just went back from hollidays and…. :x35: It’s Here…….. :x40: Amazing ! Please send me PW…. Simply the Best !

  129. dack says:

    Whenever you do get those rapid links going I would appreciate a message about them. Haven’t quite figured out how to PM on this site yet. No rush, in your own time. As always, thank you and PAZ is the best! :x28:

  130. 322bazooka says:

    @ Tor

    Seems you’re really stupid man. If you want free stuff, you have to take what you can get. If you want something you can’t get, because you were to slow, you have to wait for another chance or just go to a store and BUY what you need.

    But please shut up and do not piss on people who are kindly enough to do great work for the community!!!

    This site is the very best site I have ever found. I’m around the web for many years. I was on the good old Hotline-Servers when you pissed in your nappies. In these past days you got access only if you had something to share. An Idiot like you would have earned nothing more than a kick in the ass.

    It’s much more comfortable today to get the good stuff, because people like Zion doing a great job! It’s OK to earn money if you’re doing a great job. But it’s NOT OK to open up your mouth while doing nothing but leeching!!!

    :x44: :x44: :x44:

    @ Zion
    Thank you very much for the great job you’re doing ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    :x40: :x40: :x40:

  131. proaudiozoner says:

    i would really appreciate getting an e-mail regagarding the putlocker links!!

    thx zion!!

  132. ZiON says:

    ALL Emails Replied, all rapidshare links sent , waiting for more mails brothers, enjoy links are privat

  133. proaudiozoner says:

    I sent you an e-mail to the mentioned e-mail-adress.

    I didn’t see that I needed to sent you an e-mail-first.

    I would also like to donate some money soon if I have an
    payment option that I can use. (ukash or similar?)

    would like to get the links for this one.

    great work zion!!

  134. proaudiozoner says:

    sorry. i overlooked your posting…everything is great. :cool:

    please make sure u don’t send the links to someone from spitfire accidently. :x6:

    i also wrote another e-mail regarding a donation and how it can be done aside
    from a putlocker pro account through you.

    maybe ukash or similar (anonymous!)?

    let me know…


  135. iopiopiop says:

    Thx for the links!!! :x14:

  136. RastafariTaz says:

    200th comment? :x28: :x26:

  137. iliaseletheria says:

    What is the pass of putlocker links???
    thanks for the post zion!!!!!!! :x10: :x10: :x10: :x10:

  138. RastafariTaz says:

    Hi again Zion,
    Got a question for you. I ve just finished extracting this massive library and I get all Z00,002,003…Y, X and W files. How do i open this?? :sad: :razz:
    Thanks bro!

  139. mime2 says:

    Hey Zion! First thank you for awesome work. Secodly I would like to ask if you could send me uploaded links or reup putlocker. I tried extabit but it works on 10kb/s ;//

    Will really apreaciate your help!

    PAZ 4Ever!

  140. proaudiozoner says:

    i downloaded all parts correctly (full size) but some of the rar files (mgn-stfsblv1.r30 and so on) i get after
    extracting the first rar files (…) seem not willing to unpack from the
    first rars…i have no clue why….

    there is no sfv file to chekc if everything is downloaded correctly

    but all files have the same size ( 1.013.760 kb) and the last one (part83) has 415.871 kb.

    whats wrong here?

    i download all the 79,6 GB but its not working to extract the second time.

    any hep is appreciated

    • ZiON says:


      fuck someone too reported this from the putlocker links, seems i have to reupload this one brother, you have to wait also if you need maybe 2 or 3 files tell them her to reuplaod them to you

  141. proaudiozoner says:

    ok, thx a lot zion.

    i think i need several files like “mgn-stfsblv1.r30 ” (not this one).

    I’ll let you know tomorrow which ones i need.

    I am extracting the ones that are possible right now.

    when i’m done, i’ll report the ones i need.

    thx for the heads up ZION!

    you’re a really great person!


  142. amity says:

    :x1: thanks

  143. proaudiozoner says:

    I am missing:


    i hope those were all because there are like over 800 rars in the package.

    thx a lot!!!

  144. flaclossless says:

    Hi everyone!! Can a kind soul upload the file to add this library to Kontakt from add library??

    Thanks in advance!!

  145. Romeov says:

    Hello everyone.

    I have a problem to unzip the file decompresses Problems mgn-sftsblv.r10 and other files.

    Unzip but not properly. Someone can help me? What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you very much! :x33:

  146. flaclossless says:


    Thank you so much Zion!! :)

  147. proaudiozoner says:

    @ZION – would be great if you find the time to upload the missing
    files for me and mail me the links maybe or post them here

    thx a LOT bro. :)


  148. proaudiozoner says:

    by missing files i meant the ones i mentioned above.

    not that any links would be missing from your list. ;)

  149. mime2 says:

    hey ZIon. Could you please send me password for extabit files ? I really cant find it anywhere :( Anybody can help ?

    • ZiON says:


      why password all links of extabit are alive, than please all of you guys please don’t start downlaod this as it have some bad corrupted files wont work wait me for the update of links

  150. mime2 says:

    I tried this password “”. So extabit files are corrupted and I have to download everything again (when you’ll reaupload) or just some files ? I’m asking cause I have slow internet connection and its a huge library.

    Anyway thank you for your awesome work ZiON.


  151. iroshprasanga says:

    Hi Zion

    could you send me the password for backup links


  152. proaudiozoner says:


    hi zion!

    those should be the “definitve” files that i am missing

    i hope you an upload them for me because i really
    need this library for future projects im doing.

    if you would send me a pm or mail with the links
    i would be really grateful.

    as soon as i am back from holidays i’ll make an
    uploaded premium account to support you.

    what i would need would be PUTLOCKER links
    as putlocker gives me the best speed.

    (more than ten times faster than all others)


    thx so much zion!!



  153. Romeov says:

    Me too Zion.
    I´ve downladed all packets in putlocker but I don´t know if you will change name links… I have slow internet connection. Start from zero again with new links?…

    Thanks so much!!! :x13:

  154. Romeov says:

    I have problems to unzips the files decompresses and… at moment.

    Thanks always!!!

  155. katzuwa says:

    Hi zion,
    I need these files mgn-stfsblv1.t89,u31,v55,x11,x42,x52 those files inside these rar BBSLBL1_part 29, part 33, part 45, part 60, part 63, part 64.
    Could you please send me these files :

    Because the rar files BBSLBL1_part 29 contain 1Gb

    Thanks zion. I’m waiting :x28:

  156. emzziper says:

    Hi Zion, BRO
    i have a big problem .. i need part.11 from 21 part links :( my internet speed is 512Kbps and i can’t download 80 Gb again.. Brother Please Reuploud Part.11 Again.. :x21: Is it possible? :(

  157. emzziper says:

    i mean 4Gb Links in 21 Parts..i need just part.11 .. Please My Bro :(

    • ZiON says:


      even if i gave you the file brother, the whole package got corrupted when i uploaded it by file host, so everything need to be done from scratch tonight will start working on it when i complete it will post it on first page to download ok .

  158. emzziper says:

    THX MY BROTHER :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40:

  159. emzziper says:

    Hi Bro.. When Can i Download it ?

  160. nealcaffrey says:

    man have you changed the password?? the usual password “” is not working!!

  161. nealcaffrey says:

    okay..:( it took days to download all the files

  162. nealcaffrey says:

    just to be sure, the other password i tried was this.. Sable1-PL, was this supposed to be the right one?

  163. oxidius says:

    I’m a bit confused with the wallpaper and nicnt file, can someone explain in steps what we need to do to get the library in kontakt?

    thanks it’s a great upload ! :x1:

  164. iliasthessaloniki says:

    Hi Zion can I have the Putlocker Links?
    Thanks for your nice work!!!!! :x10: :x10: :x10:

  165. iliasthessaloniki says:

    My mistake sorry

  166. nealcaffrey says:

    Man any news about the reupload?

  167. nealcaffrey says:

    yes I know I see it everyday, and you’re one of the few person I’d like to meet one day just to say thank you for all your hard work and for what you’re doing for us

  168. FellIVTheFake says:

    been waiting patiently :cool:

  169. yukulele says:

    Hi fellow, thanxs ZION for this great gift !!!!!!!

    Is there any chance to get one more time the 2 files to add sable to the library (ntcnt and png)
    It would be great

    Thanxs in advance


  170. FireHill says:

    :x2: Christmas in September !!!! Thanks

  171. Kirnogo says:

    I can give the link to the torrent

  172. ppzz21 says:

    Thanks so much ZiON. Could you please reupload the files to add as a library in Kontakt as both links are now down. Thanks again! :smile:

  173. katzuwa says:

    Hi zion, could you just pm me the link for this files mgn-stfsblv1.t89,u31,v55,x11,x42,x52 . I need really bad man. Thank You. Because the link still is not there, It says “New working package is on the way”, I’m realy appreciated your hard work man. Thanks a lot.

  174. nealcaffrey says:

    hi man! i’ve seen on fb you’re uploading again the files, I think I need to download again everything, could you sent me the new link? thank you so so much!!

  175. iliasthessaloniki says:

    From the most qualitative and realistic libraries
    Thanks a lot Zion

    :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1:

  176. nealcaffrey says:

    guys…. it works!!!! love you :x14:

  177. katzuwa says:

    Wow finally I got all files. Thanks Zion. It works. :x28: :x43: :x43:

  178. Ashbury77 says:

    Zion Hello, I am a true French so excuse my bad English :x10:

    I discovered your site is great. :x14:

    Can you send me the password to connect me to the file uploaded?

    thank you very much and see you soon! :x28:

  179. Ashbury77 says:

    :x46: OKi thanks Zion ….. I’m dizzy …..

  180. emzziper says:

    Hi Zion :x14: Plz Give me the Backup Links Password :x28:
    i send a message to you now.. THX King ZION :x9:

  181. Rudra says:

    Need mgn-stfsblv1.t36 and mgn-stfsblv1.u50.
    Please help me!

  182. peregriino says:

    :x42: THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!

  183. RastafariTaz says:

    Hi Zion, please could you reupload the “add library” kontakt link you provided us for this amazing library?
    Ty brother

  184. traklordz says:

    liked you on facebook can I please have the rapidshare links

  185. davsax says:

    Hello Zion. LInks rapidshare please. Thank you

  186. emzziper says:

    i sent you email Several times at contact us page and Facebook Bro.. I’m waiting for 2 weeks.. Bro Plz Give Me Links :(

  187. DCR666 says:


    Please could I have the password for back up links?



  188. Recept says:

    I’m also waiting 10 days for admin to respond but still nothing.

    • ZiON says:

      guys no worries i will respond to all mails please give me some time, and you sent me 10 days maybe it’s in spam folder please send me again so i can help, today will respond to all mails :)

  189. daproducer says:

    Whats the link code my friend…Good to see it up again

  190. damianyornet says:

    thanks for upload! It’s so helfull!

  191. brianshima says:

    Hello! Could you share the premium uploaded password?? I don’t know how it sends a private message, Thanks so much for upload this library!! :-D

  192. gftad says:


  193. tribass says:

    Hi, great library, where can i get backup link passworld?

  194. folklore says:

    Hi, sent a private request for this library. If you could send me the links, I would be very grateful. Kind regards and thanks for this excellent site!

  195. EffeX says:

    I don’t get it :( How can i download from uploaded? It asks for a password

  196. mini2002 says:

    thank you very much

  197. de_masse says:

    I’ve been waiting for so long, amazing stuff!
    Is it possible to get the password for backup links? :x10:

  198. pimpo2 says:

    backup link pw?

  199. w9w9bc says:

    uploaded password???

  200. w9w9bc says:

    how contact you ???

  201. tyros2masters says:


  202. Tanyamk says:

    You are the shit~!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks Man!!! :x43: :x43: :x43: :x43: :x43:

  203. proaudiozoner says:

    no critique but:

    if you put all this incredible stuff out so fast, noone can keep up with downloading it.

    except maybe for people who can dl stuff with 60 mb as you can. :D

    its great that you do this for us but i fear i can dl only a very few libraries and the
    links could die faster than i can download anything.

    nonetheless: huge thanks, zion!!!

  204. mdotcash says:

    ZION is on FIRE!!!!

    UL Password though?

  205. morevents says:

    Hello Zion,

    I just read lately the TOR complain…This guy think he is on Amazon! In French TOR mean “twisted or wrong”, yes he is !

    May be you have to know or remember what you are.

    You are a danger for the samples libraries editors not because of there work but only because you fucked up their marketing plans. Because of you I can buy only what I use for their qualities and let the bullshiters on the side. And at this day 90% of them are out. The quick done products are really commun and I notice more the marketing is strong more the product is weak. The best one doesn’ t need all this noise to be appreciate by the professionnals and you are the one to let us see their failures…..Not good for you !!!!

    Unfortunatly this is a little bit the story of our marketing today world.
    They try to put a bareer on the free web and this is have a coast and they don’t want to accept the risks…..

    So at the end of the day you are the one making us buying the right talented product with a smile on our faces. When some projects goes on the market we have to pay anyway for the copyrights and it is absolutly normal.
    A lot of professionnals and even a big names are on your site and supporting you.

    You are precious for the creative music industry!

    Thank you Zion

  206. Rambo says:

    Will there be putlocker links?

  207. morevents says:

    Me again, just a request for the password, thank you Zion

  208. morevents says:

    Sorry, UL password

  209. Spacer says:

    Thank you man!!!!

  210. Joselito says:

    A big, big apport. Thank you very much, ZiON!


  211. Kanadeva says:

    Please secure the links with NCRYPT in case you plan to reupload this library on PUTLOCKER.

    Thanks, Kanadeva

  212. RightGuardProtection says:

    I got the room for it so might as well get the 30 Gb extra that i missed :smile:

  213. Aphelion says:

    Why does it still say links uploading? Do i have to get password for backuplinks? putlocker links would be nice

  214. kabana says:

    i’d like to thank you for

  215. bigolibagoli says:

    HI Zion, just renewed my premium Rapidgator….is there any way to get this files….?
    Password for backuplinks…?

    Thankyou Z…!

  216. tornado123 says:

    what is the pw for uploaded?, already sent like 3 messages through “contact us” :x28:, anyway thanks!

    • ZiON says:

      i know there is a lot messages, but if you be patient i write on the notification bare above on top of the site that all emails will be replied tomorrow i cant reply and work at same time ok :)

  217. Cratertempus says:

    Hi again, can u give me the uploaded pass plz? and also the albion 3

    thanks ;)

  218. elaltavoz says:

    With this strings I’ll feel like a Mozart :cool:

    Thanks a lot for your work ZiON, you’re, simply, the best, and you know it :x6:

    Waiting for putlocker links, if it’s possible.

  219. mickaelmarin says:


  220. mickaelmarin says:

    can you give me the password please?


  221. IOANNHS says:

    thank you very very much youre great man zion :x26:

  222. Aphelion says:

    thanks mate. btw, do you know which files are (Close, Tree, Ambient and Outrigger Mics) ?
    It says this can be downloaded in 4 packs, and i only need 1 because of the big size :) cheers

  223. IOANNHS says:

    Sorry but i m in love with putlocker is it possible m8? :x27: my brain my mind and my pocket too are synchronized best with putlocker pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :x19: a link?

  224. pejotapeve says:

    Zion, need the pw to the backup links. go ahead, man! :x1: would you send me? thx in advance.

  225. mickaelmarin says:

    Dear Zion I contacted you for the pass but I have no response.
    Could you send me the pass please for spitfire bml sable 1 and 3 ?

    I have uploaded account until 15 December


  226. cmzet87 says:

    Hi ZION, i’ve been writing to U twice, but no response, can I ask for links and pass?

  227. screetch says:


    I just registered, only to say you a big THANKS!
    You’re doing a goddamn good job.

  228. tachan says:

    Oh great master Zion…

    Can you send me the password for reduced pack 30 or 50gb PL? Please
    thanks you very much… :x9:

  229. arthurr says:

    hi zion i know u r super busy! but i was hoping u could see this n help a brother out with giving me the backup links n password. tyvm for everything! im working on my spitfire collection now :) paz for life!

  230. screetch says:

    Hi. Any chance to download this or any spitfire library on putlocker?
    All links dead! Are there backup links we can get with a password?!

    Thanks! :x19:

  231. iliasthessaloniki says:

    Hi Zion! the Putlocker links are available???

  232. iliasthessaloniki says:

    Zion Sorry, I am looking for the pass for the Putlocker links in my inbox but it seems that deleted because it was old.
    Please send me again the pass.

  233. arthurr says:

    hi zion if its not too much trouble i would like to pass to putlock link as well. tyvm! i emailed u but havent heard from u still. hopefully u got my email :)

  234. mts127 says:

    hi ZION,

    could you please send me the backup pass for this? THANKS A LOT, God bless you!

  235. iliasthessaloniki says:

    I ask you10.000 times the pass of the back up links, what is the problem man??? to not get any answer is very annoying

    :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

  236. pierre16 says:

    thanks for this

  237. Trance_Producer says:

    Thanks mate

  238. Kanadeva says:

    PUTLOCKER possible?

  239. NaJo says:

    thanks you very much… :x10:

  240. lfc17 says:

    Hey Zion! Thanks for the amazing upload.
    I cant find any working links though, either on rapidgator or extabit.
    Could you please get me some links for the Sable V1 and BML Low Brass?

    Thanks again!!! :x26:

  241. newoarrab says:

    Muchas Gracias Esta parece ser una gran biblioteca

  242. PsychatoR says:

    tx zion. i would really appreciate if i could get that password for putlocker 50GB links :) is it still active?

  243. PsychatoR says:

    how i can get password? in private message ? im new i just subscribed today. i dont see where to make private messages or read if i get one. :S dont worry im not working for the police or whatever lol

  244. PsychatoR says:

    ok i did yesterday but i guess it take some times for him to answer :)

  245. PsychatoR says:

    how many days he answers here usually? tx

  246. PsychatoR says:

    if u guys have the password still working, should i post my email here for u to send me the pw ?

  247. proaudiozoner says:

    OMG, yesterday all putlocker links were still available!


    what happened?

    i tried to dl a second time after having downloaded this a first time before.

    some files didn’t extract correctly.

    now there’s no more chance to get this :x15:

    zion, you should think about a method this cant be reported.

    (giving the links in a private mail. but this isnt a guarantee either, i know)

    otherwise only members with a VERY fast dl connection can get this …like yourself.

    i cannot dl with several MB per second. :(


    thx for the effort anyway!!

  248. proaudiozoner says:

    if there are backuplinks for putlocker also (the only one working here :( ) i would
    appreciate if you sent me the pass for the backup-links to my e-mail-adress!!

    thx a lot for your great effort zion and introninja!!!



    • ZiON says:

      go download it from collection

      • proaudiozoner says:

        i had already downloaded the WHOLE thing last time you uploaded it.

        all parts had the correct file size. didn’t xtract properly though
        some extracting parts were corrupt. dunno why

        and his upload had been online until a week ago or so. and now GONE? what happened?

        i already re-dwonloaded nearly one of the discs.

        as my speed isnt the best i now need to download it AGAIN. takes me days for ONE disc

        what do you assume: for how long will the collection be online?!

        would really like to dl some of them.

        thx a lot for your effort in uploading and answering zion!!

  249. ale2003aym says:

    Hi . :x19: :x19:
    appreciate if you sent me the pass for the backup-links .

    thanks a lot.

  250. ale2003aym says:

    Hi . :x19: :x19:
    appreciate if you sent me the pass for the backup-links .

    thanks a lot.

    Read more:

  251. proaudiozoner says:

    yeah, if there are backup-links that are still available / accessible, pllease provide them.

    the links in the collection are mostly not working.

    i looked up in which rars the files that i need (mentioned above) are in.

    they are the following and i would really appreciate it A LOT if s.o. could provide them on PUTLOCKER.

    its 1 Gigabyte each so 25 GB in total.

    i’ll even pay if s.o. makes the effort to upload them (PUTLOCKER) and its working (which i assume it does).

    i really cannot dl. all 79 GB again. too much for my slow internet-connection.

    does s.o. have the courage to do it?

  252. tomjones says:

    Zion wrote:
    “Hi Guys if you want to add this library to Kontakt from add library here is it the file download it”
    LOL…….the Uploaded link is ALREADY dead, Zion!

    Yes, the Uploaded links is already dead and i need this Library to Kontakt from add Buton to Load !
    Please bring this file again Online !! thanks so much :) …. your big Respect my frend, :)

  253. mohicaan says:

    Hi Zion! May I have the pass please?

  254. smithemotion says:

    Thank you very much. Can i have the password for backup links?

  255. TnF says:

    Hello Zion! Again thanks for the hard work! I hope you are health becomes better with time! If it is anything training related drop me a pm and i can help :) Is there a password for this library links? (if the protected links are alive). Because the links for this in the collection are dead. Btw have you checked if the assholes from uploaded/rapidgator are not labeling the files as soon as they are uploaded? Like looking for similar signature (perhaps hash tag) and then take them down?

  256. Pixohead says:

    Hey everybody !!
    Is someone can tell me how to unlock articulations ? All my spitfire libraries have the articulations locked…

    I’m so saaaaaaaaaaad…. Please, help me !!!! : :x12:

    Thanks for all and Zion… Good work again bro !!

  257. rhythmmaster909 says:

    hope i haven’t missed this one!

  258. Mrted says:

    Can someone upload the “add to library” files ? all links in comments are dead…thanks

  259. minock says:

    Zion BRO, thanks for this big one!!!

    But, I have a question.

    I’m downloading files ryushare and came across with a strange thing:

    Whyis there two parts two, two parts eight and two parts thirteen?

    Do I need to download these duplicate files? :eek:

    Thanks for the help!!!

  260. minock says:

    Thanks for the answer. Please, look at Ryushare files:
    there is two parts two, two parts eight and two parts thirteen
    Is it correct? CDo i need to donload these, i don’t know, “duplicated” files ?

  261. minock says:

    Just in time: ryushare and uploaded file are interchangeable file?

  262. almcback says:

    Uploaded Pleaseeee! ;-D Tks!

  263. Sonelk says:

    Mil gracias Sion por este regalo tan grande!!!!!! eres lo maximo. : X1: : X1: : X5:

  264. EffeX says:

    Thanks for the uploaded links! Part 23 is missing tho.

  265. takitoyotomi says:

    Hi, thanks for being so awesome. Do you think you can upload part 23 for the uploaded links?


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