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This instrument speaks to your imagination like no other. The beauty of the tone character is reflected in each composition. It’s enchanting, mysterious and mystical. Each time the concert Harp plays it brings orchestras, musical phrases and harmonic transitions to a creative peak.

The large concert harp is one of our most favourite instruments, and we had this project on the top of our wish list. So be assured we put in our best effort to capture this instrument in a sample library at the highest possible quality, as you have grown to expect from Sonokinetic.
The concert harp is a large and modern classical instrument, designed for classical (symphonic) music or played solo, as part of smaller chamber ensembles, and in cinematic orchestras.

It’s widely used in symphonic cinematic composition from smaller project to the largest imaginable John Williams scores. With a wide harmonic range and diversity in performance styles this instrument is converted into a very flexible, easy to use but diverse sampled instrument. With “Arpeggio” Sonokinetic brings the epic power of the Concert harp to your fingertips with a wide variety of multi layered instruments spanning from portato / staccato played to legato , flageolet, picked, bisbigliando and the highly popular press-de-table. Tempo synced scale runs and glissandi in all major, minor, diminished and pentatonic keys. With an all exclusive “Arpeggio”- only collection of HarpFX patches and a mind blowing user interface this instrument will not let you down. It will inspire you and your productions to reach new heights

Let “Arpeggio” take you and your clients by surprise.

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From the Sonokinetic heritage,

We’re proud to present another genuine first,
“Carousel” a fairground barrel organ.

This library will give you full access to an original authentic Carousel barrel organ to compose your music with. Without hiring a music role producer, renting and evacuating a fun fair, cleaning the steam engines of excessive noise, pitching the organ and endlessly riding the Carousel. Just load up your UVI workstation or MachFive instance, set your voice polyphony to 300 and off you go.

With this instrument we’ve gone the whole nine yards and tried to capture it’s unique original distinctive sound. And in post production we spend a lot of time editing pitch, acoustics and tune to come up with an instrument patch that captures your imagination, takes you straight into the funfair and is easy to handle inside your DAW.

The instrument patch goes with the proven effective Sonokinetic MachFive or UVI workstation Instance tab configuration. Covering all ten registers, the percussion set, an acoustic perfect impulse response unit and an ingenious sample mapping solution to map all registers including the percussion on a 76 master keyboard range. Deep scripting of this instrument patch makes it perform like the real thing. Register knobs and stops are added for single play or tutti with or without percussion.

Sonokinetic pushes the limit again to capture a generic soundscape with a wide selection of user-friendly, easy to use Carousel fairground organ samples.

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For centuries our modern ‘muse’ has been based on the early Greek arts and theaters with their music, drama and performances. Sonokinetic found a new goal to capture this “cradle of music performance art”. We invested in authenticity and reconstructed sampled instruments in extensive sampling recording sessions. These samples are based on modern science that interprets these ancient ‘in stone and clay written’ music, songs and chants and how we believe this time-faded art would have sounded.We teamed up with renowned and ‘Greek classics schooled” Miss Veronica Iliopoulou who poured her heart and skills in this project. Sonokinetic also invested in reconstructing some of the long lost instruments thus creating a sample set that was ‘lost in time’ in the truest sense of the word.What you will find in this collection are a wide range of playable ancient Greek multi sampled instruments like historical harp (Phorminx chromatic recorded reconstruction), several size drums (hand and stick played Tympanons), bells and rattles. “Delphi” wouldn’t be a Sonokinetic library if we didn’t feature a dramatic vocal performance. We’ve created a sample set from Greek vocals that provides you, the composer, with a unique and inspiring collection of melodies, chants and voice FX.”Delphi” dives into dramatic Grecian performance too, and covers a broad range of ancient texts and phrases from Greek Tragedies and Dramas by classical dramatists, Sophocles and Aeschylus. This unique peek into a forgotten world of poetic power is a truly inspiring environment to behold. These tools are essential for the contemporary composer that is looking for that ancient “Mythological” sound.Treat yourself with “Delphi” this and find your most base creative powers recharged by just listening and enjoying this amazing soundscape of historical human art.

In early 2012 Sonokinetic committed to create a new corner stone in our collection and capture musical cultural heritage from around the world. We set our focus to archive unique ancient historical instruments and performances. By extensively researching historical music we have recreated and reconstructed lost civilization’s music and sound art in high quality recording sessions. This exhaustive research and performance capture is now available to you, the composer, in an easy-to-use and thought-provoking package.

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Sonokinetic’s unique and one-of-a-kind, richly sampled Middle Eastern vocal library.It captures the mysterious beauty and the impressive magic of the Iraqi Egyptian Arabian male voice. Whether you need to create an authentic Middle Eastern composition, or just add some spice and originality to any production, Desert Voice provides the necessary elements to set your music apart. These intriguing melodies and phrase improvisations will give you a broad range of diversity in your composition.

We’ve gone all the way and recorded most of the commonly used Middle Eastern melodic styles (maqams). The samples are available in all parallel western contemporary root keys. These can easily be triggered and displayed in the Kontakt user interface. For easy and quick scoring Desert Voice provides patches with Arabian styled melodies which are harmonically mirrored to western minor scales.

Performed by Mr Hammam Al Sayid, a scholar of the classical Arabian art music. With full dedication to this project he performed the best musical takes we’ve ever experienced. From the deepest low to the highest intense emotion, Hammam took us by surprise and opened our ears and imagination to the mystic and fantastical world within Arabian music.

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The electro mechanical piano has been sampled over and over, so why do it again? One reason is because each one has its own specific sound, and this one, the Mark 2, has been overlooked by many other companies, while it has a distinctive sound that especially comes to life in soulful ballads, but also holds its own in more upbeat music styles. Another reason is that, for all the work that’s has been put into recreating this kind of instrument, playing the real thing always tickles us in a way that the sampled counterpart just doesn’t. So what is the big differentiator? We think much lies in the imperfection of a real instrument…and that’s what we tried to capture in this sampled EMP.

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Performance percussion has been around since the dawn of sampling and is one of the most widely used loop-based materials for composers. In August 2010 we got in touch with renowned composer Michael Wandmacher* who had a request for sampled drums that one would think would be available but, upon research showed to be lacking in this particular form. We decided to team up for preproduction and get a content description together for sampled percussion. Basic and single instrument drum patterns are really essential for any scene you’re scoring.

A live performance always beats a computer generated percussion track. This is why we hired one of the best percussion players available and locked him in the studio for about two weeks. Grinding this production to a staggering 13.000 performance loops and a sample pool of about 5,7 GB took us 6 months to complete. A real challenge that needed all our resources and dedication. We’re proud to announce this collection as a new standard for percussion libraries.

H.I.P.P. consists of 12 orchestral and drum toms. Ranging from 8” to 18” size toms.

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Step into our time machine and explore musical heritage like never before. For over 500 years this instrument has been an essential musical ingredient in music styles across Europe, Eurasia and large parts of the Middle East. Forming a base of harmony and rhythm and a solid musical environment for melody instruments to perform in, spreading its sound from the early medieval inns, taverns in the Golden Age to the festive Hobbit scenes of the Lord Of The Rings movies. This versatile and distinctive sound instantly triggers the imagination and lingers on to colour the musical picture the composer tries to paint.

The sound is unique and has never been sampled like this before. The automated violin sound, with its constant drone and pivoting melody string lines, is an essential tool for the composer that needs access to a large pallet of instruments and music styles. Hurdy Gurdy is the Cinnamon of the musical instruments family. It doesn’t fit as a generic ingredient but apply it well and in the correct ‘dish’ it’ll create something you’ll never forget.

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This instrument has been around for centuries. It is, without a doubt, one of the first instruments crafted by human beings. Built as an instrument to inspire and devote people to their God, this is one of the truly mystical instruments. It’s sounds will teleport you to ancient times, to the cradle of the first civilizations where music was part of the ‘divine’.

This library spans history like none other we’ve produced and the ‘Nevel Harp’, with its original and authentic sound, compliments the Sonokinetic libraries collection and becomes a perfect addition to our musical heritage instruments.

The Nevel harp has been recorded by Sonokinetic using our state of the art resources to capture it in every sense. Multiple velocities, Round Robins, Runs, Tuning options, FX and a Sonokinetic signature Kontakt instrument users interface.

Sonokinetic has established a name as one of the best value & quality sample producers and with this product we like to underline that statement. We stick with our unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This is an absolutely give away and hard to resist performance of an authentic ancient Harp library.
We’re proud to release “Nevel” and let it spread the inspiration of the Nevel Harp

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For this new adventure Sonokinetic is leaping forward onto new territory within the Sonokinetic Sampling realm.

Cinematic sound effects, ambiences and spheres, big booms, crashes and swooshes, kinetic rhythmic drones and crackles, you name it, it’s probably in there. In Project Infinity, intelligent sound design is combined with a composer’s view on producing music for film and game environments. We’re proud to present this gigantic collection of sounds built into one ingeniously crafted Kontakt instrument.


We set a goal to capture the same mystic musical quality from the middle eastern musical heritage as represented in ‘Voices of Israel’ and ‘Desert Voice’. The Turkish clarinet is the ideal supplement to the aforementioned; a very versatile and vocalic melody instrument that reflects the microtonal system. The beautiful and mystic character of this sound will capture the imagination of your audience and take them on a 1001 nights journey or fly them through a land of fables and myths in a way that is unmatched in any other woodwind performance sample collection.

Within this collection we offer a full range of tempi ranging from 40 BPM to 180 BMP and a collection of melodic phrases in every western harmonic key from A to G#.

Our proven effective and convincing technique of merging highly professional and authentic performances into a flexible and user friendly instrument has brought us to the development of “Shahrazad”.

The musical quality in these melodic phrases is impossible to recreate with conventional multi sampled woodwinds. Especially microtonal transitions and lyrical passages will only sound convincing when performed live by a professionally trained and authentically schooled musician. Therefore we went a long way to find the most suitable performer for this collection of performances samples.

Nevertheless we also decided to invest in multi sampling, to provide the composer with all essential tools to create an original and fitting musical section into their music productions. Therefor you’ll find an authentic legato scripted multi samples section in this sample library.

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These are String ensemble samples like you’ve never heard before. Distinctive, effective and with an ear for authenticity, Sonokinetic is proud to announce and present another genuine first in sampling history.

You’ll never find samples anywhere else that match the uniqueness, originality and authentic middle eastern style that is found in this massive collection of string ensemble performances. Impossible to recreate or compose with ordinary string sample-libraries or dedicated string library platforms, this collection focuses on live performances by one of the world’s best middle eastern string ensembles and royalty free custom composed arabian styled phrases.

3 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello make up this strong and convincing performance sampling string ensemble. With our usual dedicated care we approached this recording with a ‘digital’ composer’s mind and need. Working from the base up we created a diverse collection of phrases that would need to be widely usable in music compositions and large audio productions. So tempo syncing and a wide availability in all keys has been top priority in this production.

For each phrase we’ve also included an octaved overdub, mapped to the keyboard an octave higher than the original to easily layer them and make it a breeze to build the tension in your compositions and to instantly fatten the sound and expand your orchestra.

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Sonokinetic’s very unique and one of a kind, richly sampled Middle Eastern vocal library. It captures both the mysterious beauty from the female voice and the impressive magic of the Mesopotamian male voice. Whether you need to create an authentic Middle Eastern composition, or just add some spice and originality to any production, Tigris & Euphrates provides the necessary elements to set your music apart. These intriguing melodies and phrase improvisations will give you a broad range of diversity in your composition.

We’ve gone all the way and recorded all Middle Eastern melodic styles. It is available in all western contemporary harmonies. These melodic phrases, words , melody lines and many  of vocal and Middle Estern  sfx can easily be triggered and comes with a dedicated scripted interferface for Konakt 4.2.4.

Sonokinetic pushes the limit to capture a generic soundscape with a wide selection of user-friendly, easy to use collection of Middle Eastern vocal samples.

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity

But enough talking, let the music speak.

Review: Computer Music Magazine Sept. 2010 – score: 9/10 Testimonial: “Very creative, inventive sounds and beautiful use of ambient space in the mix! This library would be perfect for scoring a sequel to “The Fifth Element” ” – Bill Brown

Responsibility disclosure; We have been touched by the generosity and warm felt friendship of the Muslim community. All the texts are about love, friendship and peace. We would like apply to the users respect for these texts and use them in a properly fashion. The proper use of this library is the sole responsibility of the user.

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Optimum Est Organum…..

Sonokinetic presents “Toccata”. The largest and most epic instrument of all!
This instrument will literary blow you out of your socks. Weighing over 1 ton, constructed from over 1500 pipes, it has inspired the best composers for centuries. From J.S Bach to H. Zimmer all composers have been captured by the sheer power and intoxicating volume and tone colours of the pipe organ. This collection of clean recorded pipe organ samples has been intensively tuned and tweaked and de-noised to the utmost extent. Now working like a Swiss watch, this instrument will give you a wide range of colouring options due to its ingenious programming of 20 registers for the Kontakt sampling engine. Recorded at the Bartholomeus Basilika in The Netherlands this library will bring the raw power of this massive pipe organ to your keyboard.

Sonokinetic has established a name in user-friendly, very affordable, high quality audio and unique original sample libraries. Sonokinetic pushes the limit to capture the depth of the pipe organ with a wide selection of easy to use single registers and mixtures.

We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.

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We grew up with soundtracks like “Alien” by Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann’s “Psycho”. Reaching to more recent composers, Michael Giacchino (Star Trek) and John Debney (Predators) are an inspiration for us as composers. It triggered a deep longing within us to create a tool series for scoring film in a way that just hadn’t been done before. Tutti opens a new world of rich cinematic orchestral sound and offers you a broad range of unique sounds with a character that is unmatched in richness and quality. What we did was create sections with full orchestral cues spanning 4 to 8 bars. Each cue was recorded in a staggering 5 positions and each of these positions is 100% available for editing in the effective Sonokinetic user interface.

This library includes full orchestral samples like: Long and short tension builders, sustained patterns, highly detailed textures in multiple styles and complexities, full orchestral hits and big smashes, chord bending, glissandi and crescendi. Each cue has been recorded in multiple takes and a selection of the best takes is available in this sample collection, providing the composer with a tool that has so much variety and editing possibilities inside that no sample from this collection will ever sound the same, thus preventing over-usage or the feel of recognition. A little tweaking in mic positions, or choosing a different take of a particular cue will result in a different sounding musical fx or phrase.

Something we are very proud to announce is the technical achievement to provide you with access to the uniquely created “Tutti” score by implementing it in the users interface. This will give you a straight gaze into the heart of this collection. It provides you with the extra option to select a particular sound or fx you are looking for by viewing its content, progression, dynamics, length and speed.

“Tutti” was recorded using a highly established and experienced cinematic symphonic orchestra with the best musicians, conductor, technicians and composers. We chose to include all orchestral sections, piano and celesta. Stopping our musician counter at 98.

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With this library Sonokinetic is back where it all began. At the cradle of cultural history we found another intriguing and mystical vocal art form. Mr. Abraham Acharak blessed us with a divinely stunning performance and showed us music’s true meaning in multiple inspiring recording sessions.

The proven concept of vocal performances based on copyright free songs, improvisations, in all keys and multiple speeds combined with cinematic vocal fx like poems, shouts, whispers and much more, is now crammed into just one instrument patch.

Over the last few years we found that having multiple performances and fx available in one comprehensive instrument makes work as a composer much easier and more structured. Therefore we’ve invested in the first ‘built-in-one’ ethnic vocal library.

We are proud to release this unique and authentic collection and provide you with an imaginative extension to your sound pallet. With this addition to your instrument toolbox you’ll have access to a truly one-of-a-kind vocal performance virtual instrument.

Sonokinetic specializes in cinematic soundscapes filled with rich cultural diversity and with much respect for historic musical heritage. As such, “Yemenite” will happily stand alongside its peers “Tigris & Euphrates, Desert Voice, Voices Of Israel, Haka and Maasai”.

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This unique library spans the vocal performance of renowned traditional Eurasian vocal artist Aliye Mutlu. This colourful mix of styles from Bulgarian, Rumanian and Turkish music culture captured in a stellar recording session created a powerful instrument. It is a versatile tool and absolute beautiful in its sound and looks, as is Aliye’s amazing appearance. We were honoured to be working with her, her being such a professional and talented singer it has been a dreamlike experience realizing this project into our latest release “Aliye”.

Without a doubt we are positive this is one of the best vocal performance sample libraries we’ve produced to date. It perfectly fills the gap between the unique traditional series we’ve done and the more universal cinematic vocal performances we keep craving for. You can be sure to find a lot more long chants and mesmerizing melodic material in here to fulfill your everlasting need for theatrical vocal dressing.

The proven concept of vocal performances based on copyright free songs, improvisations, in all keys and multiple speeds combined with cinematic vocal fx like poems, shouts, whispers and much more, is now crammed into just one instrument patch.

Over the last few years we found that having multiple performances and fx available in one comprehensive instrument makes work as a composer much easier and more structured.

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Without a doubt, touching one of these instruments is magical. There is energy in these drums that will instantly make you move. The individual & ensemble sounds instantly teleport you to a Nomadic desert setting, or to the heart of cities on the banks of the Nile or Bosporus.

This is a collection we have been craving for and it completes a palette of Ethnic sounds to seamlessly integrate with our other instruments. Extending the Sonokinetic Ethnic sampling portfolio with a brand new instrument of Middle Eastern Percussion Ensembles.

This collection spans a wide variety of Middle Eastern drums and percussion instruments. With a focus on a balanced collection we decided to offer as many performance elements as we could with multi-articulated, round robin, multi-dynamic layered sampled instruments. Each instrument that can be found in 1 of the 10 styles are extensively multi-sampled to provide you with a complete composing tool. There’s much to explore in this collection. Get yourself some inspiration from the top-notch performed percussion ensemble or build your own pallet of playable drums and percussion.

Sultan Drums ships with a user friendly and dedicated interface. It’s designed to work intuitively and give you quick access to this large collection of samples. As a composer you know what you need and we strive to bring it to you fast. With the philosophy of investing our resources in unique and authentic musical culture, we believe that we managed to create another one-of-a-kind with “Sultan Drums”.

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We didn’t think we could make this happen and have been working behind the scenes for six months to get it all set up and ready to start producing. So with some excitement we are ready to present to you: “Rojin”

A traditional Kurdish vocal performance by Rojin Ülke which will give you some serious musical muscle and bring a voice to your music like you haven’t heard before. Her vocal range is so impressive that we felt like kids in a candy store with Rojin in our studio. So we sat down and created this very unique and versatile sound collection and built it into our successful structured virtual instrument environment. And so bringing another collection to our “Vocal Signature sampling line”.

The proven concept of vocal performances based on copyright free songs, improvisations, in all keys and multiple speeds combined with cinematic vocal fx like poems, shouts, whispers and much more, is now crammed into just one instrument patch.

This sample library features an alto – soprano voice, using traditional Kurdish melodic phrasing. Improvisations make up a large portion of this collection and are based on the same principles as the traditional copyright free songs but this time with a cinematic approach. This collection consists of hundreds of unique and authentic melodic phrases, improvisations and spoken words. As far as tradition goes, Sonokinetic keeps its tradition alive by providing you with word-by-word translations, with lots of traditional texts translated to English for the first time.

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Music is magical. It knows a way to express every human feeling and emotion. There’s no language that compares to the communicative power of a musical motif. Vivace speaks the tongue of Fables, Myths and Sagas. Get on board and experience a sampling instrument like no other before and enrich your sound palette with exclusive musical colours.

We set out to match and then advance the full orchestral sampling line we began in 2011 with the ground-breaking and highly user-friendly composing tool, “Tutti”. Where that package brought us the dark side, “Vivace” guides us through a magical and mystical land of inspired symphonic cinematic orchestral effects, patterns, atmospheres and moods.

Vivace features tempo-synced tonal cues, each recorded in all 12 keys utilising our ITM (Intelligent tempo mapping) system so that every sample is automatically integrated perfectly into any arrangement. The pressure of tight deadlines always interferes with the creative process so we believe Vivace is an essential tool to keep orchestrating craftsmanship high in production schedules with tight deadlines and on demand client expectations.

Vivace is a dedicated performance sampling library that continues building the Sonokinetic legacy in original one-of-a-kind sampling tools for professional composers and sound designers. A vast collection with over 16,000 samples (32,000 total combination of 16 and 24 bit) propels this impressive library to new heights.

Sonokinetic is proud to set a new standard with this instrument that functions not only as a composer and sound designer’s tool but also as a learning environment: With Kontakt 5 we have upscaled the full score view to provide you with a better look under the hood and guide you through every step in full section score view.

Again, Sonokinetic sticks with its unbeatable pricing module and high quality sampling. This package is priced so competitively it really is hard to resist. We’re proud to present this instrument to composers of every level as Vivace comes shipped with the free Kontakt Player and appears integrated within the Kontakt Library panel.

Just as we have been inspired during the creation of Vivace, we hope you are moved by the sonic possibilities to blend new orchestral FX and colours like never before.
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Originating from the vast area between the black sea and Persia this instrument comes in several forms, sizes and sounds. Mediterranean and Eurasian mixed with Persian and Middle Eastern musical heritage come together in the sound and deep musical ethnic presence of these instruments.

Sonokinetic decided to capture the enchanting sound of the classical Kemençe and sample this instrument in high fidelity audio quality. This instrument ships with a built in musical heritage. A supreme performed and recorded cinematic approach of several ethnic musical styles. The instrument is a perfect match with the styles and flavors in other Sonokinetic ethnical sampled instrument and vocals.

The classical Kemençe is a pear shaped 40cm in height, bowed string instrument that has a distinctive sound to it. It’s recognized immediately especially when set in a microtonal setting.

This Kemençe sample library is based on musical structures similar to the ones found in other Ethnic sampled instruments by Sonokinetic, making this a valuable addition to and perfect match with your Sonokinetic sampling products. Based on more than 10 different styles these performances are divided in traditionals and improvisations. Where the traditionals focus more on melodies within a particularly Middle Eastern tone scale, improvisations use this tone material focus on a more ‘cinematical’ melodic approach.

This instrument ships with an intelligent legato scripted instrument, giving you an opportunity to play this instrument in real time and create your own melody lines. Complete with transition notes and bowed sustains.

Recorded at Sonokinetic Studios in Istanbul with our renowned and awarded sound team and Kemençe master Mahinur Sezener, we’re very proud to release this unique instrument. We hope it will give you as much inspiration as it gave us and will suit your scoring template with eleganceTrailer :

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Sonokinetic Da.Capo.24BiT.KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

This library captures the full sound of the symphonic orchestra. A library that keeps things simple and straightforward. All sections and the most common articulations are provided in this collection. Recorded with a highly professional and renowned orchestra that is also credited for their work in our libraries “Tutti” and “Vivace”. Making this multi sampled orchestral sample collection the pivotal accomplishment to complete the Sonokinetic cinematic orchestral tools.

It has been a dream to create a library like this. Sonokinetic has put in their utmost best to produce this unique instrument. After a long production period we proudly present to you ‘Da Capo’.

Multisampling orchestral instruments is the most coveted and demanded area in the sampling industry and we are very much aware of that. So we set out to build an instrument that matches up to the high quality standards composers and producers expect whilst trying not to overcomplicate the instrument. There are so many possible options and details with multisampling that the usability, accessibly and playability can easily become lost in a load of technical options. Therefore we decided to keep things as straightforward from a users perspective as possible.

Da Capo enables legato playing in the most common areas of the orchestral setup. This legato offers you a unique chance to play Polyphonic section legato within the same instrument patch. Intelligent Polyphonic section legato provides realism without adding to the instrument’s complexity from a player’s view.

Due to the ‘all in one’ approach which Sonokinetic believes in, there is another option available that makes Da Capo score high on the efficiency scale. This instrument can easily stack sections and articulations including the intelligent Polyphonic section legato within your Da Capo. All without loading multiple instances of the instrument in your DAW template.

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Sonokinetic Fe Iron and Metal Elements KONTAKT

This new addition to our percussion line-up complements the powerful toms and drums percussion of H.I.P.P. and Felt Force One with a veritable scrapheap of metal and iron objects and instruments. From clinging and clanging to smashing and booming, this collection covers a lot of sonic ground. Without compromise and fully dedicated to capturing the specific sound of these metal and iron soundscapes, we set out to create an all-new exciting collection of performed percussion and multi sampled sessions. As usual, we coupled this with an intuitive yet stylish UI to give you full access to this vast source of Sonokinetic marked samples. This sampleset consists of a slew of inspired ‘live’ performances by an amazing percussionist, extended with deep sampled instruments like TamTam, Anvils, Cymbals and thundersheets.

Other less conventional ‘musical instruments’ like Car doors, oil drums, little metal scrap, and all kinds of iron objects found on junk yards (and carefully selected for sonic character) complement this collection we proudly call: “Fe”.

A live performance always beats a computer generated percussion track. This is why we hired one of the best percussion players available and locked him in the studio on several occasions, spanning several weeks (cause sometimes some muscle recovery was needed). Banging on a car door and oil drums with sawn-off broomsticks, attacking different pieces of heavy metal with big hammers, and of course playing more conventional percussion instruments and cymbals with regular drum sticks, felt tips (several KIA along the way) and brushes, we produced a multitude of sounds, sure to meet your every iron-loving need. A real challenge which took a lot of resources, dedication and blisters to complete, we’re proud to announce this collection as a new standard for non-standard percussion libraries.

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Sonokinetic BV is proud to announce this library of orchestral melodic percussion essentials. We feel this is a beautiful addition to our orchestral libraries as it allows you to add a percussive element, as well as enhanced definition to fast runs in other sections of the orchestra. These instruments will add a shine to your full orchestral arrangements, but they will come in equally handy in small group composition, where they will easily carry their own weight… Marimba and bass clarinet anyone?

The instruments in the Mallets collection are recorded in the Netherlands, at the ‘Muziekcentrum voor de Omroep’, the national broadcasting center.

The instruments we sampled are top class and have been used in many broadcast recordings and studio sessions for Dutch National radio and TV. Recordings were captured in a semi-close stereo configuration with Schoeps Microphones, Apogee pre-amps and converters, in a medium sized studio with high ceiling. The Impulse Response sample used in the instrument is sampled in the much-acclaimed Cinematic Concert Hall in Zlin, Czech Republic, where Sonokinetic’s orchestral libraries Tutti, Vivace and Da Capo are recorded. This will make the instruments blend in perfectly with the aforementioned libraries, as well as with other sampled offerings and live recordings.

All Sonokinetic Mallets instruments are played with an assortment of mallets allowing you to choose the brightness and attack you need for your specific project. For Marimba and Xylophone two different sets of mallets are included, wool (two-zone) and rubber for Marimba, and wood and rubber for xylophone. Tubular bells have been played with a two sided hammer, solid plastic on one side, and leather on the other side, giving you the option for either a mellow or a sharp attack. The Glockenspiel is played with a brass-tip mallet, which gives it a beautiful presence and makes the instrument cut through any mix. Our Glockenspiel has been sampled with pedal up and pedal down, allowing you to play it like you would a real Glockenspiel. You can choose whether you want the notes to sound the full length (up to 10 seconds) or be damped instantly for very busy parts. If you want an even softer attack for any of the instruments, or you want to suggest more distance, the attack envelope can be changed within the interface.

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    ++++== tonight i will update links but they will be private, on ly on request, i will psot them private on backup post, but i will send password for who request it.

  11. ZiON says:

    guys putlocker updated.

    ++++== tonight i will update links but they will be private, on ly on request, i will post them private on backup post, but i will send password for who request it.

  12. Zion, when you have time send me the private pass for:


  13. provolone says:

    HI ZION,

    I have a problem with these files password







    I tried with  but dont work you can help me?



  14. caras says:

    Yeah !! I’d love private pass for HIPP full release, Vivace and Roots Drumloops, please !! I guess it will be instead of putlocker, but never mind !!

    Keep up the good job !! I love what you’re doing !! And can’t wait for the big surprise !!

  15. vdrummer1418 says:

    hey Zion , TC  here,

    love to try  ; Sonokinetic.Sultan.Strings.KONTAKT

    ; Sonokinetic.Aliye.v1.3.KONTAKT-KRock-MAGNETRiXX

    ; Sonokinetic.H.I.P.P.Highly.Intuitive.Performance.Percussion.KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX .   putlocker please .        many  thanks , grts

  16. provolone says:


    this is not a password wrong but a file  number 4

    I have not dl it


    please can you reup  it on putlocker?


    Thx a lot

    • ZiON says:


      bru now i am working on links, coz i wasn’t home today all the day, just came back so i have to upload links 65 Gb, than move to putlocker don’t forget this week, BIG SURPRISE WILL HIT PAZ HERE, EXCLUSIVE, and it will hit the scene too no one did it before justwait bru.

  17. ZiON says:

    Guys don’t worry for the links let me just post to you some good stuff than i will update all links here, also add a pricate links and email,all the friends that requested private  links.


  18. buttaz95 says:

    guys ive downloaded something else and theres a password on it ive used the provided password and it says bad format or wrong password my heads blagged how do i acess the files?


  19. redvex says:

    Awesome post! Can’t wait for putlocker links to go live again :D

  20. redvex says:

    Can you please re-upload putlocker. Thnx very much :)

  21. lineareq says:

    many thanks for your work ZiON…I will attend too for the reup links :-)

  22. eddyabel says:

    Can you please re-upload putlocker

  23. Bastian says:

    ZiON thanks a lot my brother !  waiting for putlocker links, you are the best ! God bless you ;-)

  24. Bastian says:

    You are a legend,  a million thanks !

  25. ernsthippe says:

    Could you please send me the password for the links? I really appreciate your great work!

  26. pandora says:

    hi zion, can I get password for link, please…
    thanks before

  27. ojgdf says:

    Man… You … God… You are the best of the best! Thanks a lot!

  28. 1maicky1 says:

    sooooo coool ! thank you !

  29. simx says:

    is it possible to have lumfile links please

  30. coolcoolcool says:

    thanks but all the exabit link are dead :(

  31. mayzfieldtv says:

    I just downloaded from putlocker. I need a password to use the files. Please reply with the password. Thank you. I promise I will make very good music with it. You are the best! Thank you so much! Zion, you are awesome! Please send the password. Please.

  32. Defrey says:

    a thousand thanks for those ones….

  33. eddyabel says:

    Can you please re-upload putlocker :( plis plis

  34. Soundware says:

    Are “backup links” still alive?
    and are they separate links? I want just 4 of them not all the 65GB dl. dont forget the password =)

  35. Soundware says:

    I need those libraries please confirm if uploaded links are online

  36. eddyabel says:

    re-upload putlocker can re upload putlocker Sonokinetic Libraries Collection

  37. emzziper says:

    Hi ZION

    All putlocker links are offline.. Please Re Up

    thx a lot

  38. IntroNinja says:

    Any chance for putlocker re-up Zion?? Thank you

  39. minock says:

    Zion Bro, thanks for this massive collection.

    Sorry bothers you, but I need the password!

    Can u send me, PLEASE???

    Thanks for all, and all yhe best to you!

  40. dodheimsgard says:

    Many thanks Zion!!

  41. harryflame says:

    ZION! thank you for that. cant open it in the kontakt 5 (its the version you posted) any suggestions?
    milion thanks again

  42. Dealer16 says:

    Can you reupload the putlocker files? Thanks Zion.

  43. Charblie says:

    Hi again Zion, could i get the private password for the, thanks for the hard work!!

  44. says:

    Could you please send me the putlocker links? Thank you very much.

  45. Charblie says:

    very sorry, i was skimming, thanks very much through

  46. ufkytnl says:

    Could you please send me the putlocker links? Thank you

  47. jhonxxx says:

    Reup please :D

  48. commositore says:

    what is the pass of backup links?

  49. ben872 says:

    uploaded re up please :)

  50. ben872 says:

    didn’t saw the back up links, sorry for previous post and many thanks for back up links and pass :)

  51. abcnicolas says:

    Hi Zion!! always best stuff!! can you send me the pass for the links? or links? I m really fan from sonokinetic packs! thanks!!!

  52. MAURIFRB says:

    Zion, could you please send me the putlocker links?…i forget to download some links..hehe…thanks very much!!

  53. IntroNinja says:

    Do you still have live Putlocker links for this you can email me. I did ask a while ago never got a response. Thank you and Respect

  54. Icyman says:

    Nice collection, hope I’ll have time (and space) to grab it sometime.
    Many thanks, Zion!

  55. RastafariTaz says:

    Hey Zion,
    Sadly, backup Links are down. Please advice when you can reupload them.
    In the other hand, The Vivace version here is the same posted as The Vivace 24 bit in a different post?


  56. trabant says:

    I like these big collections.
    Thanks for your job

  57. jmayF says:

    Hi Zion, How are u?

    Is this one the collection u mentioned hat will be uploaded soon?

    Thank u very much, Z


  58. jmayF says:

    Ok, I´m ready, THANKS!!!

    All the best,

  59. jmayF says:

    Thank u so much, ZION! Amazing!

    Only one thing, there´s no link for Vivace Part 7 in putlocker, It´s part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 to 18, but no 7, I already checked the whole list of putlocker.

    Thanks for all, take care

  60. jmayF says:

    Hi again ZION,

    COuld u be so kind to put here the missing putlocker part of Vivace?

    Like an answer, but with the link, could u do it, please?


    Thank u so, love, all the besy

  61. jmayF says:

    The putlocker links are dead right now!! How is it possible?? Why???

    Thanks anyway, ZIOn

    C U

  62. rainbow says:

    Hi ZiON! … thanks for love but unfortunately the Rapidshare links are dead – bummer … if they do appear and you can send email, that is cool but totally get that you have life and other things on your plate :x28:

  63. jmayF says:

    The uploaded links are dead too…

    I can´t believe it…

    Ciao, Zion,

  64. rapidshare links has been deleted in just a second :(

  65. jmayF says:

    Oh ZiON, as you consider, private or password it´s good, it´s up to u

    Take care, babe, all the best

  66. RastafariTaz says:

    Are backup links working?
    Anyway, i put the “Uploading Private Backup LInks” password but doesnt work..

  67. jmayF says:

    Hi Zion, how are u? Did u sleep?

  68. ZiON says:


    contacted you in mail i think :x28:

  69. mada22 says:

    password for uploaded links pls?

  70. gameron says:

    if you can give me the ul password
    i don’t know how i can to send u private message

  71. mada22 says:

    texted you on skype already
    what’s your mail @zion?

  72. mashiat says:

    dear ZION , please send me password for private link
    i waiting now

  73. lightman60610 says:

    Hello Great One….please send me password for the private link…would greatly appreciate this.
    Thank you so much for all your work to help us move into great creations.

  74. lightman60610 says:

    how do i contact you…i am new here
    thank you very much

  75. zayada says:

    Thank You Zion For this Great work “Sharing is Caring” i can not find any working links for this libraries in the net!!! and im scoring a music in arabic theme and i need these libraries to give it that arabic touch !!!i”m dying for this plz back up links !!! :x19: :x19: :x21:

  76. zayada says:

    Sorry for the double!!!It Would be perfect ,, if i get putlocker links!!Thanxx Again!!

  77. Recept says:

    Is it possible to reupload the links, they’re dead, and can You sent the pass for premium links (, I sent couple of emails to admin, but still no respond. Thanks for the effort.

  78. enoz says:

    Possible to reup uploaded links?

  79. IOANNHS says:

    can you send me any links putlocker links? and watch out companies have spies inside your forum send links only to people you trust i sent an email too :x10:

  80. senturystatus says:

    cant wait to try some of this out

  81. IOANNHS says:

    hi zion can you send me a safelink putlocker plese for sonokinetik collection please?
    i have sent 2 mails on your other mail but no answer also i posted on forum but still no answer thank you in advance also GOD BLESS YOU.I m new here i m sure i make something wrong please help

  82. Malmis3000 says:

    Hi Zion!
    Same goes for me,I’ve mailed you a couple of times without any luck.
    Would be very happy if you could send me the backup links and password for them.
    thx in advance

  83. sixstring20 says:

    Zion… like a LION!!!! You are King my friend!

  84. ZiON says:

    All links are online now, was working on this from 2 days till now finished lol

    :x27: :x23: :x10: :x9: :x26: :x20:

  85. useless_junk says:

    putlocker is already down :( do you have backup links for putlocker ? :sad:

  86. genetik says:

    all uploaded links are dead :x21:

  87. genetik says:

    Nvm I Got The Working Upload Links Thanks ZION

  88. mogoes49 says:

    hey zion any chance at getting any of the new sonokinetic libraries with wallpapers and nicnt files thanks amil

  89. elaltavoz says:

    Wow thanks a lot, downloading as fas as I can now :twisted: :x1:

  90. Xploding_PlastiX says:

    Cool ! Any chance to have their last library called “Minimal”
    I’m especially interested in this one :)

    Thanks :)

  91. Malmis3000 says:

    Thanks ever so much! Merry Christmas one month too early!!!

  92. super_mario says:

    Great collection and especially, for me, kemence, nevel, shahrazad and sultan strings. But… I’m looking desperately for Sonokinetic Ney! The sound and the feeling of this instrument is great! Sonokinetic made a great work with the middle east instruments!!!

    Thank you!

  93. arquicion says:

    Hola, excelente colección.
    If there any chance to have Putlocker, Rapidshare or Extabit links?
    Uploaded links are dead as well. Only Ryushare links seems to be cool, but they do not work in this zone.
    Muchas gracias!

  94. djmag says:

    i have already bought membership via proaudiozone….

    would you mind to share links uploaded links please??


  95. harikeo says:

    Hi Zion. Thanks for your work on this but when I click on the first Uploaded link I get 404 even with a premium account. At the beginning I did get skntc-uploqded.rar with a text file inside but they are now all offline for me so what trick do you mean to get the links?

    Thanks :grin:

  96. DonnieBrasco says:

    :sad: Dear Zion!
    Yesterday I downloaded the .txt file from and started download the links from the file inside. But after I downloaded some files, jdownloader said: file isn’t available. From that time I can’t see .txt on I can’t download it across my web browser and jdownloader.
    So I think links are really dead. Any backup links?

    Best Regards: DB

  97. DonnieBrasco says:

    Thank you. I’m every month buying, and won’t pay for the others. I just told you, your links not online. Sorry. Maybe I better search other site. Bye.

    • ViP ZeNDA says:

      sorry, I’m checking links and work
      relax man
      if you pay your account every month uploaded, because such a hurry

    • ZiON says:

      lol, if you open your eyes well, you will see the links, i can’t help more, i am seeing them online, why you can’t lol, and if you find this collection on other sites tell me to go there too, damn, UN-thankfull people come just leech and go

  98. BASSMONSTA says:

    Man Your one UNgrateful muddafucka! Zion gives us the best stuff in the world and all you do is bitch and moan.
    Go back to bitsnoop and piratebay you knob!
    I see the links just fine………Your just a dumbass………….. Thanks and long live PAZ and King Zion!!! :x22:

  99. banheiser says:

    hello :
    9 any chance to get the putlocker links? would be awesome or any other links if they are dead

    zion rules!

  100. picoranger28 says:

    Hey ZION,
    Finally a place to have a focus audio libraries! Thanks
    Any chance you can re-up the Rapigator links? The “Viivace” links went offline.

    Thanks!!! :x41:

  101. mogoes49 says:

    zion ccarillon.rar is damaged or not complete think you could repost it thanks :sad:

  102. sayhey1983 says:

    grateful human here :x34: uploaded = down/404…. am i missing the correct link other than the one at the top. thank you Zion even if they stay down. may switch to ryushare account anyways! peace :x26:

  103. butanebo says:

    Hi Zion, Ruyshare links are dead till todays morning, but thank you a lot man !! :x40: I have nearly all i wanted from Sonokinetics now.. still missing something, but I am sure you will reupload this sometime) THANK YOU ! :x22:

  104. IntroNinja says:

    Okay @Zion Here is my Custom Kontakt Library Tabs……… Sneek Peek lol
    :x33: :x35: :x42: :x44: :x24: :x26: :x27: :x28:

    Let me know…. Just giving you a little boost lol

  105. IntroNinja says:

    Oops, this is the normal tabs, oh well I ruin my own surprise lol :x44:

  106. IntroNinja says:

    Here is something to add your Sonokinetic Collection: I Present
    Sonokinetic Sleigh Bells KONTAKT.
    I Batch Compressed the files to save you bandwidth & included a custom .nicnt & wallpaper exclusive to PAZ only
    (If you want to mod any file, just uncompress it from the file menu!!!!)
    Yes, you can get this library Free from their website, If you want sign up?
    Bonus Troubleshoot:
    If any issues when adding or loading a library:
    Abort Loading, click the Files Tab & click batch-resave,
    a warning will show up click yes
    Find the library, click okay (this is to let it grab all the .nki, .nkr, .nkc)
    a screen may pop up, saying missing samples
    click browse for folder, then click okay…Nothing Else!!!!! (it was save the files as-is)
    Your Good To Go…..
    Until Next Time,

    Enjoy & Your Welcome :x26:

  107. Dealer16 says:

    The putlocker links are dead, right?

  108. Stagg3r says:

    Hmm H have to be doing something wrong then. I have tried the links where I have been maintaining my premium account via the link on the Proaudiozone homepage. I have tried to go through the safelinking side and it finds no links. I have also tried to find the post in the backup section but I can only see one with the password given previously in the thread as the title of the post (confusing, I know). Will the backup be called sonokinetic-collection-packs or does it use j9n6qcfw as a title? Just trying to find something that works :x10:

    Thanks for helping shine a beam of knowledge on the crushing darkness of my ignorance. :x28:

    • Stagg3r says:

      OK. Please ignore my babbling above. I must not have been properly logged in because the links just showed up after days of wondering where they were. I was using the login at the top of the page and not at the thread… my bad :x23:

  109. IntroNinja says:

    Okay Guys/Gals………………. I Finished The Sonokinetic Libraries Collection Wallpapers & .nicnt’s :x9:
    Here is the Download Link:

    Here is the Default View in Kontakt 5

    Here is the Full Screen View in Kontakt 5

    PLEASE Read the included .txt file for full instructions before posting for help,

    Your Welcome Enjoy :x26:

  110. minock says:

    Zion bro, please, reup, ‘cos all links are dead!!! :x23:

  111. loulouxD says:

    Hi Zion, can you reup links ? I really need all that stuffs :D !!

  112. OscarRomelPR says:

    just need the Sonokinetic Ney :cool:

  113. versatur says:

    Dudes does someone know if the Toccata library has a manual? I looked everywhere on the web but no way to find it…

  114. PsychatoR says:

    hi Zion, am i too late for working links ? seems really hot libraries collection tx merry xmas :)

  115. sargodestructo says:

    So not only did I purchase a premium account and still not get to download this, but I had to call my credit card companies fraud division to try and explain why the purchase from a Russian website was legit. I tried Rapidgator, and I was hoping this would be a great thing, but it was not and I was also unable to get my money back. It’s not like it was a ton of money, but it still sucks that I essentially gave someone some money for free. Only thing I can hope for is the guy who runs this site made something. This site kicks ass! I understand that it was not his fault the premium sites were acting up. Good luck to you all.

  116. jhonxxx says:

    Where is trailer voice collection? pleasseee :DD

  117. IntroNinja says:

    Hey Zion,
    Sonokinetic Trailer Voice Mythology WAV
    is missing from this amazing collection when you get the chance please upload :x19: :x19: :x19:

  118. jmayF says:

    Thanks for everything, Best – jmay :x11:


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