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The collection contains 11 libraries from Sample Logic: Fanfare, Cinematic Guitars 2, TryPack, Synergy X, Rumble, The Elements Expand, WaterHarp, Ambience Impacts Rhythms and Expanded, Vuvuzela, Morphestra and Cinematic Guitars. For Use them in your Kontakt player.

Synergy X in at over 20 Gigabytes, the newly expanded Synergy X pushes the envelope far beyond today’s standard of music and sound design. This breathtaking collection of over 1600 innovative instruments, tempo-synced loops, and jaw-dropping multis delivers the next generation of diverse cinematic sampling with a user interface designed to inspire.Rumble

Sample Logic and System Blue have joined forces to produce Rumble, the world’s first Kontakt Player virtual instrument to combine the finest in traditional marching drums with cutting-edge sound design. This superbly flexible virtual instrument gives educators, composers, and musicians an imaginative, innovative, and inspiring new sonic palette for creative music-making.

The Elements Expand

The Elements EXP is a collection that aims to transform your work, pushing the envelope beyond today’s standard of music and sound design. Since the instruments are broken up into 6 intuitive elements, you won’t waste any time browsing through unneeded sounds. These instruments were crafted to excite, inspire, and electrify. The library is packed with deadly, ear scraping ambiance to serene melodic choirs; glitched out distorted beats to funky harmonic guitar licks; woofed out basses to spine bending transitional impacts; traditional brass ensembles to psychedelic spirals of exotic colors. And with a bunch of extra sounds made from unicorns, hobbits, and dragons, this library is sure to be fun for the whole family.


WaterHarp is a collection of 300 instruments making it the most comprehensive waterphone library to date. Weighing in at almost 1.8 Gigabytes, WaterHarp not only includes amazing, ready-to-play, acoustically sampled Waterphone ensembles, but also dives heavily into the world of score-ready morphed instruments.

Ambience Impacts Rhythms and Expanded

A.I.R. Expanded blends the three essential building blocks of music (Ambience, Impacts, and Rhythms) into one score-effectual toolkit. Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player, this extensive 6 GB virtual instrument contains over 900 award-winning instruments and multis that include atmospheric soundscapes, impactual transitions, tempo-synced rhythmic loops and much more…


Either you are a fan of the Vuvuzela trumpet or you are not, with little wiggle room in between. Sample Logic is obviously in the fan group, having just released Vuvuzela for Kontakt, a sample library dedicated to the buzzing, fluttering, sometimes honking Vuvuzela – the staple sound maker of soccer fans in South Africa. The World Cup 2010 brought the Vuvuzela back on the radar and rather than try to suppress the instrument’s tones like Waves Audio did recently, Sample Logic is bringing it to the forefront and presenting 40 exclusive Vuvuzela sounds for you to use in your tracks.


Sample Logic’s award-winning team presents a powerful collection of creatively new and inventive organic instruments. Morphestra is derived entirely from orchestral recordings and psycho-acoustic sound design. In association with Kirk Hunter Studios and powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Morphestra is an epic collection of over 1200+ instruments and multis available as a convenient direct download.

Cinematic Guitars

Sample Logic’s award-winning team presents a powerful collection of morphed guitar instruments harnessed in a remarkably adaptable “core effects sequencer” engine powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt Player. Derived entirely from true electric and acoustic guitar recordings by guitar guru Steve Ouimette (known for his work on the Guitar Hero franchise) this library is not a traditional guitar sample library, rather, it is an extensive collection of atmospheres, instrumentals, and percussives unlike any ever heard before. Taking it one step further, Cinematic Guitars gives users the power to create and manipulate custom instruments using the first ever “core effects sequencer” designed by Sample Logic and built into the Kontakt engine.


TryPack delivers 750+ MB, and celebrates a small selection of over 5 years of “blurring the line between music & sound design.” The TryPack collection contains 5 Kontakt instruments from each of our award-winning libraries. Even if you already own any of these titles, at $5, TryPack is still the best opportunity for sampling all of our logic.

Libraries included in TryPack:

– AIR Expanded
– The Elements EXP
– Synergy
– Morphestra
– Cinematic Guitars
– Rumble
– Fanfare


– The TryPack content is formatted as a Kontakt based sample library, which requires a retail version of Kontakt 4 or higher.

Cinematic Guitars 2

Sample Logic continues their cinematic legacy by introducing Cinematic Guitars 2 – A suite of over 1200 jaw-dropping instruments and multis that are in no way just another guitar sample library. In creating a sequel to Cinematic Guitars, the designers at Sample Logic, and Steve Ouimette (Composer/Artist/Producer) went all the way back to the fundamentals of the recording process, where they re-conceived and invented new and clever ways of creating and capturing unique sounds derived entirely from real guitars, a big part of which came from the destruction and mutilation of real guitars during the recording process. From guitars being chained up, drilled, shattered, sledge hammered, and set on fire to the elegance and pristine air of bowed and prepared guitars, all off which were carefully manipulated and morphed to craft a library that sounds like no other.


Sample Logic and System Blue are proud to announce Fanfare, a ground-breaking Kontakt Player virtual instrument pairing the DCI World-Champion Blue Devils marching brass with the award-winning sound design of Sample Logic. From traditional marching brass to full-blown cinematic soundscapes, Fanfare delivers the definitive marching brass library for educators and arrangers, and an extraordinarily versatile and inspiring construction toolkit for film, TV, game composers, producers, and electronic musician.

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    5) Morpestra, Rumble, Elelments, Waterharp, Vuvuzela, Try pack

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