Heavyocity Libraries Collection KONTAKT | 44.06 GB

1100 $ Products >>> Free On  ( But links will go down fast)


Collection of Libraries by Heavyocity. Heavyocity’s products are used by top Film, Game and TV composers and sound designers worldwide, their latest flagship product is called AEON. Check the list to find which one you missed.


Heavyocity – AEON Melodic
Heavyocity – AEON Rhythmic

Heavyocity – Damage

Heavyocity – Evolve R2

Heavyocity – Evolve
Heavyocity – Evolve Mutations

Heavyocity – Evolve Mutations 2



Homepage: (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)


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  1. DaeCron says:

    I´m so grateful for this, really thanks PAZ :D

  2. pc says:

    putlocker’s dead. However, I looked at the backup but nothing’s there. Do I need password to see the links? If so, I’m asking for one. Thanks ZiON!

  3. patrick3 says:

    Tank you
    great post

  4. Icyman says:

    This is just G.R.E.A.T. !!! MANY THX!!! :)

  5. dodheimsgard says:

    Thanks youre the best

  6. pc says: is dead, too. Are you going to reupload putlocker?

  7. pc says:

    Hope everything’s fine now with you and thanks for reup. you’re great!!!!

  8. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    ZiON great :)

  9. patrick3 says:

    I looked at the backup but nothing’s there
    uploaded dead

  10. herlin says:

    ZiON, doesn’t exist anymore, or has been removed.
    could you reupload it again
    thanks in advance

  11. nade77 says:

    Oh shit ! it’s down , damn i missed it

  12. loveforce says:


  13. pc says:

    I see they quickly shut dowwn the links. Will you reup the put locker again or maybe you can do sth with backup links? thanx for you help ZiON!

  14. nade77 says:

    the backup links are down too actually

  15. pc says:

    Thanks man. You are my star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Bastian says:

    Zion i need putlocker links , please reupload and send me by email, damn im enjoying these instruments so much, thank you :D

  17. Bastian says:

    @ZiON big thanks, i sent you an email

  18. jhonxxx says:

    the links doesnt work :(

  19. pc says:

    I can’t download either. can you send me working links? Thanks ZiOZN!

  20. protogen says:

    ;) thank you zion

  21. bigboss313 says:

    hi ZION
    with AEON, went i will gona UNZIP all parts, appears this problem “mng-hcrmamc.r09 error pass is incorrect”… but in put pass ” ” and works good but went i gona unzip again the other sub-files… makes an error ith the part number 9.. then I should do? i don’t have any idea… sorry for my bad tapping

    thanks for your answer :D from Colombia

  22. mentaur says:

    first of all thanks a lot for such great work!
    This is the best audio site! :)
    I will be soon buying two extabit premium account[waiting for my pocket money.. :P] and doing my best to promote this. !
    can you please reupload putlocker links!!!!

  23. eddyabel says:

    can you please reupload putlocker links

  24. k-anon says:

    Hey, just sent over a msg- hopefully can get working RS links to Aeon Collection/Damage if possible!

  25. djferk_5ct says:

    podrias subir todo eso a uploaded please :(

  26. mentaur says:

    am facing same problem as bigboss313… it shows mng-hcrmamc.r09 from part2 ,
    mgn-hcrmamc.r87 from part10 and mgm-hcrmamc.r94 from part11 that the pass is wrong or the volume is corrupted.

    can you please reupload file mgn-hcrmamc.r87 and mgm-hcrmamc.r94 .

  27. Luthien says:

    Hey Zion can you please send me pass for uploaded backup links.


  28. seppdepp says:

    sorry, can someone tell me how to install evolve? ther is no serial number…..
    perhaps iam blind and stupid, but please help me.

  29. Antriksh says:

    Hey, thanks for the awesome libraries. I’m having problem extracting the Aeon Library. the file mgn-hcmamc.r09 seems to be corrupted. could you please re-up that file soon. :(

  30. pippo58 says:

    Hello, deleted link, where I go? Thanks

  31. jmayF says:

    Hi Zion, finally I could logged in, yeah!!

    The links are dead, there are plans of uploading it again?

    Thanks, Z, lots of love

  32. jmayF says:

    HI Zion! I bought premium, please upload this collection again!!

    Love, s C ya, bru
    jmayF :x31:

  33. jmayF says:

    Ok, sorry Zion, I forgot it

    Take care,

  34. RastafariTaz says:

    Hi Zion,
    Great upload, all the libraries worked for me except for Damage, when trying to install the setup pc.exe i get this message “please run from original dvd”, what do i do?

  35. oldschool says:

    wow guys give zion a break – he’s doing this out of love.
    he is a person you know, with a job, family etc.
    be a little nicer!

  36. whassu says:

    :x28: Hi Zion! Any chance I could get the password for the uploaded backup links??? Thanks!

  37. stormtrooper106 says:

    The links were down for me. Are the backup links still working?

  38. xyz123 says:

    The Uploaded backup links are all down. Need Aeon and Mutation collection if still possible, thanks. :)

  39. iroshprasanga says:

    I,m late.Backup links are down,

    Any plans for re-upload them. :cry:

  40. proaudiozoner says:

    putlocker was down nearly instantly.

    maybe you can send the dl links to people who actually want it by pm or mail.

    would be great!

    thx m8!

  41. petepx says:

    Many thanks for this great upload/work and gift !

  42. momac says:

    yo Zion need the password

  43. tubix says:

    can I have the pass? thanks)

  44. Adhamuss says:

    Thanks!!!! Please Would you give me the pass???

  45. obelloobob says:

    the links are down..

  46. slein says:

    hello, any chance of getting the password for the backup links..??
    cheers, and thanks for all your work! ;)

  47. iroshprasanga says:

    password for backup links

    thanks for the amazing collection

  48. iroshprasanga says:

    Hi zion

    Ok I got it. But the links are dead

    Are you re-uploading them

  49. theho says:

    pw for uploaded links didn´t work. What is the correct pw? :x40:

  50. theho says:

    @zion I only need the password to unzip the files. “” didn´t work

  51. Billeeb says:

    Hi, thanks for your hard work man!
    The links are down, could you give me the new links for uploaded? :x10:

  52. Billeeb says:

    I needed those from AEON in the other post, thanks for your help, you made my day!

  53. daproducer says:

    What is find up i have a PREMIUM ACCOUNT and still when i click on Albion link it takes me ncrypt when i go through that loop to uploaded i find dead links WTF!!! I have been supporting this site for awhile..WOW

    • ZiON says:


      just don’t worry i told you in the pot to contact me, the links of albion are private why ?? coz they got deleted fast that’s all, so just go to contact us page and send me email we get back to you as soon as possible :) peace

  54. theho says:

    @zion hey Brother thanks for your answers :x10:

    I get this message when I use the PW:

    the file mgn-crmamc.05 it contains seems to be broken. – The password you entered may have been incorrect. Try again with the correct password.

    Aeon, Damage, Evolve- Evertime the same hint with another “corrupt” file. Evolve: dynhvctevolver2.r10..

    I think maybe was the server down before the downloads finished- but on the other side every files has the same size: 1,04gb…..

    mhhh What else can I do? Pleeease help me man

  55. daproducer says:

    I need back up link password for 24101

  56. tomas_pascual says:

    you are the best!!

  57. Ambar says:

    New links please

  58. juanmanueljazz says:

    Really hoping links from uploaded! Anyway …GREAT site. Greetings from Argentina! :x41:

  59. juanmanueljazz says:

    Thank you SO much ZION

  60. Ambar says:

    Hope 1 LINK or extabit DL :x28:

  61. Ambar says:

    Ok, I just want the aeon collection :x28:

  62. Ambar says:

    it was offline a few days agoi, but now thank you sooo much for the reup :x28:

  63. ZiON says:

    guys if anyone needs premium links contact me as always i updated this post with links :x44:

  64. Sib says:

    I tried to contact you for rapid share links but it said human verification fail when i submitted??

    Keep up the good work anyhoo!

  65. hey i got premium and downloaded the premium links but “” and “” both end in errors as the password was incorrect. I’ve emailed you too sorry to be annoying but I’m very much looking forward to these links! i have downloaded other software on this site with no problems and for that i thank you!!!!

    • ZiON says:

      this have no different password dude i use same pass for everything so dunno maybe if you try to change the software if you are on mac than change the extract software if you are on win than update winrar+ otherwise maybe you lost some bytes on downloading some files check if ther is a file have less size than others ?

  66. KaDaDon says:

    BackUp Please
    Thanks A Milli! :x26:

  67. crisamadeus says:

    amazing collection but how can i get the uploaded links?

    thank you in advance

  68. bekilla says:

    i wrote you a email
    i buyed prem. but dont get a password :x25:

  69. neuronm says:

    :sad: ¿No se puede descargar esta gran libreria?

  70. JS242 says:

    what I have to do to get the links/password?

  71. Bigpermisdead says:

    Just wanted to say I love the site. Wondering if it would be possible to get the links?

  72. JS242 says:

    Downloaded the files from the links you send me, but is it possible that there is a failure in the package? I couldn´t find the AEON collection with Melodics and Rythms after unpacking the files :x13:

  73. DumRobbins says:

    Loving this site man ! hope you read my email

  74. vignesh.vijay says:

    Hi ,

    Can you please provide the password for backup links ?? ?

  75. pisser says:

    Thanks for the uploads, but In the case of Evolve Mutations 2 showing up this:
    “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded…What to do? Thanks.

  76. syviov says:

    bro , sent you an email , check ittt :D

  77. mobilenator says:

    nice collection,
    thanks a lot!

  78. Evilaxis says:

    i missed this jewel but i guess the linx are down…

  79. unkochinchin says:

    Thanks for the share!

  80. Chrs says:

    hi bro sent u emails..Can you please respond?

  81. freerider197 says:

    heey zion i sent u an email …. can i have password fot this :x19: :x19:

  82. nyreiter2k says:

    hey, thanks for uploading it again. i really appreciate this. but unfortunately I can only uncompress the evcl3250 files.

    aen3956 and DMG0328 have errors : unexpected end of archive and/or “password wrong?” –

    I am not sure why is this error, So I did pictures of them:

    can you help me?

    ps: I surely have all .rar -files on my computer. I checked it twice.

  83. prajek says:

    Hey Paz how long do I have to wait for the backup links to be online?

  84. Evilaxis says:

    Just a quick message to tell you that i’ll not got these stuff because i juste need the AEON stuff and PL is offline, but anyway, thank you so much again for your awesome works Daddy !

    What a huge job…. :x37:

  85. proaudiozoner says:

    Seems like every single link is offline.

  86. freerider197 says:

    thx zion for you work really appreciate it …. hope your health will be better :x6: :x6:

  87. wpdlatm says:


    Please putlocker backup links.

  88. Dealer16 says:

    Awesome post. I’ll wait for the putlocker links to be reupped.

    Stay safe zion.

  89. shtj2 says:

    Thanks for the Uploaded links, Zion. :x28:

  90. Pixohead says:

    Hi Zion !!
    Thank you so much for your work !!
    I’d like only Evolve mutations 1 and 2 (I’ve already the other softs).
    Which files is it ? (with uploaded)

    Thanks again !! :x28:

  91. Chrs says:

    yes which is AEON and DAMAGE for uploaded? I have the rest :) Much appreciated!

  92. Die says:

    miss part.6 of aeon.. please can you reupload or tell me where can i downolad it? tnx

  93. Die says:

    Now all uploaded links are dead..could you fix it please?

  94. alkor says:

    hi zion, i’ll pay for that :x14:

  95. alkor says:

    pay for what ?

    New links. I didn’t find any safe link :x17:

  96. syviov says:

    the putlocker link is dead mate .. :x16:

  97. sSatangeL says:

    sniff is dead .. R.I.P and it going to resurect :x10: :x10: :x28:

  98. club says:

    hi zion I sent you a message
    can you send me putlocker links?please :x35:

  99. euphoner says:

    Zion! Could you pleazzzzzz reincarnate the links.. plz plz plz plz plz plz!!! Humongous thanks for your work all the time!

  100. RastafariTaz says:

    H Zion,
    Hope your health is improving. Next time you reup, could yo make links for each library. I only need Damage. TY!! :x5: :x2:

  101. berlioztitan says:

    Hey MAN))) Pls provide uploaded links)))) MUCHAS GRATIAS))

  102. berlioztitan says:


  103. stynbo says:

    Hey zion can u give uploaded link thx :x35:

  104. Merigusapo says:

    Pleasseee you please upload the files again?? :x14: :x14: :x19: :x19: :x19:

  105. Merigusapo says:

    Rapidshare!!!!!! :x5: :x5: :x1: :x1:

  106. stynbo says:

    PlZ zion can you re up ?

  107. skidman says:

    Great stuff, thank you :x28:

  108. roxstars says:

    Could anybody tell me were i get the password ?

  109. Merigusapo says:

    ZION Pleasse, in RapidShare????
    :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

  110. simx says:

    i need links for AEON Melodic please HELP


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