Native Instruments KOMPLETE 9 | 370 GB

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Every link on this release is fixed also cracks enjoy now guys :)

KOMPLETE 9 delivers 33 full-fledged instruments and effects, 12,000 inspiring sounds and over 120 GB of premium samples.

Now including MONARK monosynth, BATTERY 4 drum sampler, the enormous sound of THE GIANT, and the ultra-playable SESSION STRINGS. Plus all-time classics like KONTAKT 5, REAKTOR 5, GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, the mighty MASSIVE, FM8, and ABSYNTH 5.

With the updated SOLID MIX SERIES, this bundle delivers complete instrument and effect solutions for any production task – guaranteed to supercharge your creativity.


Compared to KOMPLETE 8

KOMPLETE 9 comes with inspiring new instruments and effects set to change the way you create – supercharged drum sampling, rich, organic synthesis, unbeatable studio effects, a piano with an enormous sound, and an ultra-intuitive, playable string ensemble.

Two products make their worldwide debut in KOMPLETE 9 and a set of powerful sonic sculpting tools return with a slick new update.

  • MONARK – Captures every nuance of the king of monosynths in spectacular detail. This is the holy grail of analog modeling.
  • BATTERY 4 – New look, major workflow enhancements, and a supercharged new library. The legacy begins again.
  • SOLID MIX SERIES – A supercharged studio effects suite with a precise, transparent sound, sleek and clean new interface, and stunning additions such as side-chaining and parallel compression.


Expand your productions with “gigantic” piano sounds, and an intuitive, premium contemporary strings instrument.

  • THE GIANT – The sound of the world’s biggest upright piano – an intense, dynamic playing experience with a sound that’s nothing short of inspiring.
  • SESSION STRINGS – Production-ready string ensemble delivers stunning results without hours of fine tuning. An incredibly, expressive instrument with a highly intuitive interface.


Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)Mac
Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)


  • Stand-alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher)
  • RTAS*
  • ASIO
  • CoreAudio
0.6 GB free disk space, 4.6 GB for complete installation.
Price : $559.00
Homepage :
What’s included in this Package

DVD 1:
Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer (Win/MAC)
Reflektor for Maschine Library
Reflektor Library Reflektor
West Africa Library West Africa
Monark Library
Razor Library
Reaktor Prism Library
Reaktor Spark R2 Library
Skanner XT Library
The Finger R2 Library
The Mouth Library
Maschine Drum Selection Library
Rammfire for Maschine Library
Rammfire Library

DVD 2:

Battery 4 Factory Library
Vintage Organs Library Vintage Organs

DVD 3:
DVD 4:
DVD 5:

Kontakt Factory Library

DVD 6:

Abbey Road 60s Drummer Library

DVD 7:

Abbey Road 70s Drummer Library

DVD 8:

Abbey Road 80s Drummer Library

DVD 9:

Abbey Road Modern Drummer Library

DVD 10:

Abbey Road Vintage Drummer Library

DVD 11:

Studio Drummer Library

DVD 12:
DVD 13:
DVD 14:
DVD 15:

Session Strings Pro Library Part 1
Session Strings Pro Library Part 2
Session Strings Pro Library Part 3
Session Strings Pro Library Part 4

DVD 16:

Session Horns Library
George Duke Soul Treasures Library

DVD 17:

Scarbee Funk Guitarist Library

DVD 18:

Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass Library

DVD 19:

Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped Library Part 1

DVD 20:

Scarbee Pre-Bass Amped Library Part 2
Scarbee Vintage Keys Library

DVD 21:

Scarbee Jay-Bass
Scarbee MM-Bass Library
Scarbee Pre-Bass

DVD 22:

Scarbee MM-Bass Amped Library

DVD 23:

Retro Machines Mk2
Scarbee MM-Bass Amped

DVD 24:

Alicias Keys Library

DVD 25:

Evolve Mutations 1-2
Evolve Mutations.R2

DVD 26:

Balinese Gamelan
Berlin Concert
New York Concert

DVD 27:

Action Strings Library

DVD 28:

heavyocity Damage Library part 1

DVD 29:

heavyocity Damage Library part 2

DVD 30:

Native instruments The Giant piano
Native instruments Vienna Concert piano

DVD 30:

Native instruments Upright Piano
Native instruments Studio Drummer

How to use cracks and install :
1- you need to download DVD 1 ( contain installers)
2- install the software you need win or mac
3- download cracks for win or mac.
4- you check cracks folder and install what you need from files or software it will be cracked for good.
How to use separate dvds
1- download dvd1 it must be to make other dvds working.
2- download any dvd you wanna to try or use, and extract it in the same folder of dvd1 after tat run the insaller it will detect the new dvd.
Enjoy this release (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)

password ? check below!


Rapidshare – DVD 1-31


3% recovery record


Download cracks for win + mac

mac crakcs

win cracks

win racks



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backup links Here


  1. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    :x28: :x23: :x22: :x20: :x19: :x35: :x36:

    • Zondic says:

      Thnx And waiting for rest of DVD’s pleaseeeeeeeeeee :oops:

      • Iboboy says:

        Hey Zion i have a question, I have downloaded Komplete 8 and it works properly, but i’m wondering if i download Session Strings Pro from this DVD or any other plugin/library/synth, will it work with my version of Komplete. I Have the installer dvd for komplete 8 and not 9,

    • zamaf76 says:

      Please what is the password for library links :cry: It says : This folder was encrypted with several security workings. Please answer all requested security checks correctly to access the folder.

  2. apple77 says:

    Are you fuckin serious dude about this ???

    this is Massive ZION !! Fuckin Massive !!!

    i love you so much ZION !!! ( No homo )

    :x22: :x38: :x36: :x37:

  3. carramba says:

    WoW – this is crazy fantastic sharing. :razz:
    I cant download it but say anyway BIG THX 4 all u do! Long live PAZ :smile:

  4. emzziper says:

    :x9: :x14: Zion..
    {Sorry for bad English}
    Bro My internet speed is low and i can not download again if one part of files not work or problems like this.. do you sure all zip files are intact? :x19: :x28:

  5. GR8 says:

    This is gold.
    Thanks a lot.
    Waiting for Putlocker.
    I really hope this really works without any issues.

  6. pilgrim says:

    is this only the librarys or also the installers? MAC or PC? :x3:

    • ZiON says:

      everything dude lol everything in your mind is here lol

    • ViP PAZ FaN says:

      What’s included in this Package
      DVD 1:
      Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer (Win/MAC)
      Reflektor for Maschine Library
      Reflektor Library Reflektor
      West Africa Library West Africa
      Monark Library
      Razor Library
      Reaktor Prism Library
      Reaktor Spark R2 Library
      Skanner XT Library
      The Finger R2 Library
      The Mouth Library
      Maschine Drum Selection Library
      Rammfire for Maschine Library
      Rammfire Library
      DVD 2:
      Battery 4 Factory Library
      Vintage Organs Library Vintage Organs

  7. MR BIG says:

    Mac or PC :x46:

  8. sam says:

    OMG, is it for realllllll Its freakin awesome of you :x17:

    ZiON….how can we give you a medal!!! OMG!!!

    Sadly, I have no space to download but HUUUUGEEEEE THANKS.

  9. T66T says:

    You’re amazing, ZiON

  10. Jovica says:

    OMG OMG :x9:

    I need to buy a new hard drive to download this haha

  11. Mavex says:

    Thank you Zion. Is also the Mouth, and the finger working and everything inside Reaktor??

  12. pinchemadre says:

    :x35: Freaking awesome ZiON !!!! Is this really the “ULTIMATE” version? Is it the whole Enchilada? Can’t wait for those Putlocker links. Much respect to you ZiON……

  13. r00t3Xpan3R says:

    Zion, thank you 1000x times!
    Can’t wait until i am finished with downloading.

    U rock!

  14. DeadPolska says:

    I must have it! :x1:
    But i dont have 370GB :cry: :evil:

  15. vienna says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you

  16. carramba says:

    only one thing i like 2 ask – do u know if this will have inside a full version of Kontakt for MAC that is cracked more new then 5.0.3?
    i mean a cracked MAC version we did not see before :x17:

  17. daddysoul says:

    Thanks Great post but , why not release all Dvds at one time instead of 1 dvd and withhold the password?

  18. OscarRomelPR says:

    …UNBELIEVABLE!!!… :twisted:
    This is simply love for others :x5:
    I have no words to thank you… you are in my heart… :cool:

  19. marco says:

    Eastwest Hollywood Brass
    8dio hybrid tools 1
    8dio hybrid rhythms
    Soundiron Mars Symphonic Men’s Choir
    Soundiron Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble
    Thanks for your :x41:

  20. jrproductionz says:

    Good Day all ^^… is this just libraries? or also the AU instruments for logic pro :c?

  21. DeadPolska says:

    When can we expect from putlocker links?

  22. SkaterDude says:

    Thanks but why aren’t you uploading the VSTs one by one instead of all the DVDs? That way you can just add them whenever they’re ready on their own page like all the other uploads here, otherwise if the links go down all the DVDs will need to be re-uploaded.

    • ZiON says:

      lol don’t worry about dvds if they go down, i think they wont go down even don’t take too hard like that the vst are included just in 1 dvd mean you just download 1 dvd and others are in your need if you download them or not ok :)

  23. jrproductionz says:

    ZiOn one more thing,are this the installers too? greetings..

  24. bananarama says:

    or just get a zevera membership

    • ZiON says:

      lol zevera can’t help me or my site, if you do do uploaded premium or extabit or rapidgator and don’t worry about links dead just request reupload i will do like that you encourage me to do many god things

  25. gsputnik says:


    You are not human.

    This is a secret ploy to enslave all humans.

    I… will… obey!

  26. Boss says:

    Did you upload everything already on uploaded or do you have to upload some more? If it is everything, can we have the password?

    Thank! :x8:

  27. emzziper says:

    Hi Zion
    i’ve downloaded DVD1 4 days ago.. But Today Links is diffrent with my links.! My parts sizes is 2Gb..But this links is 900Mb.. What is the difference?

  28. emzziper says:

    Bro.. What is this part :

    other parts is like this :

    6 parts is like first part..

  29. Wences says:

    Awesome my friend, I can’t believe it
    :razz: :razz: :razz:

  30. goodrap7 says:

    Do you have an estimated time when everything will be uploaded? I am going to buy a 1 month uploaded premium account and I don’t want it to run out before everything has finished uploading. Thanks!

  31. coronabeats says:

    Is it complete yet? and if if now
    when will it be so i can ge the whole thing
    downloadn in one day? :x10:

  32. breen says:

    Thanks a million! Looking forward to it!

  33. jrproductionz says:

    will this be finished? :(

  34. behrad_alemdar says:

    hi zion
    please upload 8dio studio solo violin please :x35: :x21:

  35. gonzagonza says:

    :x14: :x14: Zion when are you going to finish this up? I’m really looking foward it! Thanks bro!

    :x8: :x8: :x8: :x26: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x14:

  36. gonzagonza says:


    :x40: :x40:

  37. Sevcet says:

    what is the password for Native koplet INSRUMENTS 9 thank you :x19:

  38. Ulduarhero says:

    I have extabit premium, And i see that the extabit links dissapeared?

    Please tell me there will be extabit links :(

  39. kutjebef123 says:

    Thanks for this great upload!
    Any chance of putting a full list of content per disc in the topic?
    Would be nice, since I don’t have the free disk space to download all discs

    Thanks :x26:

  40. Ulduarhero says:


    I hope you didn’t take that as me rushing you, you gotta do what you gotta do.

    I hope you are in good health:)

    Be well friend!

  41. Jhmare says:

    Wich is the password?? :x19:

  42. mayberry says:

    hey Zion —

    I know you’re super busy and still trying to get your health back together — if you can find the time over the next few days any chance you can put up a listing of what’s on each of the disks? I see you have that for 1 & 2, but it would be great to be able to see the rest. I’m trying to figure out which I really need, and what stuff I already have.

    thanks bro, hope you continue to be feeling better.

  43. dtstudio says:

    I need the password…. :x28:

  44. jrproductionz says:

    Zion, in this complete post, will also be Kontakt 5 Full Version included?

    btw… i think middle of november i will get a Full Year Uploaded Premium account :D

  45. RexEffex says:

    I got premium through zions link.
    Where do i find the other folders containing the remaining links?

  46. pc says:

    Hi ZiON! Hope you’re doing better with your heart problems. according to Disc 1 which I downloaded – during the extaction the CRC errors appear in r.00 and r.0.1. I don’t know if it’s only me having that problem or anybody else which could prove of some data corrupted when uploading. check that out my friend so I’m sure sth went wrong during my download and I’ll that again. wishing you good health and happiness and thanks again for your great work you do my friend :x6:

  47. djfingazuk says:

    Thanks Zion hope your feeling better, this is a giant release !!!!OMG

  48. porfekra says:

    Hi First of all I would like to appreciate your efforts.
    DVD13 part 5 is missing

  49. ZiON says:

    Added dvd 17 on all links tomorrow will post the list of all dvds + this will be released officially here this week

  50. porfekra says:

    DVD 13 part 5 is missing

  51. mayberry says:

    WTF!!!!! Well, Zion I’m generally a big fan but I have to say — I downloaded Disk 1 & 2 of this earlier in the week and just got around to unraring them — both had to be trashed, crc errors throughout, couldn’t open either of them. That’s close to 20 gb of downloading down the drain.

    It would be real cool if you tested the rars on these, it’s a real lot to be downloading just to have to throw it in the recycle bin.


    • ZiON says:

      lol they are not crc they need password brother and password wont be release till i complete this pack all to avoid leaking ok

      • mayberry says:

        so you’re saying I deleted 20 gb of downloads for nothing!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil:

        We need to stop all this spy, secret hand shake, special password bulls&$t!! It’s too much for a small brain like me :grin:

        Here’s an idea to help avoid this sort of thing — maybe you should consider a shoutbox on the main page of the site so that communication with others here is a bit more immediate. Had I posted on something like a shoutbox about difficulties opening up the rar files I might have found out what you’re telling me before deleting all that stuff. As it stands now, posts on these threads don’t seem to show up till you’ve come back around again which can be awhile at times. Anyway, my loss, and just a thought.

        Hope you’re continuing to feel better from your hospital stay. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough rest. I lost my brother to heart problems last year, so I get it, and feel for you.

    • arthurr says:

      i have the 8 already, does the ultimate 9 contain everything in the 8? if i get ultimate 9 can i delete ultimate 8?

  52. Boss says:

    Hi ZiON,

    Thanks for uploading all this!!! You are awesome!

    One question: Where is D13 Part 5 ?

  53. AEON says:

    hi bro, part 5 DVD 13 is missing !! thx and big up :x6:

  54. ZiON says:

    FIXED part 5 DVD 13 enjoy will upload some other dvds

  55. Tagger says:

    Sorry……..where is password?.. T.T

  56. Ulduarhero says:


    Hey Zion, I am unsure if this is finished or not from the comments on this page.

    There is no extabit link yet, so i should probably assume that it isnt complete yet right?


  57. lemonk2012 says:

    Thanks Zion !!!

  58. alexblueshirt says:

    Hi Zion,
    DVD 20 part 6 is offline( uploaded)
    thanks for your great big work..


  59. raysuko2380 says:

    HOLA CUAL ES EL PASSWORD????? :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

  60. Ulduarhero says:

    Read the post, no password until the entire package is uploaded.
    Hope everyone is having a good day

  61. Pancho Fontas says:

    Hey Zion,
    thx for uploading Komplete 9 Ultimate ! I got problems with unpacking the files. I downloaded several DVDs, everytime I unpack, a CRC error message appears in spite they’re complete and following the unpacked folder is empty. Same with all other DVDs. … Do you know what this error is based on ?! Unfortunately I got no idea !
    I read you’re currently uploading the complete package, I hope the error won’t appear any more then ! I just wanted to inform you about that failure to avoid needless uploading of faulty data.
    Thanks anyway !!!
    I really appreciate your hard work, thx for always uploading great stuff man !
    Keep at it, cheers !

    • ZiON says:

      lol did you understand that you got those messages of errors coz you didn’t typed the password and if you read well what i type here and talked with my great fans here, i told that i wont share the password till i complete this work ok

  62. katzuwa says:

    Hi Zion, Thanks man. I just finished download dvd1,dvd2,dvd3,dvd4 from rapidshare link. where are the rest of dvd’s for rapid link? and how many dvd’s are still left? I’m waiting for the rest to download :grin: . I bet you still got a lot of things to upload the rest of dvd’s. Thanks for the hard works man , we love you :x1: :x5:

  63. jrproductionz says:

    i have just buy Komplete 9 Ultimate xD

  64. lordgbyron says:

    Hallo Zion,
    It is finished. But the password is still not there. As long as it is I will not download. Please enter freely password.
    Sorry. To upload is completely worthless.

  65. djfingazuk says:

    :smile: Hi Zion do you think this will be finished by Tuesday coming?

  66. DL_freak says:

    Wow amazing !!! :x1:

    Downloaded 27 DVD’s, stil until 32 to go ?
    When is this finished ????

  67. djfingazuk says:


    Ok i look forward to the end of this major release, It’s worth the wait

    Thanks for all your hard work and efforts

  68. Lambretta says:

    Dude are you for real or are we downloading for nothing?

  69. alexblueshirt says:

    Hi Zion, I hope your health will be better.

    Many thanks for sharing passion, hard working, music stuff.
    Life is a job.

  70. ghostofdali says:

    @Zion Dude you’re the best, don’t listen to the impatient freeloaders, we all know you will come through — always have and always will. Thanks for everything man, and don’t let them get to you. To everybody else, this is a gift — a huge gift. So say thank you.

  71. lemonk2012 says:

    :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1: :x1: ZION :x1:

  72. jrproductionz says:

    Hello zion, a friend of mine want to install this but i unerstood that this version of kontakt is not 100% cracked… is the new one cracked? so yes, how can he add that to this package? btw wonderful post !

  73. PAZ says:

    Hi Admin,

    Seems Putlocker links are not uploaded completely.
    Only 16 files from 900mb that can not be the complete package of 370gb.

  74. musicforthejuan says:

    This is amazing! I don’t know why people were acting so rude, I knew you wouldn’t let us down!

    • ZiON says:

      the real people knows who is me, so when i tell something i do it, there is people theya re here from start of this site and there is no time i said something and i don’t do it everything i said i did and do and will do, it’s about trust of self dude before trust of others i trust my self before anyone so why i lie to my self so i lie to you or others, i thank everyone who supported me and you need guys to support more and more if you appreciate this site and the man working behind everything i have just 2 hands 1 head that’s all thank you, also i want to thank my friend he is hiden i can’t tell his name but really appreciate his work and help with me he is a devil :)

  75. rystaman says:

    I can’t see it in the description but is Action Strings included in this?

    Thanks :smile:

  76. Mavex says:


    I just want to inform you that part3 of mac crack is missing in the uploaded link.

  77. jrproductionz says:

    is there any download manager for uploaded :D?

  78. rystaman says:

    I know this may sound stupid but do we need to download all of the cracks? Also another stupid question to just download DVD1 i just need to download all the parts and then put them into one folder and then unarchive one? Is that right?

    • ZiON says:

      you have to download the dvd 1 than cracks dvd or files + you can download any other dvd you need it in your work and extract them in 1 folder that’s all, than extract the cracks files in separate folder and lunch the software you wanna do crack it that’s all :)

  79. DonnieBrasco says:

    Dear ZION!
    Big Thanx from Hungary for your hard work and this site. God Bless you, and never be ill! Long live ZION! :x8:

  80. diorama says:

    Wouhouuuuuuuuu !!!! :x22:
    u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e. :x33:
    How i did before ZION
    I m FAN :x26:

  81. rystaman says:

    How do i know what crack is which though or will it tell me after i have downloaded them because they are 900mb each one.

    So to put in steps:

    1. Download DVD 1

    2. Download all the cracks

    3. Unarchive DVD 1

    4. Unarchive cracks

    5. Install DVD1 using a crack as the serial

    Is that right?

  82. rystaman says:

    Zion do you have an easier way that i could contact you? Also this is what my folder looks like.

    It doesn’t like like i’ve missed anything though.

  83. datdude94 says:

    Can someone help me please? I know this probably seems really remedial to a lot you but this looks completely intimidating to me and this is my first time trying to download something like this. PLZ HELP :( btw I’m on a macbook pro. :cry:

  84. MR BIG says:

    Is This The New Version of Kontakt 5.3.0 for Mac in This Please Some one let us know thanks

  85. GuyPsy says:

    thanks alot for this!!! is missing at uploaded

  86. jrproductionz says:

    Zion, i just bought 1 month premium with your link, did you recieve it? and one more thing, when i log in with my uploaded account on jdownloader, it says that im a free user? how can i see if im as a premium downloading from jdownloader?

  87. mayberry says:

    Can someone clue me in on this — I already have most of this stuff so I’m really only interested in the first DVD. If that’s the case do I need to download all 16 parts that are labeled “cracks”? Do I really need all that just for the content in the first DVD?

    thanks if you can help me out here~

    P.S. Thanks again Zion, hope you’re feeling better now!

  88. IOANNHS says:

    Thanks again you are amazing zion this site rocks and rolls :x21:

  89. IOANNHS says:


  90. ViP PAZ FaN says:

    1- full installation k9
    2- cracks replace original files in place of original installation
    3 – enjoy
    working for me in windows


  91. jrproductionz says:

    Can someone explain me how to install this :c?

  92. djfingazuk says:


    Thanks for the great work your a legend

  93. Neguinho says:

    Yo ZION,thanks a lot for this posting a million thanks,but i was wondering,are you going to upload 28 till 31 also on rapidgator again?because i registered there with paysafe for quick download,but extabit only accepts visa and credit card wich i dont have.downloading in free user mode …..well i might be finished by the time Komplete 10 comes out,

    hope you get well soon

    please let me know

    neguinho amstxxxdam

  94. pinchemadre says:

    Can anyone tell us what’s inside DVD 31? Thanks again ZION this is epic….

  95. lordgbyron says:

    DVD Discs 24-31 and Cracks on ul are down, Please reup this:)

  96. jrproductionz says:

    im downloading from jdownloader, but so many parts of different dvd’s are giving me an error and cant be downloaded :C

  97. jrproductionz says:

    all links dont work zion :C? for uploaded

  98. saeedsaeedsaeed says:

    Hi dear friend. inconvenience and error lead to link:
    The requested file isn’t available anymore!
    Error: 410
    Please please fix it., I’ve downloaded half the file :(

  99. goodrap7 says:

    I am trying to download discs 24-31 from uploaded and the links are dead. Can you re-upload? Thanks!

  100. genetik says:

    Thanks For This Zion Its Amazing But The Uploaded Links Are Down and I Was Almost Done I Got Up To Disk 23 When It Said File Not Available Please Reupload Soon!!

  101. saud alali says:

    first of all im a new member for this new site .. and second thing is a big thanks for zion for his works :x40:
    the D28 to D31 was deleted from uploaded … can you plase repost again

    looking to hear from you soon :x35:

  102. Mavex says:

    All links are offline on uploaded but is a 410 error not 404.

  103. DanielD3 says:

    At first Thank you for the great Download. :x14:
    But in DVD 20, part 11 is missing (rapidshare)

  104. nebu83 says:

    Zion thanks for this release but…i just went premium and all files on uploaded are gone?

  105. nebu83 says:

    wooops i missed the previous comment! sorry.. hopefully you’ll manage to update the links :) Thanks again!

  106. Davirus says:

    ZiON, you gave us all our christmas present some what earlier, this is an amazing share. I thank you for all the time you tacked for this massive upload, I know it’s hard to have personal and digital life in order and for that I appreciate your time dedicated to this.

    Once again thanks. :x6:

    Also I’m the only one experiencing extremely slow downloads with Exabit? I can’t download faster than 2kbs/2 per file (downloading 5 simultaneous files). I used to download fine yesterday (3.5mb/s) :neutral:

    • ZiON says:

      yes because a lot people are downloading same files at the time :) but now i am downloading with 80 mb at sec, but as iknow the 2kb speed is you have reached dailly limit of download is 50 gb: you have to try after 1 hour

  107. progger says:

    how to install komplete 9? From the Komplete installer or every installer on your own.

    From September Komplete installer will not let me install it, and I have everything in the same folder.

    Thanks and regards

  108. acidmover says:

    Hey ZiON! All uploaded link are down!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  109. Iboboy says:

    Hey Zion i have a question, I have downloaded Komplete 8 and it works properly, but i’m wondering if i download Session Strings Pro from this DVD or any other plugin/library/synth, will it work with my version of Komplete. I Have the installer dvd for komplete 8 and not 9

    Read more:

  110. saud alali says:

    thanks .. :x14: :x14: and sorry because im new

  111. Tmistprod says:

    Dont get frustrated from comments Zion. Dont you know that the most suppided ppl on earth comment. Just roll ur eyes at em. but youre awesome to try and anser them all, haha
    FAKE AND GAYYYYY!!!!! RON PAUL 2012!!!

  112. DanielD3 says:

    Hey Zion

    Now on on DVD 20 part 11 is missing too!
    Could you fix this please?

  113. fac says:

    Thanks for your hard work!
    There is one File missing..
    The new Uploaded is checked and also missing.
    Could you please upload that Part8 from Disk11 ?
    Thanks again and again and again :smile:

  114. PAZ says:

    Hi Admin,

    Windows crack Part 8 Putlocker = down (i only need part8 for Windows on Putlocker, only this file is down now)

    ALL cracks Windows and Mac on UL.TO are down

  115. goodrap7 says:

    Most of the links for the windows crack are down on uploaded. Can you re-upload? Thanks!!

  116. saud alali says:

    Go forward our CAPTAIN ZION :x28: :x28: .. Do you have a ship :x26:
    and we love you :x40:

  117. gftad says:

    ZiON, you’re the best, am now downloading DVD 27-31 but the Crack folder for Mac is OFFLINE from Uploaded, pleaseeeee fix , THANKS A MILLIOOOOON

  118. DonnieBrasco says:

    Dear ZION!
    It seems to me the UL.TO links are dead in the Win/Mac crack folder. when I click on the file, it says: The requested file isn’t available anymore! could you fix it? Or the new jdownloader container file from UL.TO contains the crack, and I need to download all again? (It’s not problem to redownload for me). Thanks for your answer!

    Best Regards.

  119. DanielD3 says:

    Perfect all missing files are now uploaded!
    Thank you for this amazing Stuff!
    No i finally finished and can enjoy NI 9! :x14:

  120. acidmover says:

    Thanks ZiON for fantastic job but uploaded links are still KO! The ncrypt folder is empty.. :x21:
    Thank you for patience, I’m new!

  121. alexblueshirt says:

    Hi friends, anybody heard problem with battery on Mac OSX ? It crash my Finder…

  122. DG says:

    Dear Santa -I MEAN- Zion:

    DVD10 is missing in Uploaded links. :(

  123. progger says:

    Hola a todos, cuando intento instalarlo desde el archivo Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer Mac.mpkg me da este error…


    Alguien me puede echar una mano?


  124. bmoko1234 says:

    thanks for the file, but upload is not working againg :x21:

  125. Jureczek says:

    There is one missing part: DVD20 part 11. Can you upload to Rapidshare. I download all parts except this one.
    Thanks for our effort!!! :x9:

  126. ZiON says:

    Fuck you haters who reported uploaded links again you know we will do it again and again, fuck you haters, uploaded links will take sometime to be online and they will be private :x30:

  127. Tmistprod says:

    Damn i was half way done then it disappeared.. :x35:

  128. Tmistprod says:

    All i want for Xmas is for…. THE HATERS TO DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! :x25:

  129. gerd24 says:

    Yes Zion, DVD 29 – 31 are down again. Fuck haters! Thank you for your effort!

  130. alexblueshirt says:

    when I click on the battery folder mac crack after expand…it crash finder….very strange…
    I m with Mac OSX maverick

  131. TnF says:

    Fucking assholes who reported the links..FUCK YOU HATERS! ZION please do something so that this doesn’t happen! I’m still on DVD 6 part 4 on

  132. alexblueshirt says:

    I tried with stuffit , unrar…same results

  133. DG says:

    Go Zion, let’s show them :D

  134. djfingazuk says:

    Mac OSX Maverick users

    Tested on Mac Book Pro Retina running Mavericks all working

    Note for Mac users
    (1) Unzip with Zip Peg (Free)
    (2) Copy all content from all unzipped folders to DVD1
    (3) If you have problems running the Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer Mac.mpkg then reset permissions to the DVD1 folder using Permission Reset
    (4) Reset permissions on all Cracked Applications files using Permission Reset before overwriting files with the Cracks

  135. enasteron says:

    One thank you is not enough for this amazing offer Zion! HUGE respect my friend for everything you do for the community :).

    I bought a premium uploaded account to support you and download this baby here. Few hours ago the links went down. I’m stuck at dvd 6 and try to continue downloading from putlocker

    Take your time for fixing it mate, haters gonna hate..

    Anyways, Huge thanks and keep up the amazing job.

    Greets from Greeece :x28:

  136. Beatking says:

    Please, How can i install komplete 9? please show me some tutorial. Thank you :x19:

    • ZiON says:

      1- extract dvd1 in a folder
      2- run the exe file installer it will install dvd 1 if you like to install other dvds you have to put them all in same folder as dvd 1 and run installer it wil be done

  137. jrproductionz says:

    uploaded links still down :/

  138. ter says:

    There is one missing part on Rapidshare: DVD20 part 11. Can you please upload this

  139. TnF says:

    Just to say how UNLUCKY i am i’ve bought a NEW western digital hard disk (3TB, 3.5″) (WD30EZRX) mostly for music production just a week ago. I’ve downloaded over 100gb in this time (note i don’t have an actual broadband connection so i only get max 6mbit/s)., and just 2 hours ago i heard a sudden BOOM and the drive stopped working. It will only make weird noises, and bios won’t recognize it anymore. Plus it burned my external power adapter (since i’m using it on a laptop). And as you imagine i’ve lost everything! I’ve already re-ordered a Seagate! For fucks sake!! :x35:
    And ZION my book Dance music manual 3rd edition should be arriving this week. If amazon gives me free the kindle version i’ll share it!

  140. ter says:

    On rapidshare is missing:
    DVD 11 part 8
    DVD 20 part 11


  141. Beatking says:

    please, How can I use the crack ? :x19: :x19: :x19:

  142. Davirus says:

    BTW, the links are incomplete too, I noticed this even before people started to notice some links were down.

    It will be plans to upload the missing files in Thanks in advance.

  143. Mavex says:

    I just want to report that Native.Instruments.Komplete.9.Ultimate.D11.proaudiozone.part8 is missing, on rapidshare or putlocker. It’s written rapidshare links but when i click the link it bring me to putlocker.

  144. Tagger says:

    OMG….. DVD1 password is uncorrect.. I used Alzip. but it said- password is not correct.
    How can i do? T^T :shock:

  145. Iboboy says:

    Hey i am having a problem, i can’t install the komplete software from dvd 1 it says installation failed, any thoughts? i’m using a mac mini btw.

    • ZiON says:

      Mac OSX Maverick users

      Tested on Mac Book Pro Retina running Mavericks all working

      Note for Mac users
      (1) Unzip with Zip Peg (Free)
      (2) Copy all content from all unzipped folders to DVD1
      (3) If you have problems running the Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer Mac.mpkg then reset permissions to the DVD1 folder using Permission Reset
      (4) Reset permissions on all Cracked Applications files using Permission Reset before overwriting files with the Cracks

      • Iboboy says:

        Alright but when i’m extracting DVD3 it says, CRC Error or wrong password while extracting item
        can you please help me bro.

  146. ter says:

    On Rapidshare is missing:

    upload please…

  147. ter says:

    I’m sorry, I found the links (DVD11,part8 and DVD20,part11) at the bottom of the list on Rapidshare :x32:

  148. Boss says:

    Do I need a password for the Uploaded links or are they still down?


  149. SixtyOne says:

    Uploaded and Password plsss

  150. nebu83 says:

    I know this is quite off topic, but does anyone know why, as premium, im getting a download speed not higher than 5kb/s on extabit? :sad:

  151. SirChaos says:


    Needless to say that this is awesome…

    I downloaded successfully from to DVD 23. But now all i get is this shit… Any chance that i get the rest also over

    Also the Crack links seem offline but the “switch” thing is there green?!? *sorrymynoobishness*

  152. SirChaos says:

    Man your response times are a blast… just checked the other questions… Seriously a Nobel-Price would be necessary here…

    :x9: :x28: :x9:

  153. shegt says:

    Hi there,
    is Uploaded down again? Would you be so kind to provide the password? Thank You!!

  154. nebu83 says:

    Zion, not only you did an amazing job here, you must be the most patient person on earth to reply all those questions! Thank you once more!

  155. Boss says:

    Thanks for the Pass. I hope to finish the download this weekend finally :x22:

    You’re the best! :x28:

  156. pandesoft says:

    please who is the password? Thank You!!

  157. mdotcash says:

    HELP!!!!!! My installer fails every time I try to install even after i have reset the permissions to the folder and files :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21:

    IM on OSX Mavericks

    • ZiON says:

      my friend tested this and got this
      Mac OSX Maverick users

      Tested on Mac Book Pro Retina running Mavericks all working

      Note for Mac users
      (1) Unzip with Zip Peg (Free)
      (2) Copy all content from all unzipped folders to DVD1
      (3) If you have problems running the Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer Mac.mpkg then reset permissions to the DVD1 folder using Permission Reset
      (4) Reset permissions on all Cracked Applications files using Permission Reset before overwriting files with the Cracks

  158. TnF says:

    Zion i’ve contacted you through the website about the uploaded pass, since i’m planning going up to uni this weekend with my laptop and get some decent download speeds. Please reply when you find time. Thanks again!

  159. showtyme says:

    Hey Zion, Everything works good but Battery 4.. It doesn’t open for some reason.. I replaced the app and plugins with the cracks and still the standalone does not open for some reason.. I don’t know why so I thought i would ask you.. Big ups tho..

  160. davetherave says:

    Everything seems to be ok apart from having to manually add the libraries to kontakt

    I get error when opening the giant

    Kontakt 5

    This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless
    the respective Library is registered properly

  161. gitfunky says:

    really appreciate your efforts ZiON. you make making music possible for people with not much money. it seems links are down again. should i buy the premium account for extrabit to complete the download?

    thanks a lot for efforts you’ve put in for a long time.

  162. djfingazuk says:


    it’s been a few days since i got Komplete 9 installed along with a copy of Machine 2 that i purchased for my MAC, every thing is running nicely in 64BIT mode in Logic X. Added all my Kontakt 3rd party libaries and there all showing in the Instruments library after making new nicnt files ect. I would like to say thanks for all your hard work i’ll be making a small donation at the end of the month as a small way of saying thank you.


  163. genetik says:

    Zion I Contacted You About The Password For The Uploaded Links But You Never Got Back Please Get Back As Soon As You Can Thanks :x28:

  164. Boss says:

    Is there somebody who can help me with extracting all those .rar files?

    I have downloaded all the discs, but I have no idea how to extract everything now. Do I have to do
    it part by part or do I have to select all the parts and extract them all at the same time. I am on a Mac.

    Maybe someone can make a tutorial on youtube or something.

  165. Hardheadz says:

    Thanks a million. Can I get the password?

  166. davetherave says:

    I am using the latest kontakt 5.3 as posted here, I dded library through kontak and had to do them all individually as it did nt load the library automatically like it did with komplete 8

  167. saud alali says:

    hi zion :x41:
    how are you ? hoping from god to be in good health .
    are Komplete 9 D31 is ready on uploaded :x28:

  168. proaudiozone says:

    Hi Zion,

    I need some help with the extraction of the files when i extract one dvd i get the content folder.
    when opening this folder there are many files but, one of them is Archive.pax should i extract these files all so of every content.

    by the way thanks for the uploading of this.

  169. cmzet87 says:

    Hi, whats wrong with part6 of dvd1 ? There is info “this file is temporary unavailable” :(

  170. genetik says:

    Im Still Waiting On The Password For The Upload Links :x21: I Onlly Need The Last 4 Dvds To Finish!!! Pls

  171. lungzbeatz says:

    Please Fix DVD 1 part 6 and thank u sooooooo much for everything u do!!!

  172. enasteron says:

    Please Zion I also still waiting for the uploaded password (I contacted you yesterday) I send one more msg now. Thank you

  173. d93mprod says:

    Whats good Zion :)

    Just wondering if you could please fix the links for please bro the links are dead :(

  174. Davirus says:

    Any idea why this could be happening?

    (The yellow tagged files are the DVD1 content, everything else are from the other DVD’s 2 to 30).

    Thanks in advance.

  175. enasteron says:

    Just finished downloading all parts from uploaded. Everything works great.
    Cant’t thank you enough Zion for this amazing offer.
    I already buy a premium uploaded account from your link here to support you, I would like to donate something more but I don’t have credit card or paypal, I only have paysafe ( is there a way to send you some donation with paysafe or buying premium accounts from the links you provide is enough?
    Million thanks for everything and keep up the amazing job mate. :)

  176. jajko267 says:

    Hi guys
    Can anyone give me password to ncrypt, because I can not get uploaded files. Thanks

  177. Boss says:

    Hey Zion,

    I just installed everything, It was hard work to make everything work though.

    The were only few things that didn’t work.
    There was no file in the cracked Battery 4 folder, and when I tried to open it it crashed mine Finder again and again. And after installing the crack Native.Instruments.Solid.Mix.Series.Mk2.v1.0.0, it still tells me that these three programs are in Demo mode.

    But everything else works good and thanks very very very much for that.
    :x10: :x28: :x24:

  178. cosmbot says:

    Hi zion,i contacted you 2 times.can you send me uploaded links password? thanks.

  179. tb303 says:

    Hi Zion i need the uploaded password to finish my download thanks

  180. Ken says:

    Hi Zion, thanks for this generous upload. I am experiencing a problem with the installation. The libraries in DVD 1 appear to be empty, and the Ultimate installer appears to be for Mac only. Can you (or anyone) tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks again.

  181. imalva says:

    Hi Zion, first of all thanks for all the work… I’m missing only a few parts, and the rapidgator links seem to be down…if the links on uploaded are still up, would you let me download?

  182. genetik says:

    Hey ZiON I Know Its Been Said Already But Im Having Problems With The Mac Installation Even After Following The Instructions For Maverick Users Saying To Reset Dvd 1 Folder Permissions It Still Says Failed To Install Software Because There Is No Software To Instal Please Help I Have Downloaded All The DVDs Extracted All The DVDs and Placed The Extracted Content To The DVD 1 Folder and Reset The Permissions and Still No Luck! :x21:

  183. djleoteo says:

    ZiON can u plz let me know the ncrypt pass for uploaded. thank u :smile:

  184. sandoz1 says:

    Hi ZiON, hope you’re going better !
    I went on holydays the day i started the download, and i was expecting to have Komplete today, but i haven’t anticipate that NI was going to strike back, ahah. Only 12 DVD on my hard drive… :(
    Can you send me the pass for uploaded ?
    Keep up the good work mate !

  185. SARDA says:

    hi Zion, can you please send me the password for encrypt uploaded folders, thank u :x5:

  186. Iboboy says:

    Hey Zion I’m still having problems with the mac installation, all DVDS are complete but it still won’t let me install the software i have reseted the permissions 3 times know but it still won’t install, it just keep on saying installation failed because there is no software to install. Please help me man

  187. genetik says:

    why is this not working for me Im doing everything right! :x34:

  188. noizenoize says:

    putlocker d30 part 6 rgeu d31 part 6 are missing :x21:

  189. proaudiozone says:

    Hi Zion,

    I all ready have all the dvd links downloaded, but i was wondering why the links are dead x21, because i must download dvd 19 en 23 because of a currupt file or something.

    please bro put the links back on line and many many many many thanks for this. :: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28:

  190. lungzbeatz says:

    No stress but Extabit Dvd 1 part 6 is still missing..Thank u for ur time and effort!

  191. bonzo says:

    Hi Zion

    Putlocker links are currently being wiped out, please reupload and protect them when you have a chance, many thanks


  192. ImMatt says:

    Dvd1 putlocker links..
    I was almost done :x21:

  193. mudhoney says:

    Thanks for your work !!! …but si all gone offline this afternoon :x21:

  194. Sinista says:

    VIPs/ZioN :x6:
    A big-ass thank you, indeed :smile:
    Almost had DVD1 complete but lutpocker linx got wiped 2day :shock: unfortunately

    If it all possible… plz reup, the libs themselves aren’t even that important to me since i have frequently visited this site for the last couple of weeks :x7:

    again, thx thx thx, you people rock – ok
    1luv :x5

  195. Sinista says:

    understood, no worries :grin:
    you’ve been MORE than generous already :x2:

  196. ViP ZeNDA says:

    there is 370 gb each time the links are going down, i have to upload ? :x23:

    you have to relax and don’t ask every time same same ? i know what’s going on :x19:

    thanks to all

    • skarred says:

      hi, my internet is really bad. could zion record complete 9 ultimate with cracks and all updates to cd’s and send them to me through mail? I am willing to pay. let me know. I already sent email with same request so you can let me know if you are willing. thanks!!!

  197. djleoteo says:

    Please send me password for uploaded link. thank u very much

  198. Boss says:

    I was having the same installation problem first.

    The people who have problems with installing this on Mac OSX try this.

    You need to put all the extracted disc files in the same folder as the Komplete 9 installer. You need to take all the extracted files out of the blue folders en put it on the same location as the Komplete 9 installer so it can detect (find) every package.

    Hopefully this helped.

  199. sanemalkavian says:

    Hi ZiON,

    this is great. could you please send me pass for uploaded links.


  200. commercialdread says:

    can fix dvd4 part 9 , dvd 1 part 6 please
    thanks zion!

  201. elemnts says:

    Hey Zion, I sent you emails to get the password for uploaded, did you get them ? Cheers
    You’ve been the first one to release komplete 9, so BRAVO ! :x28:

  202. elemnts says:

    that’s fine You just replied me ;) thanks again bro

  203. youriu says:

    Bro the rapidshare are down!!! Any plans to reupload or make a torrent download????????? Thxs soo much for the efford

  204. tb303 says:

    Hi zion i contacted you 3 times.can you send me uploaded links password?

  205. Mavex says:

    Installed. All working except one thing. In Guitar Rig the preset are all in Demo. What i missed?

  206. GAMMAN says:

    hi paz team can i get the password for uploaded links? :x1:

  207. commercialdread says:

    i support you on exabit king :) please can i know if i can hope that dvd1 part 6 will be fix? sorry

  208. youriu says:

    ZION bro what are you doing is amazing!!! if you need any help to upload any DVD please let me know !!!! Thanks soo much !!!

  209. shivahlk says:

    Hi Zion, wass up? Did u get my email? For the pass? Let me know! Cheers

  210. diorama says:


    i m sorry,

    but how install (exactly) in win the komplete library library without bug

    i have always the message : please insert konplete 9 ultimate :x25:

    5 days i try :x32:

  211. boscorelli91 says:

    Please update the links!! I’ve bought premium for this! Thanks a lot! The work here is incredible

  212. Jovica says:

    Is there any chance for a torrent maybe ? :x46:

  213. diorama says:

    Thanx for your patience and your comprehension

  214. gondor1976 says:

    My friends, absolutely unable to install the KONTAKT FACTORY LIBRARY, mac OSX 10.7.5!

    When the installation process is about to finish and it gets to “MOVING ITEMS”, it stops and says

    “The installation failed”

    “The installer encountered an error that caused the the installation to fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance”

    Please, any ideas?? anyone having the same problem?…

    Thanks so much in advance!!!

  215. cmzet87 says:

    Zion, I know that extabit wont work with our site, but 2 files are temporary unavailable, DVD1 part6 and DVD4 part9. Can u still fix that?

  216. shivahlk says:

    hi Zion, how are you? did you get my email? I send it 3 times but still no answer. I know that u’re very busy. but let me know for the pass! :x6:

  217. janedoe says:

    sorry, that came off as ungrateful. grateful for the initial work of posting/uping the huge as fuck complete package, definitely…just sucks to download 1/2 a terabit of data for a week then start to extract and discover that you can’t even extract the installer dvd… :neutral:

  218. fmoloney says:

    Hey guys, know you are busy – I contacted on Saturday last for the password for Uploaded, will I do it again?

    Thanks for the upload btw :D

  219. Donmus says:

    Hi Zion| I’m new on your site.

    What u suggest me ? I want to subscribe to a premium account to support u and to download Komplete …….:)

    Wich one is the best… , Rapidgator or Ryushare ?
    And when the links (Komplete) will be online or avalaibles to download without problem ?

    I dont want to subcribe for notting !!

    Best regard


    p.s. your site is very cool ! :)

    • ZiON says:

      just buy uploaded premium and contact me it’s easy

    • Donmus says:

      Hi Zion| I’m new on your site.

      What u suggest me ? I want to subscribe to a premium account to support u and to download Komplete …….:)

      Wich one is the best… , Rapidgator or Ryushare ?
      And when the links (Komplete) will be online or avalaibles to download without problem ?

      I dont want to subcribe for notting !!

      Best regard


      Zion says:

      just buy uploaded premium and contact me it’s easy


      Hi! Zion I’v just buyed auploaded premium account ….how do I procede ? to login and Download ?

      Donmus :)

  220. trenton says:

    First, Thank you for your huge work Zion :x10: It really is appreciated.

    I downloaded the old version of Disk 1 and it didn’t contain windows installers. Is there any non-Extrabit links for the updated disk 1 available? I bought an uploaded membership off of your link but can really use any other, just extrabit sucks for me here.

  221. BAudio says:

    Hi Zion, thanks for all you do, I sent you an email to request the PW which, the one above doesn’t work for me for some reason …

  222. Julian80 says:

    Hey, how long does it take to get the password for encrypt uploaded folders?
    I´am waiting full of anticipation to recieve the mail….. now it is the 2nd day

  223. cmzet87 says:

    Zion, when do u want to reupload this pack? We have downloaded all files, but we cant install it couse we dont have DVD1 part6 and DVD4 part9. Waiting for reply… cheers mate…

  224. shivahlk says:

    Hey Zion, I sent you emails to get the password for uploaded, did you get them ? I’m unloved :cry:
    lol :grin:
    let me know (also sent you info about donation because you deserve it!)

  225. AEON says:

    Hi bro, here’s my problem : i have downloaded the wincracks folder (10 parts) on weeks ago but part09 is missing and i can’t find it on cause all files are deleted :( Could you uploaded part 09 on uploaded for me please ??
    Thx man

  226. Matt Club says:

    Hey Zion! Sorry for bothering you, just wanted to ask you if you can send me by email, as soon as you have time, only these 2 parts:
    DVD 11 part 8
    DVD 20 part 11

    Thank you very much for your hard work!

  227. commercialdread says:

    hi zion!!!
    please can you send me on the mail Dvd4-part9 & Dvd1-part6 !!!

    really really appreciated !!!

    tnx for your work

  228. Ken says:

    Hey Zion, I know you’re busy and your inbox must be crammed, but is there any chance you could give me the uploaded password? I’ve mailed you a couple of times over the last week or so. Thanks a lot.

  229. elemnts says:

    Hi Paz, everything running perfectly on Maverick here, I just wanted to thank you for the release.
    And also to tell you that there seem to be a problem with the battery 4 crack package for Mac, it keeps crashing my finder every time I try to access the folder.

    • ZiON says:

      can you explain here how did you install it on your system coz a lot mac users don’t know how to do it

      • elemnts says:

        @Zion, yes sure bro, in case it might help others.

        So I did everything as said in your explanations, so dl everything. Place every package files extracted in the same folder, (in my case I named it Komplete 9 Ultimate installers), I kept the Mac Cracks folder aside.
        Then I reset the permissions on all files, everything was installed properly at the first try !
        Then I run the crack for each app, but here for some reason every time I try to open the folder with the Battery 4 crack’s it crashed my Finder.
        So I just grabbed the cracked one you released earlier and now everything’s running smoothly!
        Thanks again for this huge share you made my life easier bro!

  230. commercialdread says:

    hi zion I support you again on exabit , i just would know if you will fix the parts that doesent work.. big thanks

  231. zamaf76 says:

    And Of course A very Big Thanks To You For The Huge EFFORT, You are the man of the match :x30:

  232. airconcordiaspal001 says:


    some files from Komplete 9 Ultimate Extabit at links can not invite you, for example D28 part 2. Can you reload the files from Komplete 9 Ultimate?

  233. commercialdread says:

    Sorry Zion is possible to know if the missing parts will be fixed, thanks big up

  234. cmzet87 says:

    Zion, Im writing to You again and again via “contact” and have no response. We are still waiting for DVD1 part6 and DVD4 part9. We have the rest, but cant install it because of those 2 files.. pleeeaseeee… :x19:

  235. illcowboy says:

    I purchased thru your link cause you deserve it!
    Send me uploaded link plz!

  236. danny says:

    ok COOL, its no rush take your time, thanks fot making this website again, and much appreciation to who helped you

  237. klempes says:

    Thanks for the work, i’ve bought uploaded premium but – downloaded scarbee funk guitar – doesnt work on pc, george duke st – not cracked, Native komplete 9 – no links for last week at least, adfly does not count 5 sec, just stands still. Can you help bro, thanks

  238. baromax says:

    UPLOADED………………..please please :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :sad: :sad: :sad:

  239. idk says:

    OMG ive just found out about this site :x14: :x14: :x14: :x14: Zion is all the links working now? is it safe for me to buy a rapidator premium as the cracks for win are showing offline?
    Kind Regards

  240. idk says:

    I wanted to premium for rapidgator but I don’t know if all links have been reuploaded?

  241. jadakiss6986 says:

    the links are incomplete and cracks are missing. Any chance the missing files will be uploaded? if not i don’t mind getting a premium for whichever links are complete please let me know.

  242. Ulduarhero says:


    My external HDD exploded, lost all the paz goodies.

    could you please reup the cracks and DVD 25 to uploaded please?


  243. baromax says:

    Missing DVD1, PART3…………….Please!!!

  244. ZiON says:

    Every link is fixed now, you can tell me anything missed !!!!

    it takes me age to reupload this on all hosts nearly 2 terabyte of stuff reuplaod lol

  245. mogoes49 says:

    hey zion is this the same as the first release or any thing different or is this simply just a reup thanks

  246. tyros2masters says:

    Zion If you could just upload every single plug in with cracks of it .please in one separate will help me alot and will be nice for many of us..most of us dont need all bunch of stuff of native instruments. for example i am Searching in your site for session strings pro that is included in Kompelete Ultimate 9 but i didnt found anything or dead links.
    THanx Man :x1:
    We are all your true Lover :grin:

  247. gonzagonza says:

    Zion! It’s possible that you upload all the library updates on one link? I erased all of them by mystake, and i don’t want to download all the libraries again just for the updates! THANKS A LOT!

  248. DG says:

    PAssword for premium pls

  249. pc says:

    Thanks ZiON for your great work man. U rock as uaual :x43: , but can you explain why I can’t install Komplete 9 Ultimate Setup PC file from Disc1? whenever I open it, it says: please run the installer from the original DVD. what am I doing wrong? :x21: any advice appreciated

  250. pc says:

    there are links down in Cracks Disc for Win and in Discs 3 and 12. haters? I still have no clue how to install the Komplete 9 Ultimate Setup PC installer cause it shows I need the original DVD. I have it in one folder withs discs I’ve managed to download. is it about a crack I have to install first or what? help please :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    • ViP ZeNDA says:

      you must first install 31 dvds
      and then all cracks

      if he asks for original disk…. cancel

      then k9 another question….says that if

      installation automatically continues

      • pc says:

        @ViP ZeNDA: so do I have to download all the discs or the ones I need? put them in one folder and install one afer another and then cracks and disc 1? I need some libraries like strins or pianos but there are no cracks for them so what’s the point of installing them. I’m confused. could you clarify that for me :cry:? thanks in advance!

        • ViP ZeNDA says:

          my installation was with 31 dvds

          you need to install the first 5 dvds

          DVD 1:
          Komplete 9 Ultimate Installer (Win/MAC)
          Reflektor for Maschine Library
          Reflektor Library Reflektor
          West Africa Library West Africa
          Monark Library
          Razor Library
          Reaktor Prism Library
          Reaktor Spark R2 Library
          Skanner XT Library
          The Finger R2 Library
          The Mouth Library
          Maschine Drum Selection Library
          Rammfire for Maschine Library
          Rammfire Library
          DVD 2:
          Battery 4 Factory Library
          Vintage Organs Library Vintage Organs
          DVD 3:
          DVD 4:
          DVD 5:
          Kontakt Factory Library

          then you can download the library you want to have

          all dvds downloaded, you must put everything in a folder together

          when you have everything in one folder, install komplete 9

          finally install cracks and enjoy!!! :)

          • pc says:

            @ViP ZeNDA: so you mean I have to gather all 5 discs (their contents) together and then I can start the setup PC.exe? or there is instalator separately for every disc. I can see in discs only content folders so I reckon there are no install files in discs?

          • ViP ZeNDA says:

            all content in a folder

            when you have all the unzipped content in one folder

            install komplete 9

  251. MattGats says:

    Just downloading this now appreciate it!

  252. Stephen says:

    ziON PLEASE reupload safelinks because it saying “the link doesn`t exist or removed”.

  253. vignesh.vijay says:

    rapidgator links not working :x24: :x21: :x21: :x21:

  254. StUdi0x says:

    crack links down again buddy , didnt last long ;(

  255. MattGats says:

    Yup crack links are a no go, Paid for an uploaded account though.

  256. nitepeople says:

    dammm just finished 8 komplete ultimate like 2 weeks ago. Anybody know if there is an update from 8-9 instead of doing 400 gb????

  257. GOmEZ says:

    I’m probably looking right at it, but don’t see it. Are the k’d files for the Mac on Uploaded now?

  258. halph-price says:

    taken me a week, but i think i got something… thanks a lot ZiON, first site i have ever wanted to pay. you’re a new era in my books.

  259. mudhoney says:

    still missing some parts of dvd 1 and 2 :(

  260. hankarlo says:

    Hi Zion, thanks for this MASSIVE upload. Can you please re-up part-5 of DVD3 please on putlocker. Thanks in advance.

  261. pc says:

    sorry for using wrong word. I’m thinking of missing single parts in K9 dvds in putlockers and probably that’s what mudhoney’s talking about. sorr ZiON :x10:

  262. gonzagonza says:

    Zion! It’s possible that you upload all the library updates on one link? I erased all of them by mystake, and i don’t want to download all the libraries again just for the updates! THANKS A LOT!

  263. pon says:

    Hey Guys, I have a very fool Q .. “Where ‘s Rapidgator link for DVD ?”
    Because I just seen rapidgator link for Crack only ..

    and When I hit at ,It’s always show me adfly and stop at here ..

    Sorry for my ENG and Disturbing u all

    and THK for your working ZiON .. hope your health fine for loooooooong


  264. almcback says:

    Hi Zion,
    First of all, really thanks for this!!! Your proaudiozone is the best site! Congrats.
    Can I download cracks using uploaded premium?

  265. IOANNHS4 says:

    Hi zion its my new account from IOANNHS lost all my passwords and e-mails never mind , i need urgently the disk 08 D08 Native.Instruments.Komplete.9.Ultimate.D08.proaudiozone.part01.rar because its my only file missing from this huge package please god mercy me and give me someway this file to enjoy or soon i will die if all this effort goes to heck of a down , please zion dont let me down i tried putlocker and this link is one of the links that are down half of links working ,
    please someone send me a link or something on putlocker to download this link Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :x21:
    how i missed this only one link wtf? i am dumping my head on the walls at this moment
    Hurry up please i have 370gb standing here and waiting lol

  266. kiimpg says:

    what is password ??

  267. pc says:

    Dear ZiON and all the people who contribute to this great website! Merry Christrmas and thanks for your great work! Hope you are recovering and feeling better ZiON and I wish you good health and strength for your future work. without you my music dreams in making music would never come true. :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :x5: :grin:

  268. cmzet87 says:

    Hi guys, I have a little problem… I extracted DVD1 without any problem. But there are another files to extract. Those files has 9.34 GB and after extract with winrar it has 6 GB (and message that “total path and file name lenght must not exceed 260 characters” and something about that the system cannot find destination) and after extract 7zip it has 4 GB. Can someone tell me what is wrong?

  269. pc says:

    info says DVD 2 has Battery 4 Factory Library and Vintage Organs Library . When I unrared it from the backup links, it shows vintage and upright piano. does it matter during the installation of NI if the content of Disc 2 is different?


  270. pc says:

    i think i does. it still shows i should install from original DVD. which disc is Battery 4 Fasctory Library on then? :x13:

  271. idk says:

    Merry Christmas people really really want this but cant get my head around on how to download it. I don’t know if im just being silly but all the link show broken or offline for me please help!!!!! somebody

  272. pc says:

    Dear ZiON! could you send me the link with Battery 4 Library pkg? It should be on DVD 2 but there isn’t. without that I can’t install NI9. BTW in DVD13 part 6 is missing. Could I get it , too? I can’t have session strings pro without that :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19:

  273. pc says:

    o gosh I was not logged and couldn’t see the backup links sorry for my clumsiness ZiON :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46:

  274. commercialdread says:


  275. musdech says:

    I download the DVD 1 or the first 5 DVDs to run any other DVD???

  276. Monster says:

    ViP ZeNDA says: 5:20 pm at 18 December, 2013

    all content in a folder… when you have all the unzipped content in one folder

    install komplete 9

    that’s what exactly i did but guess what? when i double click on the Setup right after i chose what i want to install.. i don’t know why but all the setup inside the folder “Sub Installer” or whatever it’s called it, start to install all at the same time :x25:

    post-data: i don’t know wtf i just wrote “i’m drunk as fuck” because is New Year :x22: :x22:

  277. Matt Club says:

    Any of you guys could explain me how to install all the software togheter?

    p.s.: mac user

  278. pu says:

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH. This is purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect! :x2:

  279. manghilicani says:


  280. leorei says:

    I ill not see the sunlight 4 the next month ¿? :oops:

    370 Gb my good this ill be realy hard

  281. mj73 says:

    hmm :x27:
    is there a solution for? :x28: :
    i have Native.Instruments.Kontakt.5.v5.3.0.UNLOCKED.Update-R2R instal fuw days..
    add Libraries,no problem accept,aswell introninja them nintc works fine.. :x28:
    today im just only install reaktor 5,Monark,Reaktor Prism,Reaktor Spark R2,Skanner XT,The Finger R2,The Mouth from Native Instruments Komplete 9 folder sub installers. after that install.NI InstReg Reaktor 5 and,Native.Instruments.Reaktor.5.v5.8.0. Update from komplete 9 ultimate Win cracks.
    load my vst,works fine reaoktor 5…. :x28:
    but today open back my kontakt 5 and add further libaries and in the folders are also the nintc in..
    and its say no libary found! :x27:
    i wanne test it with a libary that i add befofe instal reaktor delete one libary,delete the XLM file in c:program files/common files/native instruments/service center.
    after that add the same libery that i remove it from the libaries tab..and its say no libary find!
    . :x27: very strange :x27: and yesterday its works before i install reaktor 5…what i have do wrong or missing in the install? if some one a solution? :x28: many thanks if some one find it. :x28: :x14:

  282. mj73 says:

    i find it self…simply solution…just reinstall the Native.Instruments.Kontakt.5.v5.3.0.UNLOCKED.Update-R2R
    and you can back add libarys normal. :x28:

  283. jrproductionz says:

    Does this works with pro tools 10?

  284. jhonxxx says:

    PASSWORD please!!!! :DDDDDDD

  285. jhonxxx says:

    thankss alott :D

    Native instruments Upright Piano isnt there in disc 31 :( where is it?

    have a nice day **

  286. mudhoney says:

    disc 22 part 07…dead :(

  287. Zack__1987 says:

    With a few libraries like for example Battery 4 library or The Giant library I always get the same “Please insert Komplete 9″ error… I’ve read the comments but don’t find the answer… please how can I fix that? And thanks for all the work here ;)

  288. Zack__1987 says:

    GREAT!!! The libraries are nor installing without problem undefined Just taking all the files from the 31 DVDs on one single file undefined

    Thank you very much!! undefined

  289. Zack__1987 says:

    GREAT!!! The libraries are now installing without problem =) Just taking all the files from the 31 DVDs on one single file resolves the error =D

    Thank you very much!! =D

  290. ImMatt says:

    What if I only want just one library?
    Scarbee Funk Guitarist Library?


  291. mudhoney says:

    stil missing disc 4 part 4 and disc 22 part 7 :( can someone repair the broken links ?

  292. circasurvive says:

    i have tried to download disc 1, and have unpacked it, as i dont need any of the kontakt libraries as i have them from before. i unpacked it all the way and reached the .mpkg installer file for komplete 9, as i really need fm8 and absynth the most, but the installer wont work and i keep getting this installer failed dialog box that says tge installer cant locate the date it needs to install the software? what does this mean and how can i fix this?

  293. circasurvive says:

    *the installer cant locate the data it needs to install the software

  294. jrproductionz says:

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to install this? and if i need cracks, are they included? or do i need to find them all on paz and download it? thank u

  295. Anderzxon says:

    Is there any way you could reupload this on putlocker please?
    Thanks for all your effort :x28: :x19:

  296. Hoakz89 says:

    CD 10 part 6 is off….pls reup…m usin uploaded

  297. jrproductionz says:

    Hello all, i have downloaded all this package, but i want somehelp, how can i burn this to an dvd-rw to install it from there, because i dont have enough space on my mac to install this and at the same time have the files there…. someone can help me? thank you very much

  298. jazzyguy says:

    thanks for sharing this software with us. the upload links are dead, its said that the file is not found!
    i just got my premium upload account. whould upload the links again??? please!!!

  299. jazzyguy says:

    thank you so much zion i will bw watiting for thw weekend. thanks for your effort!!!

  300. jazzyguy says:

    still ca not dowload from the upload links, i suspect that my antivirus is not let in me dowload the files
    :cry: i wil be trying again and let you know.
    again thanks so much for sharing all with the world

  301. jazzyguy says:

    thanks so much for upload the files again!!! i hava download the disc 1 and 2 and whena use the winzip it syas the file is corrupted and nothing appears, i did turno off the antivirus and try again and it happen the same, what can i do? can you help me?

    again thanks so much

  302. jazzyguy says:

    i did use as the password maybe thats where im wrong right? i will try with the other password that i use for userlink and i let you know

    thanks Zion!!

  303. alexmiami30 says:


  304. jazzyguy says:

    problem solve as you told me i was wrong with the password. in the CD03 the file number 02 is missing in the upload links hope you can upload it!! thanks again :x28:

  305. jazzyguy says:

    still finding missing files from CD 03, 05, CD 06 and CD 07 or some are repeated by far in upload links!

  306. jazzyguy says:

    all the upload links are dead, sudenly pass away :cry: hope the links will come alive again. thanks for all the effort

  307. alexmiami30 says:


  308. moxica11 says:

    uploaded please :x19:

  309. latincorsario says:

    i have native instruments 10 komplete 380Gb with crack.. I need nexus 2 complete 24Gb aprox ???


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