Big Fish Audio RIG Urban Workstation KONTAKT DVDR
TEAM DYNAMiCS | April 2011 | DVD1: 6.0GB | DVD2: 7.87GB

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Big Fish Audio has been the industry leader in creating modern and edgy Hip Hop sample and loop libraries for years. At long last the perfect tool to get any amateur or seasoned Urban music producer the sounds they need for top of the line music production is here in RiG: Urban Workstation. Big Fish Audio has joined forces with the engineers at Vir2 to create a virtual instrument tailor-made for the hip hop and R&B producer. You don’t have to weed through instrument after instrument to find the right sound since each instrument in RiG has been recorded and edited to create instant inspiration for you, the modern producer.The easy to use RiG interface places all parameters right in front of you allowing you to quickly customize your sound to create that perfect fit for your next hit track. There are 11 tweakable fx on all instruments, including: EZ room, Hi Pass, Lo Pass, Compression, Stereo Modeller, Limiter, Phaser, Flanger, Chrorus, Reverb, and Delay.

RiG includes a custom synth step fx editor allowing limitless combinations of gate effects, arpeggios, sequenced pan effects, attack and decay, and low and hi pass filters.

You will also find a loop playback interface allowing you to access and edit individual slices of the included loops. The parameters you can edit are: Volume, Pitch, Reverse, Attack, Decay, Cutoff, and Resonance.

RiG contains over 1200 patches and 26GB of samples. Aside from multi-sampled instruments, RiG also contains a wide variety of loop-based instruments.

RiG is divided into seventeen main category folders: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drum Banks, Drum Loops, Electric Guitar, Ethnic, Horn Section, Keyboards, Orchestral Hits, Organs, Percussion and Harp, Percussion Loops, Piano, Sliced Loops, Strings, Synths and Vocals.

RiG is powered by the industry-leading Kontakt 4 engine. It is compatible with VST, AudioUnit, and RTAS (Pro Tools 8 & 9) plug-in formats, allowing it to work seamlessly within any major sequencer, in addition to standalone use on both an Intel Mac and PC.

Minimum System Requirements:

Mac: Intel Core Duo 1.66GHz or faster, 2GB of RAM, a DVD drive, and OS 10.5.x or higher.

PC: For Windows users, RiG requires Windows XP (latest service pack, 32 Bit), Windows Vista/Windows 7 (latest service pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo or AMD Athelon 64, a DVD drive, and 2 GB of RAM

The library requres approximately 15GB of disk space.
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  1. foureyees says:

    I tried downloading from UL and extabit. Both stated they were incomplete files…


  2. FellIVTheFake says:

    Last UL link down REUP PLEASE! :grin: thanks!

  3. FellIVTheFake says:

    @Zion thanks! it might have just been host

  4. specterinsidethebox says:

    Whenever you get a chance, because I know how busy you are, can you please re-up the putlocker links?Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee…………………..

    Thanks for everything you do, ZiON. :x20:

  5. specterinsidethebox says:

    Thanks! Will wait patiently, ZiON. :x6:

  6. specterinsidethebox says:

    Thanks for responding so quick, ZiON. You’re one of the best in all of the web at what you provide and offer. One day I’m gonna thank you by name. Peace :cool:

  7. marco says:

    :x19: Please I want new links for sonokinetic vivace 24 bit

  8. AEON says:

    Hi ZION, password dont’ work can you give me the right one please ??

  9. AEON says:

    Yeah thanks a lot one time :x28:

  10. packoftwenty says:

    Disc 1 Part1 Uploaded appears to be corrupted, can you check it, Zion? Thanks so much for the upload.

  11. packoftwenty says:

    Please delete my previous comment, I wasn’t using big ‘P’ for the password.

  12. Trapbeatz says:

    Zion thanks :x41: – Refx nexus new 2.4 orginal pls

  13. Trapbeatz says:

    i need KONTAKT 4 and Update Pls ADMIN :x19:

  14. slimbrice says:

    Error: “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”

  15. merdin89 says:

    the password doesnt work !? :/ help me out pls

  16. kinkowski says:

    Password is

  17. beefyuk says:

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  18. dwaynemagic911 says:

    wasted all day yesterday downloading this bs
    just so i can extract it and get hella errors..

    think this is the 4th plugin i wanted and its messed up
    good job

  19. jrproductionz says:

    paswoord doesnt work :/

  20. dj-dragon says:

    :x21: :x21: :x21:

    Please zion it shows me : This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”
    i’m using 5.3 kontakt ! :/ what is the problem and thank you !

  21. spacstar says:

    Hi zion~! Hope you’re doing well….
    i just need these two link working to finish my downloading…
    appreciate it…. thank you… and for the great work you’re doing…

    these two links in extabit are dead or not working properly…

  22. dominicanhack says:

    I get this every time I try to open it “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”…is there any way to fix this.

    Thanks alot

  23. markodraganic says:

    Thank you soooo much Zion!

  24. richiep34 says:

    Hi You wouldn’t be able to do me some Rapidgator links plssss Zion :x19: :x19: :x19:

  25. richiep34 says:

    I keep getting to part 2 and it says wrong password but I am entering any ideas is it a error in links ? or am I doing something wrong ? I an using the Rapidshare links could you help pls

  26. richiep34 says:

    Thanks for your help

  27. youce says:

    hello guys, is there any rapidgator link ?!!!! (very happy for you zion )


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