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After more than two years of development Xsample presents a new library of high quality solo instruments for chamber music and chamber orchestra. The instruments combine thousands and thousands of sounds clever and easy. You can use very intuitive the big amount of alive and diversified playing styles in live and sequencer situations. Xsample works out an elaborated adaptation for the interface of the notation program Finale of Make Music and Sibelius. Due to the harmonic interacting of the Xsample Instruments and the Human Playback your notated ideas become alive in a musical interpreted manner.
Xsample instruments – a powerful extension for your notation software
More easy – more flexible! Enter your scores by mouse, keyboard or MIDI as usual and ad signs like staccato, pizz., con sordino, harm gliss or senza vib. – to name only a few of them. Simply paint legato bows or crescendo signs and ad dynamics from ppp to fff. Your composition immediately will be played like a musician would do. All Xsample instruments know what to do. There is no comparable product in the market with so many articulations per instrument recognized and interpreted by Finale and Sibelius!

All articulations are laid out in one instrument.
Easy handling of the numerous keyswitches through a Kontakt2 script and global occupied keyswitches, so you can find e.g. “sul pont.” for violin, viola, violoncello and doublebass always on the same key.
Several instrument-variations (stereo, mono, reduced)
Advantages: Faster loading-times if you use the reduced variations. If your work is done, use the high quality variations. Mono instruments can be better placed in the mix if you work with big chamber orchestras. (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)



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  1. IntroNinja says:

    OH My God :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x14: :x14: :x14:

  2. IntroNinja says:

    I haven’t used this in almost 4 years..I used to work at a studio that had this library and i forgot the name and here it is available to me..I Have No Words :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

  3. behrad_alemdar says:

    hi zion do you can upload this library ?

  4. Sohill says:

    thank you Zion.. :x26:

  5. Revenant says:

    For Berlin Strings, make sure you have a Core i7 CPU, 240GB SSD and 32 GBof RAM before you even think of downloading it when it gets released.

      • Revenant says:

        I checked some musicians’ forums and it really seems that BS is an extremely demanding library. Because of that poor optimization, why should I be interested in 120 GB of content…

        • ZiON says:

          The library is recorded with 4-5 different mic positions: AB, Tree, Close, Surround and Concert master (only violin 1). The mics can me mixed and matched by the user but using them all at the same time is obviously very resource demanding.

          means you can use just the mic that you wanna use , like we did with sable strings from spitfire 80 gb you can use the mic you wanna for avoiding the resource demanding.

          check the legato is amazing

          Hollywood Strings by EastWest has for a while been the top orchestral string sample library on the market. One of the main benefits of a high-quality string library like HS is the realism of the legato patches. Recently I took the time to listen to the legato demos of the violins, violas, and cellos on EastWest’s site.

          I was a bit underwhelmed.

          Don’t get me wrong, HS is a fantastic library. It has a huge Hollywood sound that many composers want. And the legatos are quite good. But they could be a lot better.

          Enter Berlin Strings.

          Orchestral Tools began their jump into the full orchestra market with Berlin Woodwinds, an incredible woodwind library.

        • ViP ZeNDA says:

          if 120 gb is much

          well I personally am not going to have, but certainly many people if they would want to have

          there is little information on the website of the minimum requirement

          I have no such requirements you mentioned and I have not had any problems with large libraries Kontakt

          at most 5 / 10 min load ( Spitfire Audio LLP BML Sable Strings FULL v.1.1 KONTAKT | 79.6 GB )

          I check almost every library in kontakt here published


  6. ndugu says:

    :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40: :x40:
    ZION !!!! you did it again !!!! thankssssss!!

    One request : “Keyed and Harp_008.nkx” file is missing, can you upload it in a separate upload, so I don’t have to redownload all again ?

    :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19:

    Do what you can, you will be the best for ever anyway!


  7. Sohill says:

    Yes yes Berlin Strings..! Do it Zion do it…!! I can’t pay 50$ but my 25 $ ready whenever you decide it..! I love the demos of berlin strings wow..!!

  8. Sohill says:

    As I mentioned you don’t need to wait people to deposits 50$ because it will take longer..! do it 10 to 40 $. That way amount of money will be so quick..! :x46:

  9. noelia says:

    Creeis que podreis conseguir la actualización 1.6 del Berlin woodwinds?

    Saludos desde Asturias (España)!

    You think that you can get the update 1.6 of Berlin woodwinds?

    Greetings from Asturias (Spain)!

  10. minock says:

    Hi Zion BRO, thanks for this big one! :x41:

    Unfortunately, missing Keyed and Harp_008.nkx (310 kb)!!! :x34:

    ZION or some other good soul from PAZ, can you just post these missing file, please?

    Thans a billion for this!!! :x19:

  11. Sohill says:

    Berlin Strings sounds more realistic closets HS ..! Sorry but I can’t compare Cinestrings to berlin Strings..!

    BS out already ..! do it Zion do it ..! What we waiting for..? :x7:

    • Revenant says:

      Of course you can’t, BS is like 1000 EUR, which can get you the whole CineSamples Orchestra Set, so obviously, there must be a difference, but for computer composers, I think Cinestrings and their other stuff is more useful, because if you have a rig that can run BS within a template of other libs and are good enough to be able to utilize the potential of BS, you might as well be writing for a real orchestra.

  12. oldschool says:

    getting this one – thanks brother :x40:

  13. ndugu says:

    Hello Zion, no news from you :x21:

    Sorry to ask again but I connot use the harp because “Keyed and Harp_008.nkx” is missing.

    Please, can you upload it?

    :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19:

    Thanks for all your great work!!!

  14. sivashankar says:

    Dear Zion,
    please arrange Motu Ethno World 2 instruments ….


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