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Shared the missing ARC Files so check in the comments to get it worked i didn’t tested it my self

LA Scoring Strings 2 Overview

LA Scoring Strings 2.0 (LASS) brings you a whole new set of tools and sonic profiles providing a new level of expressiveness, realism, real-time playability and program-ability to sampled strings.

Aside from our new Stage & Color feature (providing an easy way for you to have LASS sound like famous orchestral recordings and film scores), LASS 2 has over 60 new patches ranging from Aleatoric (string effects) to NV-Vib (non vibrato to vibrato) to Real Legato Tremolo and Trill patches.
Below is a partial list of some of LASS 2.0’s new features (you can also read about LASS’s new A.R.C. (Audiobro Remote Control).

  • Stage & Color – At the heart of Stage & Color is a collection of exclusive orchestral sound profiles (colors) inspired by famous movie scores and recordings. Now, at the push of a button, LASS can adopt the tonal characteristics of some of the most coveted scores and recordings.
  • A new ARC (Audiobro Remote Control) master script that will allow for dramatically easier control of all sections and divisis from a single window.
  • Reverb and width controls of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • ART programming of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • CC Table control of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • Auto Arranger control of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • A new Key Switching approach of multiple patches from within the ARC
  • Aleatoric (string effects) patches
  • Non Vibrato to Vibrato patches
  • Legato Tremolo patches
  • Legato Trill patches
  • Micro Tuning and real-time performance of tuning
  • A CC Attenuation knob that allows on to ride CC attenuation in real-time or after-the-fact for added dynamic control.
  • A new User Interface that is easier to read and more pleasant to look at.
  • A drastically reduced footprint of only about 16.5GB due to the inclusion of NI’s NCW (loss-less compression audio file format) files. We include the 24 bit files since it will be about 30% less taxing on your hard drive than a 24-bit wave file. We noticed no measurable CPU hit using the NCW files… and we did a lot of testing.
  • Many other new features and improvements

New LASS 2 Patches

There are over 60 new patches covering new articulations in LASS 2 (see below), and ALL LASS 2.0 patches have been reworked to integrate with the ARC.

Aleatoric Patches

In case your wondering, “aleatoric strings” is a term often used in film-scoring to describe string sounds that have randomness and dissonance that can heighten the tension and drama in a scene. LASS’s Aleatoric patches allow users to perform (in real-time) these types of dissonant string effects that are so sought after in film scores. By assigning the different divisis to a patch and allowing for individual control of tuning and modulation, you are able to create many varieties of dissonant strings while maintaining control of how it reacts over time. These patches are included for all sections (violins, violas, cellos and basses) in a variety of articulations: Sustains, Tremolos, Trills.

Non Vibrato to Vibrato (NV-Vib) Patches

LASS’s new Legato patches are much more powerful than before. Not only do these patches play non-vibrato and vibrato legato, portamento and glissando articulations, but they also allow you to vary the amount of vibrato in real-time… completely transparently via CC2. Furthermore, when you no longer need the NV-Vib functionality, you can simply “turn off” the NV-Vib mode without purging your samples… thereby saving you polyphony.

We have also included a CC Attenuation knob to all legato patches. This allows you to reduce the dynamics of a passage by turning the knob down (even remotely via CC). This is useful if you like your dynamics but you just want to lower them by a certain percentage.


  • Consolidated legato patches
  • Realtime Loading/Purging of Legato Transitions
  • Realtime Loading/Purging of NV/Vib
  • Auto Arranger quick on/off control added

LASS 2.0 Script Updates

All of the LASS 2 scripts have been updated to integrate with the ARC so that you can control all of LASS’s important features remotely from one centralized window. No more having to scroll through all the patches to apply changes you need. This is both a big time saver and can be inspiring. How many times do people abandon good ideas simply because they are too time consuming to execute?! Well… this is where ARC integration saves you time.

Before LASS 2, if you wanted to change the non-performance settings on multiple patches, you would have to make those changes on a per-patch basis. Now with LASS 2 and the ARC, the newly revised scripts “listen” to the ARC and update the settings on as many patches as you choose from within the ARC.


The Auto Arranger (now controllable from the ARC’s AA & DNH page) script brings a whole new range of features never before possible with sampled string libraries with the following features:

  • Deep integration with the ARC so now you can apply changes to batches of instruments in 1 place.
  • Polyphonic legato with Real Legato, Real Portamento and Real Glissando
  • Auto divisi and accurate player count
  • Play all sections with 2 hands on 1 MIDI channel
  • Have other sections double at different octaves
  • Create inversions of your chords on-the-fly
  • Create your own set of Key Switchable “rules” that you can invoke in real-time
  • Up to 13 part voice tracking!
  • (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)




backup links Here


  1. ZiON says:

    What you think of this guys just for paz

  2. ajrb says:

    where are the links. i’ve made an account with this site without being pleased and been an extabit members for longer than a year and all the links just revert me to your “get premium” page. whats the deal?

    • ZiON says:


      links will be here soon, if you can read bru with your eyes, and i posted the links of premium to people that wanna support me coz you know how much this library cost 1000$, so i will post it here freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if you know the rythm of this site.

  3. ajrb says:

    have you not posted them yet? in which case, sorry man.

  4. mime2 says:

    great thing! Can’t wait for it :)

  5. twathead says:

    Thanks ZiON, been away for abit and come back to this.

    Thanks a bunch. PAZ rocks!!!!

    Can’t wait  :lol:

  6. OscarRomelPR says:


    This is really great!!!

    PAZ is the best ever!!!

    You rock ZiON!!!



  7. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion is it there for people who have a premium account already?

  8. lyric8 says:

    Will you post How big it is to thanks how many  gigabytes

  9. lyric8 says:

    no problem  if you are buying this stuff i definitely will support you thanks

  10. YoungCee25 says:


    how soon will it be available for download? ill buy a premium account now if i know when i can download this vst.

    • ZiON says:


      hey man do you think that i am lyuing on this, damn it’s a shame where are PAZ fans talk here, i give some big stuff before and i use the same system, i tell very fast PAZ fans that i will soon post this stuff or those stuffs, here, so after 1 day or maximum 2 days all links will be posted, taht’s the proaudiozone system, that i am working with, and a lot fans here know this and they are always support me.+++ bru if you wanna see the library your self i can show you a live show with team viewer, so you will be shoked, and ++++ a lot more librarys and stuff that cost even more than 2000 $ i swear if you wanan see screenshots contact me at contact page, i told you guys that i will fuck hit the scene and give a stuff for free, i don’t think that you don’t believe, this is ZiON- PAZ, if we are together all, Sky is the limit.

      Peace bru, now i am working on posting some stuff and requests, and reupload dead links++ working on LASS2 repacking testing, reupoading.

      so links will be her maximum 1 day or so, so maybe tomorrow will be here.++++if you check some great posts, like rob papen DVDS ++ ebook, you will see that i post a clean post with Coming soon links will be here, and teh guys support me, like they know how to??, and after 2 days of working on links and packing i uploaded the links.

      PAZ=TRUST,WORK, FREE,HELP Poor guys, that can’t buy stuff or have premium. :)

  11. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion sounds good to me. AND Relax dude. i never used your site before. i came across it and found that u have what im looking for so i come back everyday. I just like to be sure tho that’s all. wasn’t calling u a liar. I Appreciate what u do!

    • ZiON says:


      peace man check the image i post it here, no one on the net post this library, so hope for the support from you guys, and hope you like what i am offering for free.

  12. ZiON says:

    Guys a small screenshot for the library from my HDD, that’s for those peopel that telling that i am lying i don’t have this library or something like that, all people know me here, that i am not that guy, take a look and wait guys, don’t worry, it’s free for you guys, 1000$ cost>>> Free on PAZ

  13. redvex says:

    @ZioN Never doubted you! :D Love all the releases I’ll buy a premium account for sure.

  14. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion looks great just bought a premium account. thanks.

    • ZiON says:


      THNX bru :), hope you will like it and more more, spread the word guys everywhere, that’s your site, not mine, that’s your home of audio stuff not mine guys.

      Remember if we are all Together, Sky is the limit. :)

  15. scroungin bob says:

    Big Thanks! :-D  Could you please upload just the update files for those that already have LA SS 1.5?

  16. DM says:

    Wow!!!! Great Stuff ZiON  Big Smile :-D


  17. Turnpikeman says:

    Zion is a cool guy. I’ve requested one thing from him once and patiently waited and before you know if, I saw it on this site. He listens and helps us all out. Just have patience and it will come.


    Thanks for all the great stuff Zion


  18. pazfan says:

    Wow ! One more GREAT upload from Zion !

    Thanks a lot !

  19. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion your the man!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

  20. Skydda says:

    Thank you so much bro, keep ur gr8 work

    So Do I need to download the LASS 1.5 + this LASS 2.0? I guess LASS 2.0 is an update …? or Is this release all I need?

  21. Skydda says:

    Since Lass 1.5(39GB) and this just 16GB n uncompressed 24GB? I’m a bit confused

  22. Nightsung says:



    Yet another great release and I can’t thank you enough for taking your time (and money) to provide us all kinds of great stuff!




  23. rsb67 says:

    I am really astonished with your new libraries!!! I just can’t believe it!  8-O

    you’re the best!!  :-D

    Thanks a lot. I ´ve already bought a premium account because of you guys  :-D



  24. ZombieX says:

    Thank you. Great work and works great.

  25. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion or anyone.  when i go to load the Arc Multi’s it looks all grey. it doesn’t say anything went wrong its just not visible. Is it a wallpaper problem or something? The instruments alone work fine but the Mult’s are not visible.

  26. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion has anyone run into that problem?

    @Zion or anyone.  when i go to load the Arc Multi’s it looks all grey. it doesn’t say anything went wrong its just not visible. Is it a wallpaper problem or something? The instruments alone work fine but the Mult’s are not visible.


  27. xtrinity says: b celar..LASS 1.5 is the old one..all we need is LASS 2?

  28. caras says:

    Thanks a lot ! Amazing job, as usual !! You are the best, Zion !!

  29. redvex says:

    @ZiON Just got LASS 2 Love it!

    Quick Question, It’s replacing LASS 1

    how do I keep both LASS 1 and 2 to stay on the kontakt libraries list?

    Like in this video

  30. herlin says:

    @ZiOn, please could you check part02,part03 and part04 can’t download these[its spinning around]…
    thanks in advance

  31. DM says:

    Hi ZiON …:) Putlocker Parts 1-4 dead links at the moment , all the others are ok , maybe its just busy im not sure ,  if you could kindly check that would be cool ….. Great Share ….BTW ;)


  32. hajimesaito6 says:

    Hi Zion. Sorry, need help. I tried to download the current links on uploaded but was not able to since it became ‘410’. so I tried to enter the password to backup links with my password, but wasn’t able to. is there something which i have to do in order to access?

    Sorry, need to trouble u…..> <

  33. herlin says:

    @ZiON, please check

    connection waiting… 504 Gateway Time-out
    thanks you…!

  34. tryna says:


    the 3,42 Gb sized parts are all down please upload them i need only part 4 to finish dont wanna download the whole backup files again





  35. tryna says:


    do it please

    many people got the same problem only you can bring the solution

  36. eezer says:

    Great share :-)

    But why are there 2 part 1’s  in the extabit-upload?

    Otherwise, capital share :-)

  37. caras says:

    Yeah, I’ve got the same problem here… I thought it was a “picture” problem in documents or application support, (as it happens in Sonokinetic instruments) but I didn’t find anything there. Does anybody have a clue ?

  38. Fred Morissey says:

    Hi Zion,

    Thank you so much for all your work ! The ARC is all grey here too (OSX, Kontakt5,Logic) Thank you for the help….

    • ZiON says:

      @Fred Morissey

      yeah i know bru, it’s problem from the owner of this product you can check their site. too.

      ok look this maybe will help from one of our users/

      “If you load up the ARC and get a bunch of weird grey graphics, then follow these instructions below. If you updated from LASS 2.0 to 2.01 and got the weird graphics for the first time, please post your system specs below. Usually this is because the ARC folder is not copied to the correct location… and in the case of XP… you have to use an ARC XP install.


      1. If the music machine has internet access, simply launch the Audiobro Download Center app, sign in, and use the ‘ARC Only’ installed. You’re done

      2. Otherwise, you’ll need to copy ARC off of the original machine used to download/install

      The ARC assets are installed here:

      /yourUserAccount/Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/pictures/ARC/ *(this whole folder)
      /yourUserAccount/Documents/Native Instruments/Kontakt 5/presets/MultiScripts/ARC 1.06.nkp

      Windows Vista, Windows 7:
      Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\pictures\ARC\ *(this whole folder)
      Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\presets\MultiScripts\ARC 1.06.nkp

      Windows XP
      My Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\pictures\ARC\ *(this whole folder)
      My Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\presets\MultiScripts\ARC 1.06.nkp

      Just grab the folders from the original machine and copy them to the appropriate place on the Music machine.

      To make sure ARC is properly installed simply load the multi called: ARC Starter. If you see ARC you are good to go.

      Hope that helps!”

      So, does anybody have the pictures for the GUI at all? I downloaded this just now to find that it’s just the Instruments and Samples, but NO install file for needed GUI files.

      THIS IS FOR ARC ONLY. Loaded per instrument works just fine.

  39. student says:

    Hi Zion….you R  Super Vst Hero  thanks for this great Post

    I have a question about the Extabit Links I got 1-2-3 rar which Seems OK   ……and 1-4-5  rars  Is there Any thing Missing ? ( like 2.3 ) ?

    Thank you Bru

  40. caras says:

    I’ve just tried to download the ARC only part using AudiobroDownloadCenter, but it asks for the serial number of the app to “sign in”. So, no hope on this side. If anybody just had the ARC folder and the ARC 1.06.nkp, it would be excellent !!

  41. student says:

    Hi Zion  Is this OK ? it seems Something is Missing

  42. YoungCee25 says:

    I have a link to the missing files needed for ARC. i will post them if @Zion allows it.

    • ZiON says:


      that would be awsome bru, upload them & and post them here, make sure to protect them with password bru, that’s what we tell it familly of paz

  43. caras says:

    Yes, the ARC is missing !! But it’s impossible to download from Audiobro, as they ask for a serial number… So, we are going nowhere !!

  44. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion and Everyone Else here is the link “ sorry bru replaced it with mine to add a site exclusivity to it if you don’t mind ” the password is ” ” lemme know if u have any questions.

  45. YoungCee25 says:

    @zion. thats fine. no problem. hey i sent u a request on the request page. Orchestral essentials by projectSam i will donate funds to u if u can get this in 2 days bro. lemme know. thanks

  46. YoungCee25 says:

    @Zion thanks bro i would really love it. My birthday is tomorrow. it would be a great gift from my Paz Family.

  47. YoungCee25 says:

    @zion u still here bro?

  48. caras says:


    It works perfectly with your ARC files !! Excellent ! Thank you ever so much !!

  49. student says:

    Zion….I saw your Directions but the Problem that when I unrar  the downloaded Files it show many error messages and it never looks like the picture you posted

    could be something not ok ?     thanks Bro

  50. YoungCee25 says:

    Glad i can help bro. now maybe @Zion can help me. lol i NEED orchestral essentials……Paz Family.

  51. herlin says:

    @ZiON,it would be nice if you corrected the issue the weekend
    best regards, herlin

  52. morevents says:

    Thank you Zion for all those precious infos…..They are all right you are the King !

    About #1, they ask for a serial to register, not a surprise,  do you have one ?

    About #2, the files you show are empty …

    My Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\pictures\No ARC files
    My Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt 5\presets\MultiScripts\No ARC files

    Nowhere on the System….ARC Doesn’ t exist.

    Let me know, have a great day


  53. caras says:


    All you need is in YoungCee25 files.ARC files and the ARC 1.06.nkp

  54. student says:

    Sorry ZION But How to use  Correct the pass ?   I put this one ” ”  It work with Other posts Not this One

    I’m Cofused    Sorry bro

  55. student says:

    ZION   I did that many time using      it works but not with this one I downloaded the Extabit 6 Links and It seems OK every thing was downloaded fine But every time I unrar it Show many messages like missing Part 2.rar and it is there nothing is missed

    I don’t know what Is happening


    • ZiON says:


      damn i didn’t get you first time, i thought you were talking about the ARC fix, is have pass proaudiozone

      but LASS 2 files his password is

      mentioned under links didn’t you saw it

      4 Gb links password
      900 MB links password

  56. student says:

    @ZION   I have the Latest winrar

  57. danny-paz says:

    Really great effort by all concerned. words are lost trying to express thanks to you but thank you so much anyway. :mrgreen:

  58. squinge says:

    Thank you ZION and YoungCee25 for this one.

  59. Jack123 says:

    Hello Zion just came across this great site! Would it be possible to reup putlocker links please?

  60. Jack123 says:

    WOooOOOW what a speedy response! amazing thank you!

  61. itsuka says:

    big big thx bro amazing i love your site ^^

  62. student says:

    @ ZION    Now It works    Thanks A lot bro

  63. student says:

    @ZION   Do you have access on the Sordino Add for this Library ?

    THX    BRO

  64. herlin says:

    Done guys all the links are up

    @ZiON, is it interchangeable with the previcious ones?

  65. herlin says:

    hmm, it isn’t interchangeable with previous ones
    i need only the part 01-04 without the fix
    thanks anyway

  66. student says:

    @ ZION   Sorry I have no Idea how to solve it but I have a problem Now …when I put the ( lass 2 )  folder it remove the previous (LA scoring strings – v.1)

    I need to know how can I keep both of them


    • ZiON says:


      Bru lass2 is replacing lass 1.5 with high quality, as for the ARC guys i am waiting the updated version 1.2 if i have it i will update it here.


      as for the part’s you requested where, the putlocker i can’t get them without fix coz, they had deleted.

  67. t3mp0r4ry says:

    Hi guys!
    About the ARC files… some images are still missing from that folder. It works though, and I can create by my own some of those missing images (finding the name in the script) but would be better if someone got the complete folder. Maybe the one that was posted here was for v2.0 and there are differences between 2.0 and 2.01, I don’t know.
    For example, in Key Switch part, on the top the image of SET G and SET H are missing (in the script called “ARC_KS_SET_G” and “ARC_KS_SET_H”. On the official webpage in the pictures of the LASS2.0 there are only until SET F.
    and in Stage & Color when you put more then one instrument, the proper image of the non-selected ones is not there, only the grey boxes. These images are called:
    and so on.

  68. herlin says:

    @ZiON sorry to bothering you, just needed:
    Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT-PAZ.part01.rar
    Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT-PAZ.part02.rar
    Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT-PAZ.part03.rar
    Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT-PAZ.part04.rar
    without the fix

    thanks in advance

  69. tryna says:


    @  Zion & YoungCee25


    the arc file that you provide is not up to date its the version 1.06

    we need the version 1.20 because the multis require the new ones

    i notice that some buttons are grey the reason is there are more pics in the picture folder of the newer version

    btw it got more function also please upload it

  70. carramba says:

    @  ZiON & herlin

    Hey guys. I still have those 4 rar files, but I dont know how 2 share them. Tried 2 upload on PL but just get message “file size error”

    • ZiON says:


      how much is the size of files, if it goes more than 1 Gb you can’t upload it.

      + you can put them in folder name it paz, than rar the folder with 500 mb size, than upload them as well like charm will work fast. hope to see the links soon, as i don’t have the same files now.

  71. YoungCee25 says:

    @Tryna If i find it today i will def. upload it. I realized that a few pics were missing to but for the most part its useable. Ill be looking for the 1.20 update for u. #PazFamily.

  72. tryna says:


    t3mp0r4ry got the same issue  the  only solution is to update arc it self to version 1.20

    i hope you can provide the update

  73. Promus says:

    I downloaded part 29 around 4 times but keeps gettin the following message when i extract the whole stuff:

    !   C:\LASS 2\kVVH2j9S.part29-3.rar: CRC failed in the encrypted file Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT-PAZ\Samples\LA013.nkx. Corrupt file or wrong password.

    What’s wrong, how can i fix this? Is there something wrong with part 29?


  74. ZombieX says:

    To fix the last missing graphics load ARC Starter 1.2 and on the upper left corner choose preset -> Factory -> Arc 1.06. Resave the patch (save multi as) overwriting ARC Starter 1.2.nkm and after that no problemos with graphicos.

  75. carramba says:


    I found the problem, had 2 register @ PL to UL 500 Gb files. I’m upping the files now, but my UL speed is crap (only 100 kb) so it will take like 5-6 hours to get linx for those 4 files…

  76. YoungCee25 says:

    @ZombieX That worked

    To fix the last missing graphics load ARC Starter 1.2 and on the upper left corner choose preset ->User -> Arc 1.06. Resave the patch (save multi as) overwriting ARC Starter 1.2.nkm and after that no problemos with graphicos.

  77. tryna says:

    @ ZombieX

    stop spreading false informations

    Please do not get me wrong

    thats not the solution

    when you replacing the new arc  (the ones with missing pics)

    with the old one you never get the ability to place the instruments in the total

    view and more function and stability of curse your way solve the probs with

    the missing pics but  we want the new arc 1.20 script and the associated full pictures folder


    you are one of the reasons way i support paz thank you and zion you are great to ;)


    i got an improvement proposal many people will appreciate  when you upload the same files after deleteing because

    we dont have to download over and over again becouse you cant unpack it with the new splited files  that you upload



    • ZiON says:


      i understand and appreciate your suggestion but mate the problem isn’t in uploading same file, coz when i upload same file it’s already blacklisted in the file host. so i have to change it.

  78. morevents says:

    It’s working perfect ! (save over etc…) ARC is back , what a gift, thank you all guys….peace.

  79. herlin says:

    @carramba, thanks for part01~04… best regards herlin

  80. herlin says:

    @ZiON & carramba, confirm the missing parts 01~04 working fine
    thanks again
    best regards, herlin

  81. student says:

    Could someone send the ARC on Extabit links     please

  82. twathead says:

    Hey ZiON,

    Do i need to download this again if i downloaded the first LASS2 upload?

    to get ARC working.


    Thanks again

  83. Rockslide says:

    Im on a Mac and I have problems loading the instruments in Kontakt 5 version 5.0.3. I get this message “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”.

    How did you guys get it to work? Thanks

  84. Rockslide says:

    I believe so, because I have no problems loading some other samples from Vienna for example. Really frustrating :S

  85. student says:

    @ ZION   I suggest that you Color all your Replys   …… so it will be easier to find when we turn back to Previos  Q&A


  86. Darkling says:

    @Zion. Do you think you’ll be able to clean the water-marking out of ProjSam Orch Essentials at some stage and post it?

  87. MattyT says:

    Thanks Zion and Paz works great but man I need some more ram. ;-)

  88. gawgames says:

    @Zion thanks for the download links! I’m having the same problem as @student before. I don’t know the password, I tried or I tried to click on the links too but it just directs me to a page asking me to buy a premium account. Can you help me plz? I wanted this program soooo much :D Maybe I can send you my email and you send me the password…

  89. gawgames says:

    Hi @Zion, I guess the problem was that I was using 7-zip. It seems to work now that I used winrar, but I’m still finishing downloading all the parts. I’m new here but if this works it will be totally awesome! many thanks ;D

  90. student says:

    @gawgames  …..     Make Sure No space Before the Password or after because It will be considered as a letter which Make your Problem

    Good luck BRO

  91. t3mp0r4ry says:

    any news about the latest ARC files?

  92. franknitty69 says:

    greatest post in the history of the internet. zion ftw!

  93. pc says:

    asks for activation code after some time. Is there any chance of getting one ZiON?

  94. pc says:

    I chose preset – factory and things I could see were: Harmonize,Transform, Utilities and that’s it. How do you find ARC 1.06 file? please enlight me guys!!!!!!

  95. pc says:

    My fault. I didn’t put the 1.06 ARC file in the path with the Multiscripts. Howver, I did exactly as you guys said in comments but still have grey squares. Didn’t help. anybody knows how to help me?

  96. Rockslide says:

    How are you guys loading the samples? Are you just loading the instruments files from the file browser in Kontakt? Or did you manage to install it as a library in the Kontakt player?

  97. eddyabel says:

    Can you please re-upload putlocker

  98. SylvesterOg says:

    i downloaded the putlocker links an i cant get it to extract on the mac with ant program .

    someone help pleeease!

  99. SylvesterOg says:

    i mean the links from the safelinking box

  100. funkycurtis says:

    yeah the links from the safelinking box seems to be corrupted…. I couldn’t get it to extract too … @ZION can you help ?

  101. Jcjohnson says:

    Hey @Zion. SO I’m new here and love what your doing but when I type in the password it immediately starts saying that the file is either corrupted or I gave the wrong password. Can you help me out brother?

    • ZiON says:


      for this post look at passwords

      4 Gb links password

      900 MB links password

      so try those 2 passwords

      i am working with those passwords for long time ago, also don’t forget to use latest winrar version to solve the issue.

  102. macogi37 says:

    Hi to all,
    I’m new in this forum, I have a problem whit ARC starter 1.2 because the ARC folder is missing of some pictures, and so I’m looking for anyone have the correct ARC folder.


  103. sam says:

    Hey Zion! Just registered. You seem to be a very interactive person which I haven’t found in anyone else. Any news for ARC 1.2? Whole library is amazing but kinda impotent without it. Thanks buddy :)

  104. macogi37 says:

    Hi ZION,
    can I have an answer for my post?

    Thanks in advance

  105. sam says:

    Thanks for your reply bro. Will be waiting anxiously. Do post the link of Spitfire Albion upon its availability. I will certainly get the premium account to support you. Cheers!

    Kindly see the last post of Zion. We have to wait more for this :(

  106. sam says:

    Also, what about LASS legato sordinos? Any chance for this?

  107. sam says:


    Don’t get me wrong man. I am not the one who can wait something to be downloaded for months from free links. What I meant was to post it if it will be available TO ‘KNOW’ OF ITS AVAILABILITY so that then, I will buy a premium account. Simple deal yeah!

    Chill :)

  108. Hi bru, i follow your instruction but it says: the patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly & no library found.
    im using Kontakt 5 v5.1.0 UNLOCKED FIXED – R2R.
    Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

  109. kaazba says:

    Hey ZiON! thanks for the great job man! I just have an issue I would like to mention to you.. you might have an answer.
    I have Kontakt 5.1 and I still receive the same message as someone mentioned earlier:
    “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless
    the respective Library is registered properly”

    Do you have an idea what I can do about it?
    Thanks pal. You rock!

  110. PatrickBatman says:

    I’m getting the files, theres 33 of them. Will i still need those ARC files or whatever i read in comments. Basically what all do i need to download so this is properly working? (prefer putlocker links)

    Also, i already have LASS 1.5 do I need to download ALL of this or is there someway/link to just update with less downloading?

  111. PatrickBatman says:

    Do i still need to get and use this (ARC file)?

  112. PatrickBatman says:

    Ok thanks Zion i’ll get the separate ARC as well.

  113. student says:

    great post like every time Super ZION…but what About the Sordino additional add
    THX Bru

  114. PatrickBatman says:

    I’m guessing ZION that you’re not a native english speaker or you just accidentally made this confusing, “as for the ARC till now we don’t have proper working one”.

    Anyway so YES the ARC FIX is included now as of June (in the putlocker links anyway), so NO need to get separate ARC fix download.

    Just in case anybody wants to know what the structure is inside the .rar:

    More rars
    Audiobro LASS Full 2 KONTAKT-PAZ.part1-part5 & Arc Assets-FIX-paz folder

    After you extract part1-5 you’ll have the files you need and then just follow the readme in the ARC fix folder.

  115. richy98 says:

    /Users/usuariomac/Desktop/Captura de pantalla 2013-06-16 a la(s) 22.24.55.png

  116. richy98 says:

    the links are broken help!

  117. student says:

    HI Guys Need help Now If I want to Buy this Lass2 original Library and I have already the cracked Kontakt Did Both original and Cracked Work together Or make a conflict
    Did any one try that Before ?

  118. richy98 says:

    all the links appers offline

  119. richy98 says:

    @Zion i dont know whats going on, but all the links are dead, i have been looking for this package for a long time HELP!

  120. student says:

    @ZION …Some libraries are not cracked well this why I’m thinking to Go original with Original Kontakt and my question was :
    If Cracked Kontakt could work Beside the Kontakt player or Not..
    That what I mean
    T H X

  121. student says:

    @ZION I want Keep the Cracked Kontakt to work with Cracked Libraries and the Original Kontakt with Original Library in same PC
    T H X

  122. MetalG says:

    Don’t work with Kontakt 5 Version :(
    This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly

  123. student says:

    @MetalG use Kontakt 5.0.3 it will work 5.1 will not work with Lass2
    good luck

  124. MetalG says:

    i try but Don’t work any manual or info? :)

  125. bsykes says:

    Links just died including the backups…any chance of a reupload? Was halfway through this

  126. student says:

    @ZION In the last Few months you posted this Library and I downloaded it and my question is :
    is it same or upgrade ?
    THX Bru

  127. JohnDoe says:

    Hey, does anyone have arc 1.2 ? Stage and color is not the same in arc 1.06 and arc 1.2 keyswitch doesn’t work properly on kontakt 5.1 because we need script for arc 1.2 not 1.06!
    Best Keep great work Zion

  128. PatrickBatman says:


    I have Kontakt and it works for me, the RTAS plugin anyway haven’t tried VST or standalone.

  129. richy98 says:

    uploaded links dead !!!!

  130. tryna says:

    arc 1.2 Please its realy important

    please zion dont ignore make it happen

  131. chrisxa says:

    nice !!!!!!!!!!

  132. sandwiches says:

    None of the putlocker links show up in jdownloader. They are all completely dead.

    If you upload this to a decent filehost like, I will buy a premium membership from one of these other bad sites.

  133. sandwiches says:

    hey, maybe you used for the backup links!

    what is the password?

  134. chrisxa says:

    hi can you send the pass?

  135. bsykes says:

    Hope these backup links are working ;)

  136. bsykes says:

    Any chance of you sending the password my way?

  137. Cratertempus says:

    Any chance u give the password ?
    ty ;)

  138. ZiON says:

    All of you guys the password is :


  139. eddyabel says:

    please reupload putlocker links

  140. torterolo says:

    Not available resubirla the could please?

  141. sayhey1983 says:

    i would love to lass 2 before my uploaded account expires… does anybody have links with a pulse? btw- sable spitfire is an A+ and worth every bit of the 80gigs!!!
    please let me know, cheers! :razz: :razz:

  142. sayhey1983 says:

    got them from the back up links…. paz!!!

  143. big_mamma55 says:

    Awesome Thanks!!!

  144. sayed_lv says:

    thnxx for the linkss :x10:

  145. gmpos says:

    Could you please re-upload the putlocker links? :x10:

  146. behrad_alemdar says:

    please uploaded backup links ( password )

  147. behrad_alemdar says:

    i see backup link but i have a problem
    i’ve download part1 to part11 from putlocker (900 MB)
    and putlocker links deleted and i’ve download extabit links but no match (error header is corrupt) for extabit link
    If is possible please reupload putlocker links (i need part12 to pqrt18)

    sorry for bad english

  148. jmayF says:

    Hi Zion!

    Could u please upload it to putlocker, the links are dead-offline

    Many thanks, bru!


  149. jmayF says:

    Hi ZIon!

    What is the password of the back up links?


  150. jmayF says:

    ok, sorry, thank u so, zion

  151. jmayF says:

    Hi Zion, the putlocker links are dead, so bad. Could u please uploaded to putlocker again?

    Thanks so, all the best

  152. M4ngu says:

    hi Zion, is there a backup of the rapidshare links? thx

  153. johgela says:

    Thanks so, all the best

  154. aeonx says:

    Please, just need part 7 . :x41:

  155. rsb67 says:

    Thanks Zion this is an excelent library :x41: :x41:

  156. M4ngu says:

    Great!! Thx a lot Zion

  157. jmayF says:

    Hi Zion, how do u do??? Hahhaaaa, I hope great, kiddo!!

    Hey,I´ve got a problem with the putlocker links. From 1 to 11 there´s no problem, but the part 12 says it´s incomplete/corrupt, this one

    I downloaded all the files trice yet and it says the same, I´ve got no problems with other products, only this one.

    Thanks, kisses & hugs,

  158. jmayF says:

    This is the part 12, Zion, the incomplete/corrupt.

    I don´t know how are the file from 12 to 18, cause the process stopped in the 1st wrong part, the 12

    Thanks, Love

  159. ZiON says:

    Guys i see no error on my side look at link below

    as those are the files on my server that uploaded, but i think in 1 issue is maybe when i upload a files to putlocker, seems part 12 corrupted from putlocker server so i uploaded it here download

  160. jmayF says:

    No, it doesn´t work with putlocker, same error, but I buy premium uploaded and…IT WORKS FINE!!!

    VIVA PREMIUM UPLOADED.NET!!! hahahahaaa, thanks, Zion!!

    Take care, ciao!

  161. Hi zion THIS LINK YOU PUT ( ) doesn’t work it gives me the same error! could you fix it pleaseee ? I’m running with mac osx and the uniarchiver! THANKSS!!! :x14:

  162. nealcaffrey says:

    hi man, I’ve downloaded all the 18 files ( 17 of 943,7MB and 1 of 715MB) when I unrar it it says files are missing or corrupted, then when i load it into my daw just few patches work. what can i do?

  163. nealcaffrey says:

    man the new link of the 12.rar still makes problem, just so you know..

  164. nealcaffrey says:

    ok thank you so much

  165. ZiON says:

    but guys look i received no error from my side but i will try to fix it


  166. nealcaffrey says:

    really? that’s weird, this the first time a library is not working.. anyway on file RAR 1 it says “CRC error has occurred”, on all the other files it says like “is a format is not supported”, then when I ignore this and unrar the files, on the 12.RAR file it says files are corrupted and missing :/

  167. nealcaffrey says:

    thank you man I owe you a lot!

  168. ZiON says:

    hello guys i updated the putlocker links here

    you need to download all of them again to get the working files, as they blacklisted old files and i can’t upload them again

    sorry for that also i checked all files and no error found

  169. isabelgomez0167 says:

    Hi ZiON

    Please help me…

    several files at the time of download, get freeze.. putlocker files

    Thnx for all…

  170. nealcaffrey says:

    thanks man now it works!!!!!

  171. isabelgomez0167 says:

    Hello ZiON


    Get freeze then… down..


  172. kaazba says:

    thank you Zion you rock our world bro!

  173. kabana says:

    thank you Zion.

  174. faboman says:

    Part 11-18 of Putlock-Links are broken.
    Get Error message of corrupt header.

  175. faboman says:

    i mean part 12-18

  176. BlackTongue says:

    Oh Man!
    Free putlocker links are down again :cry:
    This time I was able to get rars 1-12.
    Anybody can upload rars 13-17?

    Long time ago I got a few- thought I would get the whole thing this time.
    I have to bank account to sign up for “pro service”


  177. Sal says:

    @Zion could you reupload :x35: :x19:

    3:16 pm at 2 August, 2013 -> They are all Offline

    Rapidshare(Putlocker) links are online but Part 12-18 of Putlock-Links are broken.Get Error message of corrupt header. Also

    Thanks for provide free links for us

  178. anlgdiv says:

    I thought I replied to this already.
    I need the back up links.

  179. BlackTongue says:

    The Safelinking Links are back up!

    Thank you Mr. Zion! :grin:

    Cool Cool Cool!


  180. el tunisian says:

    Hi guys who want a workin arc 1.2 ? Iv got the rest of missing files

  181. el tunisian says:

    ok here the link :

    the only missing think that haven’t done is the page when you puch SAVE ALL buttons i can’t get these pictures but all the rest are visible.


    HOME page:
    LOAD ALL & SAVE ALL buttons are now visible.

    STAGE & COLOR page:
    Stage viewer menu selector.
    Stage & color menu selector.
    Position of all instruments (Vi, Vi2, Va, Cl, Ba …) are now visible (no gray rectangles).

    KEYSWITCH page:
    SET G & SET H buttons are now visible.


    Just copy the “content” of ARC folder (*.txt, *.png files) in this package to your ARC folder with other pictures.
    In any case, do not overwrite existing files in your ARC folder.

    Also i inclued the original ARC starter 1.2.nkm in any case you have overwrite it with the old ARC 1.06 script.

    - NOTES:
    Please do not claim for the quality of these pictures because
    i’v ripped from existing ARC screenshots on the net.


    And i forget this is exclusively for members :x8:

  182. student says:

    @ZION what about Sordino Library ? any Good news ?
    T H X :???:

  183. ter says:

    Hi ZiON,
    Rapidshare(Putlocker) links are online but Part 12-18 of Putlock-Links are broken.Get Error message of corrupt header.

  184. sam says:

    Has anyone tried it? I am soooo eager to try it but I am away for some period of time. Just few days back I was asking ZiON about it. Please let us know your experiences. Regards. :)

  185. ter says:

    T H X !

  186. pierre16 says:

    links 12 is ok but I got error message of corrupt header for links 13. :x21:

  187. JaviFaMo says:

    I FOUND THE SOLUTION for the people who have a problem like “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective Library is registered properly”

    When you try to open the library on Kontakt (5.0.3 or 5.1, it works on both *tested*) you DON’T have to clik File>Load>…

    The right steps are:

    1. Open Kontakt.

    2. Under the Kontakt logo you can see “Files / Libraries / Database / Monitor / Modules / Auto” —> CLIK “LIBRARIES”

    3. Then clik “Add Library”.

    4. Find your downloaded “LASS Full 2 Library” and clik Select.

    IT WORKS, I HAVE TESTED WITH 5.0.3 AND 5.1 and wooooorks YEEEEEEEEEEAH!! :x1:

  188. Monster says:

    hey what up zion! i have a question.. can i use this with the original Complete 8 Ultimate Original?

  189. amztwin says:

    Im having issues. I have the arc files in folders stated. When i load up Kontak it tells me Demo Timeout and to activate LASS. I have the Latest version of Komplete 9 installed (but its a real copy) (Does that affect anything)

  190. beefyuk says:

    :x28: :x10: :x8: :x26: : :x28: thanks

  191. ZombieX says:

    Thanks for the live links on uploaded. Had to DL this again after one HD decided to reformat itself. Damn that Sable keeps haunting me. Hope you could make a torrent of it.

  192. flowkilla says:

    thank you very much :x8: :x26:

  193. firemomo says:

    One of the best sites for my collection … thanks a lot :x28: :x28:

  194. mexicanpeople1 says:

    Soooooo great here. Thx so much zion. Hope PAZ will have a long life.

  195. BudHill says:

    Tkank you, great job :x26:

  196. arthurr says:

    hey guys i read all the comment but still dont get it for sure….. i had LA string 1 before and after sending an hour installing it extracting it i finally got the 38 gb + library then i got the awesome la string 2 from the mighty zion….everything seems to work great except i cant seem to install or load LA string 1 in kontakt anymore…. it disappeared n became la string 2… this normal? or is there a way to keep it separate?

  197. wiseidiot says:

    Awesome release. :eek:

    Absolutely worse than LASS 1.5. Compare any FC-LPG nki from both libs.

  198. midosemsem says:

    :smile: awesome, but what’s wrong with Putlocker links?!!!!!!!!! Parts 5,9, and 17 are giving me errors!!!!!!

  199. indrapandu says:

    Thanks…. :x26:

  200. jcocteau says:

    any news about the missing assets (picture) ???
    If anyone has a full version thanks for sharing!!


  201. laphotocop says:

    Thanks mate ! great post

  202. proxxx says:

    any chance for Ryushare ? :x19:

  203. proxxx says:

    Is this same as MAGNETIXX one ?

  204. neuronm says:

    ARC loading lass appears oversized and some buttons are not visible.
    The files are placed in place, the 1.06 file in ARC and ARC multiscripts pictures folder.

    Also does not the ART section.
    anyone would happen?

  205. proxxx says:

    ARC 1.2 has missing GUI, but ARC 1.06 has no problems.
    NKP file supposed to be Ver 1.2.nkp , I think.
    There is only 1.06 NKP file, Why ?
    this is something wrong..

  206. almcback says:

    ARC doesn’t works well to me.I cant see the buttons… can you help me please Zion? Tks

    • neuronm says:

      if your system is win 7 you must put the ARC folder:

      C: \ Users \ ……. \ Documents \ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \ pictures \ ARC

      and file nkp in:

      C: \ Users \ ……. \ Documents \ Native Instruments \ Kontakt 5 \ presets \ Multiscripts \ ARC 1.06

      so you should be able to view almost everything.

      • el tunisian says:

        ARC missing files:
        the only missing think that haven’t done is the page when you puch SAVE ALL buttons i can’t get these pictures but all the rest are visible.
        HOME page:
        LOAD ALL & SAVE ALL buttons are now visible.
        STAGE & COLOR page:
        Stage viewer menu selector.
        Stage & color menu selector.
        Position of all instruments (Vi, Vi2, Va, Cl, Ba …) are now visible (no gray rectangles).
        KEYSWITCH page:
        SET G & SET H buttons are now visible.
        Just copy the “content” of ARC folder (*.txt, *.png files) in this package to your ARC folder with other pictures.
        In any case, do not overwrite existing files in your ARC folder.
        Also i inclued the original ARC starter 1.2.nkm in any case you have overwrite it with the old ARC 1.06 script.

  207. ManiacDeejay says:

    CRC Error in Part 13 @ putlocker :(

  208. jrproductionz says:

    are this links still alive, please someone answer…. can i have the back-up links if the links are still alive? thank u

  209. jrproductionz says:

    Hi, whats the password for the Back-Up for this library? Thank You!

  210. consoflight says:

    Recently I made a fresh OS install and reinstalled everything back. My Kontakt 5.3.1 does not add this library, all of the other libraries are working well. When I try to add this lib., Kontakt asks me for my admin pass, then nothing happens. If I try it a second time, I get the error message: ‘LA Scoring Strings’ already exists within the Kontakt Libraries tab.

    Any ideas? :x19:

    • t3mp0r4ry says:

      This happened with me before and I think it’s not related to the actual version of Kontakt. So, I had this problem when created home-made .nicnt for some libraries that it needed and by mistake either used the same SNPID for more than one library or a wrong ID (for example if it contained letters other than a to f). Actually my LASS2 SNPID doesn’t even contain letters, it’s: 822
      First just try to clean it from your system and then reinstall the library. If it still doesn’t work, you’ll have to check the other installed libraries’ ID whether it had the same.
      To clean it up:
      If you’re on mac, after removing the library in Kontakt, you need to delete the “com.native-instruments.LA Scoring Strings.plist” file from the Preferences folder here:
      [your system HD] > Users > [your user name] > Library > Preferences
      …and the “LA Scoring Strings.xml” file from here:
      [your system HD] > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center

      If you use Windows, I’m copying the locations from another thread:

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\[library’s name]
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\[library’s name]
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Content (check in here for the library’s name, it has to be deleted)
      Folder locations:
      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center\[library’s name].xml

      • consoflight says:

        I deleted the files you mentioned and tried to add the library back but I got the same result unfortunately :sad:

        I did not understand how I can check the library ID’s though..

        • t3mp0r4ry says:

          the SNPID you can see inside the .xml file in Service Center. You can open the file with any simple text editor.

          • Charliesanto says:

            Hi Consoflight,
            Do you find an answer ? I have the same problem here. It work on a mac but not on my pc with windows 8.1 …
            If somebody have a solution…
            Thanks a lot.

  211. ctai says:

    Can I please have the pw to bk up links?

  212. Sonelk says:

    Funciona de maravilla. Gracias Sion Eres lo máximo!!! : X28:

  213. moxica11 says:

    no more uploaded links :roll: zion please.


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