8Dio Adagio Basses KONTAKT
SYNTHiC4TE | Nov 03 2013 | 9.51 GB

Deep-Sampled Orchestral Basses ADAGIO is the air, the flow, the burn and the sorrow of symphonic strings.

Produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann and Emmy Nominated Composer and Orchestrator, Colin O’Malley, 8Dio Adagio String Series is a new-generation orchestral sample library and the most expressive collection of deep-sampled strings ever created. Adagio Basses is our fourth release in the Adagio Series – featuring both Ensemble (4) and Divisi (2) Basses as well as a Solo Bass. The library contains 6 different types of legato, +25 dynamic bowing types, 15 loures and gorgeous deep-sampled short notes. The Basses have historically been the “forgotten” instrument when it comes to string sampling due to its lower and less prominent register. We decided to take the opposite approach and record the instrument with depth, passion and lushness. The culmination is the most comprehensive sample library on the market in regards to emotional and realistic orchestral basses. Approx. 10GB / 17.438 Samples Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later required Homepage (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)

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  1. iliasthessaloniki says:

    Zion I LOVE YOU :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1:
    Rapidshare PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8dio is the best

  2. OscarRomelPR says:

    :shock: Many thanks!!!
    … I can see the future… and it’s wonderful!!! :twisted:

  3. Serge says:

    Many, Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x40:

  4. jmayF says:

    Impressive, Zion. You are amazing, thank you very much. Best,
    jmayf :x22: :x43:

  5. iroshprasanga says:

    Hi Zion great uploading

    But 17 part is missing…?

  6. iroshprasanga says: and Rapidgator.
    You uploaded 16 parts. but when I extracted it required more parts.. ..?

  7. fmc890 says:

    please zion rapidshare putlocker links reup please bru and thanks for all you are the best

  8. pazfan says:

    Hi ZION ,
    started to Dl half of rapidshare put locker links yesterday night (europe).
    Links offline today :sad: :cry: :mad:
    Please reup .Anyhow thank you for everything and be well :x6:

  9. elaltavoz says:

    Another massive library from 8dio, it’s amazing! :x35:

    Will be waiting for new putlocker links if it’s possible.

    Thanks for all ZiON ! :x41:

  10. visualaudio says:

    Anyone have any trouble unzipping. I tried (using put locker links) and it says part 31 is messed up. Rest is fine. Anyone had this problem?

    Worth downloading again you think?

  11. daniel0514 says:

    sorry to bother, but, is there any chance this library will be up again any time soon?

  12. newoarrab says:

    Sion thank you very much, but I have a problem in the tutorial folder of documents, says there should be a multi 8DIO Basses Geisha, and can not find it in this library, I Might you please help

  13. proaudiozoner says:

    part 5 is missing on all hosts.

    I have all other parts though.

    could you re-up part 5? (Or all parts if needed by someone)

    thx ZION!!

    • ZiON says:

      don’t you check well the files i see part5 is availlable on all hosts, what’s your problem

      • proaudiozoner says:


        i was talking about the smaller files (the ones i downloaded all parts except part 5 from)

        you are right, the big files are online, the smaller ones mostly not, but one uploaded
        file of part 5 is actually only which is kind of strange because i checked them several
        times before and they weren’t there for me.

        however jdownloader didn’t import it for whatever reason, so i have to dl it “manually”
        in the browser.

        maybe i should dl a download-tool for uploaded if such a thing exists, because jdownloader
        is giving me a hard time with importing links sometimes. but more disturbing is that
        often its not re-downloading from the point where it stopped but wants to start from the
        beginning and isn’t recognizing my PREMIUM account. if i set the download back to ZERO
        its working again (most times).

        kind of strange…

        thx for the heads up anyway!!

  14. IntroNinja says:

    @proaudiozoner Jdownloader is very sluggish right now and the folks at jd are getting pretty piss about it it seems everyone should start going to jd2 beta or use Mipony which is a another wicked option just what out for the crapware it try’s to install(a same as JD) and have the best of both worlds..Just a Tip :x28:

  15. ViP ZeNDA says:

    I use internet downloader and am very happy

    :x26: :x26: :x26: :x26:


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