MAGNETRiXX |16 NOVEMBER 2013 | 31.5 GB

Following in the huge success of the thundering Albion I – Epic Cinematic Tools – Spitfire are delighted to announce Albion II – Loegria. Ablion II is designed as a stand-alone tool, and everything you would need to write beautiful and esoteric film scores out-of-the-box. We are excited to present an incredible Chamber sized String group of the first call session players in the UK, again designed as High and Low Ensembles. At last this intimate sound is available with Spitfire’s mic mixing ability, and with strings that concentrate also on an array of additional techniques not found in Albion I, and woods and brass that centre more on “choral” use of such sections. Loegria is a must buy for Albion users wishing to expand on the possibilities of that broad & thumping tool-set, but also stands alone as a superb tool for creating intimate scores.


ALBION ORCHESTRA - As with Albion I, everything is recorded at Air-Studios Lyndhurst Hall through the finest and rarest vintage valve and ribbon mics onto 2″ tape. Every patch is available with four way mic control and all shorts patches work with the newly enriched “Ostinatum” v3 gadget. We have a mixture of true legato, longs, and shorts patches, the latter of which are recorded with 4 round robins.

The strings sound-set (in addition to it’s standard, long, short and legato sets) features a comprehensive selection of additional techniques; the much called for tremolando patches, trills, harmonics, flautando (stunningly beautiful), light col legno and a variety of shorts patches. With our Loegria| Chamber Band, we feel we have created the most successful sounding chamber strings package commercially available today. In addition to the full section, we have duplicated full longs and legatos with a smaller ‘half section’ sized band. With the 4-way mic control the sound is very adaptable and we feel the smaller section is better suited to independent scores, period pieces, romance and comedy, not to mention vocal accompaniment – pop tracks and alike.

The brass range concentrates on the true beauty of British brass sections and their heart wrenching choral qualities. We have two ensembles recorded, a bank of Euphonia and Horns, and the more ancient but no less beautiful Sackbut choir.

The wind section concentrates on the beautiful simplistic qualities of traditional wooden recorders. Played by a group of the finest players of this instrument in the world.

BYRON BEATS – Not only will Loegria be great to provide a single stop solution for beautiful romantic, period scores, finer sounding strings for pop tracks, or detail to your thundering Albion I mockups, it will also give you everything you need to come up with esoteric independent style film scores. Byron beats is an inspiring place to start any new indy cue. Here will be a comprehensive selection of rhythm loops inspired by a popular keyboard instrument from the 60s and 70s (you know the one, it used real tape). As there were only a few of these rhythms recorded on the original classic they have been subject to massive over-use. Loegria provides an entirely new comprehensive bank of these style of rhythms. Recorded ‘vintage style’ through a rare Cadac desk, these loops will feature both the original full bandwidth analogue recordings and also ‘vintage’ versions whose signal path includes a line mixer owned and used by Jimi Hendrix. These loops and patterns are designed to tempo lock with your host.

DARWIN PERCUSSION – Another selection of thundering cinematic drums to reinvigorate your Darwin collections, or indeed start you off with everything you would expect from ‘cinema’ style percussion. We have gone deeper this time with 5 round robins, 5 dynamic layers and more hits. We have also recorded and edited “tight” and for that hooffner (very big indeed) sound; “loose” versions of the patches which really give you a sense of manpower behind the recordings.

FENTON REVERSALS Any media composer knows that a tricky cut or a suddenly revised edit can make a mess of the musicality of a cue. And the way to blur a jump in music, a sudden 3/4 bar or a cut that runs in the middle of a beat, is to use some form of reversed material. Fenton Reversals are a selection of super cool reverses derived from the Albion range and locked into your host tempo so you don’t need to line them up. A lot of these are also mod wheel dynamic cross fade control.

STEPHENSON’S STEAM BAND As with Albion I, we have taken the orchestral elements found herein and have warped them out of all recognition into a scintillating set of dozens of pads, drones and atmos. With two way mic control and modulation control, which sometimes effect dynamic and at other times act to “disintegrate” the sound, these sounds mix beautifully in with your orchestral arrangements as they are of wholly organic source.

As successful composers Paul Thomson, Christian Henson and the rest of the Spitfire team understand the tools that we all need to deliver inspiration in times of creative drought, speed of use when up against the clock and scaleability on a number of systems when composition on your laptop on the red-eye from NY to LA is required. Loegria is the second instalment in the Albion range that delivers all this to you and at a price which is simply irresistible. We’ve loved beta testing this and many of it’s fine features are already making their way to dubbing theatres. In all honesty we think it’s the nicest sounding library we’ve ever produced. But that’s enough from us click HERE what other people have been saying about us.


We love Albion, and it seems that a lot of you do too. Having worked with it on numerous films, tv series and computer games for a couple of years now; having gained new ground in developing our BML range; and having received numerous ideas and comments from our extensive and passionate user base; the Spitfire team has set about revising the entire range to keep Albion feeling fresh, new and as cutting edge as if you had bought it yesterday.



• Totally freshly mixed Albion Orchestra “Baked Ensembles” for out-of-the-box left and right handed playing with no extra burden on your system. They’re huge!
• A new bank of totally new Stephenson’s Pads made from totally new samples derived from the Albion Orchestral sessions.
• More Brunel Loops to refresh your “ticker” palette.
• All New Darwin “Wipes”, thunderous transitions derived from our Darwin sessions.
• Over 100 useful and inspiring hand crafted Ostinatum Presets designed by an Award Winning composer.
• ADDED: New unified UI to match the latest Spitfire releases.
• ADDED: ‘Persistent releases’. Release triggers no longer fade out when moving the mod wheel.
• ADDED: ‘fp Hall trigger’. When moving from fp to lower dynamics (in select articulations) the hall reverb is retained.
• ADDED: Round Robin layering to thicken the texture.
• ADDED: Marcatos (and leisurely staccatos) can now be released early with an RT.
• ADDED: Stereo Collapse for the close mic functionality.
• ADDED: Per articulation mixing ability.
• UPDATED: Moves the Albion series to the ‘BML’ codebase with all its latest features and functionality.
• UPDATED: Latest version of the FX sequencer and Ostinatum machine.
• UPDATED: Latest UACC specification implemented.
• FIXED: Dynamics & Expression now do not conflict when assigning CC1/CC11 to sliders.
• FIXED: Various bug fixes and performance tweaks.


A one-stop orchestral cinematic composing tool in a box. 29.63 GB of NCW lossless compressed data derived from nearly 50GB of WAV download-only exclusively from this site. Albion II is 3rd party content for the KONTAKT platform. Free Kontakt Player available to download with this module.

home page: (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)



3% recovery record

Backup Links Here



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    P.D. I sent you yesterday a private email regarding NI Damage installation problem, please see if you can help me, I am not able to use it and i just love it. TY!!

  8. lungzbeatz says:

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  39. RightGuardProtection says:

    wiseidiot says: Nevermind, but the newer 01 file is smaller and different name :D weird but worked. :x31:

    How is that possible :S on putlocker if i remember right was 900 MB !

    More often than not it would stop arround 38 MB but the furthest i got it to was 412 MB roughly

    New file ?.. Did you mean this mgn-sptrlgr.r01 because that alone is not enough

    More like mgn-sptrlgr.r01-to->mgn-sptrlgr.r10 is missing because .part01.rar seemed corrupted or hoster issues perhaps.

    Just put .part01.rar packed in another rar archive with some additional obsolete file like another one of your important nfo files to change the checksum. I reckon that will save a lot of people heart ache for this particular time

  40. RightGuardProtection says:

    EDIT: Well u can see where i was going with that but i overlooked the new safelinks provided… Still, the same problem has occured with the new links. File stopped at 14.56 MB. So i restarted and then it stopped @ 38.81 MB :mad:

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  43. gaetanocarmelo92 says:

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    Cheers’n’beers ZiON :x26:

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  47. RightGuardProtection says:

    ^^ what ZiON said.


    nfo says:

    Q: But we had to wait so damn long for this release – Why? A: The amount of time to analyze and reverse the current syncrosoft implementation was just that high. Think about it like this: around 25% of the program code is MCFACT protected and therefore protection-related. As you can imagine the effort to analyze and reverse such a target is incredibly high. This time it took us almost 4000 man hours to emulate the little beast!

    Q: Will it work with the 64bit version? Are there plans to make a release of the 64bit version? A: No and No! Nevertheless it will perfectly work as a 32bit application on a 64bit OS like Windows7.

  48. harikeo says:

    Thanks for posting this but I have an odd problem with it. I unpacked everything but I’m missing mgn-sptrlgr.r01 which I think is 95.3MB

    Can that one part be uploaded so I can unpack the library?

  49. ZiON, could you email me the premium uploaded links? Please?

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    Uploaded premium links if poss!


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  56. Aresius says:

    I’ve read all comments before to write my previous post. Maybe I’m blind or stupid :)… I don’t know, but I still don’t undertand what exactly I must do. I’ve download the first archive.part01.rar) more than 10 times from here The file is 900mb. But in this archive
    the file “mgn-sptrlgr.r01″ is missing. Now I have all “mgn-sptrlgr” files (from ““mgn-sptrlgr.r00″″ to… more than 300 archives) except ““mgn-sptrlgr.r01″. So I can’t extract them. :x12:

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    Do you or anyone out there have a solution for this?


  74. Spyderman says:

    ViP ZeNDA, Hmm. Intreresting…

    Did you install in a particular order?

  75. Spyderman says:

    ViP ZeNDA

    I’m going to try installing in a different order – see what happens. I’ll keep you posted!


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    Question: What are limitations for download of files from

    Answer: There is no limitation for the number of downloads of any file in our system! If you are not a Premium member, you can upload only one file at a time. Premium members can download an unlimited number of files simultaneously, each in several threads, and resuming of interrupted downloads are also supported! Moreover, you can use any download accelerator, such as Download Master, FlashGet, etc.

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    thanks for your effort dude

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    i think you deleted the magnetrix NFO file? i can’t find it, and i keeep getting this message “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly” i’m using the latest kontakt 5.3 what’s the problem?

  109. alkor says:

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    One of the 36 files is corrupted on uploaded. So some nki ensembles string files are missing. I have to skip missing files in kontakt.
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    When I’m unraring them, no error appears, whatsoever.


    S.02 – corrupt
    S.03 – missing
    S.68 – corrupt
    S.69 – missing
    S.79 – corrupt

    could someone pleease re-up those parts for me?


  115. sam says:

    Can someone tell me why it doesn’t have ‘multis’? In the video there is a ‘multis’ section tab as well.

  116. sam says:

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    :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20:

  119. jmayF says:

    I´ve never got to run this library, says that is not registered and doesn´t allow me to load the samples. I´m gonna download it all again, maybe this version works… :cool:

    Thanks :x2:

    • IntroNinja says:

      You don’t have too, Just add this to your main folder and add it in kontakt…Cheers
      Download Link:
      Delete Iceni.xml in service center folder, Windows or MAC
      Mac OS: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center

      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center

      • jmayF says:

        But my problem is with Albion II Loegria, Introninja, your file is for Albion III Iceni. Iceni works fine. Best -jmay

        • IntroNinja says:

          Sorry i didn’t take my meds this morning LOL
          Download Link:Loegria

          Delete Loegria.xml in service center folder, Windows or MAC
          Mac OS: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center

          C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center

          • ZeNDA says:

            @ IntroNinja

            Sorry i didn’t take my meds this morning LOL

            :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24:

          • jmayF says:

            Haha…Thank you so much, IntroNinja, I´m gonna test it in an hour or so from now and I tell you.

            Best, pal. Take care – jmay :evil: :cool:

          • jmayF says:

            Hi, my friend. I dis what you told me and now it says ´Loegria´already exists within the Kontakt Libraries tab.

            I guess that one of the nicnt files that I changed to add… of the million PAZ libraries that I got is owning the place of Loegria. Bufff… I assume that I will have to remove all of them and add again one by one, won´t I?

            I already did it with the Spitfitre Libraries but still says the same…it sucks , this is one of the best

            Whatever…Thank you so much, it´s my fault for adding too many libraries.

            Best, take care, IntroNinja. Best – jmay :x11:

          • IntroNinja says:

            Delete These PC Locations
            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Loegria

            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Content
            (k2lib0992) Loegria

            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Loegria

            C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center
            Delete These MAC Locations
            Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences > com.native-instruments.*Loegria*.plist

            (open this with perfsetter or plistpro and delete (k2lib0992) Loegria info)
            Macintosh HD > Library > Preferences >com.native-instruments.Content.plist

            Mac OS: Macintosh HD > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Service Center
            Please Note:”already exists within the Kontakt Libraries tab” there might be a library using the k2lib0992 already and it has to be removed the same ways to allowed Loegria to work and you can give the other library a new number.

            After all that is clear re add the library in kontakt and you should be good to go

          • jmayF says:

            Yeah!! I modified the com.native-instruments.plist with Text wrangler ( I have plistprobut prefer wrangler ), and deleted the (k2lib0992) Loegria info) as you said, then deleted all the Loegria files you told me I found (with easyfind, awesome free app), the I came back to Kontakt and figured out what was the library in conflict, was one of Ilya Efimov. I deleted all the files I found of that one and re-add the library. it works!!! haha

            Thank u sooo much, IntroNinja. So nice from you. Take care, duude. :grin:

            Best – jmay :evil: :x6: :smile:

          • ZiON says:

            Happy that your problm solved :)

            wait also this week for free, 8Dio Zeus Drum KONTAKT if things go well

          • IntroNinja says:

            @jmayF, Excellent!!!! Another Satisfy Customer lo
            @Zenda, LOL….But what happen to ViP did it RIP LMFAO
            :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7:
            @Zion, Sounds Good to me lol :x1: :x1: :x1:

          • ZeNDA says:


            Vip : Rip

            :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28: :x28:

            new name, new life

            :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24: :x24:

            :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7: :x7:

            best regards IntroNinja

  120. lfc17 says:

    great zion can I have rapidgator links for the spitfire harp please?


  121. sigourney says:

    Please uploaded links password? THANK YOU

  122. infinitusCR says:


    Thanks ZiON :x28: :x28: :x28:

  123. davsax says:

    Bravoooooooo Zion :grin: Password, please

  124. mozzart says:

    On part 17 passowrd incorrect. How is this possible?

  125. minock says:

    Zion BRo, please, all links are dead. :sad:
    Is it possible to you send me password to protected uploaded links (is it still running working, by the way)??? :razz:

  126. dfhh1223 says:

    uploaded links dead… :cry:
    ..backuplink too…

  127. Sonelk says:

    Hola Sion. Enlace safelinking dice que la carpeta esta vacia. Si puedes volver a postearlo te lo agradecería. Muchos éxitos. : X19: : X19: : X19:

  128. dfhh1223 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! :x9: :x19:

  129. PsychatoR says:

    tx zion once again.
    now i just finihed downloading Spitfire Albion Volume II Loegria.
    and i just see this post “Spitfire Loegria REDUX V.3″ no noo not real? lol
    i have to download the whole thing again? lol
    or there’s a way to just have the update from mine to this one? my god lol

  130. PsychatoR says:

    hmm sorry zion, is it me or? i dont see any “back up” links in red. can u reup putlocker in backup links if you want and if u have time :P lol poor u. hehe

  131. PsychatoR says:

    it’s ok dude i found it by torrent. sorry tx again :)

  132. Kanadeva Creations says:

    Please reup LOEGRIA REDUX! Thank you.

  133. Kanadeva Creations says:

    It is already down! You HAVE TO use peeplink/beelink/safelink in order to protect the zippys. links! If not they (whoever that is) take them down within days (because they are probably working with a search-bot or something similar to look for direkt zippy-links on websites like yours).


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