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Where Albion I was a set of broad cinematic aerosol cans, Albion – Volume II – Loegria a finer set of detailed sable brushes. Albion III Iceni is a cricket bat, a mace, a large trunk of blunt tree to bludgeon to death any track or cue it comes near.

Iceni is an investigation into low end, thundering enormity, horrifying rasp and obliterating distortion.

Featuring over 300 sickeningly fat, grimy, epic and mangled by some exciting emerging UK-based producer/ programmer/ composers including The Flight (Lana Del Ray, Rufus Wainwright, Skye, Jess Mills, Bjork), Stanley Gabriel (Kate Bush, Ladyhawke, Little Boots) and Christian Henson (Programmer on Spy Game, Narnia, Composer of Severance, Black Death, Devil’s Double).

The largest and lowest sets of available for use in London, including rare British marching toms. Played by the leader and members of the Olympic opening ceremony’s drum corps.

Stephenson’s set of SYNTH BASSES, pads and sequences generated from and in addition to…. wait for it…..



Winds: 2 contra bassoons, 2 contrabass clarinets, heckelphone, 2 bassoons, 2 bass clarinets, 1 bass saxophone

Brass: 2 tubas, 2 cimbassi, 2 contra bass bones, 3 bass bones

Strings: 0,0,0,24,8 Yes….. that’s no violins, no violas, but 24 ‘Celli, and 8 Basses. Recorded both tutti and in two ‘Celli sections with the ‘Celli split into two on either side of the room with the Basses in the middle. It simply has to be heard to be believed.

Our most expensive commercial venture to-date was recorded to tape via the rarest set of valve and ribbon mics in the hall at Air Lyndhurst, one of the greatest recording studios in the world (Batman Returns, Gladiator, Bourne Ultimatum, Harry Potter, Hunger Games).

The orchestral tool-set is primitively simple and effective; longs, legatos, shorts, with some of the most mind boggling FX in the brass and woods. They’re designed for anyone to use regardless of their experience or understanding of orchestral disciplines and is scaleable on a variety of systems. This is a must-have library whether you’re writing trailers, computer games, TV or film drama or need the new tool for the next generation of Dubstep, Breakbeat, Crunk or Grime.

Launching before Christmas, this is the train-set you always hoped Santa would bring you, but be warned, this library will make you feel dirty when you use it, you’ll need a Silkwood style scrub-down after use and your subwoofer is just about to get the hiding of its life.






Windows 7 (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)


Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

home page


home page




ul.to (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)













3% recovery record

Backup Links Here



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Spitfire Audio Albion III Iceni KONTAKT
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  1. gaetanocarmelo92 says:

    :x21: so at the end of the day no more free rapidshare links on paz… such a bad thing :x39:

    • ZiON says:

      no lol meanwhile they are uploading because there is a lot stuff you see i am upload so they generaly take much time than uploaded and others coz putlocker generaly are slow in upload that’s it don’t worry they will come just do like or share this post to make it fast

      • thehunted says:

        Hey ZiON, thanks so much for the incredible stuff you’ve been posting lately. Cinebrass is solid, and I dig the Sonokinetic stuff (Waiting for “Minimal” to get cracked!).

        Looking for how to send you a PM to get your name for Albion pass. I don’t have the option from my WordPress account. Just sent you something using the “Contact” link on the site. Thanks!

  2. gaetanocarmelo92 says:

    I’ve wait till now to see the download links, but it is happened what I thought XD links are down XD just 10 minute after they were available XD :x34:

  3. ZiON says:

    yes they toke it down fast fuck you albion team jeje :mad: :mad: :mad: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    anyway guys don’t worry calm down, will do it again and again and again again again till they hate them selfs lol, also you can contact me private to get links

  4. shredfest says:

    Thanks Zion.Pulocker links down already. :x27: :x25:

  5. ykarm says:

    UL link down already plz re upload

  6. fac says:

    Huge T H A N K S!!!
    Rapidshare ( Putlocker ) is down :cry:
    Spitfire Audio BML SABLE VOL.3 a is also down.

    I beg u to re-upload…p l e a s e :x1:

    Thx again and i luv ur site

  7. noelia says:

    I contacted you but I spend the links: (

  8. noelia says:

    Perdona, no hablo bien inglés. Decia que he contactado contigo pero no me has pasado los links :(

  9. OscarRomelPR says:

    HELLYEAH!!! :evil:

  10. conejo says:

    Could you reupload the safelinking.net please???
    Great post!

  11. ZiON says:

    new links added :x20:

    Guys you can support me and help proaudiozone, by sharing this post there is panel on left sidebar, and under the title of the post, that keep me reupload and support more :)

  12. umillet says:

    Sorry Zion I have a problem with password.
    I tried
    Spitfire Audio Albion III Iceni – KONTAKT
    Spitfire Audio Albion III Iceni KONTAKT
    Spitfire Audio Albion III Iceni KONTAKT
    Still doesn’t work ??

  13. visualaudio says:

    I still cant get it lol!

    Ive tried so many poster names.
    (Would like to add that we really appreciate your efforts you have went through, you are an amazing person!)

  14. ehots says:

    Very Thanks ZiON :x14:

    Guys pass is identify upper and lower. just type it.

  15. Aresius says:

    I can’t get it! I can’t loggin. Which link I must use – putlocker.com, right? :roll:
    Hmmm… Probably my account is not active yet :roll:

    BTW. Thank you for this site, ZiON. This place is amazing!

  16. gaetanocarmelo92 says:

    Hi zion, I got about the password but How to download the parts ? i mean nothing is seems to happen before I click on every single link :/ BYW You are amazing thank you for your work!!!! :x40:

  17. Bru, I don’t know whats the poster name (password), sorry Im newbie. :x32:

  18. noelia says:

    Ok OK OK :x10: Thanks :x29:

  19. Keep on rocking in the Free World Zion your the man !!!! :x26: :x10:

  20. but no uploaded link or tropic share :eek:

  21. please i have a question for anyone that can help .. some Kontakt Libraries are asking me to activate them .. how do i activate a Kontakt libraries ..>>>??? i have the latest Version of Kontakt ! please some help :cry: :cry: :sad:

  22. audio_mc says:

    Thank you so much! Is Albion II a possibility? I would love a copy of that!

  23. Hennessey says:

    I have problem too,with pass,i tryed out everythig,but without help …please help,or pm me .Thanks in advance :x31:

  24. Nightcall says:


  25. shivahlk says:

    Hi Zion, even with Kontakt 5.2 on MAC 10.9 on Mavericks ( :neutral: ) it seems that some old libraries need to be activated when we add some new! any suggestion?

    • ZiON says:

      yes that’s kontakt problem we are waiting for stable one for MAC

    • grdh20 says:

      Kontakt will register lib’s correctly if you follow the instructions carefully. You also need to update the latest NI service center first, and then fix permissions on the k’ed parts (app and .component)with batchmod or permissions fix apps for it to work right. If it doesn’t work, start over and try again.

      • shivahlk says:

        Hi grdh20, could you send me the exact way to make it work? if you could send me the batchmod…let me know (or the plist)

        • URASCAL says:

          grdh20 says:
          10:11 pm at 8 November, 2013
          Kontakt will register lib’s correctly if you follow the instructions carefully. You also need to update the latest NI service center first, and then fix permissions on the k’ed parts (app and .component)with batchmod or permissions fix apps for it to work right. If it doesn’t work, start over and try again.


          I was wondering if this would work for mac? Can U give us a walk thru?

  26. Dealer16 says:

    Hey man, amazing uploads lately, this stuff will be put to great use by us composers! I love the new link you use with the containers, it’s a time saver man, please keep using that! :x9:

  27. 97 Frenne says:

    HOLYYYYY SHITT MAN :x24: I fuckin LOVE you!!!! Share is love!!! :x40: :x26:

  28. MR BIG says:

    Maybe you can get 8Dio Free Radicals KONTAKT thanks

  29. rsb67 says:

    Sorry Zion, I’m really sorry but I just can’t get with the pass
    I’ve read all the previous comments, and tried all pass as you writer it in posted by
    but it doesn’t work :x15:
    any help? please! :x19:

  30. vignesh.vijay says:

    rapidgator links are not working :( :( :(

    pleaaaseeeeeeeee fix them

  31. rsb67 says:

    zion I finally get it THANKS A LOT :x28:

  32. ZombieX says:

    Thanks for this one. Must have been a real nightmare to upload everything. So much stuff coming out in such a short time. I’m very grateful for your effort.

  33. alex says:

    zion part 2 Putlocker I do not download one piece uffffffffffffffffffffffff help me

    :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

  34. RightGuardProtection says:

    Thanks for another super upload (for those struggling with entering the password try lower case characters only :x6:

  35. DKey says:

    @alex : Yep there’s something strange with part 2 on PutLocker. Impossible to finish the download. Maybe a problem on PutLocker side ?
    ZiON ? Any ideas ? :wink:

  36. itsuka says:

    thx verry much for that zion :x2: :grin: :x2: :grin: :x1:

  37. rhythmmaster909 says:

    Excellent! Problem as some have mentioned is that it won’t open on older Kontakts and the one i have is working with all other libraries perfectly–plus there is no 5.3 Mac version available.

    Spitfire say a “free” Kontakt player comes with the original release. Where is it? Can it be uploaded for us to use?


  38. jmayF says:

    Everything´s fine. Thanks!!!!!!! :x1: :x5: :x6: :evil: :oops: :x1: :x1: :x1: :x1:

  39. diecerose says:

    Hi Zion.
    uploaded.net links is down.
    Please Please re upload.

  40. Music74 says:

    Dear Zion please re upload these libraries to PutLocker, you’re so great man, thank you for all that you share!! :smile:

  41. saud alali says:

    my friend zion … how to contact you ??? for the password :sad:

  42. Chrs says:

    uploaded links not working again

  43. TrapMusik101 says:

    Hi Zion.
    PutLocker Links is Down.
    Can You Please re upload


  44. Music74 says:

    Now all links are dead, Master ZiON PLEASE REUPLOAD, please! :cool:

  45. FireHill says:

    Please re uploooooooad !!!
    ( uploaded links)
    10000 x Thanks :x27:

  46. eatbeatpro says:

    where is uploaded.net links ? i am uploaded.net member

  47. ihnshan says:

    Hello ZION
    I can not access the Putlocker links or the backup. If you can send them by mail.

    Thanks for your contributions and keep it up.

    :x12: :x19: :x19:

  48. bigboss313 says:

    hi Zion, i want download for putplocker this awsome Vsti..but i don’t get it what i must do to acces to links of safelinks :x35:

  49. dimadjembe says:

    Hi, may i get the backup links password for putplocker,please!!! :x19:

  50. Romeov says:

    Please Zion, can you send a PM with new putlocker links?

    Thank you very much!!! :smile:

  51. soundscape says:

    part 4 and 5 are taken down from uploaded premium (1.95go file) plz help re up :x21: :x21: :x21: THANK U

  52. grey says:

    Is this thing still up? Rapidshare links? I can’t figure out the password… Anyway, like I said before, you’re awesome Zion, these things seem to don;’t exist anywhere on the internet but here.

  53. DL_freak says:


    On uploaded.net is part 5 missing……
    Kan you post the link for part5, please ?

    Thx again !

  54. Billeeb says:

    Hi!!! Awesomeness!!!!
    You really rulez…

    Please I need the pass for the rapid links or at least the uploaded ones… they are all down… :x32:

  55. moar_beatz says:

    just found this site yesterday …the awesomeness of it made me register…u dudez rock!!! hands down the best site i came across for audio stuff!!! :x28: :x14:

  56. [email protected] says:

    Once again, THANK YOU!

  57. Alucard says:

    Is there any chance you can reupload the dead links for uploaded.net..?
    I was waiting this for so long..
    Thanks in advance..

  58. StrikeTeam says:

    any chance to re-up on putlocker? if not, its cool, thank you for your hard work, it is much appreciated :-)

  59. tomas_pascual says:

    Sorry!! My English very bad…!!!

    I keeep getting this message “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly” i’m using the latest kontakt 5.3

    I’ve downloaded Iceni in a folder with the next name: “Iceni”. Into this folder, I’ve four folders: Documentation, Instruments, Multis y Samples. I have also into the “Iceni” folder this archives: Iceni.nkc, Iceni.nkr, Iceni_info.nkc and Iceni_info.nkx.

    I have Kontakt 5.3.0 Unlocked R2R and this program works great with a lot of libraries but the program does not work with Iceni and CinebrassPro libraries. I’ve tried everything I’ve read on differentes webs. I have done what is explained in the instructions kontakt Unlocked R2R but does not work… in this instructions say:

    1.Delete the registry key related to that library
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\(LibName)

    2.Delete the from registry value related to that library
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Content

    3.Delete the xml file related to that libary
    %Program Files%\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center

    4.Now, run the Kontakt and add that library again.

    5.Give up if you still have the problem

    Unlocking library in Kontakt is not a complicated job.
    If you just get errors on one or few libraries,
    it does not mean it is crack related.
    (Or, do you really think NI codes special lines to protect
    those few libraries? Of course NO.)
    Also we indicate that some libraries are broken,
    because of the bad modification.

    I need help, please!!

  60. tomas_pascual says:

    I have PC

  61. IntroNinja says:

    Delete these following registry Keys(only for PC Sorry)
    Right-Click and delete
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Iceni (K5DbCacheImportData)
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Iceni (K5DbCacheImportSize)
    Click Yes

    Now Right-Click:
    CurInstrDir and click Modify
    Go to your sample library and copy the location of the instrument folder and add it in the Value data box
    (it should look something like below)
    R:\Spitfire Collection\Spitfire Albion III REDUX Iceni\
    Click Okay
    Go to:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center\Iceni.xml
    and delete it remove fully from the recycle Bin(empty that baby lol)
    Make sure Kontakt close!!! Open it click the refresh button beside the Add Library Tab, then Add Iceni again and it should work(at least you hope)If not,
    Delete all of the following Registry locations
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Native Instruments\Iceni
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Iceni
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Native Instruments\Content
    (Delete Key k2lib0897 Iceni,or any you see all of them must be deleted)Very important!!!!
    Folder location:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center\Iceni.xml (empty the recycle bin!!!)
    Add the library in kontakt it should work now!!!!
    If all else fails Download These:
    put in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center
    put in library folder back up your old one but remove from the folder
    Load up kontakt add the library.. see what happens!!!
    Let me Know

    • richiep34 says:

      Hi just wondering if you could help me too, i have opened the regedit and in native instruments there is no files for Lceni ?
      could you let me know the problem pls I have got some of the other spitfires working ok just not this 1… :x37:

    • leogriego says:

      hello introninja can you help me out? i have a mac and i have the same problem as tomas, when i try to open the library it shows like this, can you help me out bro? thanks a lot! im runing mac and i have kontakt 5.2

  62. tomas_pascual says:

    Thanks!! Thank you very much. Unfortunately I have not done anything with what you’ve told me. I’ve done step by step and I have repeated a second time and still appears the phrase: “This patch is encrypted and cannot be loaded unless the respective library is registered properly”What should be the folder name where the library stay on my hard drive?

    Thanks for you explanation!!!

  63. TnF says:

    Hello Zion. Any chance re-uploading V230i_proaudiozone.info.part1.rar? Ryushare is like the only site i don’t have a premium, and uploaded assholes took the first part down while i was in the middle. I managed to get part2 full but fuck! Maybe pm me a link? Or any of the users has the good will to upload it? Thanks!

    • TnF says:

      Nevermind! I found some premium account database for jdownloader and after messing around for whatever reason it worked and managed to get the file from ryushare! Thanks!

  64. Tom12 says:

    Hi! Sorry for the question but is there any difference in this version than the one posted in the past?
    Thanks. :x41:

  65. richiep34 says:

    Hay Man can I get this downloaded with rapidgator or can I just donate 15 dollors or something pls : :x46:

  66. Zack__1987 says:

    ZiON do you have the bones library?

  67. richiep34 says:

    No I don’t :cry: Could really do with it tho

  68. Charliesanto says:

    Hi Zion, Can you re-up the part 6, please. I forgot to download it before the links are dead …
    Thank you so much.

  69. Sonelk says:

    Sin palabras. Solo puedo decir que esta pagina es de lo mejor! muchas gracias Sion. :x43: :x28: :x43:

  70. leogriego says:

    Can anyone please help me out? im runing mac and i have kontakt 5.2 but i cant play this library it says that it is encrypted, i have read the comments but i just cant figure it out, can anyone explain to me the easy way to make it work? thanks a lot! :D

  71. leogriego says:

    Can anyone please help me out with the password? i read in the comments that it is the name of zion but when i try to put the password i only can type numbers, help?

  72. pandora says:

    zion can u please upload these file
    I have downloaded it until part 5 for a week, and then all files on rapidgator link are dead
    and I can’t download it from the beginning again
    :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21:

  73. pickdog says:

    Zion can you re-up the uploaded.to links please!!!

  74. Kanadeva Creations says:

    I ask you this before, now here: Is it possible to REUP the complete SPITFIRE COLLECTION (Albion 1-3, Sable 1-3, Mural, Percussion, Grand Piano?) on rapidgator? I know, it is a lot of work … everything is offline.

  75. pickdog says:

    Are the links down again?

  76. Kanadeva Creations says:

    As you uploaded a lot of big libraries (not oly ALBION III ICENI) in the last couple of weeks, it would be fantastic if you could upload ALBION I REDUX (not the old/normal) and ALBION II LOEGRIA REDUX the next few days/weeks. I know, both are relatively big (25-30 GB), but still… Thank you.


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