REQUIEM PROFESSIONAL is the next-generation virtual choir developed for professional composers featuring 3 microphone positions (5.1 compatible), full ensemble, divisi male/female and 5 solo singers. The solo singers have four microphone positions, including a new Close Microphone.

The library is based on a variety of new recording- and sampling techniques some which have never before been deployed in choral sample libraries. The library can literally sound like a real choir and includes both full choir (SATB), divisi groups (males/females) and solo singers – all recorded in 24 bit / 44.1khz with 3 (5.1) microphone positions. The library contains true (polyphonic) legato intervals from piano to forte, sustains from piano to forte, staccato with repetitions, ultra forte marcato, BPM (host-synced) based latin chants recorded at different speeds across entire interval of choir, +1000 choral effects including whispers, shouts, clusters, demonic chants, sweeps, consonants without tone, claps, snaps and over +50 different types of effects.

REQUIEM was recorded in one of the most famous cathedrals in San Francisco and has the natural sound and acoustics of this world-class stage.

New Content

The new Requiem Profession contains a massive amount of updates, including:
All patches have a completely new and more refined UI design
All legatos have been polished and refined
All marcato now come both looped and natural versions
All patches have a new comprehensive FX interface, including 2 parallel convolution engines
All patches now include direct access to all microphone positions
All solo vocal patches include a fourth “close” microphone position
All patches contains an expanded output matrix designed for ideal 5.1 mixing
All patches using X-Fade have been greatly improved using equal power crossfades
All patches come in three variations: memory light, kontakt 4 standard and optimized kontakt 5
All patches have been optimized using lossless compression (.ncw)


Price: $569
Deep sampled epic choir
Over 15.500 samples (14.5GB)
Direct download / Cloud Server System

Core Specifications

4 Microphone Positions (5.1)
True Legato (PP/MF/FF)
24 Sustains, Staccato, Marcato with RR
42 Slow & Fast Phrases w/ host-sync
5 Solo Singers

Core Requirements

Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later required
14.5GB harddrive space
Ability to download
PC 2.4GZ+, 4GB ram
MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB ram

home page:





  1. Skydda says:

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  2. IntroNinja says:

    @Zion Please make all these new Libraries Links private For now Too much work for you to reupping all these or at least start using DLCs. I know private is also time consuming but for now its good let the heat die down…As Always you Rock my brotha

    • ZiON says:

      i swear putlocker is fucking my ass, i am uploading ith speed of 20 kb and stop in middle now i have to let it upload everything and i need to take a rest sleep some hours and back to work guys i din’t sleep from 2 days.

      i really need a rest guys please i didn’t slept from 2 days my eyes are like red devil, and tomorrow i will make all of you happy as always ok

  3. IntroNinja says:

    No Problem, No Rush :x45: Get some sleep Champ

  4. Skydda says:

    Ok bro , we know u work a lot… so we’ll w8 :wink:

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  7. Ulduarhero says:

    @ZiON please put your sleep over uploading :(, you can always wake up the next day and resume friend

    :) your dedication is appreciated none the less.

  8. peregriino says:

    Thanks to you, someone poor like me is able use this expensive software :) you’re a great man

  9. DG says:

    You’re the best Zion, I mean it.

  10. jhonxxx says:

    Hi, the links doesnt work :( , reup please!!! :D :x10:

  11. mego says:

    please KING ZION

    Rapidshare links are………………..DEAD……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :shock: :shock: :shock:
    reupload please!!!

  12. Ambar says:

    Putlocker broh or at least 4gb UL.TO links please
    Putlocker broh or at least 4gb UL.TO links please
    I’ll w8 :grin:

  13. HDavidMusic says:

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  14. mego says:

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    reupload please!!!

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  15. Folelser says:

    HEy Zion ,

    there is no files to add requiem in kontakt ????

    • DL_freak says:

      Same here ! ‘Error : No library found’, (when selecting the wright dir’)

      How do we tell Kontakt5 to work with this library’s ????

      @ZION : Keep the good work, you’re great.

  16. Terekere says:

    Be quiet people,
    ZION need to take a rest.

    Then he will be stronger another time to give us some putlockers :x41:


    Thnks a lot

  17. djmag says: links are dead :( :sad:

  18. ZiON says:

    Hell yeah guys, today i am going to see the doctor for the positive reply, when i will be back will take a care of everything don’t worry guys :)


  19. Cratertempus says:

    plz, any chance of putlocker links will be online again?

    Hope everything is gr8 with u, hope u get better ;)

    thanks for everything ;)

    • ZiON says:

      just got back from the hospital and the doctor said that my heart is performing greater than before i am thankful to God, guys let’s start again the party with links they are coming in hour ok.

  20. Terekere says:

    Great, great ZION!!!!! :smile:

  21. Sinc says:

    Awesome! Great news, Zion

  22. g3nesys says:

    Not sure if really dumb or….

    I’m having a bit of trouble finding the phrase builder. I’m just dragging and dropping the .nki’s onto Kontakt 5 and it loads up and I can play the different phrases, but it doesn’t present the option of a phrase builder. It looks like there should be a dedicated .nki for a phrase builder, is that only in newer versions or something? Cuz I’m not seeing it here >_>

  23. RightGuardProtection says:

    All too quickly the links have died :x34: but i don’t mind waiting as i am sure your busy with something else atm.
    Thanks all the same for previous re-ups and providing with the new…

  24. EndGame says:

    Hi ZiON, I know your very busy.
    Just a question, Will you be re-upping the Putlocker links for this again?.
    All put links are offline.

    Appreciate your work & site. :x41:

  25. BRB says:

    Hello ZiON, I would like to ask you the difference between this version of 8Dio of 12 Gb and the Tonehammer version of approximately 30 GB, Is this version new??

    Thanks for your time and regards! :x41: :x26:

  26. RightGuardProtection says:

    Nice, its backup ! Thank you :x8:

  27. EndGame says:

    Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!!!!!!! :cool: :grin:

  28. IntroNinja says:

    @Zion Keep it up my Brotha, I don’t Post Much, but i help when i can, But i have this vision that you will be uploading 8DIO Productions Glass Marimba KONTAKT & 8DIO Productions Bowed Grand Piano KONTAKT Very Sooooonn LOL
    Thank You & Respect

  29. IntroNinja says:

    Thank You, for giving me the opportunity too :x26:

  30. jhonxxx says:

    How can i get to install. library not found, anyone got it?

  31. Rimidalvl says:

    why? putlocker not share us software
    links dead again :x35:

  32. BranM says:

    This library does NOT use the “add library” function in Kontakt and all files must be
    accessed through the regular Kontakt browser (upper left side of Kontakt). Please use the file
    browser in Kontakt and locate the program (.nki) files in the library to use it.

  33. Turnpikeman says:

    almost finished downloading and then it disappeared !!! :((((

  34. FreddyTRAVOLTA says:

    Amazing ! Thanks mate !
    fyi, Uploaded part 3 (4GB big part) is down. Have all the other parts but missed this one…
    …could it be possible to re-upload it ?
    Thank you.

  35. Ambar says:

    In the middle of the dl and all links off
    Please the last reup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. pickdog says:

    ZION can you please upload the file so we can “Add” the library? It’s pretty much useless without the file.


  37. pc says:

    you make my day ZiON! luv! best website ever :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9: :x9:

  38. rubber says:

    blessed ZION! Forever! Thanx a lot

  39. itsuka says:

    thx zion for this amazing product
    i have a question i can find the phrase builder normally you have the phrase builder in this version and i can find on my one any idea ?

  40. smogmc says:

    Links 1,2,9 off in Putlocker :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

  41. Dreadboy says:

    half of the ul links are already down and the rest will be soon for shire
    a reupp would be very appreciated

  42. Dreadboy says:

    thank you very much

  43. mego says:

    :x40: :x40: :x40:
    :x46: :x46: :x46: :x46:

  44. gftad says:

    Hey ZiON, I need Uploaded links PLEASE :x19: :x19:

    You Are The Best :x26:

  45. Dreadboy says:

    Hey Zion,
    i have a little problem with adding the library to Kontakt. I downloaded the complete library plus the nicnt file. When i add the library into contact i can’t access the instruments. It jus t look s like that:
    The library folder looks like that:

    What have i done wrong?
    I would be really happy if you could help me. I never had this problem with any other library.
    Thanks in advance

  46. Dreadboy says:

    now it works great, you just have to unrar with UnRarX because of the .s?? files

  47. hajimesaito6 says:

    Hi, Zion. Kind of late……hmm, would it be alright if you could upload again on putlocker? Hmm, dun know what to say….every time, links get taken down too quickly, and you doing lots and lots of works. Really really thanks alot for the hard work :x6:

  48. Jabovi says:

    Just for info, this is version v2.0 (and not v1.1).
    And here is the Phrase Builder :
    Cheers to all !

  49. theandroids says:

    A thousand Thanks! :x14:

  50. flavius says:

    Hello ZiON,

    Just wondering if you will reupload de PutLoker links again.

    Many thanks for all.

  51. muziekliefhebber says:

    i appreciate the efford Zion did for this great piece of software , dont get me wrong…. but the way to get those files is sooooooooooo impossible… links dead, lots of re directions, passwords

    sigh… i still prefer torrents

  52. arthurr says:

    guys whats the difference between this & the tonehammer one? anyone know? i thought tonehammer was same company as 8dio. i hae the tonehammer one but not sure if this is different.

  53. FellIVTheFake says:

    zion whats the deal i see no links no nuffin :cry:

  54. FellIVTheFake says:

    Nevermind :x34:

  55. FellIVTheFake says:

    no phrase builder???

  56. minock says:

    ZION, all links are dead! please, send me just one link for NICNT E WALLPAPER files, please!

  57. minock says:

    Thanks a billion GUYS!!!

    SAM: All the best in this life to you BRO!!!

  58. sam says:

    Thanks….No issue guys. I will help wherever and if I can. :x41:
    You are doing an incredible job IntroNinja…no match bro! :x40:

  59. sam says:

    ZiON, can I have the re-up of uploaded links please..

    Many thanks bro.
    Regards. :cool:

  60. PsychatoR says:

    you guys are sick haha :P

  61. sam says:

    Thanks, finally! :x41:

    But my uploaded subscription has expired. Will get new soon. Hopefully it will stay till then.

  62. TnF says:

    WTF? Just been re-uploaded and it’s already down? Only ryushare links are up and they require premium..well i’m only using uploaded. If i had to pay for all the hosters it will be cheaper to buy the library instead. Zion, please get to send private links or move to torrents. This is bs. We can’t download anything anymore :/

  63. king says:

    Just got a rapidgator account i’m dl-ing now but don’t see .rar 4???

  64. king says:

    Thanks again for another awesome UL

  65. king says:

    Also where can i get the nictn file…is it included in the dl??

  66. king says:

    Bro i need .rar 4 please rapidgator.

  67. king says:

    I got it bro thanks anyway

  68. Charliesanto says:

    Hi Zion, Can you re-up part 6-7 and 13-14-15 from rapidgator, please ? Cause I can’t finish my download before files are gone… :x19: :x26:

  69. Podi73 says:

    Many Thanks Zion!

    Whats Up with Firedrive?
    It says This Folder is empty!!

    Best Regards

  70. thomster says:

    Thanks for the upload. I’ve checked dozens of times and never found one live link. There is a quality torrent out there though.

  71. Pascual says:

    re-upload please…
    and i appreciate it if you upload the collectioin of 8dio production, which has not been done here

  72. moxica11 says:


  73. moxica11 says:

    Yes Zion but links in firedrive are death! :eek:

  74. moxica11 says:

    Links uploaded premium death :x19: please reup


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