PAZ | 25 FEBRAURY 2014 | 12.5 GB


ADAGIETTO is a powerful, easy-to-use, full string ensemble set based on our deep-sampled and highly expressive Adagio String Series.

Produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann and Emmy nominated composer and orchestrator, Colin O’Malley, 8Dio Adagio String Series is the definitive collection of deep-sampled emotional strings ever created.

Adagietto is bread-and-butter of Adagio. It just works. No hassle. Play and Go. Everything is neatly laid out as full ensemble patches, so you can just start composing. The new three-way legato system is based on your velocity (Slur Legato, Normal Legato and Fast Legato).

Adagietto is based on Full Ensemble Strings from the Adagio collection. Full Ensemble Violin (11), Full Ensemble Viola (8), Full Ensemble Cello (6) and Full Ensemble Bass (4). All Adagietto patches comes both as full ensemble patches (all string groups) and as individual string sections (ex. isolated cellos). So you can either compose quickly with the entire ensemble or do more delicate orchestrations with the individual sections. Adagietto is all about ease of use, playability and giving you the shortest route to great results.

The entire collection was sampled and recorded in a signature church environment with a hand-selected group of classical string players. All groups were sampled with two different microphone positions (close/far). We employed all current generation sampling techniques (ex. true legato, deep sampled repetitions etc). New techniques were also developed to capture a higher level of emotion and humanity in the performances. The result is a passionate virtual instrument which is extremely agile to play.

11 Unique Types of Legato

Adagietto contains 11 uniquely recorded types of legato to cover all your needs for true transitional string performances. The legato performances were modeled around lyrical melodies, capturing the spirit of the most beloved composers of our time. You can control the legato for each individual section (Violins, Violas, Cellos & Basses) and all the legato are designed in a completely intuitive way. You don’t have to use keyswitches or modwheel, since we built it all into the velocities. When you play softly you will trigger the slow/portamento legato. When you played normal you will trigger the common Village legato and when you play harder you will trigger our faster Instinct legato. It just works.

Control The Ensemble

Adagietto is all about Ensemble Strings. We programmed everything so it just works off the keys. We have two sets of gorgeous ensemble sustains – both normal and sordino (muted). We have all the ensemble short notes you could wish for in the form of spiccato, staccato, marcato, pizzicato and bartok pizzicato. You also have ensemble tremolo, half- and whole note trills – and four sets of our unique dynamic bowings. The dynamic bowings are naturally swelling sustains, which can be impossible to emulate with conventional crossfade. The dynamic bowings come in both normal and sordino (muted).


• Unique Programming for Kontakt 5 users
• Hall based release triggers
• Custom Kontakt Scripting
• 69 .NKI files
• 18.735 wave files
• 12.2 GB installed
• Multiple download servers to ensure smooth download
• Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .ncw (lossless compression)
• Format(s): Kontakt and .ncw
• Kontakt 4.2 (Full Retail) is 32 and 64-bit compatible on both PC and MAC platforms
• Adagietto requires 13 GB of hard drive space
• Runs as a stand-alone application, VST® or Audio Units plug-in, RTAS® under Pro Tools 7/8
• Minimum: Mac OS X® 10.4 / 10.5, G5 1.8 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 1 GB RAM or Windows® XP (32 Bit) or Windows Vista® (32/64 Bit), Pentium® or Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 1 GB RAM. 2 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended

home page (Single Link = HIGH SPEED)



3% recovery record

Backup Links Here



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8Dio Adagietto KONTAKT
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  1. ZiON says:

    All the best and the regards goes to our contributors who participated to make this 2nd group buy go successful, hope we keep this faith and we keep help each other, and home everyone will be happy.

    (every participated member will be emailed later as i complete other stuff i have urgent, and also will post the public password so everyone will be happy.

    and hope everyone will participate into next group buy 3rd version.
    Best regards.

    • danny-paz says:

      :grin: :x28: Hi mate. You know your posts are always spot on. The real people who know how hard you work appreciate they have to wait their turn to get quality posts so I’m not gonna ask for the password incase you set the dogs on me lol.
      Thanks again for not just this wicked post but for all your hard work throughout the year every year! You really are top man in my books. All the very best as always. THE LONDON BOYS UK……..

  2. rsb67 says:

    THANKS ZION!!!! :x1: :grin:

  3. student says:

    OMG zion :x15: :x23: :x21:
    is this True
    is this a dream
    Thank you …… YOU are the KING :x26:

  4. Sohill says:

    great…!!! will be waiting for Password..! :x8:

  5. oldschool says:

    thanks buddy, really appreciate it :x8:

  6. proaudiozoner says:

    Thx a lot Z!!


    uploaded is already down :x13:

    :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20: :x20:

  7. versatur says:

    Thanks so much Zion! :x42:

  8. tarcinonur says:

    Hey Zion, (single link) not found.

  9. ViP ZeNDA says:

    8Dio Team

    :x27: :x27: :x27: :x27: :x27: :x27: :x27:

  10. noelia says:

    Que poco han durado :sad:

  11. tarcinonur says:

    Hey ZioN, next group buy a “8Dio Zeus” or “Cinesamples CineStrings Core” :x6:

  12. PAZLover says:

    Hey ZiON,

    thank you very much. Athe moment: Links (Uploaded) working fine.

  13. dfhh1223 says:

    thankSSSSS !!! you are a dream maker.

  14. DL_freak says:

    Now downloading…..
    I hope i get the password very soon, as an participant.

  15. ZiON says:

    Please guys don’t email me asking for password i know what i am doing, so please be patient and at the end everyone will be happy ok.

  16. ziopotamo says:

    thanks for this great gift. a question: hopes for putlocker? uploaded from Italy, Rapidgator and other hosts are not reachable … thanks again and sorry for my english. :x19:

  17. versatur says:

    OMG Zion is this real? Are you serious? I started downloading that night ad now it is complete!! :x20:
    Thanks so damn much!

  18. Mepoe says:

    I look forward the password!!!
    Zion, as always, thank you very much for the shares! you are the best!

  19. whassu says:

    Thanks Zion! This looks killer-

  20. tarcinonur says:

    Thank you Zion. All finished. I’m waiting for you! See you.

  21. student says:

    ZION I’m Done and waiting For Password T H X KING :x40:

  22. ZiON says:

    Tomorrow every participated will Get the PAssword + download links :)

  23. Kaan says:

    East West Quantum Leap Gypsy Upload Please :x44:

  24. Sohill says:

    thanks bro… but what you mean by + Download Links?

    didnt we already download them from here..?? lol..Anyways thanks for your hard work :grin:

  25. tomas_pascual says:

    When you send password to every participated? Thanks for your excellentent work!!!

  26. tarcinonur says:

    Hi, zion. Why so long ? I’ dont understand.It was 3 days. Please, keep me informed. See you!

  27. fritzm says:


    please check your email :cool:

  28. ZiON says:

    Password + links sent to all the participated please check your mail in 2 or 3 min tahnk you for participation enjoy :)

  29. sam says:

    Wow… to everyone. But you and your site is number one as well as the first one to give this gem to the people. Thank you ZiON and congrats :x5: :x1: :x2:

    • ZiON says:

      it’s 1st for participated than here than everywhere on the net, hope to see more people on group buy 3, i will create a table sexy look for all who participated on this group buy, they will have honor here :)

  30. ZiON says:

    password also for public

  31. McLovin says:

    thanks and I hope you are feeling well these days

  32. sam says:

    You are AMAZING ZiON. Fuckin amazing man!!!!

    Here is a little tribute to your work. The wallpapers and .nict. From two to choose.

    Pics [url=][img][/img][/url]


    Love this site. Please guys contribute your part by buying at least one month premium account. Its just 12, 13 dollars which you throw away when you go outside with friends and sometimes more. I am looking for job but I did this favour to ZiON to help him managing the site. Thanks a bunch PAZ again.

  33. student says:

    :x23: :x28: :x43: T H X

  34. Sohill says:

    thankyuooooooooo :x8:

  35. IntroNinja says:

    8Dio Adagietto Wallpaper & .nicnt

    Download Link:
    Enjoy :x24: :x24: :x22: :x22: :x26: :x28:

  36. noelia says:

    Maybe I’m stupid and do not do it. But the password appears to me as incorrect

  37. oldschool says:

    :x24: :x40:

  38. pazfan says:

    Thank you Zion and thank you to all that participated !
    Infortunatly the firedrive files are gone :(

    hope you r OK Zion

  39. PAZ says:

    Firedrive link does not work.

    ERROR: This folder is empty.


  40. Revenant says:

    Rapidshare links give this error message, tested it twice to be sure:

    This folder is empty :(

  41. pc says:

    safelinking is empty :sad:

  42. KittyKeyz says:

    I Got files 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 13, and 14… So close but yet so far :(

  43. nealcaffrey says:

    links downnnn

  44. simomessi92 says:

    Yep :( putlocker is down :cry: :cry:

  45. xavid says:

    Thank you so much to Zion and to all that participated!!! :x9:

    Password seems ok to me…but i have just one file of Backup files and now there is nothing…it’s correct?

  46. Pixohead says:

    Hey ZIOn !!
    It tells me password incorrect too… I’m so saaaaaaaaaaad…

    Is it possible to fix it ?

    Thanks Zion !!! :smile:

  47. auio53e7 says:

    ..still empty. will it remain empty?

  48. Sonelk says:

    por un momento me imagine alabando a mi SEÑOR JESÚS con esta hermosa librería, solo pude descargar las partes 2,3,4 y 5, Sion: Si puedes volver a subir los enlaces a Rapidshare te lo agradecería con todo el corazón, también quisiera comprar una prima pero soy de escasos recursos que el SEÑOR JESUS te bendiga. : X19: : X19: : X19:

  49. marco says: …….. folder is empty ….!!!

  50. Sonelk says:

    Gracias Sion, esperare. :x34: :x34: :x34:

  51. pazfan says:

    rapidgator links just went down :( :x21:
    8dio hunting the links
    but PAZ will survive and Zion put back the links ! Just trust in PAZ ! :x8: :x9: :x22:

  52. student says:

    Hi Guys …Could Someone Make the ncint wallpaper for this Library ? Thanks to all

  53. Sonelk says:

    Hola sion, descargue las partes 2,3,4 y 5 pero ahora el Enlace Firedrive no funciona.
    ERROR: Esta carpeta está vacía. hay alguna esperanza para mi de poder descargar las otras partes? Dios te Bendiga.
    : X19: : X19: : X19:

  54. thecanadinhas says:

    why the safelinking folder is empty?

  55. cyrane says:

    ooh god ZENDA write great VIP nostros Putlocker links Waveform Recordings Dark Tech House. deliver us from evil, Amen

  56. xavid says:

    Hi there!

    It’s me, or the back up files, once you have download all 7 parts and, after the first extraction, …the 7 files are damaged? With a fresh wersion of Winrar I get the same message all time “the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”…

    It’s just to know if I am “alone” about this or there is anyone like me?

    thank you!

      • xavid says:

        Thank you Zenda!

        I am about to fix it with another good tool, 7z, It created a single full rar file, and now it seems winrar accept it, cos it’s opening just right now! But thanks! Si es que mira que somos buenos joer…. :x28:

        • xavid says:

          Ok, nothing to do after trying with Winrar, 7z and Peazip, I guess it was a mistake downloading it, I will try again, but please, if anyone has the same problem and after trying more times get same resaults, let me know it, ok?


        • ZeNDA says:

          @ xavid

          Si es que mira que somos buenos joer….


          aqui aprendemos unos de otros

          espero que hayas solucionado el problema


          • xavid says:

            I used this password : digg.h8g4_by.proaudiozone

            Once you open the 7 rar files with this password, I can unrar all files…then the second group of rar files…meanwhile it seems winrar is working, there are 7 errors saying file header corrupt or format not supported” , but files are there… and once winrar is finished, a error message appears saying” the the archive is either in unknown format or damaged”..

            I don’t know is I should trying to download again (files are deleted) or what…

          • xavid says:

            Hola Zenda!

            He estado fuera y no he podido hablar antes…verás, después de bajar los 7 rar’s, los descomprimo usando el password:

            Lo acepta sin problemas así que deduzco que es el correcto. Una vez descomprimidos, se genera una carpeta con un número de 5 cifras y dentro hay 7 rar’s más. Esta vez, no me pide ningún password más, pero van saliendo errores refiriñendose a cada rar del 1 al 7,,,(en winrar le doy a la opción descomprimir también ficheros “rotos”y luego al tratar de abrir el primero me dice lo de que este archivo está dañado o no es un formato soportado…

            La verdad es que no es prcisamente el primero que bajo :x24: y ha habido de todo, pero al leer algunos post que hablan de un segundo password..ahí me pierdo! puedes echarme un cable? más que nada porque Zion no creo que tenga tiempo para todos etc


          • ZiON says:


          • xavid says:


            Sorry! I repeat and translate the message to Zenda!

            Hi Zenda !
            I’ve been out and I could not talk before … you see , after download 7 rar ‘s, unzip using the password:
            It accept with no problems so I gather that is correct. Once unzipped , a folder is created with a number of 5 digits (103256) and inside there are 7 rar ‘s more . This time , It did not ask any password anymore, but it shows while unzip each rar 1 to 7 errors ,,, ( in winrar I give the option also unzip ‘broken’ files and then, trying to open the first tells me what that this file is corrupted or not a supported format …
            The truth is that it is not the first I download…low: x24 : , but reading some post talking about a second password .. miss it there ! you can give me a cable ? Zion mostly because he do not have time for all etc.

            Thank you !

          • ZeNDA says:

            hello do not worry I’m Admin here and nobody is going to force me not to speak Spanish ok

            we can do a double message one in English and one in Spanish as I commented Zion to not get angry lol

            Yesterday I was out off line
            I think the files are corrupted
            maybe the best idea is to download again


            hola que no te preocupes yo soy Admin aqui y nadie me va a obligar a no hablar en español ok

            podemos hacer un doble mensaje uno en ingles y otro en español como te comento ZiON para que no se enfaden lol

            ayer estuve fuera de línea
            creo que los archivos estan corruptos
            quizas la mejor idea sea volver a descargar

          • ZiON says:

            This is what i talked about bro, thank you first spanish below it english :)

          • ZeNDA says:

            yes i like

            great idea brother

            :) :) :)

    • Romeov says:

      I have the same problem… Any solution?… :sad:

  57. Revenant says:

    Rapidgator links are down again. Can you reupload the 900MB parts again? Thanks

  58. jmayF says:

    Thanks, Zion. The library sounds good. Best – jmay :x11:

  59. PatrickBatman says:

    Rapidshare/Firedrive links please? Very good work ZiON. Thanks to all who donated.

  60. PsychatoR says:

    is there anyone who will make backup links please ? would be cool :) tx

  61. Romeov says:

    It doesn´t work… :x33:

  62. PsychatoR says:

    wow lol i didnt know it would be that fast :)
    i didnt want to bother u lol u make so much work hehe big tx once again zion :)

  63. iliasthessaloniki says:

    thanks a lot Zion :cool: :cool:

  64. Romeov says:

    I do not know why my Jdownlader not take the rapidshare´s links (safelinking). There is another way to download? Sorry I do not understand if there is new way to download. I don´t use Torrent. Is it possible send me private message
    about this?…

    Thank Zion. :x19:

    • ZiON says:

      use internet download manager

      i use jdownloader + Mipony

    • IntroNinja says:

      I recommend you use jdownloader 2 beta, also with jdownloader & JD2 beta just click the ADD New Links Tab, copy the link enter the captcha and the links will appear instantly lately they both have been giving trouble so what i have been doing is entering the captcha in the browser open the link copy the main download link and add it in JD2 and if it still doesn’t find it it will ask if you want to do a deep scan to find links click yes and the links will appear..Hope this help

  65. simomessi92 says:

    :x21: Putlocker links are still down :/

  66. Sonelk says:

    Sion Dios te bendiga, Quería preguntarte si existe alguna posibilidad de postear nuevamente los enlaces de descarga en safelinking por que esta carpeta aparece vacía, en mensajes anteriores te he explique que descargue las partes 2,3,4 y 5. Te hecho la petición en varias veces pero hasta el momento no he encontrado respuesta al alguna. mil gracias Maestro. :x19: :x19: :x19: :x19:

  67. TheUnkn00wn says:

    Thank you ZION for the Firedrive (Putlocker) reupload. Very much appreciated! :x28:

  68. Sonelk says:

    Hola Sion, Mi internet es bastante lento, Quiero saber si tengo que descargar todas las partes o solo las once que me hacen falta? (de la anterior subida tengo cuatro partes descargadas) Dios te bendiga y espero tu respuesta. : X42: : X42: : X42:

    • ZeNDA says:

      puedes comprobar los mb de las partes que has descargado, si tienen los mismos mb que lo que estas descargando de nuevo solo tendras que descargar las partes que te faltan

      acabo de comprobar que los enlaces de rapidgator son de 900 mb

      si usted descargo enlaces de 900 mb ya sabes que puedes descargar las partes que te faltan


  69. nealcaffrey says:

    everytime I click the folder is empty. Am I supposed to do some trick zion?:)

  70. nealcaffrey says:

    it’s workin! thank you!!!!

  71. Sonelk says:

    Hola Sion. Dice que la contraseña es incorrecta que puedo hacer? mil gracias. : X19: : X19: : X19: : X19:

  72. Sonelk says:

    Sion: Eres lo máximo! te agradezco por tan valiosa labor y a su vez al los compañeros que se unieron contigo para alegrarnos la vida con este regalo tan maravilloso, que la mano del Señor Jesús este con vosotros. :x40: :x40: :x40: :x43: :x28: :x28: :x28:

  73. nealcaffrey says:

    ok the password was the usual lol

  74. Charliesanto says:

    :x21: Links are always down before I complete a download (cause i’ve a poor internet connexion)… I’ve the same problem with mural and Zimmer. Please Zion, can you reup the fifteen part rar version of Adagietto ? I miss the part 11 to 15. :x19:

  75. wiseidiot says:

    Everyone not getting backups links REFRESH page (disable browser cache, relogin). ISP’s are filtering this domain.

  76. AuraWolfe says:

    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: UPLOADED LINKS HAVE ERROR 410

  77. maestro2007 says:

    pleaz zion i need the link 12&13 on firedrive

  78. jordihotmail says:

    :x21: :x21: :x21: :x21:
    I downloaded from putlocker
    but i had not enought time to download it all

    I need

    :x19: if it is possible ….
    (when you can)

    thanks ZION :x28:

  79. MaschineMan says:

    When we starting voting for Group Buy 3? :)

  80. MaschineMan says:

    That’s the point – if you only contact people who participated last time – your cutting out people who may want to participate this time but didn’t participate last time, so your loosing there contribution cash :) and people who participated last time may not be interested in whatever you are getting this time, so you need extra cash from newbees :)
    Have you asked the participators what they want to buy next? :)

  81. Aphelion says:

    Firedrive links gone. Can you re-up?

  82. Evilaxis says:

    just want to tell you a HUGE thank you…because i couln’t participate with my poor money situation, so i’m gonna wait like a good boy Daddy Zion !! :):)

  83. MaschineMan says:

    These are ‘Different’ and interesting to me :)

    Impact Soundworks Archtop Electric Guitar – Kontakt $150
    Zero- G Epica Virtual Sound Module – Kontakt $149.99
    Output Sounds REV $200 (
    Heavy City DM-307 $300 (

  84. Charliesanto says:

    Download Complete !! :x24:
    Thank you so much Zion ! :x10:

  85. neuronm says:

    Filedrive esta vacia….. :x13: :x23: :x21:

  86. PAZ says:

    Zion will you update new Firedrive links?
    Thanks in advance.

  87. tyrion40 says:

    Me falta el ultimo enlace de upload, se volverán a subir??? un millon de gracias soys los p :x42: amos :x28:

  88. abcuknowme says:

    hey just bought rapigator and im using IDM TO DOWNLOAD THE LINKS why is it still taking a long time to download for me i have the best internet too

  89. Aphelion says:

    Zion, when are you gonna reupload the putlocker links?

    Cheers :)

  90. abcuknowme says:

    i get just around 500kb but the internet provieder i have is Atnt UVERSE

  91. abcuknowme says:

    please reup rapigator or uploaded i bout everything premium man i really want this one

  92. newoarrab says:

    a question, why the link 11 firedrive download so slow? up to 30 kbps, I tried with jdownloader with idm with mipony, any solution?

  93. Romeov says:

    Firedrive files 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11 are very solw too… Why?… :x13:

  94. Romeov says:

    I just need the file 11. It is very slow. Can you help me please? … Thanks!!! :cry:

  95. Pixohead says:

    Thanks ZION !! Great upload !!! :x1: :x1:

  96. Romeov says:

    Oh my God!!! Only I need Firedrive file 11… It´s very slow and I can´t download it… Please I need help!!! Firedrive file 11… Thank you! :x21:

  97. Romeov says:

    A question:
    Anyone can pass me the link firedrive nº 11, please? … :roll:

  98. Romeov says:

    Sorry IntroNinja. There is a message: “This file is private and only viewable by the owner”. JDowloader doesn´t work too. I don´t know why… I don´t want disturb more.

    Thank you very much IntroNinja and newoarrab. :x34:

  99. Romeov says:

    Well… I have been reading the post that you left here, and I have a problem decompressing the file number 1 and I think 7. Win Rar gives me error in decompression and then see when finished unzip the folder is empty. It took several days I get off this and I think files are wrong. Someone give me a solution? …

    Thank you very much for helping newoarrab and IntroNinja but now need to unzip no problems. :wink:

    • IntroNinja says:

      Can you show me a sceenshot of the error :x30:

      • Romeov says:

        I can´t put image or screenimage here. Message says: CRC … v2b35fd69\vv96b… part1.rar… incorrect password?

        I´ve used PeaZip and it doesn´t work… I don´t understand. Any idea?… :x34:

        • Romeov says:

          The Neverending Story… I was so hopeful… I think the problems password or some file… When I try descompress or unzip message ERROR for password. I´ve put password here but… Oh my God!!! Help me, help me!!! I don´t wanna download everything again! No, no, NOOO! My Internet is very slow … :x21: :x21: :x21:

        • IntroNinja says:

          @Romeov, the password is digg.h8g4_by.proaudiozone not this helps :x30:

  100. Romeov says:

    I’ve tried different ways and nothing… I think that the files are corrupted… Too bad! :x34:

  101. Romeov says:

    Any chance of reuploading links again?… Thank you! :neutral:


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