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In many ways Ambient & Chill is the natural successor to our Chillwave collection (Just in case your vocabulary is completely eroded & useless). Mining the same rich seams of underground electronica, chillout and downtempo, Ambient & Chill blazes a new trail, eschewing the eighties in uences of Chillwave in favour of more fragile, esoteric and organic avours. Created with an abundance of live instrumentation, vintage hardware and lo- production techniques, the nal result is one of electro-organic bliss.

The beats are as varied as the collection’s title suggests. Lazy and loose four-to-the- oor workouts rub shoulders with more unconventional rhythms inspired by the broken beats of classic hip hop and post-dubstep electronica. Crafted from a rich palette of orginal live breaks, organic percussion, analogue drum machine sequencing and found-sound samples, the drums have been downsampled, diced and distressed to capture the all-important lo- aesthetic.

Melodic inspiration permeates throughout. Twilight synths rub shoulders with lilting keys that shine with woozy, late summer sunshine whilst reside guitars muse on indie-rock sensibilities.
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Yet more melodic magic can be found in the ‘inspiration kits’ folder. Here you’ll nd 17 song-starting folders containing the broken-out stems of complete melodic motifs. Use them as they are to get your creative juices owing or treat them as sampler fodder to re-build at will. All kits are key- and tempo-labeled to make it easy to mix and match loops across kits to open up hundreds of unique arrangements.

One-shot lovers are well catered for too. We’ve bundled in 70+ chord shots and 240+ drum hits which are ready to load into your sampler of choice. Kits for Kontakt, Battery, EXS24, NN-XT and Ableton Drum Racks are bundled as standard. As ever, each and every hit has been carefully honed and processed, with 12-bit downsampling and cassette deck re-taping aplenty.

We’ve rounded things off with a folder of found-sound ambiences, including rural eld recordings, urban soundscapes and a selection of key- labeled pads and textures to underpin the dense, drifting and dreamy atmosphere that de nes the collection.

Studio setup for this pack:

Roland TR 707
Linn Drum LM1
Akai MPC 60
Akai MPC 1000
Akai X7000
Ensoniq Mirage-DSK Korg DW-8000
Roland Juno 106
Dave Smith Poly Evolver Nord Lead 2
Dynadio BM7a
MOTU MIDI Express 128
Korg Kontrol 49
Fender Telecaster
Ibanez Artcore
Marshall MG100
Ampeg B2RE
Rode NT-5s
Zoom H4N
Custom built Hydrophones 1971
Yamaha FG-160
SSL Duende

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